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Avatar n tn hey everyone I was just wondering if their are any moms from oregon on here and from what area?
Avatar f tn My baby had the shakes yesterday. Wow! I live in Eugene Oregon. First time mother and totally want to have a natural birth . I'm 5 foot 3 inches.. scared a bit that I'll not survive.. anyone due around March 1st and afraid? Eek excited mostly because I just want to cuddle her and can't wait for my husband to hold her.
4624236 tn?1357891407 Anybody from Portland Oregon on here?! It'd be cool to meet new people from my city who are going through the same thing. I'm 18 and a soon to be single mommy!
793399 tn?1237048093 I am in Oregon. In Eugene. I think she will be in good hands in Portland. I felt very well taken off even in Eugene. All the best to you and your sister.
488198 tn?1493875092 // The next two have nothing to do with MS, just a couple of local wow stories from today (the links show what they're about). http://registerguard.
Avatar f tn I live in Central Oregon and need a new thyroid doctor. Any recommendations out there? I'd prefer the Bend area, but would definitely consider "the valley", especially Eugene or Portland. I have no preference as to specialty or lack thereof. However, I do want to stay in the "mainstream" for the moment - a DO or MD. Thanks.
Avatar f tn Just get an Oregon ID. Oregon has better healthcare plans than Texas (Oregon was a smart state and expanded their Healthy Oregon medicaid plan). Call and talk to them about your options -ALL of the plans cover maternity - they have to by law. I had BCBS PPO from IL and live in CA, all my pregnancy stuff was covered. But my job ended, i worked with the CA insurance exchange and got new insurance no problem. Both Eugene and Portland have really fantastic hospitals.
Avatar f tn t Oregon a higher altitude also? (if you meant Eugene Oregon that is) Higher altitudes make people and animals sick too......just a thought....
Avatar f tn does anyone know if DNA testing costs a lot in Oregon? Or can he go to court and have them do the tests even if it was a closed adoption if it was his kid? Like the test came back she was his.....?
Avatar f tn Because MS treats us all a little differently, and we all prioritize different needs and desires to begin with, it's impossible to designate a single best place to live. I would think Minnesota is relatively MS-friendly, so I wonder why you say "I cannot stay where I live now." Maybe it's because you're in a rural area? In western Oregon we don't often face temperature or humidity extremes. However, we don't get much sun exposure.
Avatar f tn Hi. Try contacting Joshua Hornig, MD at MUSC in Charleston SC. He's an excellent surgeon and its a top-notch facility. People from many different countries fly out here to get treatment and surgeries.
219241 tn?1413537765 My friend in Eugene Oregon showed me the paw print on his patio door when I was there last year. Apparently it was late at night and he and his wife had forgotten to put a casserole back in the fridge. This ginourmous bear apparently ripped off the flyscreen and was bashing the door down! My friend's thought it was a burglar and came downstairs. My friend is nearly 7 foot tall and looks like a bear himself!
121828 tn?1333464491 Yeah, not thrilled about the Eugene. I love the Blake, photo's are posted!
Avatar n tn Thanks for your advise and support. In answer to the question - I live in Oregon. I am thinking I will give the Med School a little longer and see if they will see me. If not will look into finding someone south of my home area (Eugene isn't too far) or in neighboring states. There isn't a MS clinic that will see me without a referal from another Neurologist, that I can find in Oregon. Appreciate your insight.
1220571 tn?1274841195 We are very short here in Oregon, on health care professionals.We have a lady now who does only hormone imbalance, ie thyroid...a friend goes to her and she uses arm and Leve. However she will not take Medicare patients..which is my other really good ins. and don't have extra money but my S.S.My psychiatrist who comes from out of town once a week...said he believes when all the tests are in, I have the colonsocopy to go, that my health issues will all be related to my thryoid..
1714215 tn?1334713869 So we hav picked out are names depeding on what is is. If it's a boy either Cash Eugene Allen or Joseph Eugene Allen and if it's a girl Aubrey Marie Allen.
1280354 tn?1272581901 If anyone is aware of a good program in the Portland,Oregon area that is not faith based or judgmental would be appreciated. thanks.
Avatar n tn please send any info to larry eugene smith 2254 vine ave muskegon mi 49442, larry was in korea and vietnam and now he has glioblastoma multforme, we need help for him.
1039620 tn?1272594004 Boy- Micheal Eugene (michael after DH and Eugene after his dad who passed away from cancer in 07 Eugene was his middle name) Girl- Michaela Ann (michaela after DH and Ann after my grandma who was like my mom)
Avatar f tn so me & my husband are expecting a baby boy at the end of december . we have one name picked out so far , which is London (may change the spelling) . i like the name , but i also want to consider some other names as well & i'm just curious as to what names you ladies like :) i like : Gayvn , Oliver , Marley , & Peyton so far . also , his middle name is already set & it will be Eugene (after my husband) & the babys older brothers name is Jaden Matthew so that's out .
9535172 tn?1409019789 My family is from San Diego and relocated to Oregon a while back! My dad lives in Medford, I try to go up there and see him when I can, it is humid up there in the summer though. I can't handle it :( I moved to Arizona and would prefer the 115 heat with no humidity compared to the hest up there. But It's beautiful up there!