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Avatar m tn Doctor iam a scheduled for a ct of my abdomen and pelvis next week, Been unable to eat much/nauseous and occasional blood in stool with stool forms changing daily. My question is would you recomend contrast for my ct scans or does without contrast still get a pretty good pic in evaluating organs etc.
Avatar n tn He is currently scheduled for a CT of the abdomen and pelvis. Would an MRI be better imaging? Please help. What does this mean?
Avatar n tn It felt like liquid was seeping from it internally. The whole abdominal/pelvic area hurt. I had a CT of abdomen and pelvis which came back normal. Ultrasound of abdomen was normal as well. But I'm afraid those tests just show organs, not muscle/ligament or tissue damage. If those types of things were damaged and not repaired, could it damage cells and ultimately result in cancer.
Avatar m tn A CT of the abdomen and pelvis was performed utilizing contiguous axial images prior to contrast administration. Additional delayed images were also obtained. Comparison: Sonogram of the abdomen: Findings; The liver is slightly enlarged and hypodense in relation to the spleen. Two focal hapatic lesions are noted one in the dome of the liver and the other in the right lobe correspond to the two nodules seen in the sonogram.
Avatar n tn I have heard that most bone metastasis from breast cancer are osteolytic and might not show up well on a bone scan. Is this true? I have been having pain in my pelvis and my family doctor ordered an MRI of my lower spine which was normal, but told me that an MRI of my pelvis was overkill. The pain has has not gone away and I cannot get in to see my oncologist for another month. I feel like I have "cried wolf" so many times with aches and pains that the doctors brush me off now.
Avatar m tn I have annual CT scans (abdomen, shest and pelvis) for colorectal cancer follow-up. Would not dare skip them. MRI does not permit them to properly visualize the area. After months of daily radiation treatment I already follow-up with radiation oncology, and will for life, and they order these tests. I believe they know what they are doing, and I want the earliest possible warning of any recurrence, so I have the tests.
Avatar n tn In AUG 2007 I started havind a BURNING feeling on my RIGHT RIB went to OBGYN she sent me for a CAT scan of the abdomen + MRI of Pelvis found CYST on RIGHT OVARY they monitored it with ultrasound then they found cyst on LEFT. On December burning feeling was on both ribs and left pelvic bone. My appetite had changed by then an felt nausea while eating. I USED to eat a lot and loved food.
Avatar n tn Initially I had difficulty eating, so my Dr. order a CT scan (middle of September) of my abdomen and pelvis, but it came up negative, besides some constipation. Since then, I am able to eat, but when I do, I tend to get the pain frequently in the same region. Other symptoms I have noted: occasional tightness up into my anterior neck region, occasional increase in heart rate (noticed this when I was running around the bases at my husband's softball game), fatigue. My Dr.
Avatar m tn chest xrays (normal), ekg, cbc, liver and pancreas enzyme blood tests (all normal), upper gi series (showed some thickening of rugal folds), upper endoscopy with biopsy (mild gastritis and gerd, negative on celiac and h pylori), gallbladder ultrasound (normal), ct scan of abdomen and pelvis with contrast (normal), colonoscopy (normal), stool tests for fecal fat (not the 72hr one), parasites and infections (normal) and hida scan with cck (normal).
Avatar m tn I am now getting full CT scan from chest to sternum. This scan includes chest, abdomen, pelvis in one image. The surgeon wants to see what else is going on. Maybe hernias under ribs. Have you found out more?
Avatar f tn Since there is some suspicion based on your TV-sonogram I would immediately find a good GYN/Oncologist surgeon. I am not suggesting what you have is cancer but studies have shown that treatment of ovarian cancer by nongynecologic oncologists and by low volume surgeons is associated with suboptimal surgical management. I would reccomend going to a large tiertiary hopsital where they see large volumes of patients.
Avatar m tn Yes My CT Scan done in 2009 was with and without Contrast . My Abdomen and Pelvis was done with contrast. I should have avoided my recent Head & NECK CTA, which was taken when I complained dizziness and eye vision blurriness. Do you think having this many scans need to worry. I am 39 years old now. When i calculated the total smv in its coming over to 42 smv.
Avatar n tn I recently had a CT scan of my pelvis and abdomen due to unexplained swelling of my left leg and foot. Here are my results. I could really use some answers. Here are the areas of concern. Everything else was fine. **Liver appears normal in size and contour. Prominence of intrahepatic ductal system is visualized of unknown etiology. **Heterogeneous enhancing left adrenal mass measuring 1.7 x 2.7cm is identified. **A 2.8 x 3.4cm cystic lesion visualized in the left adnexa.
Avatar n tn No definite suspicious osseous lesion. There is heterogeneity throughout the lumbar vertebral bodies however without discrete focal lesion. MRI of the abdomen showed 1.2 cm enhancing lesion in the L2 vertebral body and partially visualized L5 vertebral body endplates enhancing lesion. PET/CT from skull base to mid-thigh showed multiple avid osseous lesions mostly in the upper skeletal structures most likely representing bone marrow lesions in the absence of definite CT correlate.
Avatar m tn CT pelvis typically includes groin (aka inguinal region), bony pelvis (ilium, ischium, and pubis), sacroiliac and hip joints, and very minimal portions of uppermost thighs. I am not sure what you mean by view from the front. CT images are typically obtained in the axial plane, then reconstructed into coronal and sagittal planes.
1759150 tn?1312907060 then all of a sudden it came on like a hurricane started effecting my arms and both legs,had emgs done lumbar puncture,mri brain,neck ,t-spine,lumbar,cat scan of chest abdomen pelvis,small nerve fiber biobsy,belly fat biobsy nothing coming up and all my muscle and joints feel locked up and i cant lift anything heavy,hard time walking and i am losing strength fast.any ideas or help i am only 39.
Avatar f tn All too often I read posts from patients who say their Dr thought it was a cyst and removed it haphazardly causing a rupture and seeding of the pelvis with cancer cells, only to be found on pathology post removal. Next: From experience I would be asking for an MRI of the abdomen/pelvis which should be read by a Radiologist that specializes in GYN/ONC they can be pretty precise. My wife went to a radiology practice that does all types of MRI's and the Radiologist read her MRI as a fibroid.
Avatar f tn My tchnician and oncologist considere a whole body scan to be chest, abdomen, pelvis, so the legs addition was scary. II asked the tech, but of xours eshe did not commit, just said someitimes we get more pictures. Luckily, it came up clear except the known lump and involved axllarty lymph node. M y PCP was helpful in saying that they often check to see if there are any leg vein clots before treatment. Thanks for youm comment!
Avatar f tn Hi, I am an RN and my wife was recently Dx with granulosa Cell cancer( GCT) Jan 2010. Tests like sonograms, Cat scans and MRI's along with blood tests like CA125, Inhibin A&B, MIS and CEA are just used as a guides for the Dr's to help assist in making a diagnoses(Dx).
Avatar f tn for the past couple of months (beginning of April) I have had a random swelling spell in my lower abdomen and pelvis. It feels like an air bubble and lasts around 10 seconds before making a gurgling noise and disappearing. It happens near my right hip, left hip, and sometimes in my lower abdomen. I do have IBS but I know that this isn't a symptom. For the last couple of days I have been getting a little bit of pain but it is very bareable and sometimes almost unnoticed.