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Avatar f tn I think u mean Greenville NC...we r actually in the south but thank u. Hope you and your babies r doing well.
Avatar m tn My husband is being transferred this summer to Elizabeth City, NC. I was just wondering if there were any doctors to recommend in or around that area, both cardiologists and surgeons.
Avatar n tn Due may 2nd with a little boy and I'm originally from hickory, NC but living in Greenville, SC
Avatar f tn The service you need can be located at North Carolina Children's Hospital in Chapel Hill (tel. 919-966-4131). Ask to be connected to the Child Mental Health or Child Psychiatry Department.
Avatar f tn Yes they test for it.
429779 tn?1207785920 My question is.. does anybody know of an agency in nc that helps the elderly with care products that are free or at the very least, dont cost to much? This situation is all new to us, and we dont know where to turn for help, there must be some resources, and if anyone knows please let me know, so we can help our mom. thank you!
Avatar m tn You should look up your city and see where it ranks on the allergy list. I lived in Greenville SC for 4 years and both NC and SC gave me horrible allergies even though I took shots for them. I found out Greenville was ranked the 2nd worst city for allergies in the USA.
Avatar m tn Thanks for getting back with me. No, I am not near Greenville, but I am searching for a great doctor, and I would appreciate any leads. Have you found one there? Thanks.
Avatar f tn (CNN) -- A South Carolina woman undergoing treatment for infection with a rare case of "flesh-eating" bacteria was in critical but stable condition Thursday at Greenville Memorial Hospital, a hospital spokeswoman said. Lana Kuykendall, 36, "underwent her fifth debridement surgery to remove necrotic, or dead, tissue from her lower leg," said Sandy Dees, senior media relations coordinator for Greenville Hospital System University Medical Center, in a news release.