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Avatar m tn 10 days ago I suffered a concussion due to a fall after fainting. We don't know how long I was unconscious (I was alone), but it was no more than 10-15 minutes. I was unable to remember anything regarding the actual injury (i.e. where I hit the back of my head) or my trip to the hospital and the ER until about an hour before I was discharged. I 'lost" about 3 hours in total.
Avatar m tn Yes, please go to the ER or neurologist and get a CT scan or MRI as the neurologist advises. There is a chance it is either concussion or a bleed in the brain. It can also be a subdural hematoma. Hope this helps. Please let me know if there is any thing else and do keep me posted. Take care!
Avatar m tn t walking straight because I was dizzy. he said he was very sure I had a concussion and so he sent me to the ER for a ct scan. After the ct scan, the NP said although It didn't show a concussion I do have one and it showed sinusitis. Ive had sinusitis a few times before and it's never made me nauseated or that dizzy.
Avatar n tn I went to my family Dr and he ordered a CT scan and a MRI. I did my CT scan on Saturday and the Dr called to say that there is bruising on my brain but it is not near the pain at the base of my skull. My MRI is scheduled for next week and the Dr said they will now do a more in depth MRI after finding the bruising. What is your thougts on what is causing my headaches and are they related to the bruising? Why would I have bruising now with no recent head trama?
Avatar f tn Okay, thank you very much!
Avatar n tn Hi LO I'm sorry to hear that this accident is still affecting you. Did you have any follow ups after that first cat scan? With what they class as low grade 'traumatic brain injuries', the damage often doesn't show up till days/weeks later. One complication of even some mild concussions can be brain swelling, or cerebral edema (rather like an injured leg can swell up if accidentally kicked for example) which shows up many hours or days after the injury.
Avatar f tn Hello my 11 year old son suffered a gr.2 concussion during a hockey game. He had a MRI which showed the brain was fine but after 3 months he still hasn't gone one day without getting a headache. He is itching to run around and play. Can he run, jump, ride a bike even if he is still getting headaches or should he do no physical activity even after 3 months? We're trying physio. now to see of it helps.
Avatar n tn She is scheduled for an MRI based on the results of the CAT scan. The MRI is scheduled for March and the appt. with the neurologist is set for the week after the MRI. she has also been referred to an Ear/nose/throat specialist as they say that the blood vessels and veins in her nose are "fragile & bulging". The pediatrician printed out a copy of the CAT scan report for us.
Avatar m tn You may have a concussion and go to ER or PCP asap and get a CT Scan/MRI just to make sure there is no bleeding or anything. Nausea/headache/amnesia is something not to be ignored.
Avatar f tn You should consider seeing an neuroophthalmologist and might need detailed MRI scan of your brain and orbits to rule out a blood vessel abnormality or other condition affecting the nerves to the eye. Find one at and search by specialty.
Avatar m tn All the symptoms you are having can be due to concussion or a mild brain bleed. The neurologist will examine you for any neurological sign, may ask for a MRI or CT scan. Try and see your neurologist as soon as possible. Meanwhile get your blood pressure checked and if the symptoms are worsening get a MRI/CT scan as soon as possible. Take care!
Avatar m tn Mainly, I have been reading that the axonal fibers in the brain can actually shear or tear if enough force is exerted on the brain. [2] What kind of forces can put the axons at risk for shearing? [3] Also would someone know if axonal fibers had sheared? And very lastly… [4] what about the possibility that a concussion such as this can actually make you smarter? (maybe activate areas of the brain previously dormant). My parents said they have noticed me behaving even more intelligently.
Avatar f tn no single test can prove the syndrome and the doctor may ask for a MRI scan to detect brain abnormalities, ear pathologies need to be ruled out since a lot of dizziness is there and psychiatrist to rule out anxiety and depression. Hope this helps. Take care.
Avatar f tn old and had a fall, four days ago, in which I hit my head on a concrete curb. According to the ER doctor, the CT scan was negative, although he said it showed enlarged lateral ventricles. I"ve been having severe headaches, for 5 weeks, and severe nausea for 7 weeks. Could the headaches and/or nausea be caused by the enlarged lateral ventricles? Just how serious is this condition?
Avatar n tn There could be Cerebral contusion or concussion . Please go for a CT scan and MRI of brain and consult a neurologist for the examination , diagnosis and management . Hope this helps you . Take care and regards !
Avatar m tn Thanks for your insight. I forget that I made this post and never thanked you. Turns out I have Post Concussion Syndrome (diagnosed at 11 months) and I still have major memory and other issues 14 months later.
Avatar n tn I took him to the emergency room the next day and they did a CT scan, but did not find any brain injuries or blood in his brain. The doctor who saw him was in a extreme rush and didn't really talked to us. When my husband was discharged from the ER they gave him a paper explaining about head concussion. So we assumed he had a head concussion. He did o.k. for two days and then started being confused and disoriented again.
Avatar f tn This area of the brain is basically fluid and is a shock absorber for the brain. However, there are veins that feed and drain the brain which move through this area and when they are torn an epidural bleed can occur. These patients are often ones who have symptoms including a “lucid interval” which means they are struck in the head and have a short period of initial unconsciousness, wake up and seem better then seem to deteriorate.
Avatar f tn -says needs to see neurologist. Got MRI. Neuro surgeon seems fast press to brain surgery. SON HAS NO SYPTOMS. Vision tested 20/20 no optic nerve pressure/No tumor/cyst Some blockage -genetic from birth in 3rd ventricle. He said blockage = surgery. Wouldn't admit diffuse CSF happening.Prefer to monitor and get future MRI.What you think?
Avatar n tn The dr said everything came back fine and i may have migraines or need glasses. I do that a MRI is better but would a CT scan show if i had anything going on? I panic when it comes to my health and i was told that a CT scan is not a good tool to find Aneurysms or brain tumors. I still have a slight headache but not as intense as the last week. Do you have alot of symptoms of an Aneurysm before it pops? I know if it poped im sure i would be in the worst pain ever.
Avatar f tn We took her to the hospital where they did a ct scan and diagnosed her with a concussion. They told us they found nothing at all wrong with her brain. She went to pyschial therapy to recover from the concussion but her neck hurts daily since she fells and she has blurry vision so the pyschial therapist was afraid to do anything. They sent my mom to an eye doctor where they told my mom her left wide goes further outward than her other eye.
Avatar n tn had an mri of the brain for head trauma/concussion/headaches and poor concentration. tempal area was hit and loss of conscience occured. mri of brain show results as fluid noted within several posterior mastoid aircells. i have never had any ear issues or sinus problems.
Avatar m tn This week I have neuro appointment just to double check everything is ok .May take an MRI recommended by my dr just incase the ct scan missed something.
Avatar n tn 2) I hit my head hard recently and I did a CAT scan to my skull and brain to rule out any trauma/concussion from the blow. Would MS show up any white matter lesions on this CAT scan which wasn't done specifically to look for the disease? Thanks a lot for your help.
Avatar f tn Did they do a CT scan or MRI to see if you had a skull fracture when you went to the clinic? Gio77Italy, it's possible to have a skull fracture without having a hole in your head. An old girlfriend had her head slammed into a wall, cleaned herself up, and later found out she had a fracture, that's why I mentioned it because it happened to a friend of mine many years ago. The doc said she was leaking CSF, that's why she continued to have headaches.
Avatar f tn Hi, Thank you for your question. First it is essential to get (MRI) done to detect the brain or spinal abnormalities after that injury. Then only anything can be concluded along with your lists of symptoms. Hope this helps.