My breast have gotten bigger

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Avatar f tn i have an appointment to have a lump in my breast looked at on Thursday. i have had it for awhile & noticed that it has gotten much bigger over the months. can you tell me what i should expect done & if i should request a certain test over another for accuracy. i'm 38 & in great health. thx!
1115678 tn?1258816429 So I have had a cyst in my left breast for a couple years now. It only bothers me about a week before that time of the month. Except for the past 2 months it has gotten bigger, and doesn't go away like it usually does once I start my period. You can feel it through the skin, and I can sort of move it around. I had an ultrasound done the other day but have not gotten results. I'm just curious if anyone has had similar scenario or if this could be something worse. Im only 24 years old.
1222635 tn?1366399886 well lately ive been wondering more why my boobs haven't gotten any bigger during this pregnancy. i still fit into my bras...theres only 2 that my nipples come out of now and thats because the bras are cut so low already that my nipples were almost popping out before i got pregnant. so basically they've gotten slightly bigger but its not even noticeable..and im 36 weeks. why is this? anyone else have this?
10150762 tn?1408284642 but what part of your body has gotten bigger? Or worst? In my case, my booty and hips have gotten hugeee.....and I already had big hips and butt so yeah it's crazy even tho i dont complain neither lol my only concern is that my butt and hips currently only fit in gym pants/Tights....***** sometimes....& my breast always been big 36DD there's days they look bigger but I'm still wearing the same bras I did before I got pregnant so I'm guessing they just get sore, not bigger.....
Avatar f tn I noticed my breast were bigger right away. The first sign I had to tell me I was pregnant.
Avatar f tn In a previous post I stated my concern w/ being pregnant and whether or not I had gotten my period last week. Seems like I just may have had it so that's a good thing for me. I have taken tests to try to reassure myself and they have been negative. Now, suddenly today I am very aware of my breasts! Surely it's my imagination that they have grown from last night! Maybe it's the bra (so what if it's a bra I wear often)??? I have extreme anxiety so I am creating this "symptom"?
Avatar n tn My Right breast Gotten More heavier & Fuller Then My Left Breast? When Does My Left breast Suppose to Be Equal?
Avatar f tn So I am 13, and I have developed a lot in the past two months. and my boobs have gotten a lot bigger so, since the grew so rapidly I got a bunch of stretch marks that are large and deep. how can I get rid of them there sooo ugly?
Avatar f tn i want to breast feed but I'm scared that I'm not going to have enough milk. my boobs have gotten huge and I'm only 13 weeks. so i know there going to get bigger. what are your experiences?
Avatar f tn I have not had any cycles at all since my daughter was born, which was almost 8 months ago. I had one time spotting last Wed. and had noticed that my breast were bigger. I had gone up a whole cup size in two weeks. I took a test, but neg. I called my dr and they said could have been implantation and it would have been to early to test and to give it another week. I mainly wanted to know what symptoms or signs did anyone have when they got prego while nursing. Any insight would be helpful.
9924471 tn?1419958020 I was in a 36DD befor i was pregnant and now im not sure what i am in but my bra is way to tight that i sometimes just say screw it and dont wear it... i need to go get fitted.. my boyfriend says they have gotten like 3X bigger.
Avatar n tn i had a breast infection, i have no kids, anyway i did a breast biopsy, the incision was left open so it can drain. its been about two weeks and my mass in my breast has gotten bigger and harder, what is wrong?
Avatar f tn But my breast seem like they have gotten even bigger from when I first found out. Anyways can milk come out before the baby is born? I had my bf suck on them but nothing came out lol!
Avatar f tn Yes, my breast have definitely gotten darker and bigger, but they don't hurt anymore, their just heavy. However, when it's cold and I'm outside my nipples hurt.
Avatar f tn Thanks ladies im only 5 weeks but I think they have gotten 1 cup size bigger already bras are getting very tight
Avatar f tn Do you mean on both? I would ask your doctor about it. I have a birth mark of sorts next to my right breast that's gotten bigger since I've been pregnant. My doctor said skin abnormalities/moles and such have a tendency to get worse during pregnancy and said mine should go back to normal after.
Avatar f tn About 6 months ago I noticed that my breast have gotten larger and are tender to the touch. I am 30 years old and I'm not pregnant (I can't get pregnant). Growing up I have alway been a 36C now I'm in a D cup. They hurt so bad. About 5 years ago when I had my yearly annual my doctor felt lumps in my breast and told me it was just my lymph nodes and that they are swollen and its nothing to worry. I haven't gained any weight and so I that couldn't be the reason for it.
4045844 tn?1356312527 My breasts was the only thing that got bigger through out this pregnancy my belly just looked a little bloated till I hit about the 31 week mark then my belly started getting bigger but my breasts have started growing again and the nipple is sore and I get shooting pains all the way through them I'm now 32 weeks 5 days
Avatar f tn I wish mine have gotten bigger (well, not THAT much bigger, no offense lol) but mine have stayed basically the same size! I'm a 38B. I'm 29 weeks and have been leaking colostrum since week 16, but they haven't gotten bigger. Also a ftm.
Avatar n tn Please have it checked by a doctor. You are young so it is unlikely that you have cancer, but you have a situation that must be checked, I believe.
Avatar n tn i was suppose to get my period on july 15th of 2007 and now its september 9 ive gained weight my pants wont close anymore due to the fact that my hips have gotten boobs are more filled i cant cross my hands over my chest...and talking about sex well my chest are off limits to my husband...i get cramps behind my lower back hurts...and worse of all im so damn tried...well im about to hit 2 months late and i took a Pregnacy test the pee ones and it came out negative? what now?
3106038 tn?1346816769 Cause I'm 25 weeks and my boobs have gotten bigger. They were Bs now they are only Cs and don't look that big so will it effect me breast feeding.
Avatar f tn Hello, I am 16 years old and there are concers I have about my breast. My left breast has been hurting for about 3 months now. I had been checking myself due to that my family has a big history of breast cancer. I noticed there was harder tissue on my left breast that is not noticible on my right.About a month ago I went to the doctor and they send me to do a sonogram to see what it could be. After the sonogram they told me I had cysts on my left breast.
Avatar f tn I have a history of PCOS, never been pregnant that I know of, but possibly may have miscarried once or twice before I could have gotten a BFP (due to a large, unusual looking clot I passed). My periods are usually every 25-26 days. The last 3 months or so, I have been getting them every 22-23 days. Flow is a bit lighter, but not a lot so.
Avatar n tn Hi im 21 this year and i found a not very obvious lump year and half ago,its located on my above part of my breast,near to my chest.its hard and painless and does not move.
Avatar n tn i have a small pea size lump in my cleavage next to my right breast. it doesnt move, and doesnt really hurt too much. its been there for about 3 years and hasnt gotten any bigger. I am only 23 but my mom just went through chemo for breast cancer and she is 50. Could this be cancer?
Avatar f tn And I'm kinda mad that my boobs have gotten as big as they were before my breast reduction. Gerr, I just hope they get small again. I pray they will.
4654011 tn?1357646722 I'm 17+4 and have no pain in the nipples or breasts in general. They haven't gotten any bigger either. I was just wondering if this is normal. It doesn't bother me at all haha, but ftm so I'm just curious.
Avatar f tn I am a larger chested woman (DD) 20 years old this is my first pregnancy I am 20 almost 21 weeks pregnant and my breast have started leaking and today they are leaking more then usual its just like dots on my shirt but in the past hour I have gotten like 4-5 dots on each side is this normal or should I contact my OB?