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Avatar f tn Hello My Xray showed Osteoarthritis in my fingers and wrists. I knew I had Osteoarthritis in my fingers but not in my wrists. Is it unusual to have OA in wrists? http://i239.photobucket.com/albums/ff168/kjl07/Osteoarthritis/IMG_2638.
Avatar m tn I have a bump on the underside of my wrist right below my thumb on my right hand. Its been there for 2 years. It gives me a slight pain when hold heavier objects and if I press on it.
Avatar n tn I have had significant pain in my left wrist for 5 years and in my right for 4-4.5. While the left was worse for most of that time, the pain levels are now essentially equal, depending upon use. (I am right-handed) The pain is centered on the back of my wrists, in the center between the bones. There is no stiffness, swelling, or heat radiating from the joints. Pain occurs primarily when the hand is bent back at an angle to the arm and when twisting.
Avatar n tn These three bones form a triangle on the thumb side of the wrist. The fusion holds these bones in place when pressure or load is put on the wrist.
Avatar n tn If the reason is wrist osteoarthritis, the treatment is more difficult. One consideration would be to stiffen the wrist - known as a wrist fusion. This usually eliminates the pain and increases the strength, but prevents movement in the wrist.
Avatar n tn I have just read some of the comments about post treatment symptoms. I went through 48 weeks of treatment for hep C which included having to be hospitalized for shortness of breath and another time for disorintation and extremely blurred vision. Having worked for the first 24 weeks I was then forced to take medical leave. I may also add that during that time my lung capacity had dropped to 68% of normal. These were all attributed to the treatments.
Avatar f tn I get sharp, shooting pains across the back of that side of the wrist that run up into the back of the hand and into the lower arm. Sometimes the pain goes all the way across the elbow into my upper arm. But it never goes into the shoulder. The pain is worse with my palm pointing either toward the floor or toward the midline of the body. Rotating the palm upward or away from the midline causes slightly less pain. I do not notice any difference in pain if my elbow is straight or bent.
748543 tn?1463449675 For the past few weeks I have been throwing around ideas as to the best way to respond to this matter. You see a recent article ( Feb.3 , 2009 NY times) titled "Best treatment for TMJ May be Nothing" nearly made me clench my jaw to pieces. While well written, I found that the author, Ms. Brody, relied heavily on out dated and narrow perspective supplied to her by a small group of dentists.
Avatar f tn Arthritis symptoms very commonly emerge in the months FOLLOWING completion of INF combo therapy, sometimes accompanied by slight nervous system disorder (numbness, loss of balance / precision/ tremors). Actually, many of the worst lasting side effects emerge after completion of treatment. One's immune system gets jacked.
Avatar f tn im just so tired and don't want to even think about what I am going through. thanks for being there for me. good luck to all of you and the best of health. I don't know what to do. good luck.
Avatar m tn • Adults under age 50 need 1,000 mg of calcium and 400-800 IU of vitamin D daily. • Adults 50 and over need 1,200 mg of calcium and 800-1,000 IU of vitamin D daily. Dairy products provide most of the calcium in our diet and research shows lactose intolerant individuals have a higher health risk for osteoporosis, weak bone density, and hypertension, as well as breast and colon cancer.
Avatar n tn I have pain and swelling in my right ankle and wrist and pain in the base of my neck on the right side.
Avatar m tn Please can anyone help. I have an area of approximately 5cm in diameter by my wrist that feels a if it is on fire.There is nothing to show that I have anything wrong except for a little swelling under the surface. The pain has now duplicated itself further up my arm same size area towards the inside of my elbow and is also now doing the same thing towards my thumb joint.
Avatar n tn I have yet to find a definite answer, though I have had my hormones tested and discovered all of my hormones are out of balance. I'm in the process of trying bioidentical hormone replacement to see if that helps. Hope you find some answers.
Avatar f tn This type of arthritis is not hereditary but is associated with osteoarthritis. Usually treatment is NSAIDs, cortisone injections and reducing pain inducing activities. For many people, the standard treatment provides relief during flares. If you're not getting relief with the standard protocol and the doc still does not want to do surgery, it will be time to get a second opinion. Hang in there. I know it is tough!
521161 tn?1212369304 The disorder is difficult to identify and is often not diagnosed for four years or more after presentation due to nonspecific symptoms or a general paucity of symptoms. Once PVNS is confirmed by biopsy of the synovium of an affected joint, a synovectomy of the affected area is the most common treatment. Bone lesions caused by the disorder are removed and bone grafting is performed as needed.
Avatar m tn Arthritis is another common cause of wrist pain, swelling, and stiffness. There are many types of arthritis. Osteoarthritis occurs with age and overuse. Rheumatoid arthritis generally affects both wrists. Psoriatic arthritis accompanies psoriasis. Other common causes of wrist pain include gout, pseudogout, De Quervain's disease and Tendonitis and Tenosynovitis. Confirmatory diagnosis can be made after physical examination, X-Rays and blood tests.
Avatar n tn Hi Welcome to the MedHelp forum! The various causes are carpel tunnel syndrome, inflammation of the tendon of the hand due to repetitive work, gout, lymphangitis, deep vein thrombosis, osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis. You need to consult a doctor and rule these out by blood tests, X-rays, nerve conduction studies, rheumatoid factor, ESR, etc. Since the thumb twitches uncontrollably, symptoms could be due to carpal tunnel syndrome.
454186 tn?1388978568 Under normal circumstances, the spinal soft tissue damage, zak acupuncture result is not ideal, but with the strong demand for their treatment, I, of course, the main thing is to the spinal canal, the treatment of soft tissue damage, after several courses of treatment, low back pain disappeared, the residue after the right iliac ridge on the edge of pain in the right buttock hanging tight flu, after zak acupuncture further treatment, the pain disappeared.
653169 tn?1303449969 Hi I have osteoarthritis in base of thumb which appears to have developed quickly. When it first began to bother me I also had aches in shoulders, ankles and my knees. Appart from the thumb problems the others subsided. Now I have noticed that when I climb stairs. (Especially in the mornings) they make a crunching sound, although at the moment I would not say they are painful. My dr did a ra test a few months ago. I am concerned that other joints will become affected. Is it osteoarthritis?
Avatar m tn You may need to have lab work including an ESR/CRP (to evaluate inflammation), ANA (to evaluate for connective tissue disorders), and metabolic workup. Also, an x-ray of an affected joint may be of use. The treatment typically includes NSAIDs (if there are no contraindications). However, if an underlying cause is found, then the treatment would then be adjusted for that. Thank you for using the forum, I hope you find this information useful, good luck.
Avatar n tn Hello I'm a 29 year old male. My father, his sister, his mother and her aunt all had Rheumatoid Arthritis. My father's was Juvenile Onset and he passed in 05 due to complications. In 2006 my right knee started hurting. I finally went to see an Orthopedic doctor. After an x-ray and feeling the top of my knee he said "You have Osteoarthritis in your knee. It is definately not RA." Well just a couple of months ago my other knee started with the same problems. Just pain mostly.
Avatar m tn NSAID's are just part of the treatment. Usually treatments such as PT, OT, rest, heat, ice and support devices or a combination of them are typical treatments of RSI. If you are concerned with a Lithium toxicity it can be caused by any NSAIDs. And obvious you have to be taking Lithium in order for that to be an issue. Usually Lithium levels are monitored frequently when a patient is on a combination of NSAIDs and Lithium concurrently. As I am sure you know it is easily monitored.
Avatar m tn I am a 54 male. I am healthy (according to tests & exams anyway) but I am overweight by 50 pounds. In the past 10 years I began having a yearly bout (occasionaly 2) with gout (ankles & feet). It was always easily controlled with a prescribed medication (Indomethicin?)or Naproxen, and within 3-4 days I felt 100% In December 2012 I developed terrible ankle and foot swelling with unbearable pain, to the extent that on certain days I could not walk or put weight on that ankle/foot.
Avatar n tn Hi Dr, I have been experiencing numbness of the last two fingers in both hands on/off for a few years. In recent months, the condition got worst and it frequently relapses many times throughout the day.
Avatar f tn I feel like I'm wearing down his patience with me but I'm running out of ideas and out of patience too so I really hope that the specialist will be able to help me out! I've basically been prisoner to this pain for the last five months with it controlling what I can and cannot get done during the course of the day and severely affecting my ability to get a decent night's sleep.
Avatar n tn Prolia (denosumab) is used to help in the treatment of postmenopausal osteoporosis for women at high risk of fractures. Phentermine is an appetite suppressant that is used together with diet and exercise to treat obesity. If you are overweight, losing some weight will make you feel better, but necessarily stop the arthritic pains. Keep a food diary of what you consume and see if there is a pattern of what you have eat whether you feel worse. Best wishes.
Avatar n tn 3 weeks ago, I noticed wrist soreness and then a lump/cyst/nodule coming out of my right wrist between the thumb and the pulse location. It is bone hard, immobile, and does not hurt when it is pushed. At the same time I started experiencing bilateral pain in both hands very similar to what happened 12 years ago. In addition, for the past month I have had several periods of just not feeling great. Almost like I'm coming down with something, but never get sick. I've never measured a fever.
Avatar f tn It can also be due to severe or long lasting anemia. The treatment is a mix and match of analgesics, anti depressants, anti seizure medications, physical therapy and counseling. Correcting anemia and treating infection also helps.
Avatar f tn Hi, I have had RA for 17+ years. In the first 5-6 months, it really didn't show up in the blood tests. Amongst other initial theories, my doctor also said it could be some sort of anxiety disorder. Eventually it showed up in the blood tests and there was a confirmed diagnosis. Nowday's with aggressive early stage therapy they can significantly control the disease. I know of one physician who will not accept patients who have been RA positive for more than 12 months.