Not losing weight in ketosis

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Avatar f tn I gained weight without changing my eating pattern with hypothyroidism. All my labs were in range too. Just not my normal! The weight increase was notably when TSH was in the mid 3's. So low thyroid was one cause of weight gain. The other cause was insulin resistance (my insulin was very high 24/7). Ways to improve insulin sensitivity include no processed sugar, low carb, intermittent fasting, exercise to name a few things.
649848 tn?1534633700 level, but I have a thyroid condition (and now no thyroid) which has in the past caused me to gain weight while not overeating and still running a lot. Losing the weight when my metabolism was malfunctioning was quite difficult, I have a lot of sympathy for anyone who has a large amount of weight to lose. I'm not bashing the keto diet, but I don't want people to jump into it misinformed either.
Avatar n tn Dietary Ketosis has nothing to do with BG until your liver runs out of stored glucagon it can continue to raise BG (ie 8 - 10 hour high when fasting) how low are you going on the carbs? you can be in Ketosis with high BG. Ketosis means your body is using ketones for fuel instead of glucose. Diabetesforum(dot)com has many people doing diatery Ketosis.
Avatar f tn A low carb diet causes the body to go into Ketosis whereby the body uses its fat as a source of energy. Also when you are in ketosis your body feels less hungry. This all sounds good except that this can also lead to kidney issues (even failure), osteoporosis, and kidney stones. Stay balanced and control your calories and you'll lose weight and avoid the side effects. Good luck.
Avatar m tn And eating too many carbs even for a single day can kick you out of ketosis and thus you will not lose weight like you would think. It takes several days or more to get back into ketosis after even one day of too many carbs. So eating too many carbs once a week could keep you almost totally out of ketosis. Gimel is right. It is worth getting tested for low thyroid.
Avatar f tn I traded one set of g/i symptoms for another (worse). My aim in going g/f was not weight loss, and I lost no weight while g/f. I have always found that some element of calorie counting is imperative for's always worked. Rather than turning more to science, which apparently can be bought and sold, I think we have to get back to basics. Eat real food...
Avatar f tn I eat something when I wake up (its little) and then I eat late after work. I find I am not eating as much as I thought I should be seeing as I am 19 weeks pregnate .. is there something wrong with me ? Am I not giving my baby enough nutrition ? Worried I am harming baby by not eating as much or more then I usually do...
Avatar f tn I think the closest a doctor could ethically do at this time to what you are suggesting is one of the different kinds of gastric bypass surgery, and even those, someone has to qualify for by being healthy enough (other than their weight) to take the stress. The problem with knocking someone out and keeping them on an IV is that being kept knocked out has its own health challenges.
Avatar f tn I have diabetes, and now my doctors has prescribe insulin, but they also say that I wont loose weight but should not gain either. What do I do to loose weight. I walk everyday for a half hour.
Avatar f tn You really need, both, cardio and strength training in order to lose weight. Strength training helps build muscle and muscle burns more fat.
Avatar f tn There have been some other recent posts regarding the Atkins type diet, you might find them interesting reading. It's my understanding that this type of diet does not count calories or anything other than carbs. The general basis for losing weight is "calories in/calories out" - meaning that if you take in more calories than you expend, you will not lose weight.
Avatar f tn Any one recommend anti depressants that do not have weight gain as a side effect?
Avatar n tn t a lot, but losing weight slowly by changing your diet and exercise habits permanently, not by using some "diet," will make it more likely the weight will stay off.
Avatar n tn This may be ketosis or in your case post exercise ketosis. You smell like acetone in a ketosis state . This is as close as i can find to nail polish; acetone is an ingredient in nail polish remover. The reason for ketosis is due to not enough glucose and so the body has to break down stored fat and convert it into energy instead. Metabolizing fat raises blood ketone levels therefore leading to ketosis.
Avatar f tn I am 42 years old, 5' 5, and 205 lbs. I wear size 12/14. 3 years ago I quit my office job after 16 years. I was about 185-190 lbs at that time. I then lost about 10-15 lbs in 1 1/2 months by eating better and drinking more water and using the treadmill (run/walk) 5 (+/-) time a week for about an hour or so (4-5 miles). Just because. I came back to my office job 1 year ago (where a lot of women who like to eat work as well). I was 175 lbs when I came back. Now I weigh 205...
Avatar f tn I quit drinking soda and other drinks and now only drink water, fat free milk, and an occasional gatorade. I eat less then I use too with minimal snacks. I have not lost any weight in a month. WHat am I doing wrong?
Avatar n tn As far as exercise, get some weights and do some weight training, or do some push-ups. Cardio is not necessary for losing weight. In fact, I believe that running too much can be bad for you. That's a whole other topic of conversation. Stick to high-intensity workouts for shorter periods & you'll be healthier. Also, remember that it's not what you do at the gym that makes you look/feel great, it's what you do at home in the kitchen that counts.
Avatar f tn Hi im 36 years old, weigh 62 kilos (136 pounds) and im 5 foot 2 inches, ive been using the Wii Fit plus for 3 weeks 1/2 hour of jogging and 1/2 doing step with weights for my arms every day, im eating healthy lots of fruit, smoothies and keeping to 1200 calories a day, i am an active person without excercise but have been keeping to my 1 hour a day and im not losing weight, infact my weight goes up and down by 2 pounds nearly everyday!
1436324 tn?1283698760 To start with, I am not diabetic. Two of my brothers are type 2. I see them going down the medicine trail and never really controlling their diabetes. They are in and out of the doctors' offices. If I could give you some advice, it would be to try to stay off of medication and insulin, if possible. After much reading, the best thing to do is to follow a low carb diet - like Atkins or South Beach.
Avatar m tn Ketotic hypoglycemia more commonly refers to a common but mysterious "disease" of recurrent hypoglycemic symptoms with ketosis in young children. The cause and the homogeneity of the condition remain uncertain,[1] but a characteristic presentation, precipitating factors, diagnostic test results, treatment, and natural history can be described. It remains one of the more common causes of hypoglycemia in the age range.
Avatar f tn Hello - thank you for responding to our comments. One thing I notice is that although your thyroid hormone levels are within the ranges, they aren't optimal. Most of us find that we feel best with Free T4 at mid-range; your Free T4 is only at 43% of its range. In addition, most of us feel best with Free T3 in the upper half to upper third of its range; your Free T3 is only at 41% of its range. Free T3 should be higher in its range than Free T4 in its range.
Dog Hi! Weight gain and loss can be very difficult to explain or understand. It certainly sounds like your calorie intake is less than your calorie outgo--meaning that you should be in negative balance. It may be that your body has entered starvation mode since your calorie restriction is so severe. In starvation mode, your body hangs on to every bit of weight possible. It is also possible that you haven't waited long enough.