Neck sore after car accident

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Avatar f tn My car has no visible damage but an adjuster is coming to check it out. I just got out of the hospital and after x-rays of my neck I heard my babys heartbeat for the first time! I emt in because my neck and back hurt and I was cramping. I'm 14 weeks. I was scared to death! Anyone else had to deal with this before?
Avatar f tn Yesterday I was in a car accident, I am 16 weeks. Baby is safe. But I am tremendously sore! My neck, back, legs, pelvis etc... Wondering if I can take any muscle rub on cream or anything?! I know relaxants, Advil etc are a no no, anyone been in this situation and can provide any advice TIA!
Avatar f tn My partner suffered severe neck injuries after a car accident, which also gave him headaches and back pain. 3 months later he suffered a subarachnoid hemmorage at the top of the brain stem which shouldnt be clipped because of the position of the bleed. He still has the same type of headaches, loss of power and feeling and sensation to the right side of his body, blurred vision in his left eye and neck pain. Constanly being told he is very lucky!!!
Avatar f tn I was hit in a car accident two weeks ago. I was almost 20 weeks at the time. Even though I didn't feel any pains other than a headache brought on by stress, I went to the hospital the same day to make sure that everything was fine with the baby. Everything came back fine. A few days later my back started bothering me and it has gradually gotten worse. I can't be on my feet for more than a few minutes without my back aching and sometimes it aches when I wake up.
Avatar f tn I had I had a car accident September 4 in the Florida 2017 and I live in New York, I and I found out I have 2 Herniated disc and a bulging ,One of the disc was bulge before after the accident it became herniated,I have 2 Bulge in the neck,I had one in the neck before after the accident I got another one, Now it’s pinched and sending pain down my left leg and left arm...I am on gabapentin medication....
Avatar f tn In 2009 i had a [email protected] fusion. In 2013 i was in a car accident (rearended) Doc. says whiplash. But is it possible to re injure my fusion?
Avatar f tn Was in a car accident and was rear ended...really sore not able to take any meds 19 weeks pregnant! Was advised maybe to get atty?
Avatar f tn I had a car accident and totalled my car. Know broken bones. I am suppose for be on bedrest. I am trying to for somethings. I haven't seen my Dr.yet is this good? I already have herniated discovered In my neck and back. I had them managed, before the accident.
1386448 tn?1280896286 Since being in a major car accident in February I have had constant back and neck pain, the pain is so great that I rarely sleep. The pain is literally taking over - no matter what I do, I'm a 23 year old female who was healthy with minimal problems other than school stress. I see a chiropractor 3 times a week, truthfully I don'd see much improvement. My last disc in my lumbar section is herniated and I have several bulged discs in my cervical section.
1400107 tn?1280780449 Hi there, I am sorry to hear about your car accident. I too, was involved in a car accident that has caused me to live in pain, unfortunately though there aren't as many "clear answers" to my pain as I would like. I have had an attorney since day 1 of the accident, and I can definitely say that mine has been one of my advocates to get me the best treatment.
Avatar f tn However, about 6 days ago I was involved in a very bad car accident that has left me with stitches in my ear, many bruises and abrasions, and I have also had much stomach pains. After the accident, I had noticed that I was very sore and very bloated in my lower stomach area (right where my seat beat was, so maybe it was just from the bruising from the belt?). The first couple days I was very bloated and tender in that area.
800427 tn?1324945719 i dont think ive ever seen him so nervous in my life. about an hour after the accident we went into the emergency room so we could check on the baby...we knew if we didnt go in that night we wouldnt be able to sleep. so we went in and luckily we were the only ones in the whole e.r so we got back pretty quick. they took a urine sample and went to get the doppler right away...Matt was seated in a chair across from me when the nurse put the gel on my stomach and our eyes were locked...
7164766 tn?1391496656 it doesnt mater if u feel fine .. i felt great after i got hit in my car acciendt but 24 hrs after that my water broke advice.. luckily i was in the hospital gettin a 24 observation n i got all the help i needed .. im now 26 weeks preg . . Id go get checked ..
Avatar f tn Oh good :-) glad you and baby are okay
Avatar f tn You already had thyroid problems, so I wouldn't say the car accident "brought them on", nor can I imagine that a car accident would suddenly make your thyroid start producing thyroid hormones again, though it's possible that an accident could cause neck trauma that could cause fullness. How about posting labs with reference ranges, both current and prior to the accident so we can compare what your levels were then and are now.
Avatar f tn I was terrified it would have caused more problems. Before the car accident I was having a flare up of some kind. Well after my car accident I was sore the first week. All my mri and xrays came back normal. Now instead of the accident causing more problems I am in better shape than before and after my sugeries and the car accident. Weird huh? I am back in PT 2 times a week that has helped the neck shoulder and arm discomfort! Back on the right track again! Finally!
Avatar n tn I was in a car accident a year ago today. I had an open tibia fracture and a fibia fracture. I have a metal rod in my leg now from knee to ankle. I am still experiencing moderate to severe pain in my leg and also my lower back and neck. I have severe headaches about 5 days a week. I have some xrays that i was wondering if i could have some one look at and let me know if they can see a reason why i might be experiencing the pain that i am.
Avatar f tn My fiance and I were in a car accident yesterday. It was pretty much just a chain reaction and there were four cars involved. All things considered, the damage was pretty minor and no one was seriously hurt. Thank goodness! I obviously got checked out and made sure baby was okay. I wasn't in any pain last night, but this morning....oh my god. I can barely move. My neck and my back are so sore amd stiff. We were all so lucky though.
Avatar n tn Nothing which could explain the symptoms could not be seen in X-ray, CT (3 years afterwards) or MRI (7 years after the accident). The special doctor could find problems by hand from my neck. Nowadays I have diagnosis of brain trauma and strain trauma on spine. Here is one good thesis of Whiplash trauma:
471949 tn?1236904026 Thanks for commenting...right after the accident I had a head and neck CT scan and the docs said everything was in one piece. Then before doing any work on me the chiropractor did several neck x-rays and said nothing was broken. The term he used is "military neck" saying that my C2-C5 are straight up and down instead of curved like they should be. Wondering if the headaches are from the neck injury (and treatment) or the concussion. It was considered a high speed accident....45mph.
Avatar m tn I recently had a car accident. I was broadsided than went into a tree. Amazingly I crawled out a window and got out. I was in shock. The ambulance wanted to take me to the hospital. The bottom number was 130. It came down to 109. and i didn't want to spend 8 hours there. Prior to the accident I had a heart beat that skipped. Now I have an extra beat. Seeing my heart guy tomorrow. Can it be because my internal organs took a jolt?
5598716 tn?1439143195 Three days ago I was in a car accident. I was stopped at an intersection waiting at a red light. A car was coming from the south and an SUV going north. The SUV made an unprotected left turn onto the street I was stopped on, but cut off the car going south. The car hit the SUV and the SUV spun and hit my vehicle, a mini-SUV. Initially I was in shock and physically shaking. The paramedics checked me at the scene but I didn't feel anything at the time.
1282956 tn?1271471127 Hello and Welcome to the forum, First off from my and others experience, NL tend to just want to mask the problem with meds and aren't the best DR to see. What you really need is to try and see a Neurosurgeon, hopefully a Chiari specialist, b/c they are the ones that will really know how CM is affecting your body and how likely it is that you will progress. I really wish I could help you with the insurance issue but our medical system functions differently here in Canada.
Avatar n tn Also, WHIPLASH is what happens to your neck during an accident, it is NOT what is wrong with your neck and back, contrary to what Insurance companies want us to think. The term "Whiplash" has taken on a negative persona, as a malingering way to get money in a settlement. It is hard to get anyone to take you seriously when you have severe complications to the nerves and muscles in your back and neck from this type injury. Persvere and don't give up.