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Avatar f tn I agree--see a dietician/nutritionist who can help you develop a good plan. As someone who has struggled with weight most of my life, I really think the key is to exercise (as well as eat healthy, of course). About 10 years ago I just decided enough was enough-I was sick of being overweight. I taught myself how to cook differently, stopped eating out frequently, limited alcohol, got real with myself that there are certain foods I just can't have in my house anymore, and joined a gym.
Avatar n tn LOL I would recommend that you see a Nutritionist to see if there is something different you can do with your diet. Until recently, I never gave much credit to the whole 'nutritionist' school of thought - what I mean is that I always thought that I can read a book about it.... I know how to figure out calories and fat and such... but I've recently changed my ideas about that. I went to see a Registered Dietician and it was very enlightening!
Avatar f tn Well, off hand, I would say that a call to a local nutritionist would be in order she/he will be able to give you the right list of foods and how much to eat, etc. Some hospitals have one or two on staff and they are available to help, especially if the doctor writes a prescription to see one. Also, try doing a "google" search, there are all kinds of sites on what to eat and what not too.
Avatar n tn Thanks. i am seeing the dietician soon and let you know what they decided.
Avatar f tn t go to the dietician until Thursday. What are some suggestions for healthy meals and snacks?
Avatar f tn A dietician or nutritionist should be able to help you; or you can check your local yellow pages for weight loss specialists, but be careful - you don't want to get someone using such things as hcg, etc because those don't work.
Avatar n tn Thank you can't get into a dietician for awhile and just wanted to start now!
Avatar f tn It can be controlled with the proper diet, but it won't go away. Depends on how bad it is, you may need medication to control it. Has your doctor made an appt. to discuss with you? Usually they'll set you up with a nutritionist to discuss ways to control it with diet. I didn't have it with my first, but I go next week for my test, pretty nervous! Babies tend to be bigger with gestational diabetes, I would make sure you ask your doctor all the questions you have about it.
Avatar n tn If I went for a brief walk or did the dishes and cleaned up, my levels always stayed under or close to my limits. I saw a dietician and nutritionist once I was diagnosed as well who was very helpful. I'm sure your OB can recommend one who specializes in gestational diabetes. Good luck!
Avatar f tn My recommendation would be to ask your doctor for a referral to a nutritionist/dietician, who can help you with both the weight loss, AND the diet modifications relating to the pre-diabetes (sugars, carbs, fats, etc) Best of luck, stop in and let us know how you're doing!
Avatar m tn It tremendously helps my son with his UC and I use it occasionally for fibromyalgia and Lupus pain.
Avatar f tn It is good to know that you eat healthy but still take the help of a nutritionist or a dietician. Get your blood sugar tested regularly as with PCOS there is always a reason to worry about Diabetes. Talk with your gynecologist and take your medications and hormones if required. Take care!
Avatar f tn I was moved to a high risk team. So dietician, nutritionist and ob all work in the same hospital. Fetal monitoring is done on the same floor, but not by my ob.
Avatar f tn Your family doctor can advise you best and maybe he or she can give you a referral to a nutritionist or a dietician. About two years ago, my family doctor was concerned about my high cholesterol and being quite frankly overweight. She gave me a referral to a dietician. She worked with me, we tweeked my food plan, made several suggestions about how to cut calories, eat more fruit and vegetables, eat more fibre etc. I did lose some weight, actually fourteen pounds with the dietician's help.
5854034 tn?1378400835 Some guidelines can be provided to you, but you must consult a dietician for individual diet counseling specific for you. The diet will keep changing depending on your GFR. • You must eat only the allowed number of calories and protein. • You have to restrict your salt and water intake as advised. • The various electrolytes will have to be adjusted as per your recent blood tests. • You may be allowed to add simple carbohydrates to your diet for energy.
Avatar f tn Go see a registered dietician who will probably suggest avoiding carbohydrates. Mine told me only 60 to 75 per meal. I have lost 60 lbs since diagnosis.Got to go now, time for my 10oz New York strip. No carbs.
Avatar m tn I would go and see your family doctor if you are concerned with your weight. Perhaps your doctor could give you a referral to a dietician or a nutritionist.
Avatar f tn You are underweight, but should gain weight during the pregnancy. You may need to see a nutritionist or dietician to get the vitamins and diet proper for you and your baby. There's not a high risk of death for you during or after the baby is born. The baby will, however, have issues if you do not gain weight properly during your pregnancy.
Avatar m tn You don't want to get hooked on taking a pill to sleep -- eventually the insomnia will just get worse. There are some natural sleep remedies that don't do this -- melatonin about 1mg or so is probably the best -- but obviously, you have to find one that works. What you want to ideally, though, is figure out why you can't sleep and fix it. As for eating when you get up, that's just discipline. We can't supply that for you.
Avatar m tn ve never tried dieting, counting calories or carbs, etc, you might want to check with your doctor or have her/him refer you to a nutritionist or dietician, who can make sure you get the nutrients you need and can also explain what constitutes carbs, proteins, fats and other nutrients. You will also need to start an exercise program that's appropriate. Start slowly, by taking a brisk walk for 30 minutes daily, then increase as you can.
Avatar f tn See a dietician. Get a meter. Dont eat cereals and watch the milk intake. (im diebetic and aniemic also) it *****. But it is possible to have a healthy baby. What have you been advised to do so far? My diabetes was not well managed with just a diet so i am on a med to help.
Avatar f tn Limit the amount of calories, your doctor can help you with this. It would be even better if you could work with a nutritionist or a dietician. Good luck.
Avatar n tn like talkind to a dietician or a nutritionist that way they set you up with the proper eating habits and exercise to keep and maintian healthy weight :) you see i am 5'0 and I am supposed to be 108 lbs - 115 lbs but i am currently overweight so i myself and seeking attention from a doctor because i have the problem of giving in to temptation. but you my dear must talk to your doctor to see what they say okay .
Avatar f tn I have fat on my liver it's mild at the moment but I also have back problems and a case of depression. I've lost weight I'm 18 and weigh 45. I'm trying to gain weight but i don't know how without hurting my liver more then it already is. Any tips?
481379 tn?1208372347 why haven't I received an answer? I want a doctor's opinion of an acidic vs alkaline body. I have been reading about this and there are many people pro alkaline and few pro acidic. I'd like a doctor's or nutritionist's opinion of this.
Avatar f tn t stated your daughters weight BUT as your daughter is still growing I really think you need expert advice from a dietician as dieting while that young is a whole different ball game than it is to someone of the same weight and height that is over 21. Until you get some proper advice all I would recommend would be to cut out nearly all junk food, sweets, chips crisps etc. Introduce more fruit and veg. Switch to sweet potatoes where possible.