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2126606 tn?1346348724 Some of you may have seen the recent news surrounding hydrocodone, but I wanted to share it here for those of you who haven't as it’s an important issue that could potentially affect millions of people. To give you a brief overview, an advisory panel to the FDA has recommended tighter restrictions on hydrocodone-containing drugs, which would essentially classify them among the most dangerous prescription medications available to patients.
Avatar m tn I also took about 160 mg a day for over ten years and no my doctor did not prescribe that much. I am at the end of my 4th day of cold turkey. It isn't fun and it isn't pleasant but it is doable. I have forced myself to keep my mind under control and it has made it a lot easier. No matter how bad I feel or how sick I think I am I force myself to get up and keep moving during the day. Even if it is just washing half a load of dishes or taking my dog for a walk.
Avatar n tn Guys, if we can stop another person from killing themselves or wrecking thier lives on Hydrocodone much less any other drug, then what we have gone through or are going through was not for nothing. God Bless and continue to heal each of you. JR.
Avatar n tn Since I am only five days into the prozac regimen, I imagine that quitting would not make much of a difference at this point. Does anyone have any experience taking prozac and getting off hydro, or would you recommend get of prozac altogether before my system gets used to it and sticking to the treatment? Any info or thoughts on this predicament would be most appreciated.
Avatar m tn can offer this at a less expensive cost to those without insurance like myself. My PM actually does this for free for me as I've been a patient for over 6 years. Same thing with massage therapy. We are talking physical therapy here...not some "spa" treatment...Obviously you haven't looked into other alternatives for pain management. Again, many insurance companies offer this as part of PT treatment using heat, and ultrasound.
Avatar m tn I have done withdrawal a few times in the few years but in Feb of this year I lost my job of 6 years (as most people do in this economy when you are dispensable) and Ive pretty much lost everything... I still take my meds though and will do nearly anything to get my hands on them, 1) for the pain and 2) so I dont have to deal with withdrawal. I usually take them as prescribed (10/325), I take 2, 5 times daily (10 a day) and for some reason the Pharmacy would not fill them yesterday...
Avatar n tn I started a taper program last week - today is day 9 and i'm taking 2 10/325's daily. I know that isn't much but its down from 6 daily. Does it matter if I take all the pills at one time in the AM or should I break them up and take the dose over the course of the entire day?
Avatar f tn Great, right? Not so much - So, 4 a day turned to 8, to 12, to 14, you get the picture. Obviously my script didn't cover this massive amount each month, so I doctor shopped, order from the internet, & even bought them off the street (none of which my budget could afford).
Avatar n tn We don't weigh the consequences and say oh well, I'll do it anyway. We just do it, no matter the cost or potential cost. We don't want to hurt anyone, but we end up hurting so many people. Ultimatums don't stick well with most addicts, so Im glad to see you're not giving him one. But he has to know where you stand if he doesn't get help. Again, he's lucky to have someone like you who cares enough about him to want him to get the help he really needs.
Avatar n tn I am still dealing with a lot of pain (headaches, cramping, back etc) but I beleive that the patch is very addictive and does not take care of the pain that much. At least, it did not work for me. I was on it for about 8 months and I really got tired of putting it on and off every 3 days. I have to tell you that the symptoms when you get off are very strong. Sweating, not sleeping, shaking, hot flashs and cold sweats.
Avatar f tn I guess great things come at a cost. Our life and future is much better then any amount of pain or any pill! I hate these things and when I eat them that's all I think is exactly that..I HATE them!
Avatar m tn Will the VA cover the cost of methadone, is that what they're saying now? It is disgraceful how your government could leave you in this bind. i'm so sorry. Kudos for working as a college professor. I hope you love working and don't just have to work. You deserve a retirement. but if you would rather stay working, power to you.
Avatar n tn I recently went to rehab for a 10-15 a day 10/325 hydrocodone addiction. It was the best thing I could of ever done. Now I am on suboxone for withdrawals, and in intensive outpatient therapy, while on STD from my employer. The PD where the last "script" was done is now calling. I have enough street smarts to know to NOT answer ANY questions without an attorney present. I honestly cannot afford an attorney to consult for this, even if an arrest occurs.
Avatar n tn I've been taking hydrocodone for the past five years, and at maximum prescribed levels (1-2 tablets every 4-6 hours - - which, naturally, means 2 every 4 hours) for the past two. How do I get off this stuff? Cold turkey? Phased withdrawal?
Avatar f tn I think you wrote in another thread that you also buy methadone on the gets a little confusing with all the different threads going... If I'm understanding correctly, you were taking high doses of pills every day and you have to buy extra methadone away from the clinic. That makes you unstable right now. You have to talk to the clinic about this because its their job to get you at a comfortable dose and you need to keep yourself safe...
Avatar n tn I have been using some form of opiate several times a day for almost 20 years. I am now 36 years old and really sick of it all. Its hard to believe that I have been like this for so long. I guess you could call me the ultimate functioning addict. (house, job, husband, children etc.) There is not a day that goes by that I dont wake up swearing to myself that I will not use, but we all know how that goes. I did try detox/rehab back in 1995. I was in a 30 day treatment program.
484378 tn?1209909492 Well, while reading on here, I was addicted to Norco...**Hydrocodone** 10/325mg about 20 a day for over 2 years. I loved it back then...I felt normal, though reading on here, everyone said how normal they now felt being clean. Well I was thinking, how is that, cuz IM the one who feels normal too!! I never took more then 4-5 at a time. It came to the point where I wasnt taking them to get high or a good energy buzz anymore...but more to maintain my levels so I wouldnt be sick.
Avatar m tn I dont want it I dont need it I dont want anything to do with it, he's talked so much that he's got pretty much everyone thinking that it's the best thing in the world. I think it does absolutely nothing. Even if it does get you off of whatever it's just trading one addiction for another. Granted it is a life saver for some people who actually need it but I don't need it.
Avatar m tn I think we're over some sort of hump, b/c like you, I feel a lot better. Does it ever go away? Not sure I'm much of an expert on that, but I imagine that it never really does. I think it just sort-of lies dormant within us, waiting to hop onto some other potential addictive quality that might present itself in our lives (food, gambling, rage, sex, love, alcohol, exercise, danger, spending, etc.).
Avatar n tn If I were you, I would stop now while you can still do so without too much discomfort. I know the urge is strong to just keep enjoying the pills and deal with any "ramifications" later. But you just don't know what it's like to always be afraid you're going to run out of pills, to always be hiding and lying and dreading that someone will find out, to be raiding the medicine cabinets of your friends and family like some sleazy thief. Get out now while you can!
Avatar f tn I really hope that comes back soon. I feel like such a slug. I can barely move. Ibuprofin does not seem to help much, but I keep trying it. The feeling is slowly coming back to my body. Nice feeling after 4 years of numbness. I would love to hear from anyone that has finished the journey. I will be done soon!!
Avatar n tn she really does! I know she does. I know the guy she gets them from, and thats what she pays! I wouldn't lie about that! I also wouldn't lie about what I paid, either. Why would I lie? ??????????????????
Avatar n tn Tell the doc the truth. You will be surprised at how much he/she knows already. He probably suspects you are addicted from the amount of meds he has prescribed. Honesty is usually the best policy. Your Doc can give you something to ease the w/d's. The diarrhea and insomnia seem to be the biggest problems I have had in the past. It is also really hard to concentrate. At least these were the worst of my symptoms in the past. Good luck, we are here to support you.
2126606 tn?1346348724 Although heroin was once primarily considered a street drug, many people in suburban communities are finding it easier to access than prescription painkillers – and more affordable. As mindboggling as it may be, it’s true. The 2013 National Drug Control Strategy highlighted that heroin addiction, especially among 18-25-year-olds has grown, with approximately 68,000 seeking treatment in 2010, which was up from 43,000 in 2000. Why is heroin easier for some to get than, say Vicodin?
182493 tn?1348056515 In order to save myself time I’ve decided to write as much as I can on one, or two, pages…the truth as I see it…to assist you in your endeavor. I will be adding and subtracting as more information is made available. Certainly, you may perceive your truth to be different. If you think that going to the methadone clinic every morning to get your dose for the rest of your life…gives you quality of life…then read no further and God bless you.
Avatar n tn does suboxone help with hydrocodone withdrawals?
4113881 tn?1415853876 677.... from the street drugs and prescribe meds 3765....from the bar or store 20 days from them awful Cigs that does more damage then all of this. As most know I had to have a Heart Procedure and I am still not out of the red yet..This is what it took for me to finally quit the Cigs. I have been mentioning it on here since day one. It has been a bit harder then when I c/t my 3 meds ALMOST 2 years ago.. GRATEFUL to be ALIVE TODAY!!! CONGRATS TO ALL WHO HAS TAKEN THAT FIRST STEP!!
1170366 tn?1263923079 After the treatment I will go back to Low dose Subutex. I will go from 16 mg to maybe 2 mg a day. Much better than heroine and all things that follow that drug. When I feel 100 % sure that I want not take any opiates more, I will went off the Subutex. Methadone gives you more side effect than Subutex/Suboxone.
Avatar f tn One question I have is how much is it to buy it on the street? For much can you get for 40-50 or 60 dollars? I just want to know how much he can buy so if i know he has a certain amount of money I may know approximately how many pills he could be buying Thanks!