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Avatar m tn Hello, My ten year old daughter noticed her right breast bone was sticking out yesterday so we went straight to the doctors who then sent us to the local hospital for Xray. The bone looks normal but there is like cloud of white above it. Doctor said it's nothing to worry about, but sent the picture off and will have the results back in a weeks time. any idea what it could be??? By the way , the bone even sticks out through her t shirt.
Avatar f tn It's still there, (the left side of my breast-bone, at the top of my rib cage sticks out just a bit) but no one would ever notice besides me, since I developed breasts which make it obviously less apparent, and grew into the rest of my body. But I was always very boney and skinny anyways, so I think it's usually only evident if the child doesn't have much fatty tissue to cover those protruding bones.
Avatar n tn Yah, Im 17 and last night when i got out of the shower i saw that i had a lump on my pelvic bone area it is the size of a marble and moves around and is also hard and hurts when i touch it,im scared that it might be cancer just to even think about it worries me to death.i read some of the things on this page it know im worried more then mother has called my doctor but i cant get in intill the middle of Aug and to let it go for that long it awful.i just hope it isnt anything B-I-G!
Avatar n tn Hey Im 15 and I hate wearing skirts or tights oor anything cos when i lie down the bone sticks out major! I hate it. ALl my friends are sexually active.. unbeliveable ( i know) i doo wanna try some stuff but have been too scared of it. I only noticed it a year ago. I do get sore lowerright back pains.. if that helps anyone. I weigh 55Kgs... hoping thats the average weight for a 15 year old im 5ft 8 one else in my family is like this and i wish i had bigger ****.
Avatar n tn For as long as I can remember, I have had a problem with my hyoid bone popping out and causing excrutiating pain. It is always the same - the right side of my neck. At about the age of 8 I talked to my pediatrician about it and he promptly told me it was not possible. That I was having anything "pop out" in my neck. He contended that there wasn't anything there that could pop out. So I just continued to push it back into place whenever it popped out.
517119 tn?1285874992 the lab thought i had a very aggressive vascular lesion due to radiation. scared me again. my breast surgeon decided to have a second opinion. had my biopsy go to JohnsHopkins in NYC. After 1 very LONG week, she called to tell me they thought otherwise. She then sent it AGAIN to a prominent Dr. in Italy who used to be head of Mt. Sinai. after another long week, he too agreed it was fine.
Avatar f tn I have always had extra tissue along the outside of each one of my breast. Even though this extra tissue pops out of the side of my bra, I continue to wear sleeveless tops. I would love to have this corrected, but I do not know whether I should go to a plastic surgeon or someone else. I had a string of infected cysts removed from my left underarm years ago, and since then, there have not been any lumps under either arm. I have noticed that even some models have this condition.
Avatar n tn Had a needle biopsy a couple of months ago of the lump in my breast that came out negative. Was still concerned about the thing on my rib so my surgeon and I decided together to do a surgery and just take them both out. Got the news yesterday that both are cancer, invasive ductal cancer. Even the tumor that was originally thought to be benign via needle biopsy turned out to be cancer. Go to a different doctor if you feel they are not paying attention to you.
Avatar n tn I explained that the pain I got was when I was sitting in the shower shaving my legs and depending on which way I twisted my body, I felt if I scrunched my abdomen to much, it felt like I an organ popped out between two ribs, under my right breast, and was being squeezed. It would be so painful, if I moved the pain only intensified.
Avatar n tn My husband of 28 yrs has been messed up for the past 12 yrs since I had my breast reduction... It has ruined my marriage. I had neck and shoulder pain and my husband WAS supportive about the surgery. We discussed it, watched a video of the surgery together etc. what came after was so unexpected . My husband cried for months, tried antidepressant mess and we did grow apart. I acknowledged his feeling,tried to reassure that surgery takes time to heal and settle down.
Avatar m tn I'm now 18 and the nipple has no symptoms except the it's sticks out and is a bit larger than my right. What could this be? Could it have been something thys was due to hormones at the time or is it cancer? There are NO lump around my whole armpit area even up to my collar bone. I'm kind of scared of what I could be? I'm definitely going the the doctor but I just want some opinions. Since the symptoms are gone does that mean it can't be cancer??
Avatar n tn Well yall, I went to take my bath this morning and noticed some lil clear liquid coming out of my right breast nipple. I am having more and more symptoms everyday. I called the doctor and they sat me up for an appointment way in September. I guess they wanna make sure I don't see no period at all for the whole month of August and the beginning of September. I already know I'm not gonna see anything cause I don't have any feeling at all in my body that a period is even trying to come.
759277 tn?1234878657 May 8 enter hospital short of breath and have an angiogram that shows numerous blockages May 11 open heart surgery lasting 7 hours and comprising of five bypasses and one valve ring support May 11 -25 Life support as the Dr's cant awake me and they tell my family that they don't know if i'll ever come out of it May 26 fourteen days after surgery I wake up Still unaware of my situation i am weaned from all of my IV's I am moved to a recovery floor where a groin infection plagues me I
Avatar f tn hey there my 21month old has pigeon chest where his breast bone sticks out i was just wondering could he grow out of it or will it get worse??
Avatar n tn One of my worst injuries was a double compoud fracture to my left femur. The scar tissue has adhered nearly to the bone in my thigh. To this day, I can't even stand to have someone blow air on it. I have a lot of nerve damage throughout my arms and legs. I also have a great deal of pain. A have new and strange sensations almost on a daily basis. I was told 7 years ago, that I was the best I would ever be, and it was basically downhill for me at that point.
369912 tn?1229653690 It was like someone was ringing a cloth out right under my left breast. I had two sharp ones and it literally knocked the breath out of me. I think it's my first experience with acid reflux. (I drank a glass of o.j. today which I never drink). Anyways, if I didn't know better I would have almost thought I was having a heart attack. I never realised how bothersome acid reflux/heartburn could be. So sorry to all you BFP'ers who might be experiencing it.
Avatar f tn my 1 and only daughter who is the baby/youngest in my family,but for my sanity it's best for me to get the hell out of hear.just tryn to figure out how,and where to start as i'm 45 yrs old and have allways been a homemaker.I'll figure it out i guess.
Avatar f tn Over the past four months, this pain has grown from that orginating spot, up, above my left breast, up through to my collar bone on top, over to my far left shoulder tip (to where the shoulder looks a little dislocated), and esp. hurts in my armpit/breast region. I also have had pain under my left breast, by where I think the rib cage ends. There is a protrusion there, like the bottom of my rib cage has a bit of bone that sticks out. That started about seven years ago.
429155 tn?1205676864 Throughout the day I had a few low periods and do not yet feel the drug is out of my system, and I am yearning to be my old self. Through some research I have learned that using sleeping pills is not the answer and have decided to stop using them. It takes time for the brains receptors to begin making it's own chemicals again natuarally and the taking of any kind of drug ( not natural ones ) can upset this process.
Avatar n tn Hopefully, going to the doctor soon. My insurance is pulling out of my state and dropping me, so I don't want to see one just yet. I don't want a "preexsisting" condition not being covered. Glad to see some other people have this.
158939 tn?1274918797 Two weeks ago tomorrow -- which happened to be the Saturday before my RAI -- my 6 year old schnauzer became VERY ill. It turned out that he had a sudden onset of something quite rare -- a gallbladder mucocele, which means his gallbladder turned to gel. There were also questionable spots on his liver and at that point, peritonitis setting in... Emergency surgery was a possibility but his future was 'iffy' with so many things going on inside, and I couldn't ask him to suffer for me...
Avatar f tn As you already know, nothing can cure this disease, so all you can do is manage the symptoms as best you can. If you can stand it, check out the several journal articles I wrote on my profile here at Med Help regarding Chica and our "adventure" with end-stage renal failure. You and your husband are doing the same things we did, and your Sandy Grace sounds like the exact same temperament as our Chica.
Avatar f tn My problem started about 4 days ago wen my breathing suddenly took a turn for the worse (I have smoked canabis dailyfor 2 years now) I have no idea what's wrong with me it feels like I'm constantly fighting for my breath which leads to sometimes mild and sometimes severe panic attack I'm 16 male and usually quite fit this is really starting to worry me now and also my breast bone sticks out a bit the hospital post this down to weight training but I dissagree someone please help
Avatar m tn Make it in big batches and scoop it into a sandwich bag before you head out for the day. Then you’ll be prepared to fight hunger whenever it strikes. Choose a Nut Almonds are a good source of maganese and copper, minerals that help fight free radicals. Brazil nuts were found to be more effective than supplements at providing selenium, an essential micromineral.
Avatar n tn About 1 1/2 years ago, I started having pain right under the breast bone, under the diaphram. My doctor did an endoscopy and it didn't show damage. It hurts when it's pressed. I can no longer wear a bra because that is exactly where it hurts. It seems to be on the surface, so I'm thinking muscular. It seems to travel down the length of my abdominal muscles, but mostly sticks to the top of the muscle. My massage therapist tried massaging it out for months, but it never gets better.
Avatar n tn My daughter found a lump which at first we thought was in her breast but after taking her to the Dr. we found out it was on her rib. The doc sent her to get an X-ray but nothing showed up on the X-ray including any old fractures. He then had her get an MRI which he said showed that it was not cancer or a tumor. The lump is very hard and unmoveable and sticks out from her rib like a volcano. Everything I had looked up about her lump made it seem like it was an Osteosarcoma tumor. Even the Dr.
Avatar f tn For the past couple of months I've noticed a lump in my center upper abdomen that bulges out when I lay down or recline. It sometimes rises up and bulges out of my skin for a few seconds, then drops back down. It is not painful, even when I press on it. Today I noticed that when I lay down and press on the area, I can slightly feel it even when it isn't bulging. I've had problems with nausea the past couple of months as well.
Avatar m tn After those symtoms left i have felt a lump or something stuck in throat and maybe like a small soreness also at time. This feeling is in the soft part of throat right above breast bone sternum area. I dont really notice it unless i swallow saliva. It doesnt seem to bother me eating drinking or breathing. Feel the best right awsy when i wake up but soon after it goes full force.