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1459410 tn?1285698605 Im in PT to help as well but if anyone would like to share a short summary of their story from pre-diag symptoms through successful treatment, I would really like to see how the different docs have handled your speciific case. The most effective thing Ive done on my own was recently bought an herbal cream that has capsicum in it whihc has done more than any of the other pharma routes. Its still kinda unbearable but Ive at least noticed it being somewhat alleviated.
748543 tn?1463449675 For the past few weeks I have been throwing around ideas as to the best way to respond to this matter. You see a recent article ( Feb.3 , 2009 NY times) titled "Best treatment for TMJ May be Nothing" nearly made me clench my jaw to pieces. While well written, I found that the author, Ms. Brody, relied heavily on out dated and narrow perspective supplied to her by a small group of dentists.
Avatar f tn I've been through a horrible time with both of my hands, with osteoarthritis in the basal thumb joints causing really significant pain and loss of functioning in both hands. I basically de-evolved into a mammal without one of our greatest advancements: opposable thumbs. This problem reached a crisis point three years ago but I was also about to begin my third attempt at tx to eradicate the virus. Having done tx twice before, I knew better than to try joint replacement surgery while on tx.
Avatar n tn rheumatoid arthritis, lupus, and osteoarthritis of the knees, hands and hips. People who have stomach issues from taking anti-inflammatories by mouth can bypass that problem with Voltaren gel. Endo Pharmaceuticals, the maker of Voltaren 1% gel, is the sole supplier and they have released a statement that Voltaren gel is on back order and they cannot estimate a release date. Hmm.
Avatar f tn Is this a permanent disability or is there a cure? Will it get worse w/o treatment? What are my options? I have always been very active and have never broekn a single bone in my lifetime (so far - knock on wood). Ever since I allowed to have the steroid shots in my back, I hace gained an enormous amount of weight (30 pounds) within a week/week and a half. Bad swollen legs and numb arms/hands. My left side of my neck is so painful also.
Avatar f tn I have osteoarthritis everywhere in my spine, knees and hands. I am four weeks postop anterior cervical discectomy and fusion C4-C7 due to extensive disc degeneration, stenosis and nerve involvement. Surgery was the only option for my cervical spine. My knee osteo has been controlled with periodic cortisone injections, and I hope to delay any surgery for total knee replacements for a few years if possible.
Avatar f tn My advice is on the other post --- learn all you can about your disease state, your condition, treatment options, risks, costs, benefits. Learn to speak your doctor's language. Find a friend who can help. If you had someone like Tuck in your corner, you'd get the best care. Do you know anyone with a knowledge of medicine, both book learning and clinical experience? Sometimes our doctor is that person, and if you can't work with your doctor -- find another.
7486852 tn?1410355784 In my experience, the person in pain best educated regarding their condition, treatment options, understanding of risks and benefits, and an ability to communicate with their doctors receive the best pain treatment available.
Avatar m tn I have lower back arthritis and also in my neck and hip bursitis caused by lower back. I have been seeing a pain dr for 5 years and I had an ablation done which burns the nerve. Its been working for 5 years. I also have them in my neck. For my hip the pain dr does epidurals which work but for only a couple of months.
Avatar n tn I have polyrheumatica and so did my sister, It is no fun and is very hard to tell if it is the fibromyalgia or the PMR.
Avatar f tn Thank you for your input, I am planning on going to a Rhematologist in January, my PCP diagnosed me since he couldn't find anything else wrong, I am in very good health other than this terrible muscle and nerve pain, especially in my shoulders, arm, hands and hips, I have good blood pressure, I am not overweight, but fatigued, even though I have been sleeping 7 hours a night, I used to work out 5 days a week and was very active when I was younger, no one else in the family has fibromyalgia, my g
9376740 tn?1403414998 He would go in and fuse it and than put two screw inside the canal on either side of the spinal cord to stop the movement of the osteoarthritis? What are the complications here. I am 69 and an old dancer still in fairly good shape, good weight, but very scared because of the tingling pain and loss of balance! Help!
Avatar n tn On August 18th, every joint in my hands felt like they were sore to the touch, almost like i had completed a hard work out the day before. By the evening, it had spread to my feet and knees, lower back, wrists, elbows, almost every joint. I was in so much pain the sheets on the bed hurt. I went to my doctor the next day and he prescribed a pregnisone pack which took away the pain and swelling, but once it ran out, everything came back with a vengance.
311310 tn?1214442997 My question is what are my options.. what do they normally do.. Oh and i did pain managment but he pushed me off on another dr for epidual injections (which im scared to do) I take naproxien for the tingles... any ideas?
488264 tn?1226523907 I have no medical training, but I hope that pursuing inflammation as a cause to your discomfort means that some treatment options will become available to you! Is it straightforward to confirm and understand? I think that diet can influence inflammation in the body. It never hurts to give yourself a leg up by taking good care of yourself. Of course, that does mean more than 45 minutes of sleep, too. Good luck!
Avatar n tn I had to prop my arm up to drive and at my desk at work. Also, the tops of my hands would ache. Not every day but about 2-3x a week. I was sent to a rheumatologist. Blood work was normal. He didn't think I had RA. He gave me Voltaren. That didn't work. After about 2 months the symptoms went away. But...they came back in January 2002. This time it lasted about one month. Then went away. The end of February I started having stiff/numb ankles.
Avatar f tn I have been suffering from progressively worsening bilateral hand and hip pain for a year, have had new onset of stiff neck head aches with intractable vomiting (I am not a headache suffrerer) in the last eight months, had right lower jaw pain with swollen glands, have xrays showing severe deterioration of the joints in my hands (I'm 53), positive ANA and rheumatoid factor, mri of cervical spine and lumbar spine showing narrowing of the spinal canal.
Avatar n tn i've had a little bid of arthritis that would come and go in various joints for years, tendonitis here and there, occasionaly fluid retention in my hands, feeling worse with barometric changes., etc. however, recently my arthritis is really flaring. my hands and feet were recently x-rayed and both show arthritis. i have pain in the big joint of both feet--not gout--but it spreads up into the arch of my foot.
625530 tn?1221870270 If the neuropathy does have immune origins, like laaz's, I'd like to know it. It could progress differently and there might be different treatment options.
Avatar n tn My husband is 35 years old and works as a laborer in the auto industry. Is fusion the best route to take or are there better options? What about disc replcement? Is it beyond the experimental stages yet? What is the success rate of fusions? What kind of limitations would my husband have after a fusion? The surgeon says L5-S1 is the best place for a fusion and it won't hinder his ability to bend is this correct?
Avatar n tn Of course we are prone to try the easiest and/or least risky treatment options first, and the more invasive and/or risky options later. If your condition has forced you to leave your job, I think that most people would draw the line and consider it sufficiently disabling to warrant more aggressive therapy. If you would be interested in another opinion at the Cleveland Clinic, we would of course be happy to see you. I would suggest Dr. Gordon Bell of Orthopedic Surgery, or Dr.
645390 tn?1338558977 If this turns out to be what's happening, at least there are many more treatment options for RA today than there have been in the past. I'm so glad you have a doc on top of this. I'll be keeping you in my thoughts friend.
Avatar n tn I have a friend who's a NP in rheumatology and I often run by my treatment options and problems. I can tell you what used to help me and things that I have now (mostly prescribed.) I take 800 mg. ibuprofen. It helps a bit with pain and also works on inflammation. Some people can't take ibuprofen, especially in high doses, as it hurts their stomach. You should always take it with food and of course, talk to your doctor before taking anything new, even over-the-counter medication.
Avatar f tn Synvisc is not a drug to relieve pain, it will take time in acting as this is one of the hyaluronates used in viscosupplementation. Synvisc is a treatment for osteoarthritis which is injected directly into the knee joint. Take care!
352007 tn?1372861481 It's not much fun to be in limboland. I am sorry you have MS but at least you can plan treatment options now. Take care, Karry.
Avatar f tn My MRI report is as follows: There is straightening od the cervical lordosis. Again noted is evidence of c6-7 discectomy and fusion with plate and screw device transfixing the spine anteriorly at this level. susceptibility artifact does obscure detail within the vertebral bodies of C6 and C7 due to metalic fixation. at c2-3 there is some mild disc bulge. no significant abnormality at c3-4 There is generalized disc bulge with right lateral disc protusion.
Avatar m tn Wow. All of that information from a kind stranger on ther internet that I was uable to obtain from healrh professionals. I thank you. You speak of the doctor waiting for my whiplash to heal and then do therapy. Firstly- its been 6 weeks. Shouldnt whipelas heal by now. Secondly- I have already been attending therapy for a month now.
Avatar n tn I have been seeing a Neurosurgeon since then and he has and still is taking the conservative approach to my treatment. I have had 2 sets of MRI's, 3 epidural injections(with limited success), EMG, NCS, continued pain and muscle relaxer treatments the entire time and most recently, a Myelogram and CT. The last MRI that I had done in March of '98 didn't show much because of the density of the area, according to the Neurosurgeon.
1840891 tn?1431551393 I've had autoimmune arthritis for decades now, but in just the last year I've also developed osteoarthritis in both thumbs. It's very painful and quite debilitating. I complained to my PCP about how I couldn't take NSAID's, and she suggested I try Voltaren gel, a topically applied NSAID. She said if used as directed only very minute amounts would be absorbed into the general circulation. I googled the drug and immediately found an alarming FDA safety report at http://www.fda.