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608626 tn?1220446323 I have had breast pain in my right breast for a few weeks now. The thing is, it is not my actual breast that hurts, it is like the bone under my breast. It is very tender, especially when my 3 year old is wrestling with me. Any suggestions on what this could be? I am only 27, but because of a history of breast cancer in my family, I had a mammogram a few months ago. They did it twice because they thought they saw something, but said that it was just a shadow. Should I be worried?
Avatar n tn I’m experiencing an intermittent dull pain in the center of my chest that feels like it’s coming from my breast bone as opposed to deeper within my chest. It worsens when I lie on either my left or right side. Pressing on my sternum and ribs worsens the pain only very mildly, not nearly as badly as with the bruised ribs or pleurisy I’ve had in the past. I also have “skipped-heartbeat” palpitations.
Avatar n tn I’m experiencing an intermittent dull pain in the center of my chest that feels like it’s coming from my breast bone as opposed to deeper within my chest. It worsens when I lie on either my left or right side. Pressing on my sternum and ribs worsens the pain only very mildly, nowhere near the extent that I’d expect from cartilage damage, bruised ribs, or pleurisy, the latter two of which I’m familiar with from having had in the past.
400099 tn?1282958464 Does anyone have breast bone pain? I have been having breast bone pain that comes and goes. No chest pressure..nothing like that. Just this annoying pain. It scared me at first but I realized it's just in the breast bone. Is this MS related?
1553444 tn?1294268318 I was born with truncas arteriosis and have had three open heart surgeries to replace my valve. I have alot of pain and soreness in my chest bone here lately. its always been pretty sensitive, but i have lost some weight and the bones are a little more noticble and hav ebecame sore. especially on my left side at the top right above my breast. my dr actually had me go for a breat ultrasound to make sure it wasnt a lump and it wasnt.
Avatar f tn before i had the stent put in, and ever since, i have told my cardiologist, my surgeon and my pcp that my breast bone hurts. before it was very painful but now it is more of a discomfort, but enough so it is tires me out and i find myself taking naps. reading other posts about chest discomfort, i am not sure what to do. my doctors have told me nothing is wrong but it hurts to touch my chest. i have a follow up next month.
416318 tn?1358208615 A midday sudden sweat n fatigue that i had to lay down on the floor for a 5 minute power nap was a problem the other day! So now the strange chest pain (feels like bruised breast bone) is a concern :-( But as I said, I see csrdiologist every April and all is normal.
Avatar n tn its been 2 months since my by pass operation went back last week to see the consultant i told him my breast bone is moveing all the time whatever iam doing ive no pain and no infection my job is a surveyor and he has told me not to work for 6 months and to come back and see him in 4 months if the bone is constantly moveing will it ever repair it self
Avatar f tn I noticed a pain in my brast bone maybe about a month ago. It only hurts me if i twist my body or stretch when i wake up. I noticed maybe a week ago it got a little worse but maybe because i keep twisting and stretching. It does not bother me just sitting here, only durring movement. I was involved i a car accident 5 months ago, no noticable pain from that at the time. I tend to lift heavy objects but nothing outragous. I have horrible posture. I cant figure out what it is?
Avatar n tn I just got over a case of like strep and i had antibiotics and everything and ive been feeling great no but ive been ive come to notice everytime i swallow somthing or drink somthing i have like a small pain in my chest like pressure its been going on for 2 days now and im getting feels like its right dap in the middle of my breast bone and i dont like it. any ideas?
Avatar n tn I have sharp chest pain above my left breast below my color bone. It's a stabbing pain in one small area, and when i take a deep breath it hurts worse, this has been happening now for a few months, do you know if it could be something serious?
Avatar f tn Hi I have a pain just slightly below my colar bone, just about above my breast on the top of my left side. This is a aching pain which has been then for a few days. It feels like constant heartburn, and when I breath it aches. It not painful just uncomfortable, and makes me feel abit slow.
Avatar f tn Right below your breast bone? Could be your gallbladder but i am no doctor!
Avatar f tn i had a mechanical aortic valve replaced with open heart surgery Feb 2009, all went well but am still having pain in my chest, it feels like bone ache and hurts to turn over in bed, bend down etc. not so much pain as an ache??? anyone else out there hav this too, i find it eases if i hug a pillow tightly??
Avatar f tn Today I started getting a pain on my left breast. When I press on it it feels bruised like the inside ofthe breast as wel as the bone i would like o know what can it be!?
Avatar f tn I have fibrocystic breast and even at the very top of my chest just below the collar bone it hurts and it is fibrocystic breast. It is very tender to the touch. But does it hurt without touching it, like inside your bones? If so, you can get a bone scan to make sure there is nothing going on. I have had one and it can't hurt. They may take a Xray first instead of doing the bone scan. GERD is more in the stomach, or esophagus or in the chest area sometimes. It is not usually felt in the bone.
Avatar f tn i am haveing chest pain on the upper right lobe (right beho=inf my breast) it has been hurting for about 7-8 days now. it really hurts when i cough, breath in deeply,stretch back. thinking it may be a pulled muscle i have waited. can it be a pulled chest muscle without knowing or should x-ray be needed?
Avatar n tn I just recently gave birth july 18 2008 and about 2 weeks after I noticed this pain in my chest. I do not breast feed so I know that it is not related to that, but it is on the right side and it almost feels like its my rib. When I vacuum using my right arm it hurts, when i lay a certain way it hurts or if im lifting something it hurts. I even sometimes wake up in excruciating pain. It doesnt hurt to breath or caugh, so I dont think it is anything more than a muscular or bone problem.
Avatar n tn Chest pain on one side that is related to deep breaths is either musculoskeletal (you can google 'right-sided chest pain') or perhaps some kind of respiratory problem. If you always feel it with swallowing and burping as well, you might want to talk with a gastroenterologist. Your symptoms are almost certainly not heart-related for the simple reason that there is nothing associated with heart function in the upper right chest area. You can google something like 'where is heart pain felt?
Avatar n tn i'm concerned about a chronic chest pain that feels like stabbing in the middel of my upper left chest above the left breast plate almost near my collar bone. the pain comes and goes i don't have any other symptoms other that a constant clearing of my throat. i've seen a doctor who believes that i may have a bronchitis infection so i'm taking medication for that. my blood pressure was 130/80 which is not bad, but i just don't understand why the pain won't go away.
Avatar m tn good day doc i have this feeling for somethimes now a pain in the middle of my chest that i connot explain , when i went to the hospital they say i have gerd my question is those gerd always have is a anothier symptom for another sickness i mean coz its feels like ia have diff feeling pain im bck ang my under my left ribs sometime in my back into my jaw ang i feel like im always in dizzy mode like a feel like a little of a have a fever...
Avatar m tn I am experiecing moderate chest pain but it is mostly in the middle of my breast bone. The pain is sharp especially when i breath hard or burp and when i bent down/over. It has been hurting for 2 1/2 days, preventing me from sleeping for more than a few hours at a time. I don't think I had any injury that would have caused it. Any help would be appreciated, since I have no health insurance to go to the doctor.
Avatar n tn I was sitting in class and then slumped over my desk a little and when I sat up straight and took a breath, I felt pressure in the center of my chest, right in the middle of my breast bone. If I breathed in or out deeply, the pressure would intensify but when I breathed normally/shortly, there was no pressure. I thought I was maybe having a minor heart attack so of course I got nervous and my heart rate started to speed up.
Avatar m tn Hello. I am a fifteen year old boy and recently i have had some pain in my chest. The pain has been somewhat sharp and doesn't last very long. Also i have been having "bouts" with shortness of breath that have been getting worse and longer by each day This has been going on for a little over a week. I went to my doctor and she said it was most likely a muscular problem under my breast bone or something like that. Even though my doctor is great and i totally trust her.
Avatar m tn Why do I sometimes suddenly get chest pain,always on the right hand side,and above the breast bone? Then my heart starts beating out of control ? It is even sore when I slightly press with my hand on the said spot?