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608626 tn?1220442723 I have had breast pain in my right breast for a few weeks now. The thing is, it is not my actual breast that hurts, it is like the bone under my breast. It is very tender, especially when my 3 year old is wrestling with me. Any suggestions on what this could be? I am only 27, but because of a history of breast cancer in my family, I had a mammogram a few months ago. They did it twice because they thought they saw something, but said that it was just a shadow. Should I be worried?
Avatar f tn I have fibrocystic breast and even at the very top of my chest just below the collar bone it hurts and it is fibrocystic breast. It is very tender to the touch. But does it hurt without touching it, like inside your bones? If so, you can get a bone scan to make sure there is nothing going on. I have had one and it can't hurt. They may take a Xray first instead of doing the bone scan. GERD is more in the stomach, or esophagus or in the chest area sometimes.
Avatar f tn Right below your breast bone? Could be your gallbladder but i am no doctor!
400099 tn?1282954864 Does anyone have breast bone pain? I have been having breast bone pain that comes and goes. No chest pressure..nothing like that. Just this annoying pain. It scared me at first but I realized it's just in the breast bone. Is this MS related?
Avatar m tn I get this ach pain right under my left breast that scares me because i dont know if its my heart or a hiatal hernia..The pain is brought on by movements sometimes like if i turn my body to fast, or if i bend over. i also get it alot after meal. Does anyone get this same pain under the left breast bone and knows what it is?
Avatar m tn Now for the past week around 8 pm I start to have back pain on the inside of my shoulder which radiates into my right breast and into the middle of my chest between my breast bone. Not sure how this relates to my esophagus. I have made an appointment with my Dr but would like some relief in the meantime.
Avatar f tn I need to know what the symptoms of bone cancer after breast cancer r..I had both breast removed and now I have knot on my elbows and a knot come up on my knee that I can't put weight on if I do it feels like I'm being burned,then it hurts for days.does anyone know the symptoms of bone cancer?
Avatar m tn Why do I sometimes suddenly get chest pain,always on the right hand side,and above the breast bone? Then my heart starts beating out of control ? It is even sore when I slightly press with my hand on the said spot?
Avatar n tn I was sitting in class and then slumped over my desk a little and when I sat up straight and took a breath, I felt pressure in the center of my chest, right in the middle of my breast bone. If I breathed in or out deeply, the pressure would intensify but when I breathed normally/shortly, there was no pressure. I thought I was maybe having a minor heart attack so of course I got nervous and my heart rate started to speed up.
1553444 tn?1294264718 I was born with truncas arteriosis and have had three open heart surgeries to replace my valve. I have alot of pain and soreness in my chest bone here lately. its always been pretty sensitive, but i have lost some weight and the bones are a little more noticble and hav ebecame sore. especially on my left side at the top right above my breast. my dr actually had me go for a breat ultrasound to make sure it wasnt a lump and it wasnt.
272434 tn?1228607209 He looked at me and in an exclamatory voice said You definitely are having breast pain from the muscles in your chest wall!! Then he went on to explain how pain can radiate and how the nerves are affected and how the breasts are included in the whole scheme of things. My mammograms are clear. I do get microcalcifications, had a few removed, henceforth scars, but no cancer, thank God. Have no fear, this is normal for fibro sufferers.
Avatar f tn Treatment includes systemic therapy in the form of either chemotherapy, hormonal therapy, or both. Bisphosphonates can help in relieving the bone pain caused by the bone metastases; as well prevent further damage to the bone caused by cancer.
Avatar f tn Her pre-op workup including bone scan,ct chest and lungs,ultrasound of pelvis and abdomen and chest xrays showed no tumor deposits.She is her2neu negative and er/pr positive.her ca125 level and cea levels were normal. What is the stage of her breast cancer and what is the average survival rate according to her stage??
Avatar n tn ve had something like that happen once, I fell asleep with both if my arms in front of me and my top shoulder fell forward while I was asleep. When I woke up I had bad chest pain but it was from me squishing my own sternum and breast bone. It hurt pretty bad and took a few minutes before I could take a deep breath.
1054801 tn?1327948399 please help i need advice about chest pain i been suffering from chest pain for about 6 almost 7 years now i had my ekg done back in 2005 but it came back norrmal i still continue to have pain i get the strong contraction like pain on my left side it seems to start under my breast bone and shoots straight up but not to my neck when that happens it last about a minute or less and i cant breath in!!
Avatar f tn On my breast bone... About a 7 it lasts a few seconds then goes away and then comes back again...
Avatar f tn Chest pain can originate from chest wall (bone, muscle, breast tissue or skin), esophagus, heart, lungs, tissue linings surrounding the lungs (the inflammation of which is known as pleurisy or pleuritis). Sometimes problems with neck, spine, gall bladder, liver or stomach may also cause chest pain. Usually it is difficult to decide what to do when you have chest pain. You should consult your physician to find out more about your symptoms.
Avatar n tn I would think eventally the pain in the back would go away after heart surgery but mine, my- brother- in - law, my sister-in-law. We all have pain around our shoulder blades and around uner the arm around to the chest . It is very painfull. Do you know what causes this? It has been 9 years since my double by pass. and the inlaws are 6 and 5 years. This discussion is related to <a href='/posts/show/869110'>Chest bone and back bone pain 2 yrs. after open heart surgery....
234449 tn?1429109070 Ribs, front and back and sides, under arms, arm pit, chest where your breast bone meets, sternum and all by my collar bone and back. I was told it stomach related? I've had EKG's and bloodwork done all was good and ok. I do abuse Excedrins and Ibupropen due to migraine headaches too so I know my stomach is messed up from that as well. My question is does stomach issues cause severe chest pain? Rib pain? And Such? Please Help. I go to gastrologist in two weeks!
Avatar n tn Chest pain for over a year could be due to costochondritis (inflammation of the joint between rib and chest bone), angina (pain comes with exercise only), gall bladder problems, severe acidity, hiatal hernia, tuberculosis or any cancer of lung or bone. Since you are just 22 years old I would look at exposure to smoking causing cancers as the last possibility for the pain.
Avatar f tn hi, had been in hell for past two weeks, I actually had anxiety for 2 years, suffering from alots of crazy symptom, but since 2weeks ago, my symptom get worsen, I kept waking in the night with pain in the chest behind my breast bone and lower part of my left rip bone ( below my breast), then I felt whole my body very hot. Now, my left back and neck also pain. Why does my symptom get worsen , am I really suffered from anxiety? Has anyone like that? Symptom change?
Avatar n tn After about 2 weeks it was gone. Since that time I have had pain behind the right breast. At first the pain would come and go, now it is almost a constant. The pain will radiate up into my collar bone area and down my right arm. I will have "bad" weeks where I am very tired and not much energy along with the pain. I went to the doc Oct. 2007. I've had a breast ultrasound and bloodwork and all seems fine. This month I went for a chest-xray and am scheduled for a CAT Scan.
Avatar f tn This is my first post and I am writing with alot of concern. My issue started 2 weeks ago when I had severe pain in left arm and breast, mostly in the chest bone. It was extremely painful and I had to visit ER. Doctor said I am having muscular pain and it should get better with rest and medication. It got better for sometime but started again. Now the situation is that one day I have pain in my arm, neck, upper back, shoulder and breast on the right side and next day on the left side.
Avatar f tn My CT and Bone scans came back clear (taken June 07) I am always doing breast checks, but also started examining my whole breast bone and ribs area. I have noticed that my first and second ribs on my left side protrude more near the sternum on the left hand side. The breast cancer was in my right breast.
Avatar f tn A week later, still having chest pain, feels like inside breast bone. Dizzy, chest pain, neck /jaw pain and slightly numb arm...back to er today. More tests, blood ekg and ct scan with dye. No blockage, no clotting - blood test shows normal again. Sent me home with a saying 'unexplained chest pain' follow up with primary care doc. Should I push for a heart cath? Dad and grandpa have had heart issues. I am not out of breath, go to gym 1-2 per week, eat healthy. Obviously overweight.
Avatar f tn I have saline breast implants over the muscle. They will be ten yrs old in march. over the past six months nearly every bone & joint in my body has started hurting. I'm having chest wall pain and if I don't wear a bra every second, it feels as if my left breast is actually pulling the muscles away from my rib cage. My left breast also feels bruised on top. I don't think it's changed size, and I don't feel a lump.
Avatar n tn its been 2 months since my by pass operation went back last week to see the consultant i told him my breast bone is moveing all the time whatever iam doing ive no pain and no infection my job is a surveyor and he has told me not to work for 6 months and to come back and see him in 4 months if the bone is constantly moveing will it ever repair it self
Avatar n tn I don't see any connection between your breast pain and breast cancer .... this is rarely associated with pain. Since you've had 2 breast exams and no lumps were found then the pain must be coming from another source. I suggest that you might see someone who specializes in the treatment of Chronic Pain. I'm not sure what your OB/GYN can do for this pain .... perhaps he/she might order an Ultrasound to put your mind at ease about there being anything abnormal within the breast tissue.