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Avatar m tn Hello all... I am from Germany and I am a certified nutritionist and I am researching on weight loss so I have joined this forum to learn and share my views about weight loss.
Avatar f tn Thanks for your comment, yes I like all, I just never had such cravings in my life, thank god they are all healthy, but can eating a VERY large sweet potato be good? or maybe 2 CANs of beets, etc. I am of excess. I was hoping to see if there was a common nutrient in all that I crave, and picking up some of that through a supplement. Any thoughts?
481379 tn?1208372347 s nutritionist is not replying, I will, I am a certified nutritionist and alkaline is best...avoid digestive disorders like GERD, inflammation problems, just google up alkaline foods and you will know which is best to eat...but alkaline is best and your body will thank you for it...you can even bathe or drink apple cider vinegar to help you become alkaline....Connie Allen, CNC, messengerofheallth.
Avatar n tn Take iron suppelments for yourself. For your kids ask their doctor, but in the mean time Flinstones with iron might help.
516040 tn?1213837018 Figure out what foods you can tolerate. If it were me, I would work with a nutritionist (especially one that understands anxiety disorders and reflux). They can set some caloric goals and help you figure out a specific program instead of just willy-nilly eating throughout your day - structure helps with accountability, too. Getting support wherever you can (like a nutritionist, among others) helps for any pursuit.
Avatar f tn s alot and she doesnt even provide food what the and isnt certified is she atleast certified to cpr?!?
694961 tn?1228732588 Cheers frootbar, I'll give that a try. what is msm, and buffered vC?
Avatar n tn the fact is that we have a mismatch between the insulin on board and the insulin we need. Depending on the type of workout, a certified diabetes educator or endocrinologist will guide you to (1) increase the protein/carbo you eat prior to the workout (and/or during your workout) and/or (2) adjust your longacting/basal and/or your short-acting insulin for a period that might start before and/or continue a while after your workouts.
Avatar f tn My mother in law everymonth takes 30 to 50K from my husband as an expenditure. Does she has any right on his salary ?? As a wife can i decide on how much salary to be given to his mom and also about his propoerty can i make decisions?? Is there any legal provision in india? My husband have two elder sister and both are married.
Avatar n tn Try a lymphatic drainage massage by a certified lymphatic massage therapist. as a supplement to your weight loss program. By itself this massage will detoxify your system plus a temporary loss of water weight. But by adding this detoxification to your weight loss program you will boost your sluggish metabolism and see faster more permanent results. Remember to only use a massage therapist who is certified in lymphatic manual drainage massage.
Avatar n tn an endocrinoligist, Certified Diabetes Educator, and a nutritionist. I know it may seem to you that adjusting your own insulin doses is ok if you know what you're doing, but the truth is you need a doctor to help you get on track. I would also suggest you discuss going on an insulin pump with your doctor, since that is what ultimately helped me.
Avatar f tn Why aren't board certified ophthalmologists answering the questions on this site? To those to whom people have said- oh, floaters- everyone has them- GET TO AN EYE DOCTOR. That's what someone told me when I had them, that everyone has them, and because they aren't painful, I did nothing about the situation.
Avatar f tn My main concern is that the Doctor who is going to perform it is not yet certified. He already peformed a thyroid biopsy twice. The result said it's benign. What are your thoughts about it? I would greatly appreciate to hear from you.
1530342 tn?1405016490 html A few lawmakers have suggested in recent months that despite a $174,000 annual salary, generous health care and pensions, and perks for things like travel and mail, being one of the elite 435 ain't always what it's cracked up to be. And when you calculate the hours they put in, the pay isn't stellar either, they say.
Avatar f tn I don't work but my husband gets paternity leave and he gets 2 wks at 80% of his normal salary! So that's not to bad for a guy were in Houston TX but I think here it matters who u work for cause my last pregnancy I worked until 37 wks I had her at 38 wks and I just never went back I wasn't offered maternity leave but they never told me when to come back cause I always knew I wouldn't work after I had kids!
1042487 tn?1275279899 I want to thank you for sharing all you do with us. I think we must all remain open minded, and if in doubt, check it out for ourselves. This is what I did, and found you offer excellent, well founded advice. I agree also that we need to look at entire picture as a whole, when evaluating what is best for our overall health. Our bodies encounter the domino effect when one thing is off, so I look at the big picture. This topic is intriguing and I'm learning a lot....Thanks.
740516 tn?1360942486 Ha ha, guess your uncle was a real figure...Hope he didnt try to convince the whole family to enroll the diet...
Avatar f tn I am a certified professional coder and audit medical claims for improper coding that has been sent from the doctors office to the insurance company. Pay is good, I am salary at $60,000 a year. Not bad... Also have no day care expense nor gas $$$ to shell out.
Avatar f tn Anyway theres a 30 day waiting period with no pay then you get 50% of last years salary but its only for 4-6 weeks (which is included in the 30 days of no pay). So technically i will get my benefits for only two weeks at the most. Im just upset. How can they or anyone expect a mother to return to work after 4-6 weeks of giving birth to her child?! My employer will allow longer but obviously without pay. Two weeks at the most at 50% salary? And then the rest $0?