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Avatar n tn About 7 months ago I purchased some Vitamin C cream from the body shop to improve the elasticity of the skin on my forehead because I was starting to develop 2 very small frown wrinkles (As some young people do in New Zealand due to the harsh sun). Unfortunately the Vitamin C I had purchased had oxidized and I did not find out about this until I had been using it for about half a month, but by that stage the damage was already done.
Avatar f tn Seems to me that you have combination skin. I work with Artistry skin care and cosmetics. Key items to use: Acne - system or a balancing 3 step system. A Pore cleansing mask or the pimple remover heat treatment by Fine lines- eye cream (age defying) Makeup - moisturize with a moisturizer that's based on your skin type. Skin needs to be hydrated before you put on makeup, it will give you a natural glow. I can email you a few ideas, tips and tricks if interested!
Avatar n tn I am using a product called Aveno they carry everything from shaving Gel to bath soak. I really like there skin cream and the shaving Gel. All of there produces contain Colloidal oatmeal. I also found that using baby oil apply during my shower helps with dry itchy skin. The wrinkles should go away after tx as they are cause more so by dehydration of the skin cell, from what I have been told. Again drink lotsa water and try the Aveno.
Avatar n tn ive herd to hot of water can do this so i have the water at a good tempreture and it helps a little and i put moisturizer on after but its annoying having to do that. Does my skin feel like this because of all the years ive put acne cream on its like wearing my skin away or something.
Avatar m tn If a person has a herpes outbreak on their chin, and they apply hydrocortisone cream only to normal, dry skin on the sides of their nose and under their eyes, can it make the herpes outbreak on their chin worse? Or would the person be fine using the cream, as long as they didn't use it on the herpes sores?
Avatar n tn ), but if there's not enough loose skin to use a device, you have to stretch it out manually at first (for a couple weeks to months). It usually takes between six months and a couple years to grow all the new skin. But it starts making the penis MUCH more sensitive as soon as there's enough skin to cover the ridge of the glans.
Avatar f tn So I've been using cocoa butter to prevent stretch marks but I'm still noticing a few on my boobs and butt. I was curious what stretch mark cream work well to reduce the ones already there and prevent new ones?
Avatar n tn I now believe that I may have overreacted to a lesser problem like eczema and my new symptoms are all due to the harsh steroid in the cream. I am very distressed about the look/feel of my scrotum. I wish that I had never gone to the doctor who prescribed me lotrisone. I never had any swelling or urinary problems in the past. Is it normal for a steroid cream to cause such intense redness and extreme sagging of the scrotal skin? Am I ok? Will my scrotum ever return to normal?
Avatar f tn 23wks ftm... using bio oil twice a day, plus palmers coco butter strech mark cream at night and my stomach looks like the london undeground map!! Its descusting all thick and red. Please tell me someone has another solution.. i dont mind having marks, but just not to the extent that they are!
Avatar f tn Hi Guys, I tried to add this to the Health Pages, but unable to do so at this time. So I will post the information here and as soon as I can make the changes and add this to the "pain relief" health page, I will. This is an excerpt from "From Fatigued To Fantastic" (revised edition) pg. 136 by Jacob Teitelbaum, M.D. "Arizona Pain Formula Cream is a cream that contains several different pain medications.
Avatar f tn i just use my regular fave scent of body "butter" from B&BW.....i tried palers, and that stuff stinks, and it's thick( to me ), so it just "sits" on my belly instead of being "soaked up" by my mom used "udder cream" from walmart, and aside from her breasts and on the back of her hips she has no marks, and only a few in those places....and they're light!
Avatar n tn A co-worker brought me in some cream called FLUOCINONIDE CREAM USP 0.05%. Does anyone know of this cream - of its safety while on treamtment? Any other suggestions for itching? It is actually keeping me awake at night. Thank you!
4654179 tn?1382646814 Utter cream or some call it bag balm. I swear by it. It's got more than just the diaper rash use, it's good for chopping too so chapped nose when you're sick or cheeks from cold winter air...many other things! Go to a local pharmacy and ask for it, it comes in a little green square tin and that can literally last you the entire rest of babies life lol my mom still has the same tin from when I was a baby!
Avatar m tn Stop using it which u have it may of thinned as skin in that area rubs against other skin making the cream penetrate the skin more. If I were you'd I'd keep using the anti fungal and be patient it'll heal up.
Avatar n tn will using glyco 6 cream be effective for the growth of new skin??? actually my skin got can i apply tat cream to get a good skin back?
Avatar f tn Several years ago a steroid cream was prescribed by gyno for the tears I got from severe yeast infections (presumably due to a chronic health issue and diet). There was never a caution of using too much or too often. Since the yeast infections were recurring, and more tears would appear, I asked my primary care to refill my steroid cream when I called for refills of prescriptions she regularly has me take.
Avatar n tn Hello, Such kind of skin can be repaired by laser treatment or plastic surgery. One medicine which has been advised by many dermatologists for scar diminishing is contractubex gel/cream. You can seek your dermatologist/surgeon’s opinion before using this cream. Otherwise you can go in for glycolic peals, and laser treatments. Severe scarring may need skin grafting by a plastic surgeon.
Avatar m tn I washed it off and noticed those red marks again ! These red marks have persisted. The skin is new I guess and still recovering . I now have red marks on my glans. A rash or irritation more like. Will update. But defiantly. Certain types of condoms are affecting my little friend.
Avatar n tn Apologies for starting a new thread - I have a new question, but please feel free to move my post if need be. I'm asking because my situation sounds frightenly similar to that of ggazoo's girlfriend. To refresh: my boyfriend and I met when we were virgins about 3 years ago. But, he recieved unprotected oral sex from a woman about a year and half ago. A few months after that (so for the past year and a bit), I got a every irrated vagina, which included a rash between my legs.
Avatar m tn Odd day once a week or two weeks when I get a crust of dry skin. Some wrinkles when foreskin is pushed forward after being retracted. Skin is getting stronger. Texture is mostly fine. Fs rolling like it used to and near enough the same thickness. When erect can see some capillaries under camera flash . As the skin bonds together more strongly I feel these will fade back to normal. A shower helps things look completely normal as I guess the water helps.
Avatar m tn On Sunday it'll be week 51. Here's what I want to improve. *density so capillaries are covered again. *no red marks from irritation. Some condoms. The latex. This will go when the density hopefully comes back. *glans has increased sensitivity . Skin will hopefully keep strengthening. * appearance will not be as smooth as it was I guess. But only really noticeable to me. *when fs impression stops showing I will then know I am back to full thickness /density.
Avatar f tn And depressions where the spots were cause it wasn't aloud to heal properly with the cream. The skin is on the glans seems loose and thin and sticks to the foreskin. Around the rim looks slightly inflamed from it and purple looking. Texture of the glans is different nearer the rim than in the middle or top of glans. I'm now left with bad looking skin where the skin on the gland moves around like it's not attached like a clear plastic film over the head. This is extremely depressing for me.
Avatar m tn * some days get dry skin. Hopefully old skin cells being replaced. *if I squeeze the glans gently a fine film of skin can be apparent. The skin was thinned and therefore stretched from its normal elasticity. Will it get its tightness back. So far it repaired to a great extent. Looking like it did most of the time. But this fine film can show and leave a slight ruffled appearance if gently squeezed all over the head. More evidence the skin was stretched.
Avatar m tn I put Nivea Cream to subside the itchiness but until now (2 mos already) my skin still not cure. My skin in my arms is like chicken skin, rough at some portions and itchy at some time, especially when the temperature is high. I don't know what it is and where I got it and what to do to cure this. Please let me know and advise some remedies.
Avatar f tn Hi nurse am 29 weeks pregnant and have been experiencing itchy skin am currently using E45 body wash along with the cream but not doing much can I use calomine lotion instead ??
Avatar f tn Can anyone recommend a decently priced lotion or cream to me that won't harm the baby or my sensitive skin? Thank you in advance!
Avatar n tn Will this go away on its own? I bought a tube of Mederma cream to put on it but I dont know if thats a good idea or not. Thanks.