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Avatar f tn At one time, Talwin NX was one of the most prescribed pain medications in the US. They actually added the NX as at one point, it was a huge street drug being ground and injected---- it was called the poor man's heroine. Once the NX was added, it was unable to be used in that way (just to get high) and the drug continued to be heavily prescribed for pain.
Avatar f tn I do not take hydrocodone. I am allergic to hydrocodone. I am at my wits end, what would cause this false positive.
Avatar f tn My story is very simple two years ago I broke my back, did not have insurance for doctor or surgery so I started buying Lortab 10's off the street to deal with the pain. I have been on them now for 10 months taking 3-4 per day. Yesterday was day 1 for me, today is day 2. My question is what can I expect on day 3? I have to work so I have no options. I feel terrible. Any advice?
Avatar m tn It would be most helpful to us to know how many a day you were taking, at what strength, were they prescribed, did you buy on the street. Without that information we have no clue what to prescribe you to help with withdrawals and other symptoms that might come up. Thanks!
Avatar f tn Did you have a prescription for for the hydrocodone & oxycodone? If so I wouldn't worry about it. If you got them off the street then I would let your dr know so they can be aware of any possible effects on the baby.
Avatar m tn Started using and then abusing about 5 years ago with crushed disk in back. After about a year of worsining pain, had lower back fusion. And never got completely off pain meds. Still have back pain but pills have taken over my life totally. "Need" about 15, 10/500 aday just to "make it thru". Pain clinic Dr. script for 105 pills a month but always buying on the street. Easy to find...eats up all your money, and no way to live.
148588 tn?1465778809 http://www.sfchronicle.com/news/medical/article/Medical-groups-question-price-of-new-hep-C-drug-5306780.php "WASHINGTON (AP) — An innovative hepatitis C drug that was only recently hailed as a breakthrough treatment is facing skepticism from some health care providers, as they consider whether it is worth the $1,000-a-pill price set by manufacturer Gilead Sciences Inc.
Avatar m tn hi everyone,i have been taking 10mg hydrocodone for about the past 5 months, i take anywhere between 4-6 pills throughout the day,i suffer from extreme restless leg syndrome but it only effects my feet, suprisingly the hydrocodone relieves this sensation i have in my feet and im able to relax, without them my feet drive me absolutely insane and causes mental agitation,depression,anxiety,anger and overwhelming thoughts.
Avatar n tn I discussed that with my doctor and he prescribed me hydrocodone 5mg3x daily.After taking it for a year that level of dose was not very effective anymore so of course I upped the level of tablets I took daily.After 3 years of taking it my doses were reaching 30mg at once which made the prescription run out way early so I resorted to finding the medicine anyway I could to get me to next refill.
Avatar m tn I have severe Fibromyalgia and So I just took my last 2 hydro 10/500 tonight and i have been on about 75 to 100 mgs daily which are not prescribed to me and i have buy off the street...I fear withdrawal so bad because i have been through it before and its hell. I have taken neurotin before to help ease withdrawal but lately it doesnt seem to help the achiness and joint pain.
Avatar f tn I started Fentanyl in May and it has been extremely helpful for me. The goal of a medication is to reduce your pain enough so that you can function more and do more for yourself, and friends and family. If the hydrocodone left you suffering in pain most of the time and unable to do things, the fentanyl should definitely be much stronger and should help you have a more normal life. On the flip side, you don't want to be so drugged that you don't do anything either.
1354414 tn?1277341778 My friend has been taking up to 5 a day for about 2 years, they were 30 mil. Street name called the blues. I may have made a mistake the drug is not hydrocodone it is oxycodone. Not sure if if they are the same?
Avatar m tn Well, shoot, you're stuck between a rock and a hard place. Hydrocodone is addictive and not good for you long term but in most states pot is illegal. But you have some valid health problems that your doctor should address. Except for moving to Calif. or Oregon where medicinal marijuana is legal (although very difficult to qualify for) I don't have any answers for you. Please take care.
Avatar m tn I want my life back I'm done with this stuff. I worked my self up to a ridiculously expensive habit that is totally unsubstainable for my income. Not to mention what I'm doing to my liver with all this Tylenol. I tried to quit maybe 6 months ago when my wife found out and I made it 4 days before I went back to it. I'm not wanting to drown you in my river of tears.
Avatar n tn I am pretty experienced working in social services and the helping professions and I had no idea that getting pain pills to support a habit from the street was possible or easy. But after reading some posts, there are quite a few out there that would resort to the street access after their prescribed meds ran out early. I feel so naive. Is it really that easy to have a regular supplier of pain meds just like any other illegal drugs? I wonder how these suppliers get there supply to sell?
Avatar m tn I know you can't make a diagosis but we would value your opinion. My wife's symptoms have gotten progressivly worse this is what she takes. Gabapention 600 mg 2 tab 3 times a day. She has been on this for 7 years. Tramadol 50 mg 1 or 2 tabs 4 times a day. Naproxin 500 mg 1 tab 2 times a day. She has numbness in her face, muscle spasms in her whole body, pain, trouble with her balance and walking. The numbness in her legs started 7 years ago.
Avatar f tn Hi . I have been taking hydrocodone pretty regularly for 2 years. Used to have 5mg/325 and take one or two per day. Then got a doc who prescribed 10/325 and have been taking 3-5 per day for maybe 3 months. I have 9 pills left and the doc has disappeared. I don't want to doc shop as I actually no longer need for pain. I recognize I have been using these to feel "normal".
1094736 tn?1257209688 I recently had my gall bladder removed, last Thursday, and I have been taking hydrocodone for the past 15 months recreationally. My average was 45mg per day while awake. I am now on Oxycodone for my surgery and have already started to wean off from 30mg per day for 3 days down to 5mg per day for the past 24 hours. 2.5mg morning, 2.5mg in the evening. I am ready to turn my life around and stop taking these narcotic pain killers as well as stop drinking.
Avatar f tn My husband has been addicted to hydrocodone for about a year. On several occasions he has quit and gone through the awful withdraws. But he always goes back to taking them a week later. I now know when he is taking them, because he gets major mood swings. He also drinks with them. I don't know what to do anymore. Does any one have any advice?
917008 tn?1251223979 s and oxys u can get anywhere, but recently I noticed oxymorphone being out on the street. as for dauladid I never came across that and I was buying pills on the street for years. I always heard it was most similar to heroin. When I was on methadone it was most similar to the heroin high but safer.
Avatar f tn My first post:-) Hello everyone. I really hope it's a good day for you. My story: I'm taking (6) 7.5/750 hydrocodone per day. If I remember right this means 45mg of hydrocodone and 750 of tylenol? I've been taking this for over 1.5 yrs now. I had 3 levels of spinal fusion then. The pain especially after the operation was worse than I'd have ever imagined. I was unable to even lay down for 7 weeks. Had to sleep sitting up. It took a year to heal....
413886 tn?1203607351 Oxy's are longer acting, while the Hydrocodone is short acting. And that is just one aspect. Oxycodone has a street name of "hillbilly heroin", so that will give you some idea. Congrats on the taper. Hope it works out for you. Try not to use the Oxy during this process and you will be much better off. The withdrawal will be easier.
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Avatar f tn My husband came to me Sunday & informed me he was addicted to Hydrocodone. It was a slap in the face to me because I had NO idea. I noticed we had less money than we should but I never this never crossed my mind. He has Gout with severe pain. I knew the dr had been prescribing this to him but did not know he has been buying it illegally and is spending over $1000/month to get it. He wants to quit and wants to be completely clean from it. He wants to do it cold turkey.
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