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Avatar f tn This has probably been persistent since you have been picking at it. You could try using something like liquid band aid on it to see if that helps prevent you from scratching at the area. You can purchase liquid band aid at your local drug store and you paint it on the the area and let it dry. It is probably either a cyst or a pimple. IF after a week or so it does not show improvement, then you should probably see your dermatologist about it and have it checked out.
Avatar f tn t need a prescription for the ointment. Cover the sores with a Band-Aid to prevent scratching and spread. Apply the ointment for 7 days, or longer if necessary. The area should be washed off with an antibacterial soap each time before you apply the ointment. Any new crust that forms should not be removed because this delays healing. The bacteria live underneath the soft scabs, and until these are removed, the antibiotic ointment has difficulty getting through to the bacteria to kill them.
Avatar n tn It was a large Band Aid that left a large Band Aid shaped rough patch of skin that itched like crazy. Made it worse by scratching it (with my finger pads to try and not gouge holes in me) but with Hydrocortisone and hand lotion (all I had for moisturizer ) it's getting better.
Avatar m tn Okay, so here it goes... I have recently developed an issue with excessive sweating in my hands. I have no idea how and why it is happening. It's not so much of an issue, except for the fact that I have a condition that requires me to bandage my finger for a couple of weeks at a time every now and then... My question is, do any of you know any way I'll be able to get a band aid to stay on my finger even with the sweating issue?
Avatar f tn About 3 weeks ago I had a cut on my stomach and i put a bandaid on it with neosporin. About 45 minutes later, i removed the band-aid and there was a brown outline of the band-aid on my skin. I am caramel complexion, and the outline was about 4 shades darker then my skin. It has gotten a little lighter, but not back to its original color. HOW DO I CLEAR IT UP AND GET BACK MY NORMAL SKIN COLOR???.
Avatar f tn Warm wet compressess.keeping it clean and covering it with a band-aid. Unfortunately before I actually looked up the symptoms I tried to squeeze it. I got clear liquid with a little blood. Since then it's been maybe a little smaller but red with a white-ish oval spot about a 1/4 inch. It's especially obvious after I've done the compress and I use hydrogen peroxide to clean it - like the peroxide is working on the infection.
Avatar m tn Can anyone please reply?
Avatar f tn m right-handed). I put a band-aid over it to help keep it out of sight and mind and took a Benadryl before bed that night thinking that, if it had anything to do with the testing the day before, the Benadryl would get rid of it. Now, four days from first noticing it, there's another small one next to it, one on the side of my arm, one on the back of my hand, and it looks like another two forming (other side of the arm and another on the back of my hand).
Avatar n tn Back on January 11 i was at work and i had a headache and i went to the services department to get some aspirin. As i opened the door to the first aide kit (that's were the aprin is kept) i notices some blood on the latch that locks the door. I took the package of aspirin and wiped it on the blood to see if it was still fresh, it didn't look like it was but i didn't sit there and study it. I went and washed my hands.
Avatar m tn She touched with the same hand for that moment when she touched my pennis inner skin ( not more than 1 min ), if there is a drop of blood from her band aid ( blood can come from band aid since she has a deep cut and she said it was bleeding before she came ) on my pennis and with all this rubbings if it goes inside my pennis openning.( all times i was on clothes ). this is putting me more worried and scared to death. is there a risk with this situation, 2.
Avatar n tn About a week ago i noticed my right nipple there was sort of a scab on it and I thought of it as nothing big and left it alone. The nights I went to bed were fine expect I noticed that that same nipple started to burn and become painful. When I saw it the following morning pieces of skin started to come off and it's happened the following days as I put ointment and a band aid over it. The nipple has has become raw skin. Is there anything I can do to cure this?
Avatar n tn It is painful now because it is an open wound. what can i do to dry it out? the only thing i can think of is to put liquid band aid on it. will this work? is it safe?
Avatar n tn It looks to have doubled in the last 2 weeks. He has started to scratch it. What makes it mulitiply. We put liquid band-aid on it tonight. It that a good idea. The doctor's office is saying 3 months before we can see a dermatologist. I am afraid he will be covered by then. Also I read that this can last 5 yrs. Is that so? This discussion is related to <a href='/posts/show/243291'>MOLLUSCUM ADVICE PLEASE HELP ME!!</a>.
Avatar n tn Hi, I think there is no cause for concern regarding band aid mark. Probably they would have been put too tight. Alternatively, a lot number of people have reaction to adhesive part of band-aid. Have you tried applying any emollients, hydro-cortisone cream in that area? Hope this helps. Bye.
Avatar n tn Wait till it scabs and put anti-itch cream or liquid on it, I find hydrocortisone works well, then put a band-aid on it. If it swells and continues to ooze, I suggest going to your doctor, the infection may have gotten worse or you are allergic to what ever bit you. Either way, try not to itch it, I find applying a bit of pressure or ice to it helps and it avoids breaking the skin as well.
Avatar m tn It did not become infected. I bathed it daily with antiseptic lotion, and covered it with a large band-aid when she went outside, to prevent dirt getting into it. When I could see it was no longer "angry" looking and had started to heal, I left the band-aid off and just gently cleaned it once a day. It healed perfectly. If I look carefully I can still make out a hairline white scar there, but no other problems arose from that. The main thing is -no infection.
Avatar m tn So then I got scared that maybe the band aid itself had somehow been contaminated. The band aid itself seemed clean, it was in an unopened package and seemed normal. Anyway, the question is can HIV be transmitted by a band aid?
Avatar n tn suzyq2020, I know exactly what you are going through, and from my experience, therapy doesn't help. I have tried therapy and I have tried medication, neither of which have ever helped me in the least. I will say that I have improved greatly in my 19 year battle with OCD fear of HIV. I am now able to go shopping and even bring my kids along. When I go into public, I used to look for band aids, cuts on my cashiers hands, even meat blood scared the daylights out of me for fear it is human.
1058660 tn?1283782117 angel that may only be a band aid solution(hope not)...if it is an allergy to a flea bite it could become systemic and become quite a problem., afterwards they can develop allergies to 'everything' from food to dust.....hopefully its something else..
Avatar f tn Few days later it started hurting a lot more and I looked at it again. The band aid (a new one) had pus and some blood on it. So I thought okay the bug bite popped it should be fine it'll go away in awhile. So I again put alcohol and band aid in it. When I went to sleep and woke up I noticed that my butt area felt wet and I went to the bathroom, and there was LOTS of blood on the band aid. And there was still blood dripping out.
Avatar n tn The cut was small, but it was more than a nick or torn piece of skin. It had bled and so I HAD convered it with a band-aid. The band-aid was wet, however, from washing dishes earlier and wet band-aids can absorb pretty easily. I washed my hands right away, first with the band-aid on and then taking it off. The cut wasn't bleeding, but it surely hadn't healed. His hand touched the cut for less than a second.
Avatar n tn I would see a dermatologist and see if it can be removed or if there are any other options. In the meantime, try putting a band aid over it and see if covering it helps.
Avatar m tn Not sure if I am in the right forum but here goes. I had what I thought was a boil on my backside several weeks ago. It got painful enough to where I had to switch pockets for my wallet. I thought it was a big pimple at first so I was using benzoyl peroxide on it. It didn't do anything so after searching the web I tried other things such as hydrocortizone and a drawing salve. After a few weeks it finally went away but there is still a purple-ish circle where it was.
Avatar n tn New shoes maybe ,well we usually sterilise a needle and pop it let the fluid out then place a band aid with anti biotic cream over the wound .But if you dont want to do that ,place a band aid firmly over the area it may burst by itself ..the put some anti biotic cream on it .