Can i take hydrocodone with naproxen

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Avatar n tn i am currently taking 20mg citalopram, i suffer with server back problems and im usually prescribed naproxen 250mg which help with the pain. Am i able to take my naproxen with my citalopram? as i am currently lots of pain and unsure what can take.
1303537 tn?1317800741 m sure most of you know. Anyways, my question is can I take naproxen? That isnt a opiate? I just dont wanna mess up and not know it! I get drug tested everyweek so I dont wanna take something I shouldnt. I also started taking wellbutrin, i noticed after around day 45 i was over the "clean and sober bliss" and started to feel down and didnt wanna get in bed, ate soo much. Anyways I really need something for my back let me know what you think.
Avatar n tn I wonder whether I can just take Sulfasalazine and avoid Naproxen (pain killer) and Omeprazole (acid reducer) if pain is within my endurance level. I really dont want to upset my stomach by flooding with drugs. By the way, can the disease damage any joints in the later years even though drugs are being taken to control it. What are the percentage of recovery or is there any case of having full recovery.
Avatar n tn I do take two naproxen 220 mg along with one one 10 mg oxycodone IR tablet and two 300 mg gabapentin capsules in the the AM when I wake up. Oxycodone is a little bit stronger than Vicodin. But I agree with the first poster that you need to contact your pharmacist to make sure the combo is OK for you to take as everyone is different and you may have underlying medical conditions that would make it an unsafe. choice for you.
1807779 tn?1333840302 I take prescription Prilosec, and I take the 2 together every morning. As for Naproxen or Aleve, I think it increases the amount of Gabapentin absorbed into your body. I'm planning on asking my pharmacist this week when I refill my Prilosec, just to be sure I have my facts straight.
507619 tn?1211845850 No, you woldn't be facing withdrawals againut you would most definately be opening Pandora's Box. I get migraines too and I also have a whole host of things wrong with my back. I don't take pain medication. Unless I am in a car accident or the pain is so bad that I would rather DIE than feel it for one more second, I will NOT take them. Believe me, I know how bad migraines can get. I can't focus, or watch TV because it hurts.
Avatar m tn Hi, In epididymitis, the pain usually goes away in 1-3 days but the swelling may take several weeks to go away. I think you should take either naproxen or any other NSAID to take care of the edema/swelling. I sincerely hope that helps. Take care.
Avatar m tn Can anyone tell me if any of the following drugs can give a false positive for Hydrocodone or Oxycontin. The following drugs are all i take, No more and no less. Fentanyl 50mcg. Tylenol3, Tylenol, Norflex, Ambien,Seroquel, Cymbalta, Ibuprofen and Naproxen. PLEASE HELP!!!!
Avatar f tn I would continue to take them in accordance with the treating physicians instructions.
Avatar n tn Two months ago as a pedestrian hit by a drunk driver suffering no broken bones (parking lot at noon, low speed) but severe right knee and leg injuries. Hydrocodone taken every 4 hours the 500mg tab with Naproxen twice daily. Two weeks ago started having pain in upper right quadrant radiating through to back. Terrible headaches, severe pain through injured knee area with great upwelling of bruising continued through physical therapy. Waves of nausea.
Avatar m tn No, it's not a narcotic. You should be fine with it. Just don't take a whole lot of it because I read where it can contribute to loose stool.
Avatar f tn I have been to the gyno a few times looking for what I can do, but seem to be at a loss. I am not allowed to use hormonal treatments to help with the pain, such as the pill, because of other health concerns and no doctor wants to risk putting me on a hormonal treatment. Though the cramping doesn't respond very well to the pain medication I've been prescribed. At times I feel like curling up in the fetal position and just crying.
Avatar f tn t give me anything that was dangerous but I researched it and some websites say not to take it during pregnancy ?
5273118 tn?1365821146 I have endometriosis. My stomach and my back are constantly hurting. I can't sleep through the night, and simple daily activities like walking are difficult. I have an IUD (the Mirena), and I would never suggest this product to anyone. Yes, it helped a lot at first, but now it's a nightmare even to get it removed. I have just realized if I would have stayed on the pill I wouldn't be wasting so much time, energy, and money. I might be getting it removed on the 18th. FINGERS CROSSED!
Avatar n tn Can I take Hydrocodone 10/325, Cyclobenzaprine 10mg, and Tramadol 50mg together safely?
Avatar n tn oh, and my doctor says letss see if it disloves by your next menstrual. he gave me naproxen and vicoprofen for the pain, i dont understand how naproxen is gonna help get rid of the cysts. what should i do?
Avatar n tn m pretty sure 1500 mg is the absolute max for Naproxen in 24 hours (I would talk to pharmacy). I do know that you can take Tylenol with Naproxen so you might want to give that a try before calling the doctor. Try heat 20 min then ice 20 min back and forth. After you have tried everything you can think of to aleaveate your pain if nothing works make an appointment talk to your doctor and maybe they will prescribed something else.
2030686 tn?1351688548 Tylenol is all I take while on treatment. I actually take more while on treatment than I did before treatment, but hat would be easy because I took hardly any prior to treatment. Now I take it for the aches and pains and flu like symptoms but I never take more than 1000 mg a day and usually not even that. (I don't need more.) My doctor said I could take up to 1000 mg a day but shje is very conservative and I think most docs would say up to 2000 mg a day.
Avatar f tn When I first started taking it and occasionally now I get headaches from the hydrocodone. I have to take Ibuprofen with the hydrocodone sometimes. Like you it does not work on my headaches. I too find myself craving more sweets. I didn't use to touch them. I was never a sweet eater until the pain became extreme and I was prescribed hydrocodone. I don't know if it is because of the medication or because I use them as a comfort food.
699217 tn?1323438700 I wanted to know what the difference is between hydrocodone and like-oxycontin or oxycodone, Percocet, tramadol, is this all just types of hydrocodone? All I ever took was hydrocodone....
Business man2 I try to have my patients take very little daily ibuprofen/naproxen as they can lead to kidney disease (based on total lifetime dose), high blood pressure (meloxicam) and stomach ulcers. Also, the anti-platelet effect of aspirin (which is how it prevents heart attacks) is reduced when taken with daily ibuprofen/naproxen. I hope this helps!
Avatar f tn I just know I got on Suboxone to stop the other opiates as soon as I tried hydrocodone/notco for sub withdrawal relief I wanted more and more ...which Suboxone never did for me and then ...