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7486852 tn?1410355784 Yes osteoarthritis can affect any joint in your body. You seem to be having a great deal of pain, in a lot of areas of your body. It may be due to something else. You really need to see a doctor to get a diagnosis. The popping and cracking sounds more than arthritis. It is difficult for us here to make a diagnosis. Don't you think it would be wise to ask for a refferal back to the specialist?
Avatar f tn Dear Buddy, There can be osteoarthritis of the costo-chondral joints (ribs) which is still now, not known to cause spasm of the heart muscles.It's better to consult another cardiologist. Regards.
Avatar n tn It would be unlikely for osteoarthritis to present with this many symptoms. You may want to look at a more systemic disorder - including rheumatoid arthritis, fibromyalgia, lupus or other rheumatological disease. Blood tests looking at the ANA level and rheumatoid factor can be considered. Imaging the spine with an MRI can be done to evaluate for any nerve compression. A referral to a rheumatologist can be considered to evaluate for the aforementioned conditions.
Avatar n tn It is not a deep, internal pain, but seems close to the surface, just to the right of that little cartlidge/bone that splits the rib cage...just to the right of the stomach. What the heck could it be? My MD put me on Nexium, thinking maybe it is peptic in nature, but 60 days of Nexium and still the pain persists.
996946 tn?1503252712 He and I got into a bit of a heated discussion about how to differentiate arthritis pain from fibro-m pain, and in the end, he said that whatever one calls it, pain is pain, and that in his practice, he's seen symptoms of osteoarthritis and fibromyalgia (I have both) overlap. He and I have a long-standing professional relationship and have developed a good rapport over the years - I don't think he was being "smart" or dismissive when he told me that.
1551275 tn?1295372703 In 2009 I had to have a THR on that hip due to avascular necrosis. I have a lot of trauma/damage on that area due to surgeries and cancer treatments. I also have lymphedema, nerve damage, fibromyalgia and osteoarthritis. Its been over a year from THR but I still have pain on my hip on and off, is that normal considering all the trauma to that area and all my other health issues? My hip was cemented; but I ended up with that leg a quarter of an inch shorter.
Avatar f tn This essentially means that at T7-T8 (thoracic vertebrae) there is moderate-high grade disc protrusion with possible pressure on the spinal cord. At T10-T11 there is evidence of degenerative osteoarthritis (spondylosis), with mild-moderate grade disc protrusion and possible slight pressure on the spinal cord. At T11-T12 there is a bony outgrowth (osteophyte) into the spinal canal but without gross spinal cord compression.
Avatar n tn You need to see an orthopaedician and if possible a neurologist to rule out any pathological state. X-ray of cervical ribs will help to come to some conclusion. Examination by a specialist is foremost important.
Avatar m tn For the last few months or so i have had really bad tight pain under my right rib cage and right side of my stomach,, the pain gets unbearable when i go for a run or do any sort of excersize, the pain even hap-ends sometimes when i go for a walk, it feels like a really bad stitch starting from the bottom of my right rib cage and ending at the bottom of my belly, i have also noticed that one of my lower ribs moves when i breath in and out.. can anybody tell me what is wrong with me??
Avatar m tn I have intermittent pain in one of my left ribs, and left elbow. Pain in hips and back exacerbated by exercise but is also waking me up at night. pain worsened by sitting long periods. The pain is a 5 out of 10 but is always with me. Relevant facts about me: 1. 41 y.o. male in excellent physical condition at 151lbs 5 foot 7 in, with workouts 5-6 days per week before onset of symptoms. Active in physical fitness for 20 years. Good blood pressure and cholesterol. 2.
Avatar n tn I rolled over a wooden arm of an old chair and my lrft side ribs instantly were in very bad pain. I did have my gallbladder removed but thought the floating ribs may have crossed each other. Hurts every other day when I put on my socks. I've had hip surgery and have chronic osteoarthritis. Now my right side is "popping" out of place when I bend improperly. What's going on?
Avatar f tn Atraumatic swelling of the sternoclavicular joint is usually degenerative arthitis or osteoarthritis. Since you did not mention any trauma this seems the likely cause. Osteoarthritis of the SC joint usually responds to treatments such as rest, ice, physical or occupational therapy, and anti-inflammatory medications. If the symptoms of osteoarthritis do not respond to basic treatment over six to 12 months, surgery may be considered, but it is rarely, if ever indicated.
Avatar m tn I have taken hydrocodone in different amounts and strengths ever since. I have gone thru periods of abuse, and could never tolerate coming completely off it. I will admit that I have used higher doses at night like an alcoholic uses alcohol to "mellow out as well as to relieve pain". I finally confessed to my current MD about my history and my obtaining much more hydrocodone then he thought I was on. I mean huge doses at night.
Avatar f tn I am 25 and have pain in my knee's, ankles, hips, lower back, right shoulder the right side of my ribs and now my hands. The pain started in my knee's during my early teens and i have never consulted a doctor for this. At 16 i went to the doctor about my lower back pain, i was sent for a scan on my kidneys which came back fine and no other tests or treatments were suggested. Since then the pain has spread. I have also lost almost 4 stone in weight in 6 months.
Avatar n tn It feels like a stiff neck, shooting pain and ache through L breast, down L side, behind collar bone, up neck. Female age 61, history of Type II diabetes in control, osteoarthritis in cervical, thoracic and lumbar spine, also feet, knees, hands. Dx of fibromyalgia 1993. Double mastectomies and reconstruction 1997, massive infections with 2 gram neg bacteria, debrided 3x in OR till front of abdominal wall open 5 cm deep, pubic bone to ribs, side to side.
4353362 tn?1353268935 when i drive it feels like my ribs are turning under and digging in. im afraid of 'adult' hugs as my ribs feel fragile. that is the end of my very disjointed (pardon the pun!) questions. i hope to get some answers. thank you.
Avatar n tn My oncologist ordered plain old xrays and they concluded it was osteoarthritis. Ten days later I was in the ER with sever cramps from the middle of my back to my ribs. The ER doctor did an IVP of my kidneys. He found kidney stones, bladder infection, and oh by the way, cancer on my spine! I spose it was there all along, just never looked for it. Anyway, had a biopsy, MRI, Bone Scan. Cancer was found in my spine, pelvis area, and imaged area of my lower extremities.
Avatar f tn I have severe lower back pain (diagnosed with x-ray as degenerative joint and osteoarthritis), pain at the tips of my ribs, headaches, very fatigued, insomnia (now on Ambien and still tired!!), having trouble with constipation and nausea and I have lost 15+ pounds in about 2-3 months. Any ideas at all or where I should go from here. My doctor has not called or anything so I am not sure what he will say and I am worried, my follow up is not for 3 weeks. Thanks!
Avatar n tn I am 60 years old and have severe pain under my ribs on both sides but more on the right side. No pain when totally inactive but when I try to move, roll over or twist it is very painful. Doctor told me it was osteoarthritis and told me to take ibuprofen or meloxicam. I get some relieve but not much. Narcotic pain relievers work well but I feel like a "zombie". Want to treat the cause and not the symptoms. Not sure how to proceed. What type of specialist should I see?
Avatar m tn I have been having pain in the bones- hips, back, neck, ribs, shoulders,elbow, on and off since last 12 yrs. Earlier i tried homeopathy, allopathy, physiotherapy , ayurvedic treatment - all based on symptomatic diagnosis but all in vain. I got all tests done for rheumatoid arthritis and spondilytis but that was negative. The pain in general has increased in recent times. I dont know what is the cause and need assistance in this.
Avatar f tn Urine test was normal. I had an X-ray of my chest including ribs and back and the doctor said everything looked normal, no cancer, no broken ribs etc. So now I have been stressing myself out worrying about what it is that I have. Do I have some kind of disease? An autoimmune disorder? Or is this simply osteoarthritis due to my constant cracking of my back? I have been referred to a rheumatologist but I am not sure when that will happen.
Avatar m tn everywhere), pinching and burning of nerves and especially around the rods/fusion and my legs, extreme dizziness/vertigo, migraines that last for weeks, TMJ disorder, bulged disks, abnormal forward curvature (at least 30%) of the cervical spine, degenerating disks, pre osteoarthritis, arthritis, bursitis, sciatica, numbness , burning, and tingling of extremities, muscle fatigue and weakness/atrophy, edema, shortness of breath, thyroid issues, gall bladder issues, hypoglycemia, poor concentration
Avatar n tn rheumatoid arthritis, lupus, and osteoarthritis of the knees, hands and hips. People who have stomach issues from taking anti-inflammatories by mouth can bypass that problem with Voltaren gel. Endo Pharmaceuticals, the maker of Voltaren 1% gel, is the sole supplier and they have released a statement that Voltaren gel is on back order and they cannot estimate a release date. Hmm.
Avatar m tn it just feels sort of out of place. and ive noticed that if i move it my right arm up and down i can hear things grinding together on my right side. i cant do that with my left side. sometimes i have sharp pains through my ribs and ive noticed from time to time my right arm locks up and i have to straighten my arm out until my elbow pops really loudly to get it back straight again. its just very annoying with one side of my back feeling out of place and stiff and uncomfortable all the time.
Avatar n tn Hello, I first noticed this issue with my ribcage in December around the same time I was dx with a dowagers hump, mild adult onset scoliosis in thoracic spine, and osteoarthritis in both of my ac joints (I am 24), so I have been having a rheumatology work up currently. I asked the orthopedic about it who barely touched my ribs and set it was my "rib cage twisting outwards from the scoliosis" so I left it at that and kind of forgot about it.
780647 tn?1304024542 hi i hav pain in my left shoulder and shoulder blade also in my ribs and now it is starting in my neck all on the left side its goin on 10mths now any advice would be great
Avatar f tn It started as pain under my right rib and lots of nausea and dyspepsia. I went to the ER and had an ultrasound of my gallbladder, CT scan and blood test, all of which were normal. A couple weeks later, a pelvic ultrasound found a small ovarian cyst on my LEFT ovary (though all my pain has been right-sided). Over the last month, my symptoms have worsened.
Avatar m tn Pops here again, yes a whole spinal MRI was done,my neck showed alot of arthritis in it and in the middle of my back one disc slightly buldging would that be the cause of all my pain in my legs and arms even in my ribs. the only way i can get some relief when setting is lean forward bending my back toward my knees but then I get alot of burning in my lower back. As far as my Surgeon he has moved his practice about eight hundred miles away.
Avatar m tn I have intermittent pain in one of my left ribs, and left elbow. Pain in hips and back exacerbated by exercise but is also waking me up at night. pain worsened by sitting long periods. The pain is a 5 out of 10 but is always with me. Relevant facts about me: 1. 41 y.o. male in excellent physical condition at 151lbs 5 foot 7 in, with workouts 5-6 days per week before onset of symptoms. Active in physical fitness for 20 years. Good blood pressure and cholesterol. 2.
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