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Avatar f tn Thanks. .
Avatar f tn That's a starvation diet that has no nutritional value whatsoever. It makes no sense and I'd never condone it.
Avatar f tn Im definitely making some now lol
Avatar f tn Yes! Girl dont get me started!!! My first it was SNICKERS!! Ate them my WHOLE pregnancy before i got induced by accident wasnt told not to eat... and right after i pushed my son out !! This time its ARBYS!!
Avatar f tn You should be fine- this isn't that uncommon as it's really easy to leave a little piece of shell on a hard boiled egg. Remember, even if she didn't wash them- the whole egg has been boiled in high temps which would kill off any germs.
Avatar n tn etc..... in breakfast ... taking brown bread sandwich stuffed with boiled egg (without yolk) .... lunch .... 2 oranges... ' boiled chicken (4 pieces) .... sometime bowl of salad .... in evening one apple with a cup of green tea .... at 7pm ... half chapati with vegetables .... {is it suitable diet with one hour gym & morning walk (30 minutes).... + self exercises (30 minutes) in home????
Avatar f tn i thought u couldnt have fried egg while pregnant only well cooked eggs like hard boiled and scrambled egg?
703362 tn?1427766328 In addition, eggs are inexpensive, delicious and easy to prepare. I personally enjoy a hard-cooked egg almost every single day for breakfast or a mid-day snack. I find them easy to prepare ahead and pull out when I am ready to eat oneā€¦helping me to avoid other snacks that might not be nearly so healthy for me! The protein keeps me full longer and moving along until my next scheduled eating time. So if you enjoy eggs, consider healthy ways to add eggs into your diet.
579258 tn?1250649343 One hard boiled egg and coffee. Not much, but all I could handle at 4:30 am.
Tbd Blueberries,raspberries,strawberries and a hard boiled egg
1282925 tn?1286412039 ve had 2 nutritionists tell us that for cholesterol issues its best to eat 2 egg yolks a week, however my friend who apparently does lots of her own research, says that the latest studies are actually showing that since egg yolks help bring up the good cholesterol its good to eat lots of eggs and not to limit yourself to 2 per week. What do you all think about this? We will continue to follow the nutritionists but just curious about this topic.
Avatar f tn Are hard boiled eggs healthy during pregnancy...
Avatar f tn Do we need to eat boiled egg daily. I haven't started yet I'm 24 weeks now. I don't like eggs. What will happen if we don't eat egg daily? Does it effect my baby somehow?
579258 tn?1250649343 ll have a LF yogurt and a boiled egg. The protein helps me not to crave so many carbs between meals. Fortunately, my cholesterol is good for a girl my age!
9214378 tn?1408881584 Most websites are universal saying that egg whites are a good protein source for dogs with CKF. I have been giving Darbie the whites of a hard boiled egg, chopped and drizzled with raw (local) honey. I stir in some warm water for extra hydration. Now, I am confused with the Omega 6 factor...Am I on the right path?
Avatar f tn I was wondering at what to put the nutritional value of food over the amount of calories they contain. For example, I regulate my calories fairly closely and usually am always well under the daily recommended amount, but there are some days that I feel like I am hungry all day. As a general rule, I enjoy eating raw mixed nuts as a snack, but they tend to be high in calories.
Avatar f tn eggs, egg whites, lean breakfast meats, Greek yogurt, smoothies with protein powder. LUNCH OR DINNER: salmon, chicken breasts, extra-lean ground turkey, extra-lean ground beef, turkey or chicken sausage, lean beef , tuna, cod, shrimp, tofu. SNACKS: Nuts and seeds, roasted edamame beans, protein bars (pick bars with at least 10 grams of protein and no more than 30 grams of carbs), protein shakes.
Avatar f tn Barb is right. When I use to run, I had to eat something before I went out and did my 6 mile jog. Otherwise, I'd get dizzy and not have any energy to do the run. A small egg sandwhich my favorite. Most of the time, I just use two egg whites and cooked it with cooking spray to cut out the calories. I put jelly on my toast in place of butter.
Avatar n tn Juice covers a lot -- virtually anything can be juiced if you're doing this yourself. Fruit juices contain a lot of sugar, but can also be powerful antioxidants, but vegetable juices can be very valuable. Wheatgrass juice is great. So this depends on what you mean by nutritional juices. Most important, avoid anything that's not organic. When you juice anything, you use a lot of it, and that enhances the amount of harmful chemicals that exist on whatever you're juicing.
Avatar f tn Boiled eggs if when I cut them in half the center is still not 100% hard?
Avatar n tn I will welcome any help I can get. She is on to the hard boiled egg and chicken trick. We also give her turkey. (Yes, I cooked a turkey for her) She 'snoots' around in her dish and finds the good stuff and leave the rest.