My breast have gotten bigger

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Avatar f tn i have an appointment to have a lump in my breast looked at on Thursday. i have had it for awhile & noticed that it has gotten much bigger over the months. can you tell me what i should expect done & if i should request a certain test over another for accuracy. i'm 38 & in great health. thx!
Avatar n tn My Right breast Gotten More heavier & Fuller Then My Left Breast? When Does My Left breast Suppose to Be Equal?
1222635 tn?1366396286 well lately ive been wondering more why my boobs haven't gotten any bigger during this pregnancy. i still fit into my bras...theres only 2 that my nipples come out of now and thats because the bras are cut so low already that my nipples were almost popping out before i got pregnant. so basically they've gotten slightly bigger but its not even noticeable..and im 36 weeks. why is this? anyone else have this?
Avatar f tn Breast tenderness is just like morning sickness, some women get it some don't but it doesn't mean that isn't normal. Mine were super tender for a fee weeks in the beginning but have been fine since and I'm almost 39 weeks. My boobs have gotten bigger though, but my doctor said that even if they didn't get bigger that doesn't mean I couldn't breastfeed. Try not to stress out about it.
Avatar f tn I noticed my breast were bigger right away. The first sign I had to tell me I was pregnant.
Avatar f tn I wish mine have gotten bigger (well, not THAT much bigger, no offense lol) but mine have stayed basically the same size! I'm a 38B. I'm 29 weeks and have been leaking colostrum since week 16, but they haven't gotten bigger. Also a ftm.
10734189 tn?1412988958 the size of your breast does not determine if you can breast feed or not. mine have barely grown but I still have liquid in them (I know because I squeezed just to see and there was some).
Avatar f tn I would guess you are fine. Breast cancer is not usually going to present in that way and would be quite rare for someone your age. I had a mole on my breast for a good bit of time in my late teens. It was removed. And then it grew back. I had to have it removed a second time in a bigger set up with a cosmetic surgeon in which they cut out a bigger area and stitched it under my skin. It wasn't breast cancer, it wasn't skin cancer, it was just a pain in the butt mole.
Avatar n tn My breasts have gotten a lot smaller after pregnancy. Is there any way I can get those back?
1715474 tn?1318189449 make breast bigger naturally without any surgery just try to use boobpop which is help you to make boob bigger and perfect.
3106038 tn?1346813169 So does the size of your boobs effect the amount of milk you make? Cause I'm 25 weeks and my boobs have gotten bigger. They were Bs now they are only Cs and don't look that big so will it effect me breast feeding.
Avatar f tn Thanks ladies im only 5 weeks but I think they have gotten 1 cup size bigger already bras are getting very tight
Avatar n tn Hi im 21 this year and i found a not very obvious lump year and half ago,its located on my above part of my breast,near to my chest.its hard and painless and does not move.
Avatar f tn Yes, my breast have definitely gotten darker and bigger, but they don't hurt anymore, their just heavy. However, when it's cold and I'm outside my nipples hurt.
Avatar f tn 14w5d and my breast are getting bigger already. I have never showed this early and my boobs never got big this early lol. I just went from middle school boobies to grown woman boobs over night!!
Avatar f tn Ive read so many others saying thats thier breasts have gotten bigger or harder or sore but mine havent? Im worried this means its gonna be hard for me to breast feed or something. I want to breast feed so badly. To give my son the best. Im a ftm mom here so please help.
Avatar m tn t have any of the normal symptoms of Cancer, but that lump on my armpit. I read about male breast Cancer, but I squeezed my nipple, and such and no discharge of any came out. No where of my body aches, except the occasional muscle aches, but I'm sitting in my room all day using the PC, and sitting in my rocking chair, in the cold, as I am now. But I have to aches other than that.
Avatar n tn t change, there are a few more lumps though they are very small in size, both of my nipples have darken in color and are now a dark reddish pink, my right breast is now slightly bigger then my left one, and I have noticed some swelling in my armpit and collar bone areas. I still wear sports bra's though go bra-less on occasions and the pain has significantly increased and is just barley manageable.
4045844 tn?1356308927 My breasts was the only thing that got bigger through out this pregnancy my belly just looked a little bloated till I hit about the 31 week mark then my belly started getting bigger but my breasts have started growing again and the nipple is sore and I get shooting pains all the way through them I'm now 32 weeks 5 days
Avatar f tn I feel like ever since I got pregnant and even up till now I feel like my breasts haven't gotten any bigger just heavier and I also feel like since they're not big that I won't be able to breastfeed or that maybe I just don't have any milk. My bra size is a (36,C) do you have to have big breasts to breast feed? will they get bigger by breast feeding? Plz help!
Avatar f tn Ftm here. I don't feel like my breast have gotten any bigger. Does that mean I won't be able to breastfeed?
Avatar f tn But my breast seem like they have gotten even bigger from when I first found out. Anyways can milk come out before the baby is born? I had my bf suck on them but nothing came out lol!
4808549 tn?1359436104 does anyone know if i can grow my breasts bigger naturally? or has anyone heard of anything?
Avatar f tn Im due in less than 2 weeks and my breast have always been big 40DD. Gotten a little bigger but no milk. Does not feel anuly different than before i got pregnant. Will let have to note in my birth story if milk came in..
Avatar n tn some baby girls even have mini periods after they are born. My daughter still has the little buds on her breasts, that seem to have gotten a smidge bigger a month or so ago... she's 5 months old. It's normal... but feel free to mention it to your doctor... any concern you have is ALWAYS worth mentioning.
8464451 tn?1409883976 Im a 40 f and have sence gotten bigger I worrie about the same thing im 26 weeks and havnt produced any kind of milk as of yet
1089713 tn?1256767773 is there a safe and tested way to get bigger breast without having to get breast implants