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Avatar f tn A CT scan and MRI are pretty much the tests that will find a tumor- if you've had 3 scans that have been normal I would think everything is okay.
Avatar m tn Only a CT scan or MRI will show if you have a brain tumor. Occasionally it will show up on an X-ray but not very likely. My father had a malignant brain tumor also. The doctors removed it and he was fine - but the stitches broke loose and sadly my Dad went into a coma and died. (1987) You are still young and brain surgery has come a long way. Please see a specialist and don't let it go too long. If it is malignant, it will keep growing.
Avatar n tn m very worried that this unresolved headache/dizzyness is a sign of a tumor. I have also noticed that 1 of my eyes gets blurry once in a while, but the resolves when I blink a few times. The rest of my neurological exam was fine. I will probably ask my PCP to order an MRI for me soon, but I guess I am just looking for some reassurance that this is unlikely. I know nothing can be ruled out without imaging, but I'm sure the worry is not healping the headache.
Avatar f tn This headache could be due to raised intracranial pressure and lowering of temporal lobes on MRI due to brain herniation, which is a consequence of very high intracranial pressure. Herniation could result from many factors causing mass effect and increase intracranial pressure including traumatic brain injury, stroke and brain tumor. You need to consult a neurologist immediately with this concern, as this can be fatal. Hope this helps. Take care.
Avatar f tn I've had swollen/blocked nasal passages since early August. I'm on a beta-blocker for migraines now, but I have a large pineal cyst sitting on my pineal gland, and a suspicious 'shadow' cropping up in my occipital lobe on my MRI. Since your illness began with panic attacks (which is why you're on a beta-blocker, I'm guessing...?
Avatar m tn Would a brain scan be of any benefit in this situation such as an MRI or CATSCAN? I am not sure if it is a brain injury that has been aggravated by the cigarette poisons or not. I am not sure if it is a tumor. Would a brain scan determine any diagnosis? Thanks for your help.
Avatar n tn I have another tumor where the only symptom was loss of vision. I feel there are no classic signs of a brain tumor because it depends on the location, size, and type. Like Rumpled said, a clean MRI is a great step, especially if it was with and without contrast. Still, I can see why you are frustrated and want answers. Hopefully your physical will give you some of those answers, or at least a direction to go in.
Avatar n tn Would a CT scan of the brain detect a tumor on the 3rd nerve. I didn't have an MRI it was a CT.
Avatar n tn i had mri scan of my brian 3 weeks ago and now want me to have another with the dye injected first . does this mean they have found somehing wrong ?
Avatar f tn They did another ct scan which showed up a shadow so they did a mri and was dx with a small tumor in the frontal lobe affecting her speech, memory etc. They have given her medication to control the seizures and released her telling her to have another mri in 4 weeks when theyll decide what treatment is needed. They may do a biopsy to find out what kind of cells are there and possibly surgery. If not surgery what other kind of treatment is there?
Avatar f tn An MRI is actually the gold standard for locating any type of brain tumor, but since they can be expensive, the CT scan is usually the test of choice as it is usually very accurate.
Avatar n tn Anyway when i went in today he prescribed me meclizine and is trying to set me an appiontment to take a ct scan. Does my problem sound serious? Im getting scared of the thought thinking i might have a brain tumor or something.
Avatar m tn I have a son that is 15 they said they was doing testing to see if the doctor needed to send him to be tested for a brain tumor by doing a mri or a brain scan to see it then a couple of days ago they call me from where he is and tell me they felt it by rubbing his head so of I cant see it without a brain scan orvmri how can u feel it by rubbing someones head
Avatar m tn it doesnt look like i have a brain tumor or blood clost just a very unusual combination of symptoms that are the same/simular too. sorry to write so many times but i have spent 30,000 on medical bills already this year possible death seemed more inviting lol... but all looks ok, they still want me to get an MRI since some symptoms arent explainable. thank you for taking your time to read and respond!!
589816 tn?1332976771 He tested me for some things that came out negative so he went on to order an MRI of my spine and brain. The one of my brain came back as follows Findings: There is a 2.0 x 1.2 x 2.0 cm mass in the suprasellar cistern which demonstrates intense increased signal on T1-weighted images and intermediate signal on FLAIR and T2-weighted images and no significant enhancement. The mass appears to be separate from the pituitary gland, and anterior and separate from the hypothalamus.
Avatar f tn 00 this morning. The Tech told me that they don't use the dye for this scan unless she sees something. After the scan. she rolled me out and said she had talked to the radiologist and he wanted the dye and to scan my thoracic area. Impression from Radiologist report:Extensive areas of increased T2 signal with the thoracic spinal cord. My doctor had this information by noon to me today and said he had faxed a copy to my neuro.....and I thought not again.
Avatar f tn Can I get an answer to my question?
Avatar f tn For a PET scan, they give you a tracer of some sort to make a tumor show up. I do not think the benign tumors take up the tracer like the malignant ones, hence why the PET scan works (or so how I think it works). The doctor will have to tell you if the lesion in her brain is related or not - but it may or may not be cancer. I hope not.
Avatar m tn I am rather concerned about what you have described here and I would strongly urge you to go and see your doctor, hopefully they will send you off to have an MRI scan done of your head to see what is going on . without having investigations to see what the cause is, it is really hard to determine whether you do have a brain tumour. I do pray for you that you dont have one, so please, I know you are scared and frightened but please do go and get yourself checked out.
Avatar f tn I was diagnosed with a brain tumor about a month ago. I had a MRI and CT scan to confirm the location and the type of tumor that I have. My neurologist said this was the second time he has seen this type of tumor and wants me to go to see a neurosurgeon. The problem is if he doesn't know what to say or do about my tumor. What makes him so sure a neurosurgeon will. I have a lipoma of the Splenium of the corpus callosum. I don't know how to handle this or how to find the right doctor.
Avatar f tn It can show tumors if large or causing mass effect on adjacent structures but may miss smaller or more subtle tumors. If high clinical concern for tumor, consider MRI brain with and without contrast. However, different clinical scenarios may require tailored approaches. For more info: https://acsearch.acr.
Avatar n tn The possibility of brain tumor seems very less although it can only be ruled out completely by a MRI or CT scan of brain. I suggest you get these done at the earliest.
Avatar m tn Is there a symptom or symptom(s) that identify a definite brain tumor? What would my symptoms indicate? Wouldnt the CT scan catch a tumor? I have been suffering from anxiety thinking about this and want to know if having the MRI is the only sure fire way to determine if it is or isnt a tumor. Cliffs: Facial numbness Eye awareness Is an MRI only way to determine cause?
Avatar f tn It is best to see what the MRI says before you start trying to figure if anything is misdiagnosed.
402689 tn?1201578212 1) effect of the treatment (edema of the tumor after Cyberknife treatment falls under this category); 2) effect of the tumor itself because of subsequent enlargement; 3) another ongoing neurologic problem (e.g. stroke, but this possibility is less likely). A repeat MRI should help differentiate what the problem is. If the symptoms of numbness are stable and do not progress further, then you may opt to wait until the end of February to have that MRI done.