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Avatar m tn if because of any reason some blood or sexual liquid of her(i know it is unusual but with accepting this) entered to this deodorant spray in the past and the virus og hiv remain in it and then after she sprayed it the viruses entere to my body(for example from a small hurt in my skin) and infect me. is there any risk of hiv?
Avatar f tn Is the bath tub with spray for new borns effective and value for money? Or just a standard tub would do? Don't want to spend money if it just a fancied product without much use. Suggestions pls!
Avatar f tn Ya I'm aware your skin absorbs it it doesn't go inside your body...
Avatar m tn s a product by Hollister, which is a Medical Adhesive Spray, Product #7730. Each time u change your Ostomy Appliance, just spray the Adhesive Spray around the inside of your new Flange. It sticks on really well. Hope that helps.
Avatar f tn Palmers sells a oil for itching it's awesome it comes in a spray bottle I just carry it around and spray it on.
Avatar f tn Sounds like Athletes foot you can go to your local pharmacy and find either a powder, spray or cream antifungal to treat it .. the package will have a list of symptoms it treats and dosage information.
Avatar f tn be careful, after spray tans start to fade, you don't look tan anymore. you look orange lol. i prefer to be a whitey if i can't tan.
Avatar m tn spray areas that bother you most first and the palms of your hands and bottom of feet first. this combo spray juice kills bed bugs too. lines on the skin are scabies eggs. do not be fooled: it is NOT A SCRATCH! scabs contain eggs too. good luck!
Avatar f tn m having a summer baby and was wondering if I can put sunscreen on my new born . I read some articles that say is good after 6 months but did any mom use sunscreen for their newborn comment please?
Avatar f tn Ive never got a spray tan before but the tanning salon is having a deal on them and im wondering if they are safe? Or are there too many chemicals?
Avatar f tn Hey everyone I'm 27 weeks and I want to get spray tanned next week for my baby shower. I know online it says not to because it soaks in your skin and the chemicals aren't safe. I know I see a ton of tan pregos coming out of the salon so with that being said who is doing this currently and are the studies a load of crap?
Avatar f tn Yes. You should. Clothing manufacturers spray a chemical on the clothes to keep rats out of the boxes. Those chemicals can sauce all sorts of issues. They always so contain carcinogens. You should always wash new clothes before wearing.
1713150 tn?1314467342 Ok, I grew up at the lake. Summer is my season! My dad's got a new boat and we go fishin and skiing, just hanging at the islands in the middle of Lake Texhoma. Now I can not do that anymore, because the heat really messes with me. I was just diagnosed, so I am gettn a feel for all this MS stuff. As time goes on, I will get to know my body alot better, I'm sure. But since I can't go out in the sun and keep my tan, could I get spray tans? Like from a tanning salon?
Avatar f tn Hi; I have several small dogs,(chihuahuas and Doxies and a pug). I hate to use toxic flea meds on them because they are so small. My vet told me that I could take sevral lemons, cut them up and boil them on the stove. After coming to a boil, I turn the heat off and put a lid on the pot and let them sit over night. I pour the strained liquid into a small spray bottle and spray my guys. It's not toxic, it kills fleas and it smells good.
1095057 tn?1257218879 He has tryed Tinactin (liquid spray and Chill powder spray) to get reid of that too. We do not know if they are connected for the rash or if we are thinking crazy.
Avatar f tn Use a lotion not a spray. The spray can be inhaled and cause lots of problems for a new born. Plus you don't want a baby with a sunburn.
Avatar f tn t do drugs nor smoke and I am 24 so doubt a stroke I hve mention b4 my anxiety being extremely chronic since 2007 never been on consistent meds but this numbness has me freaked out also the sensation in my chest I also have shortness of brethe feels like post nasal but seems to improve since nasal spray. Can anyone say if IRS my anxiety acting up and please explain. Also dizzy spells all day all my symptoms is all day. It has ruined my life I don't wanna die young.
Avatar f tn "Delay spray" works by temporarily numbing the skin of the penis. This decreases the sensation and delays orgasm. It wears off in a hour or so. Try increasing your foreplay time and bring him closer to orgasm before penetration. It's not that you can't satisfy him, it's a physical sensitivity thing. You might be too wet, for example. Alcohol will also delay it so make sure he doesn't drink before sex.
Avatar f tn I've had two spray tans done whilst I've been pregnant. They still take perfectly fine, or at least mine did.
8793709 tn?1409594060 With insect repellent you can apply it to the skin as long as it does not contain deet.
Avatar f tn I have heard that you can use it however DO NOT spray it on your skin, only on your clothing and you should never use bug spray with DEET in it on young children.
Avatar f tn ( It looks like he is losing fur and when the hair falls off him there are little white specks attached to each strand... im guessing dry skin. I did pick up some Hot Spot spray at the store yesterday and have sprayed his lower back three times now. His skin is just so dry and i feel so bad for him. we did find out what kind of dog he is.... We looked up some pictures of a German Shepherd Pitbull mix and he looks just like one.
Avatar m tn Hello. I've had this issue ongoing for some time now. I went to a doctor and was told I had bad jock itch. I've tried Lotrimin spray, Lamisil spray, the strongest version of Tinactin I could find, and nothing has worked. I now see these spots which I think is bacterial, but I'm not a doctor so I'm not sure. It seems very itchy at times, but only randomly.
Avatar f tn is it safe for people with ms to have a TB shot (vaccine)? and can pepper spray cause an ms flare?