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Avatar n tn they have the money to get surgery if needed , a personal assistant and nutritionist. I gained 145 with my second, lost it all and now with my third have gained 85 pnds and plan on losing that, however I have stretch marks..
404138 tn?1308941656 Where can I find assistant living in my area for a loved one....either live in care...or assistant living where she could live in a close knit community that helps with food, medicine, etc. She is not elderly but she is disabled....Please help!
Avatar n tn Some medications are fine to take during pregnancy. She should see a professional to see what can and can not be taken. The same would go with breast feeding.
Avatar f tn m 28 weeks today I work three days a week 12 hours a baby as a career assistant and the service users are occasionally physically aggressive hitting yesterday I got hit in the stomach I want to leave go maternity middle of April two months early but it will mean I will have to start back at work when my baby is only 6 months is that a bad idea???
Avatar m tn i never had sex with any body, I started masturbation from 17 age, from that day i masturbating daily twice, 2 to 3 years back i abl to do 2 times per week now i able to do only twice a month. now i feeling very bad what i did, i am going to marry in 6 months as per my mother saying i am avoiding marriage because, i think i not able satisfy my wife daily, disturbed too much, some times i loose memory, no concentration on my work. & feel what peoples thinking on me. i feel bad.
Avatar f tn m on a low dose of glyburide at bedtime and just making sure I eat the right amount of carbs at the right times. Are you going to see a nutritionist or a maternal fetal medicine specialist? Seeing the nutritionist helped me a lot.
Avatar f tn I went to a nutritionist regarding my tiredness and weight loss. The nutritionist committed me to one month of perfect eating, sleeping, routine walks and no alcohol. After the month I was symptom free. No headaches, great energy, and the muscle aches have subsided. I've been maintaining the proper diet, sleep, walking and moderation on alcohol. The nutritionist suspected that I was using alcohol and pain releif in excess.
Avatar f tn This will help give some good general information and ideally also connect you with a nutritionist. There are tons of websites that are also good including the ADA site( Hope this helps, Take care.
Avatar f tn s cool to be pregnant and have pets or when you give birth too, cause I think my WIC nutritionist had mentioned something about a bacteria in cats'.. But they're all vaccinated. Just wondering....
1301089 tn?1290666571 The surprising show of skin from the assistant coach came after a shoving match on the field between assistant coaches and school safety officials. "His fellow assistant coaches were holding him back and he turned around and pulled down his shorts," David Sumter, 40, a Campus Magnet parent told the New York Daily News. "All I saw was his big [rear end].
Avatar f tn Anybody on here is a medical assistant?
5664897 tn?1375480696 Professional help thru an inpatient or intense outpatient program. A nutritionist and therapist are a must. This is rarely cured on your own.
Avatar n tn Thanks I heard that I just wondered how it affected pregnancy. My doctors office basically called me and told me I was diabetic this time I was hypoglycemic and that they would keep a close eye on me but didn't say anything else so I just wondered. And the last thing I want to do is google anything cuz its always worse case.
Avatar f tn Few months ago I went to dentist from scaling treatment. Dentist or her assistant didn't change the scaling tip in front of me. I am worried if her assistant forgot to change the scaling tip and reused that on me. What are my risk if they reused the scaling equipment?
Avatar f tn Some psychotropic meds also cause this problem, I would start with the MD and have him/her recommend a nutritionist if needed.
5807499 tn?1383275275 Unfortunately, in the state of Washington, I have to have a years experience in the field before I take my state boards. I came across a nursing assistant program through one of the main nursing homes in our area, & it'll get me certified as a nursing assistant. This will get my foot in the door for what I wanna do with my life and help me pay for my degree. My question is...what is it like doing nursing assistant stuff? I know you're required to lift patients at times...
Avatar f tn It seems to go beyond normal, the part of feigning to be sick to get you to do what she wants. My brother is in his sixties now and still hardly eats anything, and my parents let him get away with it because he had a tremendous temper and it was just easier that way. Kids figure out what they can get away with. But as her way of getting what she wants is getting out of your control, it might be time to pursue some counseling whether professionally or in-family.