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Avatar f tn I think you wrote in another thread that you also buy methadone on the gets a little confusing with all the different threads going... If I'm understanding correctly, you were taking high doses of pills every day and you have to buy extra methadone away from the clinic. That makes you unstable right now. You have to talk to the clinic about this because its their job to get you at a comfortable dose and you need to keep yourself safe...
Avatar f tn Hey Yall, As most of you know I just started Subutex, I have been doing a lot of thinking about how expensive the doctor visit and the meds are and I'm not sure that I can afford it. The doc visit is $ 150.00 and I pay $ 540.00 for 60 8mg pills . That's what I will have to pay every month. I was just wondering if there was anyway I could go about trying to find a doctor that is not sooo expensive and is it possible for me to switch from one sub doctor to a cheaper one ?
Avatar f tn I found oxycodone/contin medications help much more than hydrocodone for my pain (L4-L5 herniation with shooting pains down the legs), a cervical spine issue (stenosis, curvature that never existed before) and severe abdominal pain from 8 prior surgeries. If Ambien doesn't help you some doctors prescribe zanaflex to help sleep especially for fibromyalgia patients or a combo of both.
197575 tn?1215532624 My insurance probably won't cover thyrogen shots for my year scan and thyroglobulin test. Does anyone know how much 3 shots would cost me??? I don't look forward to going off my meds for several weeks since it took me 7-8 months to finally feel good after my tt. I was on 8 different synthroid doses until we got it right. I'm on 250mcg. I would rather pay for them then be miserable.
Avatar n tn Hey guys I live in tampa, FL I have a 1 yr old daughter and before I had her I weigh 140 I'm 5'1" and its been a year since I had her and I weigh almost 170, I know someone that started the b12 shots a month ago and she has aready lost 15 pounds. I am so jelous I want to lose 40 pounds. But its so hard. Being on a diet is cost alot of money. all that healthy food cost alot. I would like to try the b12 shots and that phentmine meds. I don't have insurance .
Avatar m tn Hi again I would like to add that yes we have all see the posts about side effects that some people have experienced. Most if not all are related to treatment with interferon and while the problems those people have experienced are not good they are experienced by a minority of patients. Also I believe at least some of them had other medical conditions which most likely complicated their treatment or their livers were already in bad shape to begin with.
Avatar m tn the one thing i have found that does a real good job is hydrocodone/apap.but it seems as though the drs. only give it to people whos sole purpose to have it is to sell it.why would they give it to someone who needs it.
Avatar m tn hi everyone,i have been taking 10mg hydrocodone for about the past 5 months, i take anywhere between 4-6 pills throughout the day,i suffer from extreme restless leg syndrome but it only effects my feet, suprisingly the hydrocodone relieves this sensation i have in my feet and im able to relax, without them my feet drive me absolutely insane and causes mental agitation,depression,anxiety,anger and overwhelming thoughts.
Avatar m tn 7 years 7 to 10 hydrocodone 10s a day I have gotten down to 2 a day and have not taken any today (I'm out and can't find any... Which might be a good thing.) I have tried quitting before and did for about 6 months. I have some depression social anxiety and have a lack of motivation. Hydros have always taken care of all my problems big small physical mental doesn't matter and haven't been sick the entire 7 years. Not even a cold. I have always self medicated.
Avatar f tn I started Fentanyl in May and it has been extremely helpful for me. The goal of a medication is to reduce your pain enough so that you can function more and do more for yourself, and friends and family. If the hydrocodone left you suffering in pain most of the time and unable to do things, the fentanyl should definitely be much stronger and should help you have a more normal life. On the flip side, you don't want to be so drugged that you don't do anything either.
Avatar m tn I have chronic pain in several areas of my body. Most of it is caused by car accidents and the resulting Osteoarthritis that came on after quite some time. I have been on Norco/Lortabs for four years, but my doctor very recently retired. I cannot find another doctor who will give me anywhere near the quantities my previous doctor did. I don't know where to buy it off the street, so I am considering methadone for pain relief. Does anyone know if this will work?
Avatar f tn Does an ultrasound cost in your city or town. In India it's like Rupees 600-1000.
Avatar m tn Hello. My husband was recently prescribed Marinol for appetite and future chemo treatment. He has cholangiocarcinoma stage 4. This is also spread to the stomach. I was wondering about Medicare coverage for this. We live in Ohio and so far the copays we have been quoted are out of our reach. Over $100, and that's for an alternative. Does anyone know if there is extra coverage that we might be eligible for?
Avatar f tn Renal failure was next to previcox. He is so much cheaper too. My first visit only cost me $75.00. That included something right there and then for the kidneys a chiropractic adjustment because he was leaking urine, a chinese herb pills , some pills to build up his immune system, pills for his kidneys, something for pain, and some drops for the incontanance. All of this was homeopathic.
19752224 tn?1483745639 The Oxycodone works much better but just does not last long enough. My insurance will not cover the longer lasting Oxy, suggestions on making it last longer and be more potent?
Avatar m tn Wow, with that much acetaminophen, you should have your liver checked, and probably as soon as you can.
Avatar f tn My story is very simple two years ago I broke my back, did not have insurance for doctor or surgery so I started buying Lortab 10's off the street to deal with the pain. I have been on them now for 10 months taking 3-4 per day. Yesterday was day 1 for me, today is day 2. My question is what can I expect on day 3? I have to work so I have no options. I feel terrible. Any advice?