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Avatar f tn s based on your skin type. Skin needs to be hydrated before you put on makeup, it will give you a natural glow. I can email you a few ideas, tips and tricks if interested! Hope this helped!
Avatar f tn I'm 35 and 15 weeks with 2nd baby. It wasn't a problem the 1st time around, but this time my face is REALLy dry and constantly peeling and it's not getting any better. I constantly look like 3 days after a bad sunburn. Does anyone else have this problem- or better yet found a solution? I've tried heavy night/day moisturizers, switching makeup, switching soap, and I'm drinking enough water for a horse. Its not the end of the world but it's really obnoxious!
Avatar f tn Try new makeup if you really need to wear it. The new mineral based powders are gentler on the skin, but they still clog the pores causing the acne. You'll probably notice that your acne is worse during ovulation...which generally occurs 2 weeks after or before your next period. This is natural, and your hormones are to blame for that. Hope this helps.
5898681 tn?1392221010 If your makeup is so toxic it causes Birth Defects you should choose a different band.
Avatar f tn In the hands of a skilled person, the procedures are generally safe. But there are lots of unqualified people wielding needles so you have to be careful of that. You have to remember that if it doesn't turn out how you want it, you could be walking around with someones mistake, unhappy. Permanent makeup is similar to tattoos. It involves using a needle to place pigmented granules beneath the upper layers of the skin.
1969625 tn?1536531717 Is it safe to put makeup when I have a skin tag hanging a little? Would it be safe to cleanse with makeup remover? or would the cleanser make it grow?
1430704 tn?1306387507 Cleansing and exfoliating too much can cause breakouts as well. What about your makeup? Have you used any new makeup line that might not be suitable for your skin type? Try to think back to what you did when your skin was more balanced. My guess is that you've passed the puberty stage so it's probably something you've done differently in your routine. Simple is usually the best. Don't overload your skin with too many treatments or products.
Avatar n tn This was a Victoria Jackson makeup set with all the freebies that there pushing in WH Smiths. After using the makeup my wifes eyelids became swollen(baggy) , itchy and flaky a few days later. She immediately stopped using the products and we then began racking our brains as to why this had happened again and what thelink was (if any ) between the nivea creme and the Victoria Jackson cosmetics .Theres a couple of chemicals in both which is magnesium stearate and linaloo.
Avatar f tn Anyone still wear makeup? I wear a foundation or bb cream eveyday. anyone change their beauty routine?
Avatar f tn I’m on my 3rd allergic reaction back to back. Let’s start with reaction one. I was using new makeup fr my makeup class and I started seeing signs of an allergic reaction so stopped using it and consulted a doctor. Then next morning it was a full blown reaction, swollen eyes, rash all over my eyes and face. I was told to take Benadryl, it didn’t work. I go to another doctor and receive oral prednisone pills.
Avatar f tn As for someone who wears alot of makeup around the eye area, I tend to rub with a face cloth on my lids. This one night, I probably irritated it alot since it was burning. In the morning I woke up with a new crease on one of my eyes, I'm only 17 and don't have any other skin problems. Will this ever go away it's been three days now.
Avatar f tn Yes, it sounds like the makeup irritated your skin.
Avatar n tn Thank you so much for your advice. In reply to your questions, for cleanser, I use a gel facewash from l'oreal or sebaderm soap (I can't remember the name but it's the one that is ph 5.5). I find I break out with most cleansers/soaps/toners/makeup/sunscreen including those for sensitive skin so am limited to using products that don't cause breakouts. I sometimes use a toner, which is alcohol-free and contains rosewater.
Avatar f tn I'm 19weeks and my face is super dry my nose is peeling horribly makeup doesn't look nice a anymore ugh ! What happened to my GLOW ?? Any suggestions on what is a great product to use ?? I used Ambi and Noxema and neither of them worked. . .
Avatar f tn So I have been using Bare Minerals foundation for about 4 years, and had no problem with it. Then about 4 months ago I noticed it would make my skin a little itchy when wearing it. And, after I would shower and go to bed, I would wake up with extreme itchiness on my face and swollen eyelids. I did some research and thought it might be the bismuth oxychloride. Since then I have tried about 15 different foundations, none of which contain bismuth oxychloride.
1454858 tn?1306784378 occassional acne. Now that I am pregnant my skin is Horrible! It is very greasy. By the end of the day I have a new zit (or 3-4!) Every morning there is some more! uggh. I am 33 yrs old for crying out loud! What is the best thing to use on skin for acne while pregnant? What is the best makeup for oily acne prone skin? (drugstore brand) Any lotiong or gels I can use? Should I ask my doc for something?
Avatar f tn Realising that I had to sleep in half an hour, I removed the foundation with make-up removers a few times because I panicked and thought sleeping with makeup anywhere on my body would cause bump, or some type of irritation since I read the color pigments in the foundation can do such a thing on my face. I used oil afterwards also thinking that it would remove some of it, it didnt. I used makeup wipes again, followed by body butter and oil.
Avatar f tn i eat a very good diet with lots of fruit and ve, i drink green tea and take vitamins for my skin. i havent started using any new products on my face either. my doctor doesnt seem to take me very serious and she cud only recommend e45 cream and a antihystimine which hasnt worked.
Avatar m tn I am 28 years old and recently developed pretty severe acne on my face and chest. Since I've never had to deal with this before I am at a complete loss at what to do and am feeling absolutely horrible about myself. I work out regularly, wash my face twice daily with a transparent, light soap, I eat healthy and don't wear a lot of makeup. I drink a ton of water and don't touch my face, I also don't let my hair touch my face.
Avatar f tn I am going through the same thing right now.. try self tanning for the paleness. It's completely safe. Try banana boats self tanner. I worked at ulta and it's the best one for like 6 bucks. It's a lotion and it's perfect. Try using Lorac makeup for sensitive skin. It's formulated with skin soothing antioxidants.
Avatar f tn Yes my skin ***** Nvr really had a problem with pimples but bn pregnant have had new pimples evry wk..
1193224 tn?1264820120 i sweat alot, i took pills and they dont work i HATE it actully in the summer how would i wear a dress this is my first year weraing makeup because of iteverywhere on my chest i wear makeup juss to cover it up. what is the best solution? This discussion is related to <a href='/posts/show/240532'>skin patches</a>.
5793521 tn?1378043101 It sounds kind of weird but you can take wet coffee grounds and rub them under your eyes. The caffeine in it helps to produce new skin cells that are your natural coloring. My moms used it and I've been able to see a difference on her.
Avatar f tn For about 5 months now, I've had this constant redness around my lips. It came out of nowhere - no new facial creams or soaps or changed in anything - and started as a small pinkish patch near my lower lip. Over time, it spread to be thicker and make a full ring around my mouth. Currently, it's not bumpy or itchy - just dry and sort of leathery, sort of smooth. Basically, it doesn't feel like the rest of my skin. http://imgur.
312540 tn?1202309587 I used Sheer Cover and was actually allergic to it, skin went very red and itchy when it was on. I use Mabeline New York Mineral Powder now, and its great for me, covers up uneven skin tone, redness and is light to wear.
Avatar f tn Wash your face each night? remove makeup each night? TAKE CARE OF YOUR SKIN. Laura Mercier makeup/oil free is wonderful, Peter Thomas Roth cleansing gel is good, sometimes over drying facial pads cause an over production of oil and a break out. Does your face tingle before you get a pimple or pimples? U may want to make sure its not herpetic in nature. See a derm/physician for treatment. I do not diagnose, only give advise. Answer my questions and I will get back to you.
Avatar n tn I'm new to the forum and not too sure if this question belongs here, however my daughter is 14 years old and is getting browney orange patches of skin over her hands, fingers, face and neck. They are smooth and apparently don't hurt. Her friends have said they look like tan lines, but my daughter does not tan because she is far too pale, after a couple of days the patches disapear. She has problems with her hips and cannot touch them but apart from that she is fine.
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