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Avatar f tn actually a rash showing up a few weeks after being kissed on the neck isn't likely to be just from being kissed there. bottom line - if you are concerned about your rash, go and be seen.
Avatar m tn So more than a week ago my arms became very itchy and rash (small light red pimples) started to develop. Around same time same itchy rash started to develop around neck (basically between breasts and neck). Sometimes itch goes away or becomes almost unnoticeable, but sometimes (mostly around evening, before sleep) it becomes unbearable so I start to scratch them. Could it be scabies? Or some sort of allergy (but my lifestyle haven't really changed for last couple of weeks).
Avatar f tn Last night i took 0.5mg of zanax and the rash came back! The rash looks like pimples all over my face,neck,and chest as well as a few on my back. I dont get pimples this severe so i am wondering if i am having a reaction to the zanax. This rash does tend to itch but its not a severe itch. I am looking for some suggestions. I need to get back on some kind of anxiety medicine as well to keep my panic attacks from being so severe that i need the zanax so much.
Avatar n tn I notice a week ago that i had small white bumbs that looked like pimples on my neck not thinking much of it i went about my business but then on a airplane a few day later they were all over my chest and down my arms and now itched. now they are even down on my legs! some people have told me its a heat rash but i dont know what it is! could this be a allergic reaction to something?
Avatar f tn Are you sure it is an allergy and not heat rash? Or something else?
Avatar m tn looks a bit like acne, bit larger, not itchy, around 15 pimples, red, 3 or 4 of them have a small dome. then on my neck I have around 4 smaller pimples with no dome and on my shoulder one. face, small stress-like rash... I did PCR/Antibody and will be out in 1 week (11 weeks following last exposure). Q1: your answer of Maculopapular still the same??
Avatar m tn what about stds? can my pimples/rash on chest are due to stds?
18631357 tn?1466471588 7 year old son has a pimple like rash started on face and now has spread all over face and under eye brow and little on neck and chest now 4 year old has it on his face, real red pimples near both ears and on top of arms no symptoms or no itching and no fever, acting perfectly normal has anybody dealt with this type of rash or know what it could be?
Avatar m tn I had unprotected sex with girl Unknown her status , then after 85 days i had AB test Cobas roche , and it was Negative , then i had some problems lymph nodes in neck and fatigue and joints pain , then all gone away But now red pimples start on My arms and neck and chest , so please anyone with good experience at the topic to help me
Avatar m tn From few days ago(7 days from exposure), my chest neck and arms appear pimple/rashes and it is getting more. i am worried i am infected by hiv/stds. can anyone tell me why are those rashes and pimples appear? previously there is no outbreak of pimples or rashes before on my body. i am worried i am infected. Btw i have no symptoms of fever,flu,joint/muscle pain. My question: 1) what causes those pimple and rashes? 2) Am i in the risk of getting stds?
Avatar m tn 5 day later 1 night sweat ran down into ear 12 days after sex balls hurt if you put finger on them red rash on sides of neck with pimples . 17 days after sex red rash around lips sides of nose and chin 1 big node in neck can see it if I turn my head.weeks of twitching arm with bad pain up and down night sweets around head and neck small pimples on uper arm side of head week legs pain in back still have today had burning mouth lips and more. Ok 17 days after sex syph.
Avatar f tn I have that same rash on my neck and chest. The dermatologist suggested rubbing coconut oil on it.
Avatar n tn I have now discovered two new pairs of bumps on the nape on my neck and on the back of my thigh. I had mistaken them for pimples. I have fair, sensitive skin, but I don't believe it to be an allergy because of the sporadic locations of the bumps. Any ideas of what it could be? They're not painful, just annoying.
Avatar m tn I have had this rash off and on since I moved to Arizona. When it comes, it always comes on the same spot on my neck and back and in the same shape every time. I have guessed it is a heat rash and it is nothing serious, since I am from Michigan and not used to growing up in the Arizona heat. It never gets bumpy or itchy. Always stays smooth, somewhat dry, shows up more the hotter it is it seems. Is this something to worry about?
Avatar f tn I have had a lot of acne in the past but recently (past few months) I have had what looks just like pimples on my chest/neck/back of neck and where my butt cheack begins and some around my butt. Could this be regular acne? it looks like it, basically little red dots. Some have whiteheads on it and some are just red. or coud this be something else? Molluscum Contagiosum? anything other then that? I also have few bumps toward the wayyyyy back of my tounge that are the same color as my tounge is.
15311409 tn?1439780092 t have sweat glands in the same places we do), but things like insects multiply rapidly in extreme heat, and this could be the most likely source of this rash. If the pimples are itchy, it makes the situation worse, because your dog will scratch them, which in turn will cause them to bleed - adding to the likelihood of them becoming infected.
Avatar f tn Its like they are blisters or pimples, they hurt but not itch. I have them in my neck and face everytime i go to the beach or am under the sun for a long period of time. I used sunblock #90. Its like my face and neck break out. If i leave my back uncovered I break out too.
Avatar f tn I have this rash which started on my face, neck and ears and has now spread to my arms, stomach and back. Its looks like small pimples with no whiteheads or anything on them. They are REALLY itchy, especially on my neck, which burns. I've only had them for a few days but they're getting worse. I haven't ate anything different or used any products that i don't normally. Any suggestions of what it could be? I've searched the net but haven't found much yet.
1725062 tn?1309810124 Hi, As mentioned from the other post, this could be inflammation of hair follicles or folliculitis which often present with rash, pimples or pustules near a hair follicle in the neck and other parts of the body. The pimples may crust over and eventually go away. Topical antibacterial medications and warm compresses may help. However, if it persists, it is best that you have this checked by your doctor for proper evaluation. Direct clinical examination is important., Take care and regards.
Avatar m tn Hi doctor I'm now at week 11 post exposure and I still have the rash-like pimples on my body including my neck and face(right above lip);, I also have some muscle cramps in my legs and a slight sore throat. To be clear the pimples are like small white-heads that I pop and don't go away they stay as red bumps on my skin. Does this change anything ? Based on the information thus far should I check for anything else? What do you think these "pimples" could be?
Avatar f tn n now causing blisters on my palms, i am having another small rash on my neck very itchy also... and a sore spot on my shoulder.... i know there is a risk but could it be caused by hiv?
Avatar m tn sex as i said on an earlier post, i began developing some strange pimple-like rash on my chest, neck area and shoulders. They look like pimples and some of these "spots" look like red blotches which don't itch at all. Is it possible that this rash would be related to hiv in any way? is it also possible for the symptoms to show up this late?
Avatar f tn Hello so i have been havi g this wierd type of rash in my neck i tought it was a fungal infection but the treatment that i was gicen by a doctor did not help at all, these little bumps (like pimples) have been appearing but the worst part is that it has spread all over and around my neck and theres a small oval rash looking thing in my arm too and a big one in my inner thigh..
Avatar n tn basically I have a definite heat rash (red and a bit sandpaperish sometimes itchy when hot) at the base of my neck and 2/3 of my upper chest and a few faint pimples here and there at the centre which don't itch at all..does this sound like an ars rash at all? 7 weeks since the brief exposure and i've had no flu or feverish symptoms so maybe i can rule out a viral infection as the cause of my rash?
Avatar m tn I've developed a rash which started in the groin area, then two weeks later started on my upper chest, working it's way up my neck to my sideburns, and now all over (going on 3 weeks). Some fine pimples developing along with some brown spots. What STD's would have them symptons? We tested for C Trach, Gonerrhoea, Sphypllis, and HSV at week 2 post incident. All negative. Retesting Sphyillis since it was done in the 2 week time frame.
1927936 tn?1323043856 He has seasonal allergies and use to have asthma as a child. recently a rash has been appearing on his face, ears, neck, back, feet and knees. It itches a little. This happened before after a insect bite but only a few times. This past week they have been appearing suddenly while he is indoors. They look like little pimples and when I give him benadryl they vanish an hour later. We just moved from another state and I am in the process to find him a doctor and allergist. Should I be worried?