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Avatar f tn Anyone else have constant yeast infections? I don't know what to do. Doctor keeps telling me monistat 7. Any natural remedies or suggestions?
Avatar f tn Douching upsets the natural balance of bacteria and yeast in your vagina and will cause infections. 2. Avoid bread and sugary foods as much as possible. If there is yeast in your vagina it is in the rest of your body too and sugar will just feed it. 3. Use condoms if you have sex. You CAN give a yeast infection to a guy (they usually get no symptoms) and then he will just keep passing it back to you. 4. Eat yogurt with live cultures in it - sugar free is best, but any kind helps. 5.
Avatar f tn I have been having complications with yeast infections, someone suggested taking a natural supplemental probiotic, since I can't stomach yogurt, has anyone ever done so while pregnant? I've read online and can't seem to get a straight answer.
Avatar f tn how do i safely treat yeast infection? Is there a natural supplement to help during pregnancy?
Avatar f tn Has anyone else used garlic for yeast infections? I found it as a natural home remedy as well as yogurt and I have no doctor till Monday. Any advice for me?
Avatar f tn m in my first trimester and pregnancy is already making me experience the wonderful world of yeast infections. I went to the doctor to make sure it is indeed a yeast infection and it is. He didn't prescribe me anything because he said it's too early and to wait until the second trimester, but I've heard of natural remedies, such as the garlic clove in the vagina that cures yeast infections. Has anyone tried this during pregnancy? Is it safe?
Avatar f tn Has anyone had multiple yeast/BV infections? I've had 3 so far and I think I'm having another! I'm going to ob tomorrow and I'm sure I'll get some meds. It's frustrating. Anyone Else?!?! Please help.
Avatar n tn I have frequent yeast infections and my Dr says it's normal but I'm just wondering if it's commin.
325224 tn?1342795914 Has anyone found any type of over the counter Vitamins or anything to help with the weight gain, acne, sugar issues? I recently have found something online to help with PCOS called: D-chiro-inositol . Anyone heard of it?
1245078 tn?1268578722 Are you on the pill? I used to have chronic yeast infections for years in my early twenties. Like you, I followed my doctor's advice and was very careful but nothing helped until I stopped taking the pill (it has something to do with the artificial estrogen). So if that could be the reason, you might want to talk to your doctor about alternative methods of contraception.
512442 tn?1216259500 to avoid the grossness of putting yogurt on your hoo-ha, try yogurt pills (acidophillus) or buy AZO Yeast, I've used AZO Yeast pills for all my yeast infections and it relieves it in a day or two. These pills are a combination of natural herbs and yogurt cultures and it balances your vaginal PH. That stuff is awesome, it relieves the itching and burning in a couple of hours too. Yogurt is ok but doesn't work as fast.
6807839 tn?1386436725 im suffering with bronchitis I wont take anti boitics cos I always get infections. im nearly better. urine and yeast infections omg I cant stand them!!! ill do any thing to prevent them. I know taking probiotic yogurht and pills help get rid of it.
Avatar n tn what could this be, i wasnt sexually active at that younger age, but i am now. its not a yeast infections. ive tried treating it as that.
Avatar f tn I've had 3 pregnancy and 2or so last pregnancy I only seem to get them when I am pregnant bc outside of pregnancy I've never had one. But my doctor gives me a pill called dilfulcan works amazing I can take it that same day immediately after picking up from pharmacy and ashtray feel better next day symptom wise thigh it still takes days technically to go away but it's amazing no nasty cream up your vag etc.
Avatar n tn Hi, I''ve seen a lot of posts on chilhood tics. Just wanted to share some things that worked for my son. Most tics are transient, but there are some things you can do to help remedy them. First, I would order a Comprehensive Diagnositic Stool Analysis. Check for dysbiotic (bad) bacteria or yeast overgrowth. Also check Secretory IgA levels and inflammatory markers. Generally, when there are tics, Sec IgA is low.
Avatar n tn I get alot of yeast infections. Is this normal with hepc and is it o.k. to take diflucan?
Avatar n tn It could be simple yeast infection or a reaction to Victoria Secret's bras. People are reporting severe reactions to the formaldehyde.
385161 tn?1270081218 then after the monistat i still had discharge and was diagnosed with bacterial vaginosis, i was given vaginal inserts again (this time prescription for bv.) so i finished that up and got another yeast infection....instead of monistat i used acidophilis??sorry can't spell it, for a while (not an anti biotic just a natural remedy) and it worked, well cleared up the discharge anyways. Now i've got a urinary tract infection, so i'm on oral antibiotics again...
Avatar f tn s not harmful at all. As for the yeast infections, some antibiotics taken over a period of time can cause yeast infections. My mother suffers with these often and she has started taking a probiotic. It evens out the good and bad bacteria in your vagina. Also, if you douche, stop. This rids your downstairs of ALL bacteria, good and bad. And you need the good. I've never heard of anyone being allergic to semen, but I guess thats always a possibility.
Avatar f tn i went to the doctor because i noticed i have an infection and and she said it was bacteria vaginosis she gave me metrondizole to take two for 5 days after take the metrondizole i noticed i have a yeast infection i took canesoral the single dosage and the canesteen cream fro 3 days now and am still itching.
Avatar n tn Did you go to be seen and get properly tested for yeast or did you just think it was yeast and self treat? Most folks don't have easily recognizable triggers for herpes actually. Only time will tell if you will notice any patterns to yours.
Avatar f tn Monistat works like a charm for yeast infections! That's what my doctor told me I could take. Just over the counter. He recommended the 7-day treatment. Baby is protected by the bubble she's in, so the medication does not get to him/her. Perfectly safe! Unless as previously said, you have any other complications. I would talk to your doctor before you do anything. And like they said, anti biotics are needed for a bacterial infection. Good luck!
Avatar f tn More than its a yeast infection the same thing happened to me with the infection then yeast infection it was really itchy.
Avatar m tn Is her tongue white? Thrush doesn't usually manifest as a sore on the outside of the lips, as candida requires a moist environment to survive. Just wondering if this has been diagnosed and if the other symptoms of thrush are there because if it's just this sore again are you sure it's yeast?
713383 tn?1232483914 His ears smell terrible, which leads me to believe he is getting chronic yeast infections in his ears. What causes this and is there some alternative, perhaps herbal supplement I can give him since traditional medicine seems to be failing? This has been going on for years now and they just keep coming back. I am wondering if they are ever really going away. I feel terrible for him and am desperate to help him. It is costing me a fortune and hasn't provided him with any relief.