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Avatar f tn But am confused about the nutrition fact they write in the box of food (rice for example) they say nutrition facts for 100 g but is it like 100g of boiled rice or the uncooked product ? I guess there's a difference because when you use dry product you need for example two cups but if you use cooked rice you may need a cup ... Since it sucked water and its heavier so .. Any thoughts or maybe am dumb lol ! Thank you .
Avatar f tn Go into the cafeteria and get a fruit, a granola bar, a hard boiled egg and a skim milk. Most cafeterias offer an assortment of healthy and unhealthy foods. Get to know the cafeteria and when you enter go to the salad bar, so you won't go by the dessert table. limit yourself to one dinner plate at meals. Use the USDA MyPlate graphic as a guide. Fill half your plate with fruits and vegetables, a quarter with whole grains and a quarter with lean protein.
144586 tn?1284666164 This is my recipe for the perfect hard-boiled egg. My little 104-year old loved to eat the yellow part. Use organic eggs, preferably large. In a stainless steel pot put the eggs. Bring to a rolling boil. Cook for exactly seventeen minutes after the boil begins. Have a bowl of ice water. Use a strainer, and put the eggs in the ice-water for one minute. Use a strainer, return the eggs to the boiling water for thirty seconds. Return to the ice water for a minute.
Avatar f tn Im definitely making some now lol
Tbd Blueberries,raspberries,strawberries and a hard boiled egg
Avatar n tn ve had good luck avoiding anything with any grains - corn being the worst offender. You might try mixing in some chopped, hard boiled eggs or even just plain boiled white chicken meat. Just enough to get her interested in finishing her ID food. Also, Med Help has two vets who volunteer their time free of charge and I'm sure they'll have some good alternatives for you. The forum name is "Ask a Vet.
Avatar f tn You should be fine- this isn't that uncommon as it's really easy to leave a little piece of shell on a hard boiled egg. Remember, even if she didn't wash them- the whole egg has been boiled in high temps which would kill off any germs.
Avatar f tn i thought u couldnt have fried egg while pregnant only well cooked eggs like hard boiled and scrambled egg?
Avatar n tn My mini poodle Julie has Cushings Disease & is being treated with Trilostane...(her body has way too much protein). She is on Hills KD & likes it now. I was giving her Cream Cheese in order for her to take her pills..she hates pills. Also, low fat Cottage Cheese as a "treat" at night...only 3 teaspoons. I also gave her one hard boiled egg every day for many years for breakfast. Now I give her only the egg white. No yolk. My Vet said to take her off all dairy...
Avatar f tn m really trying to limit my sodium intake, so when I go grocery shopping I make sure I pay special attention to sodium on the nutrition facts. I want to ask how can you calculate sodium from something you eat? If I buy a box of poptarts for example and it says 30MG, does each poptart have 30mgs of sodium or is that the amount for the whole box in all? Also is I buy a red baron pizza and it says 800mgs of sodium how do u calculate how much sodium in eating if I only eat 2 slices?
Avatar m tn at present feeding her with royal canin maxi starter two times (appox 150gms), one boiled egg, 100 grams of chicken and rice daily. my question is want to withdraw royal canin and go fully with home foods and raw diet for her. few questions:- can i feed her boiled egg every day is the amount of chicken is sufficient for her growth can i give her raw goat bones(uncooked), if yes how often. please friends and experts help me to find a proper diet for our baby. please help.
703362 tn?1427766328 In addition, eggs are inexpensive, delicious and easy to prepare. I personally enjoy a hard-cooked egg almost every single day for breakfast or a mid-day snack. I find them easy to prepare ahead and pull out when I am ready to eat oneā€¦helping me to avoid other snacks that might not be nearly so healthy for me! The protein keeps me full longer and moving along until my next scheduled eating time. So if you enjoy eggs, consider healthy ways to add eggs into your diet.
Avatar f tn t know what you eat the rest of the day........ when I was working, I kept a bowl of hard boiled eggs in the fridge and would grab one of those before I left for work (I got up at 3:30 and left for work around 5:00-5:15), or toast with a slice of cheese, a slice of whole grain toast with some peanut butter; a bowl of instant oatmeal with a bit of fruit; a protein shake; carton of non fat greek yogurt or helping of low fat cottage cheese.
Avatar n tn Yes, egg allergy is very common and is usually due to the white or protein part of the egg. The yellow part often does not cause this. You can go off the eggs and egg containing products and see if the rash disappears. This will be confirmatory. Hope this helps. Please let me know if there is any thing else and do keep me posted. Take care!
Avatar f tn My initial thought would be chicken (white meat because of the pancreatitis) or rinsed canned salmon, sweet potatoes, egg whites, and an Omega 3 supplement. The vet said she's been eating canned chicken meat with no problems. I would appreciate any advice you could offer.
601038 tn?1240252893 Hint for making "easy peel" hard boiled eggs..........never put eggs in water until it is at a full boil. Lower in slowley with slotted spoon. You can also put a dish cloth in water to keep them from cracking open. Rinse under cold water as soon as they are done. add a little horseradish sauce to deviled eggs.
Avatar f tn Are hard boiled eggs healthy during pregnancy...
Avatar f tn Do we need to eat boiled egg daily. I haven't started yet I'm 24 weeks now. I don't like eggs. What will happen if we don't eat egg daily? Does it effect my baby somehow?