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Avatar f tn I have eczema and dry skin and I got a split in the crease of my right middle finger about a month ago and every time I slightly bent my finger it split again. I used some liquid bandage with cyanaoacrylate which ALWAYS works but this time I guess because of the spot it was in it just didn't heal so I kept reapplying. Now it is off and it is oozing a bit and I have been putting bactrtoban on at nite and just a bandaid during the day.
Avatar f tn Hi there! If you have nothing sorts of allergy or rashes. Probably this itchyness is normal but excess could be of skin irritation to the environment. When you bath too often, it itches too! Like 2or more times in a day. Or it can be of water sanitation problem. Try using antiseptic liquid drop on your bath water, it'll kill the micro organisms. I suspect the water contaminations in your area. Good luck!
Avatar f tn My husband is a type 2 diabetic and he was washing dishes, while rinsing a low ball glass it broke causing 3 small cuts on his finger. we washed it with peroxide and put a bandage on it. the next day the finger developed a fluid filled blister on the back of the finger tip, it ruptured and we applied peroxide again but let it air dry with some antiseptic cream. now it is so dry and weird looking. he says it doesn't irritate, hurt or itch. he does suffer from eczema. What should we do?
Avatar f tn My husband got a scratch on the underside of his upper arm and bandaged it with Neosporin. The scratch is fine, but unfortunately the sticky part of the bandage came off during the night and tore some skin. After that he stopped using bandages, but kept cleaning and using Neosporin once a day. There were 2 tears from the bandage, neither deep nor very big.
Avatar n tn I found that I need a new bandage every hour or so because of the bleeding, so instead of reapplying a new bandage I'm just holding toilet paper on the boil and disposing of it after an hour. I am also taking some cefuroxime axetil that my sister had left over, I've read that it works well against skin infections. Besides that, the bottom boil is still the same. Anyways, from what I've said... am I doing anything wrong?
1638239 tn?1300404202 My DR has prescribed fentanyl patches for me to keep on for 72 hours. I'm having trouble keeping them on and I've read through and it appears most ppl recommend taping the outside 4 corners of the patch. I've done that however the middle of the patch (where the medicine is at) is not sticking to my skin. Does that mean I am not getting my full dosage because it's not sticking to my skin like it should be?
Avatar m tn This area is notoriously difficult to heal because every time the dog bends his elbow it stretches the skin and opens it again. Ask your vet about using Liquid Bandage instead of the surgical glue. It has more stretch to it so it might be able to better withstand the bending. Short of that, the only other real choice is to make sure he only lays down on soft surfaces and ride out the healing time.
Avatar m tn It can also be due to staphylococcal skin infections. Your friend should wash skin with antiseptic lotions daily to decrease bacteria. Treatment is by topical antibiotics and steroids. Local antibiotics of erythromycin and Clindamycin group also help. Retenoid group of drugs also help. Get his diabetes & thyroid status checked as high blood sugar can also cause recurrent boils. Possibility of a connective tissue disorder too should be looked into. Consult a skin specialist. Take care!
Avatar m tn Switch to boxers from jockey shorts if you've not already done so (more airy, allows for dryer skin, far less likely to acquire jock itch episodes). Apply a couple of light coatings of plain skincare lotion just after bath or shower. It may take months or years to reverse the impact of the hydrocortisone (I agree, it needs to be stopped).
Avatar f tn Do you suggest that I keep the wounds open or should I put the cream on and then bandages to cover them?
Avatar n tn Liquid paraffin has moisturizing properties and benzalkonium chloride and chlorhexidine hydrochloride have antiseptic properties. It is often used for dry and itchy skin conditions such as eczema and dermatitis. If you are having such symptoms in the anal area then it can be due to chafing, eczema or fungal infection also. For these symptoms, do not use any cosmetic products at the sites. You can apply some calamine lotion at the rash as it will help in soothing the skin.
Avatar f tn // If it was the liquid version, this can cause something like a chemical burn. If your symptoms persist, we recommend seeing your doctor for guidance.
Avatar m tn after i cleaned it i noticed it was quite deep as the skin isnt very thick . but all around the small cut it is a reddish brown colour that looks a little swollen its quite la. its a few hours on and its still like that. is that normal?
Avatar f tn I see a greenish thing in my cut I got yesterday. I did use liquid bandage so could it be that? Or is it just completely normal? Here's a Pic: https://ibb.
Avatar m tn which is apparently an adhesive that can be applied to the skin prior to applying a bandage... Has anyone heard of this stuff?
Avatar f tn I put a liquid bandage on it and she continued the manicure. I then noticed that she had several cuts on her fingers which appeared to have dried blood around them (it didn't look like it was actively bleeding). Is there anyway that I could have been exposed to the virus if she was infected? That you for taking the time to read this question and respond.
Avatar m tn When I asked her she said that all of these cotton like pieces and the metal container is antiseptic and she said that the medical instructions is not to use any alcoholic or any antiseptic liquid with the vaccination.
Avatar f tn I received a small cut on my finger, washed it thoroughly after and dried it. About 10 minutes after getting cut, I used our work first aid kits liquid bandage. It's similar to a bottle of nail polish with the small brush sitting in the liquid. I used it to cover my wound. Later on I realized that other people in our office had used it before as it was not sealed. If someone with HIV had used it on a cut of theirs, does this place me at risk for HIV?
Avatar n tn I got a cyst on my cheek which left an open skin/wound. It kept oozing thin light yellow fluid which harden into a crust when it comes in contact with air.I let the liquid form crust/scab around the wound. Even after the honey colored scab formed, the oozing inside didn't stop. It kept oozing inside and would overflow if there are gaps in the scab.The scab came off after 4 days during shower and instead of flat skin there was a raised rash around the area the size of a quarter.
Avatar m tn Hi Get some Antiseptic Cream apply to the area , give it 10 days you will be as good as new , please refrain from masturbating , take care ,
Avatar n tn What about trying dry shampoos? I have been having a frustrating reopening problem myself elsewhere (not the head) and a doctor just recently gave me I think its a silver nitrate ointment to see if that would work.
Avatar f tn Hi The skin of the breast is like the skin on any part of the body and subject to many abnormalities.This is most likely a skin problem and has nothing to do with breast cancer. Avoid squeezing this bump because you might make things worse by causing an infection.Wash with an antiseptic soap and apply warm compresses for about fifteen minutes,twice daily,and see if a "head" forms.If after a week or so it doesn't get any better,please consult a dermatologist to provide treatment.
Avatar n tn I've had warts passed through my family, from my son to my wife to me, and am finally getting rid of the one on my left thumb by a mix of 40% salacilic acid pads for a day then filing with a new nailfile until it bleeds and hurts, then putting on a new pad. Its very close to gone. However, to more have appeared on my right hand, index and middle finger but they're under the skin so I can't do much. Should I try freezing? A wartabater?
Avatar n tn A few months ago I developed this strange, hard bump under my skin in the genital area. It became red and seemed to be filled with a mixture of blood and puss. I didn't squeeze it until it came to a head. At that point I squeezed it to remove the puss. It became purple and scarred. Recently I have developed another one located about 2 inches from the first one.
Avatar m tn Over the past 5 days or so, the sides immediately around my urethra (and only around) have been tender, red, and inflamed. It looks like a grain of rice is underneath the skin on both sides. Today, I woke up and looked and saw that both had what looked like the head of a pimple. I took a hot shower and they both naturally broke and a small amount of liquid came out. (exactly like how a pimple acts, same consistency and all.
Avatar m tn I have pretty much only been using hydrogen peroxide while extracting and a basic neosporin type antiseptic. Should I be using rubbing alcohol? I often use bandaids, but the adhesion on them tends to cause its own irritation. I think I have been lucky throughout the years as I don't think I've gotten any real infections that I can tell. When I can afford it I will attempt to see a doctor in regards to getting a skin biopsy in attempt to pinpoint the condition.