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Avatar m tn It makes no difference whether it is closed bore or not. The imaging principle remains the same. It is the contrast agent that enhances the images. While not all MRIs require contrast, it can be very beneficial in certain cases to show certain anatomy more clearly. It improves diagnostic accuracy, especially in cases of certain tumors, blood vessels, inflammation or infection. MRI contrast agents do not contain iodine and rarely cause allergic reactions or other problems.
Avatar n tn In May 08, I had an ultrasound and an ERCP and there was nothing abnormal. Blood tests are also normal. My Gastro has recommended that I have a CT Scan of my abdomen to rule out Diverticulosis and then thinks we should stop there as it doesn't seem to be bowel related. My worry is that I had RAI Uptake Scan and RAI 131 for Graves Disease in 2005. X-rays for gallbladder in 2001, a mammogram in 2007 and two other CT Scans over 10yrs ago.
Avatar m tn For a last 3 weeks I have pain in the lower left side of abdomen with bloating and it is getting worse day by day the pain comes especially before bowel movement or when I have gases my lower left abdomen feels bloated It feels like there is an obstruction somewhere inside the interesting thing is that when I press on my left abdomen it does not hurt at all just feels bloated all the time I'm full when I eat a small dish, lost appetite for food also noises coming out of my stomag all the tim
Avatar n tn When having a Hida scan, Do you lay in a machine such as the one of an MRI or what?
Avatar m tn The reason I asked is that they don’t typically require follow up imaging for HCV treatment unless the patient relapses, or if late stage disease is present; in that case, ongoing monitoring for HCC (liver cancer) is often recommended. I’d go with the scan, as JD suggested; the benefits generally outweigh any risks.
Avatar n tn White spots appearing on an MRI scan for an 18 year old, with severe stomach problems.
Avatar m tn the CT findings of HCC are often quite typical on CT scan. An MRI with Eovist can also be done. the size of the lesions would qualify for priority on a liver transplant list so I think getting referred to one of the VA transplant centers is important to do ASAP. You do not lose anything by being referred. Find out what your AFP level is. its very easy to miss these lesions with biopsies, which we rarely have to resort to.
Avatar f tn I recently had an ultrasound scan on my abdomen, the result of it was that, the tail end of my pancreas was not showing up on the scan. A furtherCT scan is being arranged What would be the likeliest reason for that to happen.. This discussion is related to <a href='/posts/show/234870'>Prominent Tail of Pancreas on CT and Ultrasound</a>.
Avatar f tn m curious why your doctors decided to do an MRI instead of a CT scan? Often times, especially in the abdomen, a CT scan will show things that an MRI cannot.
Avatar m tn I have all the symptoms of PC - pain (terrible) through left upper abdomen and back, weight loss, pale floating stools. Blood work fine, CT scan with contrast showed nothing notable on pancreas (but lots of miscellaneous benign findings elsewhere including fat deposits on liver, and benign cyst on ovary as small as 1CM) Can this CT scan be wrong?!
396332 tn?1320003615 If the doctor thinks you are having problems with your rectum, large intestine, lower small intestine, they can do a colonoscopy. A CT scan of the abdomen also looks at many of these organs and other organs too (like the appendix).
Avatar f tn My family dr said that because of this i now have to go to an MRI and bone scan. Does anyone know if this is an indication of ovarian cancer spreading to the spine? Waiting for answers is literally driving me crazy.
Avatar n tn For proper diagnosis, it is important that direct clinical examiantion and diagnostic tests be done. Imaging studies such as CT scan or MRI may also help. Take care and do keep us posted.
Avatar n tn Hi I just had a CT scan and did not have to have my ICD shut off. MRI`s are a different story, I can not have a MRI because of my ICD. I am on my fourth ICD and I run weed eaters, chain saws, leaf blowers and I work on my car while it`s running. My ICD is in my abdomen and after seventeen years none of my electric or gas powered tools have ever caused a problem. I try to keep my power tools at least six inches from my ICD same as my cell phone.
Avatar f tn my husband's PET scan report shows SUV=3.9 to 9.7. In PET scan, there is a lymphnode in neck and some in chest. SUV of neck lymphnode is 9.7 and for chest lymphnodes, it is 3.9 to 6.4. Docotrs wanted to do biopsy of this neck lymphnode but it was found difficult to do. He said that there is also possibility of sarcoidosis. In sarcoidosis, may this SUV be too high? My husband has no symptoms of lymphoma. Now what should we do? Doctors suggested to take regular checkup. But I am afraid.
Avatar f tn I'm supposed to have a CT Scan of the abdomen because I have been having pain in my stomach area and on the upper left side which is still in my rib area where my breast ends the pain wraps around my side to the back. Does anyone know if this area is included in abdominal CT Scan or do I also need a chest CT scan to cover this area? Thank you.
Avatar n tn In AUG 2007 I started havind a BURNING feeling on my RIGHT RIB went to OBGYN she sent me for a CAT scan of the abdomen + MRI of Pelvis found CYST on RIGHT OVARY they monitored it with ultrasound then they found cyst on LEFT. On December burning feeling was on both ribs and left pelvic bone. My appetite had changed by then an felt nausea while eating. I USED to eat a lot and loved food.
Avatar f tn 90 u/ml -HBV viral load- below 20 iu/ml - sgpt- 59 -sgot- 56 * ct scan, 128-slice MDCT of upper abdomen(contrast)- continous spiral sections of the abdomen were taken in both arterial and venous phase from the level of diaphragm to the renal hilum. report- -liver is mildly enlarged with normal attenuation. small hypodense lesion is seen in segment VI of liver measuring 12×12 mm. the lesion shows nodular peripheral enhancement with centripetal filling without rapid washout of contrast.
Avatar f tn I am really upset as I rather know from the blood test either it shows signs of cancer or not, that is because the MRI got a long waiting list and I am now have anxiety of not knowing until I have the MRI. Also, when I check on the internet, it said to detect for ovarian cancer, they usually do blood test or a CT scan. So can somebody tells me if the MRI is necessary or will the MRI able to tell whether my large ovarian cyst got cancer cell or not.
Avatar n tn i have a regular bowl movement every day so i no i am ok there .i have had a scan of all organs all are ok. i had an mri and they said there was an abundant amount of feases showing in the colon,how could that be if i was going regular?? unless it is a problem with the bowl.i wish i could get a second opinion on the mri i have.
765439 tn?1292960414 Nevertheless, if you feel strongly about not having a CT scan, you can call your doctor and tell him or her that you want an MRI instead of a CT scan. But be aware that your insurance may decline to cover the cost of the MRI since CTs are the standard for a 21 y/o male patient.
Avatar f tn I was experiencing pain that was waking me up at night that seems to radiate from my right upper abdomen to my right flank and into my right clavicle/scapula area and even down into my elbow. This persisted for about 4 nights, each episode seemingly happening at the same time every night. Then it started happening during the day, later in the afternoon. I thought I was having gall bladder attacks so I saw my doctor who ordered tests (ultrasound, MRI, hida scan).
Avatar n tn It felt like liquid was seeping from it internally. The whole abdominal/pelvic area hurt. I had a CT of abdomen and pelvis which came back normal. Ultrasound of abdomen was normal as well. But I'm afraid those tests just show organs, not muscle/ligament or tissue damage. If those types of things were damaged and not repaired, could it damage cells and ultimately result in cancer.
Avatar f tn I did a CT scan which shows I have gallstones but no major problems with gallbladder. There is no pain on the left side of my abdomen. I continued to be in pain so I was sent for an MRI which also did not show anything alarming except that I have gallstones. The Dr says he does not see the reason for my pain. In the meantime I continue to experience this awful pain in my upper right abdomen and back after eating and drinking along with the belching. What do you think is wrong?
10256164 tn?1408981241 If its not urget then wait in emergencies they do either mri or cat scan I can't remember which again only emergency. Your wrist can wait :) I've to have an ankle removed hoping I don't get appointment until baby is here!