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1713150 tn?1314470942 Ok, I grew up at the lake. Summer is my season! My dad's got a new boat and we go fishin and skiing, just hanging at the islands in the middle of Lake Texhoma. Now I can not do that anymore, because the heat really messes with me. I was just diagnosed, so I am gettn a feel for all this MS stuff. As time goes on, I will get to know my body alot better, I'm sure. But since I can't go out in the sun and keep my tan, could I get spray tans? Like from a tanning salon?
276983 tn?1308577648 You could try calling some representatives in your area, a lot of times they have extra on hand for samples and what not. Otherwise there is baby bug spray, I was always told that it's safe to use after 6 months. Dont spray directly on your baby though, spray it in your hands and rub it on her.
Avatar n tn I don't believe you are actually addicted to the ingredients in the nasal spray as much as you are addicted to what it does. You see, when you use a nasal spray regularly, it causes your nasal passages to open, then a "rebound" effect afterwards. Meaning that the passages close up as soon as it wears off (usually tighter than before). This causes a vicious cycle because you need to keep using it to open them which continually causes the rebound effect.
Avatar m tn On more issue regarding to delay spray usage again! If i spray it just on the skin under the head of the penis (which to me is the most sensitive part of it) then keep it for some minutes to get numb and then wash it away completely not to effect my wife's vagina, then will there be any harm or side effect for me in the future. like skin damage or whatever!! Waiting for your reply!
Avatar n tn Have any of our SVR group used any sort of immune-suppressive steroids after their SVR? Specifically, I have been prescribed a cortico-steroid spray for sinus allergies that have flared up, and am having second thoughts about using this spray. If taking systemic cortico-steroids can cause an HCV viral flareup, as in Mike Simon's case, then might the nasal spray potentially allow for a resurgence of any persistent virus in the soft tissues, or salivary glands, etc?
Avatar n tn I found "ion" alcohol-free hair spray @ a beauty supply. If I used any other hair spray it would leave a rash on my forehead, very red, flaky and itchy. it was about 5.00.
Avatar f tn A liquid mixture developed by the Imperial College London and a company called Fabrican lets you spray clothes directly onto your body using aerosol technology. After the spray dries, it creates a thin layer of fabric that it can be peeled off, washed and re-worn. “When I first began this project I really wanted to make a futuristic, seamless, quick and comfortable material,” says Manel Torres, a Spanish fashion designer and academic visitor at Imperial College in a statement.
Avatar n tn The results didn't ease my mind, I visited an ENT physician and he diagnosed me to have allergic rhinitis and presribed me antihistamines and steroid nasal spray.
Avatar f tn Thought this was due to dry skin (thighs only) 124 degree weather. Got home to Alaska, symptoms started again on return. They start with swollen bottom lip on right side and graduatually move to left side. On August 7th, I also had a hard/numb section on right chin that had a light red tone to it. Along with whelps on inside thighs, where my belt is worn and on both bends of arms and back on legs. Also went to back on scalp and down back in selected areas.
Avatar n tn It helped to be very careful when cutting the new wafer and leave as small a margin of skin exposed as possible. I made a new template about every 10 days or so to make sure I was getting a good fit. Also, I would shower after removing the old wafer, and let the skin be exposed to air for a while before putting on a new wafer (obviously not right after eating!) and the skin got to air dry and had some relief from the glue. Good luck.
1230422 tn?1301927160 make a 50/50 solution ( called magnesium oil) with filtered hot water, wait till cool and put in a spray bottle and spray on your skin and massage well. wait 20 -30 min. and then shower. Repeat twice a week. That's transdermal Magnesium . The best form and the best way to get it. Your skin will utilize what it needs. It is an extremely valuable mineral. It is used in 400 processes in the body and most people have a deficiency.
Avatar m tn my husband has been suffering from health issues with undiagnosed causes, which lead us thankfully to a doctor who noticed the reports of the liver irregularities and refereed him to a gastroenterologist. My question is should we be looking for a herpetologist? We are looking for a new internal medicine doc who should have been the first one to pick up on this. It just seems that is all we have done in the last two years, is visit doctor after doctor.
Avatar f tn Hi, I'm new here...just started treatment 5 days ago (it already feels like forever). I have many symptoms, but the latest and greatest is my skin is so sensitive!! I have a rash on my torso, but it's not so much itchy as incredibly sensitive. Trying to dress for work everyday is awful, does anyone have any good tips on managing this?? Is everyone else working through their treatment?
Avatar n tn Hi - I was wondering if anyone else experiences skin problems. I have terrible itching from time and time and sores that break out on my upper arms and at my wrists. Very frustrating. FYI, I have Hep C, geno 1, grade 3 liver damage. Tried Peg-interferon (wish I wouldn't have) and am now on Dr. Zhang's (out of New York) herbal regime. I have had Hep C about 30 years and feel very good overall. The primary side effect for my is fatigue, but not to a dysfunctional degree.
Avatar n tn no itch and the dead skin was easier to peel off. I have been using the spray and the gel for 2 days, but I can't tell if there is any improvement because now I found a few similar tiny indentations, like tiny depressions in the skin, in some parts of the hand (but not in the palm) and on the face.
Avatar n tn I was successfully treated for HepC 4 years ago, having undergone the interferon/riboviron for 12 months and was wondering if anyone else has suffered severe skin problems. Mostly on my legs, I now have scars and discoloration due to vasculitis and sores developed before and during treatment. It's very unsightly and as the warm weather comes, I dread having to show them.
Avatar f tn I desperately need HELP! I have a horrible skin condition. My skin is sticky all over and there is a waxy sort of film. My hands and feet are the worst. It feels like soda or honey is coating my hands and feet, with a lighter feeling on the rest of my body. My socks stick to the bottoms of my feet. It is worse after showering, washing hands etc. I use a green kitchen scrubber on the palms of my hands and soles of my feet but it doesn't get the film off.
Avatar f tn Hello I'm a first time mother and I'm having a summer baby and was wondering if I can put sunscreen on my new born . I read some articles that say is good after 6 months but did any mom use sunscreen for their newborn comment please?
Avatar n tn My face and lips were very dry so I had to use a good cream for dry skin. After my treatment was over, my skin became less dry.
467126 tn?1283148458 com, the concern is whether DHA, is able to penetrate the skin, but that the indications are that it cannot. The site goes on to say that: “If DHA could penetrate the skin and enter the bloodstream, there is no doubt that would be undesirable. Of course, it wouldn't be undesirable just during pregnancy, but at any time. DHA has been in use as a cosmetic ingredient in the U.S.
1995824 tn?1330382649 or *severe skin reaction -- fever, sore throat, swelling in your face or tongue, burning in your eyes, skin pain, followed by a red or purple skin rash that spreads (especially in the face or upper body) and causes blistering and peeling.
Avatar n tn I would shower, use the cream on the areas, spray miconazole spray, then spray anti-perspirant over the areas BID. After 1 1/2 weeks with no improvement, I saw a dermatology APRN (the MD's were too booked). She prescribed Naftin cream bid with a follow up in two weeks. She didn't see any fungus on the scraping. After a week, I feel the rash is getting slightly worse. It itches from time to time, but otherwise doesn't bother me. My wife feels sex is out of the question.
Avatar f tn com/recipes/2672 Black Bean Sweet Potato Burgers yields 12-14 burgers | vegetarian and vegan friendly Ingredients 2 cans of black beans, lightly rinsed and drained 1 large sweet potato, cooked, skin removed 1/4 cup of red or white onions 1/2 cup quick-cooking oats 1 tablespoon dijon mustard 1 teaspoon of cumin dash of cinnamon 1/4 teaspoon salt 1/4 teaspoon freshly grated ginger or ginger powder Method | Preheat oven to 350 degrees F.
Avatar f tn I had been glucose intolerant for many years and since being put on Metformin and having the appropriate antifungal spray (yes Canesan does come in a small spray bottle) and a spray emollient to keep the skin moist, my skin issues are much improved and under control. I had been on antifungal medications for over 6 months (doctor prescriptions). If you do sweat a lot it may be worth getting Odaban that stops the excessive sweating in the area that is bothersome.
1273125 tn?1365081126 And by doing this the B-12 can get or start to get absorbed though the skin under your tongue and may therefore be more effective than simply taking and swallowing the pill. Next I would concur with Goolarra. I have no problem with dessicated medication. But upping the T4 medication and re-test in 6 weeks should give you some clue whether or not you have a conversion issue. So you can give the increased T4 dose a chance.
1084398 tn?1277308410 I spray cortisone spray on it and it feels a lot better on top, and then use the heating gel thing they gave me. That helps a little. Are there places you don't inject? places you avoid? special ways to inject? I might try to self inject tonight. I'm glad I'm on the shots, I can't believe the energy levels have come back almost 90%. I'm excited about teaching again. I used to be pumped about every lesson I taught. 3 shots and it's amazing.
Avatar f tn Hello I'm new here. I thought I was going insane until I found this forum. I work in a public place and at first I didn't put one and one together because I thought it was just flu season and people get sick during the winter but now I'm noticing more and more everyday that when some people come in contact with me cough a lot sometimes hacking uncontrollably. When I am around babies, I notice that they cry a lot (some of them) and most times I'm not even that close by.