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Avatar m tn I was diagonsed 3 years ago with FM and have severe osteoarthitis throughout my body. I try to walk 5 times a week for an hour as I also have chronic A-Fib and high BP and recently discovered that I also have a mildy enlarged aorta artery. I also have chronic pain and am on medication for same.
Avatar f tn Happy Friday! I have been diagnosed with osteoarthritis in my left hip. A hip replacement is inevitable, but I hope to manage the pain (which has been getting worse this year) for a while, before facing surgery. I got my first infection on October 1 (16 days ago), hoping for some relief for my daughter's wedding that was on October 10. I regret to say that, so far, I am not feeling much relief at all.
Avatar f tn I recently went to my PCP to find out if I had Hypothyroid disease, and got alot more than I bargained for. I was just diagnosed (via x-ray) with osteoarthritis in my large toe (left foot). I have had two surgeries on that foot (for a bunion) back in the 1980's. The joint in my toe has been swollen and it's very painful to walk. I also got what the doctor termed as a positive result for an ANA test. All he said was that the sedimentation rate was something like 1:300 - what does that mean?
Avatar n tn My doctor called me last week and told me my biopsy results were Grade 4, stage 4 and scared me to death. My last biopsy was Grade 2-3, stage 2 in 2002. I have done 3 different treatments, the last being 2002, the combination therapy. I'm genotype 1 and was diagnosed in 1983. Dr. is checking on trials and said he wants to try me at a low dose of interferon daily. My appt. is not for two weeks so I have been left hanging. I have never responsed to treatment before by the way in the past.
Avatar n tn My doctor said i have Stage 3 fibrosis and Grade B cirrhosis. How can this be if Stage 4 fibrosis = Grade A cirrhosis? I asked him but he said the internet was incorrect. I've read a lot of stuff and they all say the same thing. I'm wondering if he knows what he is talking about? The pictures taken when they took my gall bladder out a couple weeks ago show my liver as being all bumpy so it's still regenerating over the scarring. What does this all mean?
4626633 tn?1382600722 You are so close, days 3 and 4 are usually the worst, stay strong you will gradually feel better each day. I'm at day 9 off of 60 mg OxyContin and 10/325 percs so I can relate to what your going through I was there just last week.
Avatar m tn Grade 2 degenerative change lateral meniscus. 3. Large joint effusion. 4. Osteoarthritis medial joint space and to a lesser extent patello femoral joint. 5. Mild bone bruising medial femoral condyle.
Avatar m tn There are degenerative changes involving lateral patellar articular cartilage with subchondral bone changes suggesting grade 3-4 chondromalacia. These changes are in keeping with patellofemoral instability. Normal appearances of medial and lateral meniscus. Normal appearance of anterior and posterior cruciate ligaments. Normal soft tissue appearances of patellar cruciate ligaments. Normal bone marrow signals. Small joint effusion noted in suprapatellar recess.
Avatar n tn I had an MRI of my l knee after falling and the report stated: (1) osteoarthritis along the medial femoral condyle w/eburnation of the articular cartilage & grade 1 strain of the medial collateral ligament; (2) chondromalacia patella predominantley of the medial facet and (3) intrasubstance myxoid degeneration of the body of medial meniscus. What does that mean and who treatment or surgery is recommended?
Avatar n tn Try discussing with your surgeon about cylinder cast/Robert Jones Bandage if it is grade I or simple grade II. 4) 3 months, but discuss with the surgeon for the exact dates as this differs from person to person and facility to facility.
Avatar m tn Impression: 1. Rotator cuff tears with 2 discrete moderate grade tears at the anterior leading edge of the supraspinatus and at the junction with the infraspinatus. Low-grade intrasubstance tear of the subscapularis. 2. Complex intrasubstance tears of the posterior superior labrum and anterior and anterior superior labrum. This is superimposed on a sublabral foramen. 3. Moderate acromioclavicular joint osteoarthritis and associated bone marrow edema. 4.
Avatar f tn Last week I started getting some fever. The fever wa s low grade (99.2). It lasted a day. The next two days no fever. Then again one day of fever to 100. And again 2 or 3 days without fever. Is this connected with the arthritis? Re: medications.....I am very sensitive to medications. I did take tylenol once a day which helped for awhile. Now they do not help. Because of my advanced age I am reluctant to take anything strong (anti-inflamatory NSAIDS). My main question is the fever.
Avatar f tn Moderate stenosis of the nerve root of the nerve root foramen at the L5-S1 level secondary to posterior lateral disc protrusions and facet joint osteoarthritis. 3. Moderate stenosis of the left lateral recess at the L3-L4 level secondary to the left paracentral disc protrution. 4. Mild stenosis of the right lateralrecess and nerve root foramen at the L2-L3 level secondary to the right paracentral disc protrution.
Avatar f tn I have had surgery on both knees, carpal tunnel in hands, gallbladder (15 gallstones), a heart ablation for SVT heart rate of 215 for an hour 2 times, neck surgery (with fusion and cadaever bone placement) and back surgery herniated disks and internal spinal chord stimulator placement.
Avatar n tn I have fibromyalgia, osteoarthritis, diabetes and depression. I had a meningioma brain tumor removed ten years ago. I am 55 years old and female. I weigh 193. I have an appointment for Monday with a gastroenterolist but my arthritis doctor that took the test told me to stop my pain relieving medicines. I was on celebrex, cymbalta, daily aspirin.
Avatar f tn the results are as follows mild changes of osteoarthritis grade 3 tear root tear of posterior horn of medical meniscus myxoid degeneration of both menisci mild synovial effusion sprain of anterior cruciate ligament large bakers cyst it all sounds really scary and i would really appreciate an opinion on this.
Avatar f tn This is likely acute. 2. There are other intermediate grade muscular strains involving the teres major, latissimus, and triceps without clear tears. 3. The long head biceps tendon appears torn within its intra-articular portion and retracted below the inferior groove. 4. Moderate acromioclavicular osteoarthritis. Mild to moderate subacromial/subdeltoid bursitis. 5. Small glenohumeral effusion. There is a loose body within the axillary recess that measures 9 mm.
Avatar f tn inflammatory activity consistent with grade 2 of 4 and a focal nodular proliferation of bile ducts consistant with an incidental bile duct harmatoma. The iron stain shows no evidence of hepatocellular iron deposition . The hepatocytes show focal ballooning degeneration. The trichrome stain shows bridging fibrosis with changes consistent with cirrhosis stage 4 of 4. Final Pathologic Diagnosis Cirrhosis with mild inflammatory activity...
1718062 tn?1309024539 I have been diagnosed with osteoarthritis in both of my knees. Early in November, I tore he meniscus in my left knee and through an mri, the doctor realized that my cartilage was in bad condition, so he recommend arthroscopic surgery on my left. Through this surgery he realized I had grade 4 chondromalacia in several places, so he did what he could to repair the areas, and then we followed up with orthovisc injections. In March, the same thing happened with my right knee.
Avatar f tn Hi, over the past year fatigue and extreme exhaustion has grown to the point where I'm missing 2-3 days of work a month. I'm sleeping 10-12+ hrs a night, where I normally would be able to function fine on 6-8 hrs. Some days Im so tired it feels like magnets are holding my body down and I struggle to even lift my head. I sometimes have 'brain fog' and have trouble concentrating as a result which makes it difficult for me to function at my job. I also seem to get frequent canker sores.
Avatar n tn I don’t think surgery would turn out well for me for the following reasons. 1) Dr. Wants to remove 80% of the posterior horn. 2) removal of 50-75% body/root. 3) some degree of ACL tearing (that will not be addressed). 4) high grade/full thickness articular cartilage loss throughout the medial compartment and elsewhere. I have occasional locking and catching of the knee and I walk with a cane. What is the typical outcome after surgery for such a large portion of meniscal loss.
Avatar f tn Hi, I have had surgery on both knees, carpal tunnel in hands, gallbladder (15 gallstones), a heart ablation for SVT heart rate of 215 for an hour 2 times, neck surgery (with fusion and cadaever bone placement) and back surgery herniated disks and internal spinal chord stimulator placement.
982333 tn?1305792489 The only thing she found was I am anemic, and I have a low grade fever. She gave me a pat on the head and said take Prednisone for a week and it should knock out the pain. Well it did nothing. I have also tried tylenol, ibprophen, tylenol 3, aleve. Nothing works for the pain. If anyone else has experienced this, and eventually found some relief let me know!!! I have joint pain in my hands, wrists, elbows. Stiffness/muscle pain in my forearms.
1900394 tn?1321546029 Gabapentin, Pristiq, Tramadol, Sumatriptan, Propranolol, Diclofenac, Clonazepam, Cyclobenzaprine, Premarin, Lovastatin, otc Naturals Water Pills, otc Stool Softener. Last year I had a high grade migraine that lasted for 3 months straight. My neurologist told me that I have a low grade migraine constantly, and that I've been able to adjust and function with it. I have been pulled from work by my doctors due to my FM and migraines.
Avatar m tn This promotes your body’s own ability to heal chronic injury/damage by initiating a controlled inflammatory response and usually 3-6 treatments are sufficient. You have to be assessed by a qualified MD, to determine if this is suited for you. Extracts of Boswellia Serrata have been clinically studied for osteoarthritis and joint function. Their anti-inflammatory efficiency surpasses prescribed medications.
Avatar n tn (they take turns) Severe swelling in stomach, lost 52lbs in 6 weeks, growing little round bony bumps on joints of fingers and wrist, severe pain going up and down shins and in all long bones in body and severe pain in all joints, even feet (like walking on glass) Charlie horses all over also. Low grade multiple fevers daily, abscess's on sinus's and kidney and a fatty liver. Hair loss, double vision or blurred.
1091980 tn?1295545031 Hi Thanks for you comments. Update. Hospital report states grade 2 osteoarthritis and shouldering of the base of the thumb joint. I am slightly concerned because a few months ago when my thumb first began to be a problem I also told my doctor that my shoulders, ankles and knees were aching. Except for my thumb the other problems subsided. Recently I have noticed a strange creaking noise in both knees especially when I climb stairs.
Avatar f tn They came back telling me it was osteoarthritis. While being treated for the sacroiliitis I developed scleritis (an in flammation of the whites of the eyes). They have been trying to treat it ever since but it keeps coming back. My eye doctor said he thought it might be autoimmune and related to my arthritis. He thought it would be a good idea to see a rheumatologist. He wasnt able to give me a referral, so I contacted my primary care. He too agreed I needed some blood work.
Avatar n tn Mine is Grade 2 Stage 2. In 2000 I underwent Interferon/Ribaviron TX for 2-3 months. I then suffered from Sudden Hearing Loss (total overnight hearing loss left ear). I was hospitalized and no reason could be found; however, I was advised to stop the therapy and did so. I still have no hearing in the left ear. For years I have suffered from Depression and am on therapy for that.
184420 tn?1326743408 As close as we can determine I've had the virus for about 40 years. I'm stage 3, grade 3 and beginning treatment in the next week. Given that I've had it so long I could probably have simply kept on, but it would no doubt have become dangerous with 10 to 15 years. I plan to live longer than that so I've decided to seek treatment.