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Avatar f tn I have been taking at least two to three vicodin a night and need to get off them because of the street cost and work is now randomly drug testing. I take them because they give me energy. What is the best way to stay away from without bad side effects.
216239 tn?1233257361 I also live in Toronto Canada and I have paid $6,000 at one clinic and at my new clinic TCART on Bloor street the fee is $5,600 this is without meds just the IVF procedure. Meds can run anywhere from $5,500 and on depending on how much you need. My insurance covered my meds for IVF number 1 and I only have enough money left for 1 more IVF then I'm on my own.
Avatar m tn they are easy to get on the street and i have gone through probably $2000 on them in 2 months. plus the 120 a month i get from the doc.yep i have a problem.when i broke my leg i was 5'11" 170lbs and pretty hott,and now i'm 5'"11 140lbs and look like ****!!!i hate looking in the mirror.can anyone help?
Avatar m tn Did not even know what a w/d was about, even after all my years of using street drugs. BUT I did go back on both hydo/oxys for pain and off went my Addiction for about 12-16 years and up to higher meds..So Be Safe and I think you will be OK!!
Avatar n tn Yes, way too much tylenol. Do you buy them on the street?
Avatar n tn 5/500 or 10/500 on the bottle...
Avatar f tn The condition causes episodes of excruciating pain (exactly the kind you get with a kidney stone, only more often). Anyway, I have been on and off of the above 3 drugs for a year for this condition. I have taken them every day for 3 months. I tried to go without taking them for a day, and my heart started racing/skipping beats, I would take dizzy spells, yawning all the time, leg pains, sweating for no reason, all on top of the pain caused by my condition.
Avatar n tn I can look back now over the 5 weeks and see some correlation between bowel issues and the meds, especially when I was on Percocet (sluggish stools) and over the last couple of days without the Vicodin (loose stools).
Avatar f tn Over a year ago, my son was addicted to heroin. He got in some trouble and spent a yr in a correctional facility. He has done well since he's been home until about a month ago. Then, he started taking vicoden...not prescribed, but off the street. He's been taking it pretty much daily for around a month. His fiance, her parents, and my husband and I found out and are trying to help him get off of these pills.
1170366 tn?1263919479 a person who will relapse without it is better off on it as they stay off the streets..if the inner work is done on their self they can one day get off the sub//but it will not be wd free if used over the 3 week mark..have seen some do the 3 week taper to avoid bad wd from their doc and were successful without sub addiction as a result//they did their homework...
798555 tn?1292787551 There were two providers of this service, coincidentally right across the street from each other. $2,000 at the first, $1,300 at the second. We all have to stop thinking that when health insurance covers something, it's "free". Health care costs will never get back under control until we move them back into the free market economy, i.e. we shop. I wanted to give you a link to an article that appeared in our local paper just a couple of days ago.
1082697 tn?1260064616 i am wondering if anyone has experienced this. did the depression cause my pain? i have not had any bad side affects on the zyprexa. in fact i have so much energy now. i tend to get into deep depression so bad i can hardly get out of bed. i have been taking the zyprexa for about 4 weeks now. the doctor put me on since my citalopram needed a boost. the med i take is vicodin. and i wanted to get off it anyway. i take 3 a day. but now i do not need them.
325131 tn?1227184781 The battle of the "voices" or angel on one and devil on the other isn't as loud as it used to be. The little devil or (the addict in me) still screams once in awhile. THERE IS YOUR CONNECTION GO TALK TO HIM!!!! It may even get phsyical I actually had sweat on my forehead one day when I was having to wait for a parent near my oxy connet. He did recently get out of jail for selling oxy with his kids in the car. But I was starting to have that stinking thinking.
Avatar f tn Hi All, I can't get over how many of us are out there! I just started to taper a 15 yr vicodin habit because it's taken away my life. I'm a 35 year old single mom, with 3 young kids! I'm taking up to 12 Vic 10mg per day and have to buy it off the street. It's changed who I am and I walk around with the biggest weight of guilt and shame about my habit. I've done things I WOULD NEVER DO SOBER!
Avatar m tn Hi, I just want to know how likely it is that I could contract herpes or any kind of disease from saliva on the street? For example if I dropped gloves/scarf on the street, picked it back up and then touched my mouth with the glvoes/scarf, before realising that the gloves/scarf had fallen on saliva when it was dropped on the ground. I'm thinking this is very unlikely but my friend thinks it could potentially be a risk.. Please offer some answers..
Avatar f tn I am not trying to sound dramatic, but I have watched so many people lose all they worked for over this and my addiction almost cost me my life. I wish you the best and congrats on reaching out today, that was the first step:) Good luck!
Avatar f tn I've had 3 knee surgeries and each time I've been prescribed vicodin. I love vic and it's like whenever I'm on it I get a high. My family started noticing I was asking for more Vic pretty frequently so they cut me off. Now, I'm having my 4th surgery and I'll be on vic again and the only thing I can seem to think about is I can't wait to be on vicodin again. Does this make me an addict even though I get cut off (usually) ?
681206 tn?1226556625 For someone with Hepatitis C that has the money for the treatment how much would it cost in a round about way?
Avatar f tn Good point with Drs bring Leary of people selling or buying..... just fir myself, my doc knew there was everything on the street, including subs, & wanted to be upfront with him . Aa na for sure.
Avatar m tn I"ve been taking vicodin and 10 mg norcos on and off mostly on for the last 3-4 years, up to 15 of the 10 mg norcos daily. I am able to go through the withdrawals each time I quit although obviously I fricking hate it but what has happened every time is that at some point I start again. I'm not in any kind of pain and I get them on the street which is fairly expensive. I can quit but I havent been able to stay quit.
Avatar f tn I've been taking Xanax .5 mg 1 a day for 4 to 5 months now. I was getting them off the street for my anxiety. I also was snorting vicodin 7.5 mg for 6 to 7 months 1 to 3 a day. I've been off the vicodin for 3 days now. And this is my 1st day not taking the Xanax. I don't want to get a seizure bc of not taking the Xanax. But I want to quit these pills bc I feel they r controlling me. The withdrawals suck on the vicodin. But I hope I can beat this.
Avatar m tn I was taking up to 4 or 5 pills a day and not really for pain. In fact, these we being bought off of the street. I have since moved a couple hundred miles away from my THREE dealers, and back in with my mother so that I may properly heal. I've been drained of so much money, haven't gotten into an incredibly bad financial bind because drugs were before everything: car payment (it got reposessed, sigh, i miss my dodge caliber), energy bill, phone bill, etc.
Avatar f tn there is a doctor close by who will see me and his price is $500 cash for the first visit with $250 follow up. the $500 is not an issue as i am buying percs on the street now. I just want to make sure it is the standard cost or am i being clobbered. Also does anyone know of insurance covering suboxone treatment? lastly but most importantly, what are the experiences with suboxone? Has anyone been successful with this route and is it reasonable to expect i can ween myself off in 4-6 weeks?
Avatar f tn Hi neewbe here. I found this community yesterday while doing a little research of Suboxzone on the web. You see I have been on 16mgs of subs for a year now and I dont want to take them anymore. I bought them off the street because 2yrs prior to that I was taking lg amounts of Vicodin/oxy's and any other pill I could get my hands on. Then I heard that taking the subs will help me get off the pills so I starting buying them instead of the pills.
Avatar f tn Everything is relative-- but yes, that is a large dose. Consider that Percocet tablets-- medications used to treat surgical pain in dose ranges of 1-2 every 4 hours-- contain 5-10 mg of oxycodone. You are taking the equivalent of 70 of the 5 mg tabs every day, when the dose after major surgery would be on the order of 5-10 tablets per day. The largest dose I've seen in a patient addicted to oxycodone is about 700 mg per day.
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Avatar m tn Good for you, Just dont go overboard. It might come and go a bit. Your doing great!