My breast bone cracks

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Avatar n tn My upper chest bone cracks when i push out my chest and bend back my neck.I had found out today that no one i know upper chest bones crack.So is this normal?
Avatar n tn I went to the chiropractor a couple weeks ago, he adjusted my back and neck. Within a week of going I noticed my neck cracks EVERY SINGLE TIME I look to the left or tilt my head right. Yesterday I went back to him to see if he could fix the problem. He did a neck message and adjusted me again…problem is still there. I went to an atlas adjuster today, who stretched out my neck and adjusted the C1 atlas…cracking is still there. I just want this fixed so bad, but it seems nothing will help.
Avatar m tn i have no ride to the hospital or i dont know who doctor is would the ambulance pick me up for this injury? its has been 8 months when i broke my bone. im getting headaches and heart pains ect what should i do now?
Avatar f tn I'm only 5 months and my pelvis cracks periodically even my husband can hear it. It can be painful at times. My doctor says that my ligaments may be stretching. So weird!
Avatar f tn Ok so in my lower back above my tail bone I get this pain and it cracks. Every time I move it cracks. It hurts so bad.
Avatar f tn When im in bed and go to roll over or something my pelvic bone cracks is this normal? It cracks soo loud my partner hears it to. It feels as if its coming from my pelvic bone anyway lol.
Avatar f tn My right shoulder cracks when I move it and it burns so bad I can hardly stand the pain I try not to move it but I have too Im right handed what can I do to make the pain go away and what is wrong with my shoulder HELP please. This discussion is related to <a href='/posts/show/294919'>Brachial Plexus</a>.
Avatar n tn ve only done it maybe 3 times in the past 2 weeks. But my wrist hurts right above the bone when I bend my hand downwards. Also, I'm not sure if this is linked to it, but it sometimes cracks when rotated. Is this normal? Why does this keep happening?
Avatar n tn Ha! Right up my alley, I'm the king of cracking joints! 40+ years of it! Oddly, I don't know which coinfection was behind it. It's one of the first symptoms in me to go in reverse! Least with the herbals I was taking. Neck doesn't snap anymore when I turn it, shoulders still fall out of joint, but it feels like there's less bone to bone scraping.
Avatar f tn I never really had much breast growth as they are still quite small, and I wonder if they’re growth was stunted due to an underlying issue like breast cancer. Sometimes the cracked sections of my nipples fall off or I can pick them off, and there is a tiny bit of white residue underneath. I’m really self conscious about my breasts because this is not normal and all I can find online about it is for breast feeding moms, which I am not.
Avatar m tn The centre of the top of my skull also has become thicker and has risen significantly, I believe this is called a sagittal ridge and finally, 2 assymetrical cracks (one half of which inverted over the other) behind my ear which stretch to the top of my skull. There are other small deformities I have noticed within the last few month and all of which are developing and becoming worse and more extreme.
Avatar n tn I keep getting this weird crack in my leg when I move it. It sounds like a joint being cracked (such as knuckles, etc) but it's on the front side of my lower leg, slightly to the right, directly between the knee and the ankle. It will crack pretty loudly simply from me tensing the muscles in my leg and pushing downward (like when I get up after sitting). What in the world is this? There's no joint there so I don't know what's making that noise.
Avatar n tn Its been happening for about 2 weeks now. Every day I get up to pee at 4:30 am (cali time ) & when I get up from my bed, my entire back cracks & have pain on v-area . What could it be ? Is it because my bladder is really full or something else?
9704378 tn?1553726192 Oh, yeah, now that I think about it it's my pelvic bone. It's more towards my stomach than my vagina. It just feels like that, but this pain is killing meeeee.
Avatar n tn For the past 4 months, I found my right breast itching, part of areola skin turns dark and cracks. It becomes serious at night. Is it dermatitis or Paget's?
1532491 tn?1294594944 i have been having hip pain on and off for months but not like this. also my hip cracks. please help me. also what could happen if i leave this untreated and is there anything i can do that doesnt include a doctor. thanks you.
Avatar f tn The first time after my accident I had a BM my tailbone popped. Now when I poop or fart my *** bone cracks, in fact my whole lower spinal column will crack, it's like an orchestra of cracking bones whenever I excrete a blast of gas or pass a large BM. Additionally, women who "break" their tailbone are 80% likely to re-break it during child birth.
667078 tn?1316000935 They are checking me for Cancer. My Ovarian Doctor thinks I have breast Cancer my breast Doctor thinks not. Ironically if I have breast cancer it will be good because my health care will be paid for by the government. The Camp Lejeune settlement will pay for many cancer but not Ovarian. It will probably be negative because I always fall through the cracks where the government is concerned. They dumped jet fuel into the drinking water on base. I lived there as a child.
Avatar f tn ve been thrown and drug by several horses. Stepped on and cracked a rib. In about the last 6-8 months almost every time I move my back the right way it pops. If I sit up straight it cracks and pops and it relieves the constant pain for a few seconds then it's back. Trying to get to the doctor but it can get extremely painful at times. It gets so bad that it will knock the wind out of me when I move the right way sometimes. Any advice?? Help!!
Avatar f tn I been having a little cramps. Sharp pain on my vagina. My pelvic bone cracks when i turn. It hurts to get up. What does it mean?
Avatar f tn I need to know what the symptoms of bone cancer after breast cancer r..I had both breast removed and now I have knot on my elbows and a knot come up on my knee that I can't put weight on if I do it feels like I'm being burned,then it hurts for days.does anyone know the symptoms of bone cancer?
1989179 tn?1332441058 t until next week but since around 33 weeks when I switch sides in the middle of the night my pubic or pelvic bone like cracks. Usually it feels good, like relieving, kinda like when you crack your back. Anyone else experience this or know if its normal?
Avatar f tn So, in October, I was playing football and I hurt my thumb. It bent all the way back, and since then its hurt to bend it. It also cracks often, and pops constantly. How can I tell if it's sprained, jammed or broken and when should I get it checked out?
1553444 tn?1294264718 its always been pretty sensitive, but i have lost some weight and the bones are a little more noticble and hav ebecame sore. especially on my left side at the top right above my breast. my dr actually had me go for a breat ultrasound to make sure it wasnt a lump and it wasnt. it worries me cause i dont know what it is some say it culd be a bone spur since ive had my chest sawed open three times and its sore bad some and the sometimes i dont even notice it.
5065378 tn?1381121570 I always feel pressure in my pelvis bone when it cracks like that! Lol but my baby is also down there ready to come.
Avatar f tn but i got really bad sore and cracked nipples so yesterday night i decided to give her formula until i see a lactation con. on monday. now that shes not on my breast my boobs are super hard and hurting. do i have to pump out that milk or what do i do? so painful/: advice is much appreciated please and thank you i do want to continue to breastfeed after i get the help i need to do it right and without the sore and cracks.