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4867445 tn?1362610988 Once a permanent employee, I will no longer make hourly pay but will have a yearly salary. I just graduated from college last year and this is a perfect start for my business career and supporting my baby. I am 6 months pregnant and NOT showing . I know I have not worked long enough for maternity leave, I've saved enough money to hold me over for a few months, but I really want to continue working for this company a few weeks after Alanna is born.
Avatar f tn I could use some advise.My yearly blood tersts showed a Vitamin D deficiency.I am currently on 50,000 units of Vitamin D therapy for 8 weeks. How much should I take after that time? I have noticed my joints and muscles get sore after exercise, and I now have a groin pull from vigorous leg exercises. I am a 64 yr. old woman, which I know is a contributing factor to joint stiffness. I use a sunscreen daily(allergy to sun) and am on HBP med, cholesterol, aspirin, and anxiety meds,plus a fluid pill.
Avatar f tn I have been cutting gluten out of my diet after being told by a nutritionist that my digestive problems could be caused by an allergy to gluten. I did a bit of research and seemed to match most symptoms so I decided to follow the nutritionists advice. After a month of fairly little gluten I spent the weekend over Easter eating things I would not have eaten in my normal day.
Avatar f tn My mother in law everymonth takes 30 to 50K from my husband as an expenditure. Does she has any right on his salary ?? As a wife can i decide on how much salary to be given to his mom and also about his propoerty can i make decisions?? Is there any legal provision in india? My husband have two elder sister and both are married.
613536 tn?1294238447 That I'm not sure about, but I know they can do a urine pregnancy test there. The OBGYN may be able to tell based on how your uterus feels, but honestly I'm not really sure. Request a blood test if you really want to know.
Avatar n tn I Am A 58yo Male And Will Have My First Yearly Physical With A New Primary Care Doctor Will I Have To Strip Down To My Underwear For This Thanks For Any Feedback
Avatar f tn I am 57, female. Six months ago I had yearly checkup, weighed in at 205, Chol 236, Tri 109, HDL 60, LDL 154, Risk Ratio 2.57. The motivation I needed, I guess. Same day I joined Curves, and started eating healthy. I read a lot about health and fitness, no fad diets, etc. Was proud that after 6 months, I've lost 30 lbs slow and steady, eat healthy and exercise regularly. Thought that 6 month check-up would be much improved. But it wasn't.
1740498 tn?1328962585 My disability is getting worse quickly, and I will probably have to go on disability soon. (Scary!) I was told that it is typically 70-80% of your salary. So does that remain constant forever? Would it change if I moved to another state? Would it increase with inflation? Thanks for any information. Never even considered the financial side of this when I was diagnosed. And definitely did not think I would be in this position just two years after diagnosis.
1530342 tn?1405016490 html A few lawmakers have suggested in recent months that despite a $174,000 annual salary, generous health care and pensions, and perks for things like travel and mail, being one of the elite 435 ain't always what it's cracked up to be. And when you calculate the hours they put in, the pay isn't stellar either, they say.
Avatar m tn A friend of mine developed pre-diabetes from Abilify but with dietary changes (I believe he had to see a nutritionist) he was able to have his metabolism adjust back to normal.
Avatar f tn I don't work but my husband gets paternity leave and he gets 2 wks at 80% of his normal salary! So that's not to bad for a guy were in Houston TX but I think here it matters who u work for cause my last pregnancy I worked until 37 wks I had her at 38 wks and I just never went back I wasn't offered maternity leave but they never told me when to come back cause I always knew I wouldn't work after I had kids!
Avatar f tn At first I thought they were brought on by a change in temperature or barometric pressure because the first three happened exactly the day before the first frost of the year on a yearly basis. I'm worried now though because I just hard a particularly terrifying one last night at the beginning of spring. Which might be a sign they're getting more frequent.
Avatar f tn Anyway theres a 30 day waiting period with no pay then you get 50% of last years salary but its only for 4-6 weeks (which is included in the 30 days of no pay). So technically i will get my benefits for only two weeks at the most. Im just upset. How can they or anyone expect a mother to return to work after 4-6 weeks of giving birth to her child?! My employer will allow longer but obviously without pay. Two weeks at the most at 50% salary? And then the rest $0?
212161 tn?1599427282 hi, justgot a call from my dr had yearly blood work done and shes real concered about my sugar.. seems that its a little high. last year the test it was 121, this year its was 115 so its not as hih as last years but she thinks am pre-diabete. my mom is one and so is my sister but i feel fine and dont have any problems, am not a sweet eater , but i have put on some weight like 20 pds. so if i lose the weight will that take the sugar down and stop me from becoming a diabete?
Avatar f tn m on a low dose of glyburide at bedtime and just making sure I eat the right amount of carbs at the right times. Are you going to see a nutritionist or a maternal fetal medicine specialist? Seeing the nutritionist helped me a lot.
Avatar f tn I went to a nutritionist regarding my tiredness and weight loss. The nutritionist committed me to one month of perfect eating, sleeping, routine walks and no alcohol. After the month I was symptom free. No headaches, great energy, and the muscle aches have subsided. I've been maintaining the proper diet, sleep, walking and moderation on alcohol. The nutritionist suspected that I was using alcohol and pain releif in excess.
486038 tn?1300063367 i will have very good hours, and the salary is a good starting salary (they arent very competitive once you gain experience, but they start with a good base salary). So, now I'm off to look a for "new" used vehicle that I can afford. Have a wonderful afternoon and thanks for the tips!!
1166523 tn?1264364643 It is promising to hear about the neuro that is on salary because the neuro I am seeing is on salary with the medical university teaching hospital and she is the MS specialist there, so maybe I will get somewhere this time..heres to hoping!! I am glad that you found one that you can spend enough time with in order to get good treatment!