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Avatar f tn But am confused about the nutrition fact they write in the box of food (rice for example) they say nutrition facts for 100 g but is it like 100g of boiled rice or the uncooked product ? I guess there's a difference because when you use dry product you need for example two cups but if you use cooked rice you may need a cup ... Since it sucked water and its heavier so .. Any thoughts or maybe am dumb lol ! Thank you .
Avatar f tn For your height you normally need to eat 1800 calories daily. Now that you are pregnant you need to increase your daily intake by 300 calories, total of 2100+ a day. Add an additional 200 calories if you are breast feeding after the baby is born, total 2300 calories daily. This will keep you healthy and baby will grow for both pregnancy and breastfeeding.
10476455 tn?1423121400 If you have one glass of wine your breast milk will not be 12% alcohol like the wine was. It will be about 0.04% which is the same as tour blood and actually less alcohol than is in normal fruit juice (yes all fruit juice contains very minimal traces of natural alcohols).
Avatar f tn Is there a difference between white & red wine for this rule of occasional sips? My hubby bought me some white wine to have a mini glass but I was felt guilty. Was wondering...
148588 tn?1465778809 There are so many different studies and opinions on this issue, I don't think it will ever be resolved... We all know that study data can be skewed any way one wants to skew it, in order to come up with the preferred results. By the way, the video in the link I posted is exactly the same as the video in the original post.
2000931 tn?1401563007 E927b Carbamide - Browning agent - Used in: wine, pretzels, yeast foods, mouthwash, antipersperant, hand cream, fertilizer - Made from: Urea from human urine or animal origin.. URINE!!!!! Technically i'm healthy lol discount all the things that say otherwise but my diet works on the basics of whats classed as healthy nutritional levels.
Avatar f tn Is there any Hispanic girls on here & know any healthy Mexican snacks too eat? I just ate Some Barritas & they look healthy due to what their Nutrition facts say lol.
Avatar n tn ive been taking 20 mg of citalopram for about a month. I like to have a small 4 oz to 6 0Z of Moscato Wine now and then, I haven't had any wine since I started on the citalopram.
10089517 tn?1407726272 Moscato is one of my favs. It's sweet and not very bitter like other wines.
1494170 tn?1361750860 ascites, encephalopathy, bleeds, then limiting red meats while maintaining adequate protein intake with legumes, white meat chicken, fish, soy products and the like is preferable. Additionally, your doctor might limit your sodium intake as well. We all benefit from healthy eating; as a suggestion, the American Heart Association provides good dietary guidelines; a quick internet search will give you some good ideas.
7792797 tn?1413503184 I read online that Red wine is OK to drink. I'm not a drinker myself. But I'd do my research before you start drinking. You can get all the info you need. You'll get alot of negative responses.
8744108 tn?1411750437 I had a glass of wine today! Don't feel bad everyone's opinion is different but to me I've been super careful for 22 weeks and I deserve it! Happy mommies day! Have a nice night!
Avatar n tn I've been drinking about 3 - 6 glasses of white wine every day. I figure it's not so bad because the amount of alcohol is low. But yet I've been having loose, yellowish stools. Any thoughts?
Avatar n tn And as for the glass of wine i think i will have some dessert wine with my cheesecake.
1816210 tn?1327354884 ) Then I went to a lovely dinner with a very large group of friends (28) tonight. We were all pretty packed in this little restaurant, and the wine was flowing freely too. I only had one glass, but I was feeling dizzy and hot. After a couple of hours, we all started to get up to leave, and I noticed I could not move my left leg AT ALL. I also noticed I was having trouble with my right leg. I have been trying NOT to notice right side symptoms for the last several months now...
Avatar m tn Does anyone have reference to any studies done on POST treatment alcohol consumption or know anyone who consumed alcohol POST treatment who had only stage 1 slight liver damage? I'm NOT refering to someone with active Hep C or major liver damage. I'm also aware that too much alcohol is not a good thing. I know what opinions people have, I'm looking for facts or personal experiences. Once TX is over either the HCV is gone (cured) or it's not, is that not correct?
Avatar f tn I believe most doctors say a glass of red wine once in a while is ok but nothing else. I don't even risk the wine though. If there is a problem with my baby, I want to know that it wasn't anything I did to cause it.
Avatar f tn Firstly "Happy Birthday" for the day! These are the UK guidelines on alcohol during pregnancy So one unit is 175ml glass of wine. In my last pregnancy I went to a friends 21st party and drank virgin cocktails but did have 2 glasses (1 unit each) of white wine topped up with soda (I even felt a little tiddly after the second!) I think it's a personal thing really.
Avatar m tn iam 32 hbsag +ve , hbeag +ve, but now i have started drinking white wine, a bottle ( 750 ml ) thrice in a week, someine said wine is good for health , is it okay ? i no more drink scotch or anything ..
Avatar f tn My girlfriend told me she was recently drugged at a wine bar and made a unclear fuzzy desicion to drive home and allow the man that was coming on to her to come back to hear apt. She says she has a very fuzzy memory of doing this and just bits and parts of driving home and telling him where to park, where to meet her, and saying goodbye to her mother and going back to her apt while her son was sleeping.
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Avatar f tn Yea I thought so my doctor tld me red wine & im 30weeks & 5days