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Avatar f tn Skin problem are generally due to liver problems. What's affecting your liver is hard to know, but if you look at natural skin herbal remedies they're all a combination of liver cleansers. So yes, eliminating foods that are bad for you will certainly help, but toxins come from other sources as well. You might try a gentle liver cleanse as well as cleaning up your diet. Chili depends on what's in it -- the main ingredient is beans, which is fine.
Avatar f tn That is the only kind of soap i can use also but i use skin so soft avon lotin n it works for me real good.
Avatar f tn The best thing is its all natural stuff!!! Take one a day with a glass of water... Box says 100% natural.. It works by strenghtening hair skin and nails!! I hope to he// it works!!!!1 Im not one that wants to go wig shopping!
1042487 tn?1275279899 Hello everyone, please take a moment in your life to read this information. There's a subject that unfortunately people are unaware or don't take it seriously that should be talked more often and a lifestyle change that should be done in correlation with traditional medicine approach and therapy. Let me talk to you about the epidemic malnutrition and how it can be the underlying cause of many diseases.
Avatar f tn vitamin d3 natural type 5000iu daily vitamin E only natural type which is a blend of vitamin E types called alpha and gamma tocopherols.
1192727 tn?1282735542 I took Folic acid and even pre-natel vitamins for a while before I got pregnant to build up my vitamins. Also drinking water and making sure you are well hydrated helps.
Avatar n tn These natural oils will help to keep your skin hydrated and strengthen collagen. Vitamins improve skin tone include Vitamin C (an anti-oxidant) and Vitamin E (an anti-inflmmatory).
Avatar f tn Can anyone suggest any natural/vitamins for fertility? I am 43 and want to concieve naturally. I would appreciate your input and stories of success with natural methods. Thank you!
Avatar f tn The FDA (Food and Drug Administration) is just not up to scratch. Speaking of mislabelled products, Mike Adams from Natural News uncovered the "natural" blueberries in popular cereals, muffins, bagels and other foods are anything but natural. Instead of using real blueberries, companies (like General Mills) use artificial colours, hydrogenated oils (transfats!) and liquid sugars to manufacture small bits that mimic the look of blueberries. That is one false advertisement!
1210142 tn?1266077031 t suggest professionalism. Second, info is inaccurate. They claim that their vitamins are natural and others are synthetic. All vitamins are synthetic. There's no Vitamin C floating around loose out there, you have to isolate it from something else. It's usually taken from corn in a chemical process. That's obviously not how it occurs in nature, so it's to a degree synthetic.
Avatar f tn Hi few days ago I bought vitamin complex inside have many vitamins like a,b,c,d,k niacin , zink and etc and I got it 6 days and I have skin rash that's why I stopped getting vitamin and I know I need vitamins bcz I don't eat vegetables and now I wanted to know what I can do for skin it's all rash on neck and cheeks and can I get vitamin or I need change brand
Avatar f tn Best thing to do is ask your doctor for samples. They have plenty to give away. I survived off samples & never had to purchase vitamins during or after pregnancy. Plus, there's different types of vitamins some with dha, some that don't. I prefer dha. Then there's vitamins that contain stool softeners or nausea pills. I was nasuated in my firstttrimester, so the ones with nausea pills helped a lot.
Avatar n tn And you may also take some supplements, but by consuming foods that are high in these three vitamins will drastically help your skin condition. It is one of the most natural acne treatment.
Avatar f tn I take my prenatal vitamins but recently started taking a hair skin and nails due to my hair thinning and nails pealing so I'm hoping that helps
Avatar f tn I dont understand why some of u are filling urself with so much vitamins..did u calculate ur body needs and do u overpass it? To much vitamins isnt good too..
Avatar f tn Good Morning All- I am looking for natural flea and tick remedies. After a lot of research, I am afraid of the treatments I have been getting from our vet through the years. They work, but my fear is the toxins that come with them. Does anyone out there have any suggestions for natural remedies that really work. Thanks and have a great day.
Avatar f tn With regards to minerals, I would suggest that a healthy and natural diet with good sources of potassium and magnesium often help decrease palpitations- my blood tests always come back normal as well, but I know from trial and error that potassium specifically helps decrease my episodes. I try to eat a decent amount of fruit, drink V8 juice etc...
Business woman2 No vitamins help you get pregnant. There are vitamins to take that some believe are important while a baby is developing called prenatal vitamins. folic acid is the key ingredient there. But until you are pregnant, you can take just a good multi vitamin or a prenatal if you feel so inclined. However, these do not enhance fertility. Wishing you luck.
Avatar m tn My legs itch all the time and are worse after I shave. I have tried vrious creams, natural shave creams, not shaving and nothing helps. Heavy creams just make my legs break out. I believe it is something internal, possibly related to crohn's (an immune system response) or a deficiency in vitamins or minerals. Note - I have had two surgeries that removed about 40 % of my small intestine so I do take monthly B12 shots, but there might be other vitamins I am lacking due to the intestines.
1319167 tn?1278213669 yes about the skin :) i thought my skin was going to glow and it was the opposite Lol but don't worry because with time it does improve and "glow"...i can only think that we detox also through the skin and vitamins are good for the skin too ( they are recommended with oily skins types...) so it's not because of them.
1415775 tn?1282010100 I already wear cotton and only use natural cleansers with an olive oil base. As you suggested, I will discontinue the vitamins to see if they are the culprit. I'll just ride it out with the faith, BELIEVING I am healed! Peace BE unto you!
Avatar m tn to your skin, by providing vitamins and minerals for it through natural cures. Yeah, it may sound weird to take a banana peel and smear it on your face, but no one has to know. And your skin thanks you for it. Here are some links concerning this topic: http://thekindlife.
Avatar f tn I need to know if I should have some prescribed or what type to buy. I saw some all natural ones called only one once by rainbow light and I was all set but then I asked a pharmacist and he said they're all the same. The all natural ones didn't have DHA but had great reviews...I'm lost.
Avatar f tn Only one way to find out! Take the test!