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Avatar n tn I didn't even begin to feel any euphoria from the drug until the 3rd or 4th month I was on it. Short term is the key here. I'm sorry to hear that your wife has a problem with this drug. Do NOT help her obtain it though...I have been to different doctors - sometimes in hopes of procuring the drug. If I had been to the doctors you wife has I may have a worse problem, but I haven't found it so easy to get. Sure, there's croakers everywhere who'll prescribe to those who don't need it.
Avatar f tn no body here said NOTHN about her not loving her son gezzzz all a few of us were sayn cause were so soon outa recovery probably and some younger is that we see it in the kids perspective and how i woulda felt if i woulda been thrown out on the street, im not a parent and have NO idea what shes going thru but i was were her kid is at and no how i woulda felt and me personally do not thnk that its a good idea.
Avatar n tn I personally think that at least 80 percent of the opiate prescription drugs on the street are sold by people getting them prescribed to them legally. That's why any pain management doc will test people to make sure they are taking the meds they are prescribed and not sell them. If this discussion can do anything, it can let people know how to check on their kids. Children are getting hooked on these things by taking them recreationally.
Avatar n tn The problem is that my dependency on vicodin is very severe. I actually have back pain so I can obtain the es vicodin from my doctor occasionally. But I can also purchase them black market easily, which I have been doing constantly for the last year and a half. I started taking Vicodins to stop doing Percocets and Dilaudid. I have used Percocet on and off since 1983. When I had dental trouble early this year, I had access to about 200 Lorcet and Vicodin in one month. Legitimately.
Avatar n tn I live in a state that is very conservative, I believe that the bupherenine(?) is illegal. So, I have decided I am going to stay on the vicodin for pain and for pleasure. If and when my doctor cuts me off, I will deal with it. But for now, I try not to abuse my meds too much, I do not buy off the street and I am terrified of the thought of being cut off. I am not afraid of the withdrawals, but I am afraid I will not be able to function normally after the physical withdrawals wear off.
Avatar n tn , where I would pay cash. Vicodin was my only deal and I never bought street drugs... I would estimate with the copays and cash it was $100-150 a month, so right around $2K/year. As Jeff Spicoli from Ridgemont High would say: "Righteous Bucks!
Avatar n tn I wish to God I could experience the feelings that many of you have expressed, but i feel that the meds I am on are barely touching the pain. Am I getting the wrong kind of vicodin? Is this the wrong drug for me?? Everywhere I hear how euphoric people are who take this, and I feel sort of gipped because I don't feel anything except electric bolts going down my leg, and pins needles and burning in my foot.
375562 tn?1199560217 That is 1/3 of his yearly salary on Vicodin!!!!!! If nothing else I need to pull through this because of the money!!!! I am in shock!!!!! Please God give me the strength to get through this!!!!!!!
Avatar f tn I have been taking at least two to three vicodin a night and need to get off them because of the street cost and work is now randomly drug testing. I take them because they give me energy. What is the best way to stay away from without bad side effects.
1831920 tn?1320861357 Just curious since I get pills from a doctor, how much do they cost on the street? I was taking Vicodin 5/300 (I think that is the dosage). I have never and will never buy on the street no matter what. I would never take the chance of being arrested. I am just naive and curious as to how much they cost to buy through a dealer.
Avatar n tn I usually get clean for a few months and fall into a a few weeks of abuse and get clean again. My habit has gotten worse in the last month. It has been going on for the 5th week now. It has been up to 14 to 15 pills daily of extra strength norco vicodin. I am trying to wean myself down right now. My script ran out and I had to go the ER and they gave me Percocet there for a pain I was lying about. My question is how strong is the 500/325 percocet in relation to the 750 norco vicodin?
Avatar n tn My goal is to get where you are - but the problem is its harder for me to get the percs/vics than the oxys (I buy them off the street). So if I had more I could taper down more successfully - but I end up running out and cant find more so I end up doing the oxys. In general people who are prescribed painkillers are given oxys if the vicodin or percocet doesnt kill the pain without taking a large amount of them.
Avatar n tn Thanks for the info Melanie, Since I've been taking Vicodin I have noticed darkening around my eyes and eyelids with bags under my eyes, also the whites of my eyes are no longer clear, they have taken on a hazey slightly pink glaze. The darkening is worse on my left eye, it's darkest in the corner near the tear duct. It hasn't made any difference how much sleep I get, I usualy get eight hours sleep a night. Could this be caused by Vicodin or could something else be causing this?
Avatar n tn Once he admitted it, and once he decided that he can't go on taking pills, he needed my support and the support of his family. He wasn't getting the pills from a doctor, but on the street, mostly from a so-called "friend" who was recently arrested on a variety of charges. So, his source was taken away and that made it easier to quit. He also confessed to his whole family... mom, 4 sisters, brother, sister-in-law... who all have been a tremendous source of support for both of us.
Avatar n tn I hear you. This is something I haven't mentioned here before, but because it may help you, I will. I believe my drinking (sober now 7 years) and subsequently the Vicodin was a way to alleviate the intense anxiety I have had for the last 15 years. I somehow developed panic attacks and a killer phobia - of public speaking no less! This is liking a mouse having PA eating cheese. Like my wife says about me, " I have never had an unexpressed thought!
Avatar f tn Everyone here is correct in terms of the cost of the 8mg sub which cost about $6-7.00 retail. But what I find strange is the original Dr. only has him on subutex for a couple of days. Your husband I am sorry to say was more than likely dismissed from the program. As I have never heard of a Dr.
Avatar f tn i did not really even think about the withdrawl affects on the baby, just about getting off for the baby. but it really makes sense. i am really appreciating all of your is very selfless and it means the world to me.
Avatar f tn I could call my DR but he's clueless, I've been buying all my pills on the street for the last 3 years!!! WHAT DO I DO NOW???
Avatar n tn I took about 4 tablets a day for about 2 months and I was on it on off after that. Now I have stopped, it has a week since I last took my last vicodin. Anxiety and insomnia kicked in right away. It got better about the fifth day but I had an anxiety and nervousness attack on my seventh day. Is this normal, will this go away or will the anxiety always peak in. Is this my body telling me it needs the drugs.
238084 tn?1218243586 I am 7 and a half months pregnant. I occasionaly bought a few vicodin on the street before I was pregnant but once I found out I was pregnant I quit. After a while of being pregnant I started getting horrible migraines and was very depressed because of all the physical limitation and emotional problems I was having. Don't get me wrong, I love that I'm pregnant, but the side affects are a nightmare. Anyways, my doc gave a few scripts for vic and said it was ok for a little bit during pregnany.
Avatar m tn Yes it will suck and you are going to be miserable for a few days. just think of it as having the flu. Im on my 3rd day coming off the vicodin. I was taking tham for the last 9 months. 1st i was talking 750s for fun. It made me feel good. Then i wrecked my dirtbike and broke my hip. So i was on some real good stuff in hospital. Then they sent me away with lots of percs. 10mg. I ate every pill i could get and then i would by off the street.
1372788 tn?1279219366 They just save it for when they can't get high. Back to the cost on the SUBOXONE its cheaper in the long run if you think about how much you spend on the Norco's and the long term affects that they and the addiction has on you! I think if you do the SUBOXONE for a couple weeks to a month you will walk away from all of this feeling so much better. It took me a whole year to get my life back on track. I'm here for you whenever you need someone to talk to! I believe in you!
1058304 tn?1257045915 Not funny at all but i dont know what else to do to cope with the lack of sleep. When on vicodin i was so active with my kids and work they were like energizers for me. Now between not taking them and the lack of sleep I cant hardly move from one room to another.
968551 tn?1248268744 So, bottom line, I know what I need to do mentally and support wise, but, since I haven't been on the street or around other users for many years, I need some info about the best pharmaceutical regimen for kicking hydro opiates. I would very much APPRECIATE your evaluation of current meds to help me kick the opiates.
1170366 tn?1263923079 Those people get high on sub which is why it is becoming a really big street drug now. People buy it on the street to substitute when they can't get their DOC but also alot of people buy it because it makes them "nod off" which is what most opiate users want. The nalaxone makes some people have very uncomfortable side affects like headache and throwing up but nodding off and being "fuzzy headed" is more like from taking too much opiate.
Avatar m tn I'm not really able to substain the cost of the addiction any longer so I'm once again on the road to recovery. Last time I quit I moved to a whole new area to remove myself from tempation, but it seems to always have a way to catch up to you. Yesterday I had 2 7.5mg pills early in the morning, and nothing else for that day. Today I woke up feeling absolutely awful, nervous, sweaty, achey, etc.
Avatar n tn If being in a bar reminds a drinker of how good a beer tastes, or being around cigarettes makes smokers want to smoke, the light coming on reminded the rats of how good the cocaine felt. They'd press a lever in the cage just to turn on the light, if cocaine wasn't available. Then the rats were given doses of BP897. The chemical mimics dopamine's effects, but only partially, so the receptors get neither too much stimulation nor not enough.
Avatar n tn You should be so proud of yourself, is there a friend you can trust, have them come over for the day, you deserve it girl!!! call someone on the phone, im sorry you feel this way, keep up the good work, you are WINNING!!!Remember that.
Avatar n tn LOTS of exercise... or on the floor of a county jail, much to the amusement of the other prisioners and guards... Just keep doing the best you can and keep coming to this forum. and keep an angel on your shoulder!!