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Avatar f tn which get in our system via beauty products which we rub into our skin. I know I always rub lotion into my skin thinking it is just on the surface, never really thinking it is getting absorbed into my body. But if you really think about it, just the same way hormone patches and nicotine patches work, we actually absorb more substances through our skin then we would get taking a pill.
543518 tn?1245325627 As to the beauty products. I've switched to organic products. And I am using water based nail polish, which I order from Canada. As to hair color, I am using a natural product from France, which is called 3 Chènes - Color&Soin. It covers gray hair really well. This one I order from the net, too, as I cannot get it here in Denmark. Regarding libido, I have never had problems with that one. But the vaginal dryness I have experienced on and off since a few years.
Avatar f tn My sensitive skin has always prevented my from trying out new products. Of late I came across the Sakare store at Neal Street and tried its solutions for sensitive skin. Of those available, the Problematik Skin Mask did the job for me. After using it for few days I can see visible difference in my skin and it looks way better than before.
Avatar n tn Usually products for sensitive skin don't have them try Aveeno (Skin Relief line), and also some natural products like Burts Bees. I hope this helps!
9323918 tn?1403082342 Pigment, wrinkle, Tattoo removal equipment Newest model E-light +RF+LASER beauty system Theory and Treatment Applications V Theory E-light+ND yad laser+ IPL+RF+Skin contact cooling system. It's the new generation of beauty equipment, it combines with the functions of optical energy and electromagnetic waves. It adopts elective absorption of light, which could get different impedance between target tissue and abnormal skin.
Avatar n tn because of skin allergies I had when I was very young. Also remember don't use any products that contain alcohol. I found a few hairsprays w/o alcohol. Hope your rash goes away...and remember water, water, water!!!!! Prayers to you and all.
Avatar f tn The organ (skin) is actually one of the most sensitive part of our body. Therefore, it needs extra care. Skin care products are skin-friendly and there's no reason to worry for side effects like irritation, redness, etc. Best skin care salon in NYC enhances your appearance. It rejuvenates the skin, makes it peppier, and gives an ever-glowing look. Facial is the best way of skin nourishment that helps to restore a healthy skin and give you a clear and radiant complexion.
694164 tn?1333149588 do you think facial bleaching is good for skin. i am 24.My skin is oily.
Avatar m tn A week later I started doing HepTech products. Six months later, today's fibroscan showed an average of 8.7 kpascal for a F2-F3 staging. Pretty decent drop in six months. I am geno 1a, infected 35 years ago. Six years ago a biopsy also showed high F3, followed by a failed course of SOC. After failed tx I had a VL of 7 million, high enzymes, chronic fatigue and a destroyed immune system. Now I have great energy, low VL and normal enzymes and decreasing fibrosis.
188500 tn?1207368551 Once the itchies started, I had to change skin and hair products. My doc's office suggested Aveno products. I use oatmeal soap and a coconut oil lotion. On my face I use Alba products. My favorite for extreme dry skin is supersalve( If it gets really dry, I put the salve on when I go to bed and it does help. I don't think I'm looking good. I told my husband I look like a Goth junkie but he thinks I'm nuts. Happy Easter, renewal, rebirth, rehealth!
Avatar n tn that's is most likely not skin cancer at all. it sounds like tinea versicolor possibly. google that term and look at the images. if that's what you have it is a fungal infection that is often times caught in tanning beds. that is absolutely not the only place people catch it, but common. and it is very very common on the chest and back. easily treatable. you'll need a prescription. skin cancer comes by way of scaly sores, weird bumps , lesions etc.
Avatar n tn Two months ago I started using a new down blanket and pillow but I also started a new exercise routine and I started taking new vitamin pills. So I will try and keep an update as to the staus of my issue but I am focusing on the down and vitamins, hard for me to believe my body would be so reactive to its own sweat. I will get rid of the blanket and switch off the vitamins for a few weeks and post back.
Avatar n tn Vitamins and supplements is a very unregulated market--- but hopefully they can help you. Otherwise, it's just 9 months and then you can resume your beauty products.
Avatar n tn This oil is easily absorbed by the skin and because it resembles the skin's natural oil (sebum) regulates the skin's oil production and so is very suitable for all skin types. The beauty of this oil (and it is often termed a 'beauty oil') is that it will repair and build the outer layer of skin over time and thus make it less thin, fragile and sensitive. Jojoba oil balances the skin and it will treat both the oily areas and pimples while deeply moisturising the dry patches.
393685 tn?1425816122 I order skin care products from a company in Japan called DHC. Many of their products contain olive oil. Non sticky, too. (More expemsive, though!) I have been using these for several years and love it! Good idea- Stella!
Avatar n tn For years I've been having occasional episodes where small areas of my skin feel sore and tender. It tends to be on my torso somewhere, but I think I've experienced it on my upper legs and rear end as well. Right now it's an area starting at my spine below my ribcage, and wrapping around my side to the front a bit. It's a sensation that my skin is raw, as if it's been scraped or carpet-burned.
1215104 tn?1266385431 “Gateway to the South” CHENNAI is all set to host the biggest Herbal Products & Medicinal Plants trade shows in India – 'Asian Herbal Show 2010 – an exhibition & conference' from November 26 to 28, 2010 at Chennai Trade Centre, Chennai (India). Asian Herbal Show – exhibition & conference will be organised by Services International (SI) and Society for Conservation & Resource Development of Medicinal Plants (SMP).
Avatar n tn I would trade being slender any day of the week for somewhat crepy skin. But that is our nemesis. I don't have money to spend on beauty products, nor on many supplements. So my routine is so basic it's ridiculous. I use simply coconut oil or extra virgin olive oil (organic). I lather it all over my arms, legs and face, and off I go for a run. By the time I've finished, it's absorbed and my skin is fairly dewy with sweat and moisture.
Avatar n tn A good moisturiser I have found is Boots Botanics skin calming cream, again this really helps sooth the area. As long as I stick to these products my skin seems fine - as soon as I try switching products it flares up again. I have no idea why this has starting happening over the last 12 months, have never suffered with it before - I am almost 35. The doctor cannot give me any help or explanation. It does make you very miserable and stressed which I am sure seems to make it worse.
Avatar f tn I tried to remove one with tweezers, and it was very tacky (as in sticky) and clearly goes deep under the skin. Part of it broke off but I could still see that the pore was plugged and a day or two later top of the plug was sticking out again. i can't find ANYTHING online that looks like it.
Avatar n tn i grew up in Jamaica (in fact i only just moved here to new york couple months ago) my itchy skin actually startedin the summer so i doubt it has anything to do with hot or cold for me. ive tried swithcin soaps, hot water, cold water even using bleach when i shower (that was themost effective though my skin did still itch but not as severe). I hesitate every time i plan on taking a shower and when i do my WHOLE BODY ITCHES.
Avatar m tn Three days ago I started feeling like whatever this was is now in my skin (I'm certain of it), It's under the skin on my face, my scalp, my back, my toes, and my feet. I can feel it crawling in and out of my anus at times also. Went to the dermatoligist today and of couse he says it's my imagination, some people get it. He's subscribed me some DEXEPIN for depression. :( Funny thing is I'm not depressed, my life was quite good until this bug showed up.
Avatar n tn Sometimes I think I'm in the wrong business, I should be selling beauty products, I probably sound so obnoxious! Anyway, so glad they have helped you, maybe go to this site and scout out some other things to help you, I really like their products. Also about the aloe vera, yeah, maybe just dilute it with some more water, and take it with food.
Avatar m tn Does anybody have ANY new suggestions to get rid/fade them? I have gone to two dermatologists and a skin clinic and they have all said there is nothing i can do to get rid of them. I cant settle for that though, I want my life back! Its summer and I would like to go to the lake, wear shorts, etc. I thought about making an appointment at a skin and laser office.
535822 tn?1443980380 Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has issued an updated warning about skin care products that may contain mercury, including many anti-aging, smoothing, skin-lightening, and beauty lotions and creams sold at ethnic beauty shops and online. Some of the tainted personal care products, most of which are imported, have been found to contain mercury levels far higher than acceptable limits, including one product that reportedly contained 131,000 times the acceptable limit of mercury.
Avatar m tn Of the several beauty products that I have tried lately, the facial toner from Sakare was by far the best that I could lay my hand at This beauty of a store located on Bond Street has an enviable collection of skincare and body care products that can change the way you feel about yourself.
10947 tn?1281407852 When it comes to beauty products the natural look is always a good goal. As we age our skin needs a little extra help. Ive been using those high end facial creams. The ones by LaMer, Sisiley and Natura Besse. These are unisex creams and can really help getting the skin soft and wrinkle free. Crows feet, neck and eye areas. They are a bit pricey but the results are amazing.
Avatar n tn There are also beauty products available in every price range for this problem--I tried one but wasn't that pleased with the results. Also, invest in a highlighter instead of a concealer. The concealer often dries skin and penetrates it in a way that often shows more wrinkles and fine lines.
928985 tn?1254309932 Unfortunately, though, due to slipping down to laying flat in bed, my head filled with fluid and it set off an inflammation and swelling response in my eyes and in my facial skin. So we begin treating again... My products/management methods: --Day-to-day I like Burts Bees products. I love their buttermilk lotion for my body and sometimes on my face. --When my allergy/rosacea eyes flare up, I use NeemAura Concentrated Neem Cream AND 100% Pure Neem oil on my eyelids.