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4105678 tn?1356548871 Hey ladies! Do u think or have any of u had experience while being preg that ur skin being more dry or broken out its a girl or boy? I always had clear skin with mild rashes here & there now since preggo my skin is flaky & dry...
Avatar m tn To prevent blackness of the lips, smoking and chewing, biting or pricking the skin of the lips should be avoided. Also do not apply the new lip balm as it can be causing an allergy. The most effective solution for treating dark lips is alexandrite and ND-Yag Q-Switched laser treatment. Please discuss these options with your dermatologist. It is very difficult to precisely confirm a diagnosis without examination and investigations and the answer is based on the medical information provided.
Avatar m tn I am european, and am currently in South America. However, I have a flight to New York on 8 April, and i will be there for 8 days, before flying to Phoenix, Arizona. What would be the best way for me to get this looked at. Do I need to go to a General practitioner first, or should I try and go directly to a skin specialist? Do I need to make an appointment first, and how much can I expect to have to pay? If an operation is necessary, how much would that cost roughly?
Avatar n tn Does anyone have experience of this laboratory? What about doctors in the USA or clinics, which ones would you recommend? Thank you!
Avatar n tn Doctor fund folliculitis on my skin. He gave me another test to do, but further to antibodies also viral load and cd4/cd8. Which chances i have to test positive after three months?
Avatar f tn They affect the skin, and in 2/3s of people, symptoms don't appear, or are so mild that they go unnoticed. Recurring outbreaks diminishes in number over the years, and some people never see outbreaks at all, because their immune systems are more than capable of controlling the virus. Hsv - 1 is responsible for what we call, 'cold sores'. Has your boyfriend ever had a cold sore? If so, he probably has hsv 1 and doesn't even know that it's herpes.
Avatar f tn the products are so natural that I use them not only on myself but on my 2 year old daughter and I recommend for new borns too! it is all natural making it healthier for yours and your baby's skin, even healthier and more recommended than JOHNSONS AND JOHNSONS baby lotion and soaps. hope it helps and if you need any more information on it inbox me!!
Avatar m tn He will be working with colleagues to develop a vaccine for hepatitis C, develop new treatments for patients already infected, and study new viruses that cause disease. Houghton will be part of the Faculty of Medicine & Dentistry. Pretty exciting stuff going on there!!!
149918 tn?1208132344 Just be aware that oftentimes skin conditions mimic each other and even professionals sometimes have to biopsy the skin before making a definitive diagnosis. Also, this is a New Zealand site, and we may treat some of the same conditions differently here. Has your study nurse and/or doctor seen the rash lately, in it's current form? If not, you might want to make a special appointment and show it to them.
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2141290 tn?1349036741 when your hormones have a big change like having your child, your skin expels the sodium loryl solfate and other bad stuff like smoke and pollutants that are in the lotions and soaps you use and from the air around you, which is why you are breaking out, the hormone change also will cause your skin to dry out, try finding moisturizers that DONT have mineral oil (bad for your skin and dries it out really badly), or sodium loryl solfate (this is the soap skum you scrub out of your tub and sinks f
Avatar f tn muscle cramps, lethargy, not being able to think straight/confused, skin covered in itchy rashes, insomnia despite feeling like I could fall asleep at any minute, swollen eyelids, scalloped tongue. I had my bloods checked about 8 weeks ago which came back as TSH 6.77 and free T4 11.1 also my HB is 10 so I'm on iron tablets now. I had some more bloods done today, but my GP is reluctant to start me on any medication for my thyroid as I would be on it for life.
Avatar f tn Blood, finger prick. Question, Are all new hiv test 2010 and later a 3rd generation in the USA? Or those are just test 2,3,4th generation names outside the USA?
Avatar n tn 2013) and since then been having pain in my joints, muscle weakness, shortness of breath, skin problems (rashes, skin discoloration, skin thickness), lipoma (20 - 30 of them all over my body), deep muscle pain, bone pain, circulation problems, twitching in biceps and ribs, and so on... I have been to several doctors, including rheumatoligists and dermatologists and they haven't been able to figure out why I am having thes problems.
482850 tn?1215069602 They both sort of looked like maybe my pants had rubbed against my thighs and either irritated the skin or the hair follicles. By the end of Nov 07, the “bumps” had turned to painful, itchy, lesions where some appeared deep and un-healing, and some were scabbing somewhat which of course would cause those to stick to whatever I was wearing. By mid Dec numerous lesions were on both of my thighs, stomach, neck, face, and both forearms with my lips fully inflamed.
Avatar m tn this mostly occurs in the morning through to the afternoon and calms down everntually, however some days it doesn't calm at all.I do have very sensitive skin but this has never been an issue. I recently moved into a new apt., I've been eating alot of mushrooms, i now use Aveeno soap and shampoo. I recently started using fragrence free laundry detergent as well. I would love to get any information on this issue at all if possible.
Avatar f tn Bernard Bihari, a practising neuro-physician in New York, USA. Low-dose Naltrexone (LDN) has been in use in the United States in the treatment of MS since 1985. It is used much less in the UK. How does it work? In MS, LDN works by briefly obstructing the effects of brain endorphins (the brain's natural painkillers). This has an effect of stimulating the increased production of these same endorphins, which in turn stimulate the immune system, thus reducing the activity of the MS.
Avatar n tn I read this forum to see what kind of advise is given to those with unknown skin problems. I often wonder, with all of the new technololgy and understanding in biology, why wouldn't microbiologist be used instead of shrinks? My thought is it's cheaper to medicate and sedate a patient rather than run the many tests that are available? Just my humble opinion, I'm off to see the fourth dermatologist in less than 3 years. If I lived near you Dr. Rockoff, I'd take you up on your offer.
Avatar f tn It has now been going on for almost two months. I have eliminated anything new or fairly new to me and my evnironment but to no avail. I have used Tea Tree Oil to the point it was dripping off of me. Then Gold Bond Powder, Cortizone cream, anti-itch cream, benedryl cream, Syrtec tablets, and even bug bite swabs containing Amonia. Surprisingly, even though it burned quite a bit, the Amonia helped alot. But, I still have the rash. My doctor cannot figure it out either.
Avatar n tn It looks just like the type of skin tags some people sometimes get in their armpits. It is skin colored, sticks out maybe the thickness of a pen tip. It doesn't hurt or anything, it's just there, and in a bad place. Does anyone have any idea?
Avatar n tn Hi For several months I have been getting this weird sensation that my skin is crawling. This happens just behind my right shoulder blade in exactly the same place every time. It generally happens for no reason that I can fathom. It is a sort of itching sensation and then a sensation that there is something crawling under my skin. When I rub it with my fingers it disappears for a while but inevitably it returns within a few minutes. There is no pain involved.
Avatar m tn Is there any new information on how to recover from Interferon damage etc...? All the best to everyone on their paths.
Avatar n tn They are used to prevent and treat allergic skin reactions and they really will help. Eucerin products for sensitive skin are available in the states too. For your acne, all the things i've mentioned in my last post are also available from your doctor. I know you have to pay for health care in the States, in England we see our doctors for free and prescriptions cost just £6.50 ($13) and are free if you're in full time education or on welfare.
Avatar n tn Two months ago I started using a new down blanket and pillow but I also started a new exercise routine and I started taking new vitamin pills. So I will try and keep an update as to the staus of my issue but I am focusing on the down and vitamins, hard for me to believe my body would be so reactive to its own sweat. I will get rid of the blanket and switch off the vitamins for a few weeks and post back.
158241 tn?1237723123 Is there marijuana in that product?
Avatar n tn I havent heard of a hemmheriod skin tage before.I have known other people with regular skin tags that looked like moles that had them removed. They didnt say it much.I guess if it's in the anal area it may be a bit more painful though.
Avatar f tn old skin will shed and new skin comes.. but as days passed the peeling has never stopped.. The skin is peeling in layers,and leaving the underlying area pink and very sensitive, its even worse in the creases..Now the peeling has even spread to the dorsum of her hands, i.e around the i am worried where it will continue peeling all over her hands..i have consulted many number of dermatologists in India and USA but no dint get any remedy till date.
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1125543 tn?1259714350 I have never received a diagnosis, however recently a neurologist recommended a skin biopsy be peformed to look for small fiber neuropathy. Apparently from what I have read this is a new procedure that only a few doctors perform. I have Kaiser insurance and have and struggling finding a doctor who is knowledgeable conducting the skin biospy.
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