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Avatar m tn Each teaspoonful (5 mL) of TUSSIONEX (hydrocodone and chlorpheniramine) Pennkinetic Extended-Release Suspension contains hydrocodone polistirex equivalent to 10 mg of hydrocodone bitartrate and chlorpheniramine polistirex equivalent to 8 mg of chlorpheniramine maleate. TUSSIONEX (hydrocodone and chlorpheniramine) Pennkinetic Extended- Release Suspension provides up to 12-hour relief per dose. Hydrocodone is a centrally-acting narcotic antitussive. Chlorpheniramine is an antihistamine.
1003776 tn?1360201182 This was often helped by the prescription given to her by her loving doctor, it was tussionex. After having this problem for years, one year, 2009 in January, this lady's illness was much worse than ever before. So the tussionex was prescribed again and again and again, hoping that after many tests, the problem would be solved and she could come off the tussionex. But lo and behold no problem could be found for that fair maiden and she remained on the tussionex for many, many months.
Avatar n tn How in the world do prescription drug addicts get their hands on that much? I have watched every Intervention episode and find it fascinating. There was a woman on there that took 30 Vicodin a day. What in the world? The only thing I do is smoke cigarettes...I have just always wondered how people get their hands on so many drugs? It's crazy to think that I doctor would prescribe that much. Just wondering.
Avatar m tn One of the two ingredients in this long-acting cough product is hydrocodone, a narcotic. Too much hydrocodone can cause life-threatening breathing problems and death. Call your doctor right away if you have taken this medicine and have trouble breathing, slow heartbeat, severe sleepiness or cold, clammy skin. For Tussionex, use a medicine syringe or other device designed to measure liquid medications.
Avatar f tn It was only that one incident (thank goodness) - personally, I do think it was the Tussionex. I am much better - except for the residual cough. It's pretty much non-productive but hanging on. Others who have had this cold say the same thing. I've been taking honey and drinking lots of warm/hot liquids.
Avatar n tn you will get alot of differing views on "how many" hydrocodone are enough. It's tough because if you're an addict one is good, two is better, then pretty soon you're up to a lovely 25/day. If you cannot tolerate the pain without narcs you should set a limit of how many you will take daily......not more than 4,5,6. You will still have withdrawals even from these low numbers, but mixed with antiinflamatories(from your doc.) you should be able to get substantial relief.
Avatar m tn I didn't go to the doctor until after the 4th week, and he proscribed Tussionex, which is a cough suppressant with hydrocodone in it. Sometime in January, the cough went away, and I stopped taking the Tussionex. The cough started again in the Fall of 2005, and I again took Tussionex for it. It seemed to last longer this time, but went away, and I stopped taking the Tussionex. The cough started again last Fall, but this time it continued.
Avatar n tn I had already been breaking my 750's in half to insure I would not take so much in one day. I ran out 4 days ago, called the script and they havent filled it. day one wasnt that bad, I have been taking naproxyn for the muscle aches, although I was calling the pharmacy like every 4hrs to check if my script was there( I did that for most of the first 3 days) I got to the point where I started calling around to friends that I knew either I had gave them some or that I knew could get some.
Avatar n tn Onthedge, sorry to hear/read about your situation. I'll pray for you. How did the addiction start with your husband? Did he have surgery? When did he tell you, or did you just find out? A lot of people struggle with telling their family. Maybe he didn't because he thought it wasn't a problem. How did he get caught? Often doctor hoppers wonder how the arrest would happen? Did they catch him on the phone?
636562 tn?1223671045 I apologize if this is in the wrong forum, but I thought a pharmacist would be the best one to answer my question. How do extended release medications work? (In this instance a suspension) Could it be possible that I didn't shake the bottle up well enough and got too much of the "extended release" part of the medication and not enough of the "immediate release" part? Are there 2 types of the medication in the suspension?
Avatar n tn You should ask your pharmacist. I don't know how much hydrocodone Tussionex has in it, but I wouldn't take both of them. Both medications contain hydrocodone, which you probably already know. That is a very strong narcotic and not one you want to OD on. You can take as much as 10 mg of hydrocodone at a time. That could leave yoy feeling quite out of it though if it is too much for your system. I would probably wait 6 hours from the lortab to take the tussionex. Feel better. God bless.
Avatar n tn im am addicted to this and hycodan at the same timw for about 3 years i take about a 1 1/2 to 2 ounces of tussionex a day i have drank 3 and 4 ounces in a day many times with ease thought and put any where from 2 tsp to a whole ounce in sprit and i never dont have a cup i also take klodipin i take 2 to 4 mgs a day and take at least 100mg of lortab about ten 10mgs a day but sometimes it does reach up to 20 tens a day plus the cough syrups how bad is my withdrawl for the codiene going to be i
Avatar f tn or you didnt tell the OB i would definately see a problem then. sorry you are in so much are almost at the end...hang in there! wishing you all the best!
Avatar n tn Anyway, calling in your own prescriptions is not good....don't do it, think of how much it would suck to have to detox in jail! If you ever need to talk you can email me or IM me at Bungee7!
Avatar f tn You have helped almost every single one of us here in some way, me included, just from reading your posts! I don't care how much money you have, or how many louis vuitton bags, or whether you were poor as are IRREPLACABLE here! You should be proud of your accomplishments and talk about them! I, for one, feel good to hear of others success! You've obviously worked so hard to get to where you are, and to help us all here!! Could I ask you story about addiction?
Avatar f tn Hydrocodone (dihydrocodeinone) (Vicodin®, Lortab®, Tussionex®) This action renders all products containing hydrocodone, including but not limited to hydrocodone in combination with acetaminophen or ibuprofen, Schedule II. Schedule III Deletions: Hydrocodone (dihydrocodeinone) (Vicodin®, Lortab®, Tussionex®) This action renders all products containing hydrocodone, including but not limited to hydrocodone in combination with acetaminophen or ibuprofen, Schedule II.
Avatar n tn and delsym cough syrup is the **** as far as cough syrup goes, it does work great so that was a great suggestion, forgot about that one! that explain why it tastes so much like tussionex, minus the nasty little addition of hydrocodone! i have still been having using dreams... if i ever get to post a question here LOL, i would ask the doc about that but it is really not that big of a deal, more of a curiosity!
Avatar n tn I know this doesn't help too much in terms of a cure, but at least it'll help you become aware of what you might have. In other news, I think some of the people on this site are suffering from post nasal drip. Again, not easily cured (it can be done surgically) but look that up to see it that's causing the choking.
Avatar f tn i am getting more excited by the minute of freeing myslef from this ,,thanks for caring so much about me and other people in need ..This forum is a life saver.. god bless everyone here- i pray for each of us every night..
Avatar f tn You might want to ask your doctor about a more pure form of hydrocodone if the norco helps. There are hydrocodone pills and liquids with no tylenol. There should be 10mg of hydrocodone in your norco, so you have been taking 40-50mg? Even the most recent edition of the PDR says that in opiate tolerant patients, norco can be taken up to 12 times per day. That would be 120mg of hydocodone, but the amount of tylenol in that could potentially be fatally toxic to your liver.
Avatar n tn But really, Dan, Tussionex is a much better choice. It's delivered in a resin that breaks down in true steady time release fashion. Used properly, it would be exceptionally effective for what you're dealing with. It's combined with a minor antihistimine that, frankly, I never noticed an effect from - even when I would drink 6 ounces of Tussionex at a time. I truly believe that Tussionex would make a legitimate pain relief option because of its time release nature.
Avatar f tn A lot of factors would determine if someone is charged, and how severely they are charged, including which medication was involved (for example, a schedule 2 narcotic, like Percocet/oxycodone would be treated more seriously than a schedule 3 narcotic like hydrocodone/vicodin), how many scripts were involved and how many pills were Rx'ed (difference between being charged with distribution or not), whether insurance was used or not to pay for the subsequent scripts, if you have any criminal hist
Avatar n tn I am 43 years old and started taking hydrocodone 10 years ago. My 2 favorites?? Lortab or Tussionex. -- For years, I would take 6 lortabs a day or when I got a script for Tussionex (that was like x-mas morning) I could go through a 8 or 12 ounce bottle in 1 week. This went on and on and on...I never tried to quit. I could manage my business, my hobbies, why quit?? -- This past spring/summer, I had 2 major surgeries on my left eye for retina re-attachment.
Avatar n tn Hydrocodone is the active ingredient found in Vicodin, Lorcet/lortabs, tussionex, vicodin tuss etc. oxycontin is a time release percocet.
Avatar n tn Don't I know how you feel hunny! Except I'm not tryin to get off tussionex or vicoprofen anytime soon. The withdrawal symptoms can be very dangerous which most prople do not know about prescriptions. Lortab is basically just a stronger vicodin. It is hydrocodone with acetominophen(tylenol) If you would like to get off of this medication you can talk to your doctor about the best way to wean yourself off of it.
Avatar f tn Yes that would be how much hydrocodone you are taking daily,, yes it is a high dose but mine was between 200-300 daily,, I am now 30 days clean from going cold turkey,, You can do this and you will survive!!! It is very hard to go through detox and recovery if you don't make the best of it.. your body will first detox the drug and that will act like a really bad flu...
Avatar n tn In late 2005 I was prescribed hydrocodone 5/500 for pain associated with a cartilage tumor in my femur. I have been taking one pill, everynight, missing a few b/c of forgetfulness and sometimes taking another one due to awaking 3-4 a.m. with pain. Other than taking pain meds for migraine, I have never had a regular pain pill rx for anything in my life and I am 45.
Avatar n tn Tussionex has hydrocodone in it. Taking tussionex is just like taking lorcet or lortab with 10mg of hydro. The difference is that tussionex is a much nicer buzz. It is longer lasting and has what is called resins of hydrocodone in it. Whatever, no less addicting.