How long does hydrocodone withdrawal last

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Avatar f tn m still getting the cold sweats and not sleeping and just all around miserable. The question is How long does it take to get past this? My doctor told me I have an extra sensitivity to these pain killers cause most people require a lot more than I was taking to become addicted. I'm 56, going through menopause. I'm supposed to be having hot flashes not cold sweats lol Even now my hands are clammy and I am cold. I could sure use an encouraging word.
Avatar n tn It does getter better and better each day but sleep is still pretty hard and i have 24 days .How many did you take before u cut down this last time ? how long have you been feeling like this? I recommend buying some good vitamins from GNC , i bought tons of vitamins and drank a ton of water and it really helps .
Avatar f tn How long does the joint pain last with hydrocodone wd. I've been taking it for over 10 years.
5220368 tn?1367686845 Congrats on 5 days and being able to feel again! The tears are very healing so let yourself cry. It is okay to do that. We numbed our emotions up for so long and we forget we have them. Try and get outside if the sun is shining. It does wonders for our depression. This will ease up too. You are doing great so keep going!
Avatar f tn Do you mean how long until the drug can no longer be detected in your system, or how long will withdrawals last after you stop taking them? Hydrocodone has a half life of about 4 hours. (That means half as much will still be in your blood stream 4 hours after your last dose...then half THAT in another 4 hours, and so on.) In terms of withdrawals, however, it depends on how long you've been taking them, your average daily intake, etc.
Avatar m tn It does sound like it could be withdraw symptoms. Usually withdraw last about 7 days. The worst days are days 3-4. Just let him know that things will get better. Luckily he was not on the meds for very long so his withdraw will not be as severe as other peoples on here. He should be fine in no time.
Avatar m tn It does depend on how long you were on the meds. It sounds like classic withdrawal, which CAN also cause muscle cramps/aches, sleplessness and depression. The symptoms each can vary in their intensity and duration. If you are not trying to recover as many do by "going cold turkey", you may want to be weaned off a little more gently and slowly so the discomfort is not so apparent. You might talk with your doctor about this.
Avatar n tn how much aday??? I can tell you opiate withdrawal last hard for two weeks then it eases on day 14 thats where it gets to be unknown territory for me..
Avatar m tn So, now she is off the butalbital - cold turkey and says the withdrawal is hell. Does anyone know how long the withdrawal lasts? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Avatar m tn I was taking about the same amount and I am on day 15 of no hydrocodone . I never missed a day in two and a half years.... The physical symtoms go pretty quick but the mental struggle is the worse for me. It depends on how long she was on them too. I had a lot of panic with my withdrawals which was by far the worse thing for me. It has improved over time. My ears still ring a little. I haven't had as much motivation either but the physical part won't last that long.
Avatar m tn No hydrocodone for 16 days now. Was using 150 mg day for years. Did 3 day hosp subutex detox two weeks ago. No subcutex since then. Also have very painful acute prostate infection and been on cipro for a week. Urologist gave me tramadol for pain. Taking 200 mg day. Is this just postponing hydrocodone wd symptoms? Only other symtom legs feel sore and heavy. Don't know if my feeling like sh*t is from wd or infection. Does wd amplify pain from an infection?
Avatar m tn Subutex 4/4/4/2/2/2mg. 10 days clean. Feel like hell. How long will acute wd last? Was going cold turkey from that hydro level a good idea? And taking tramadol now for unreal pain from prostatitis. Would wellbutrin help more with wd?
Avatar n tn He has been there for five days he has been taking unknown amounts of hydrocodone pills . He called today talking out of his head very paranoid how long will this last I am very worried. I'm afraid he will leave this place because he doesn't't know what he is doing then he will go to jail, any advice I'm so scared.They Don't give anything for withdrawal.