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Avatar n tn Lastly, if there is any evidence of brain trauma (noted with a CT or MRI scan)then play should be suspended and future play discouraged. Given that he has had a headache for 1 week an MRI or CT scan would be reasonable to perform. These are only guidelines and the formal recommendations would need to be tailored to your childs specific case. I hope this helps.
Avatar m tn He seen I wasn't walking straight because I was dizzy. he said he was very sure I had a concussion and so he sent me to the ER for a ct scan. After the ct scan, the NP said although It didn't show a concussion I do have one and it showed sinusitis. Ive had sinusitis a few times before and it's never made me nauseated or that dizzy. It's now been about a month and I'm still getting dizzy but also my vision seem a little blurry at times and I'm feeling a little depressed and also mood swings.
Avatar m tn A doctor generally looks for focal neurological or generalized neurological symptoms that would show there is a pressure on brain somewhere. In absence of these symptoms and based on the history a diagnosis of concussion is given. Please consult your doctor for a reassessment of your symptoms. Take care! The medical advice given should not be considered a substitute for medical care provided by a doctor who can examine you.
Avatar n tn If your symptoms become worse or you and your physician become concerned about the slow improvement, consider an MRI of the brain just to make sure everything is ok. Only time can tell how well and fast your recovery will be. Here are some American Academy of Neurology supported sites where you may be able to get more info. (head injury hotline) (the perspectives network) www.biausa.
Avatar m tn This week I have neuro appointment just to double check everything is ok .May take an MRI recommended by my dr just incase the ct scan missed something.
Avatar f tn This area of the brain is basically fluid and is a shock absorber for the brain. However, there are veins that feed and drain the brain which move through this area and when they are torn an epidural bleed can occur. These patients are often ones who have symptoms including a “lucid interval” which means they are struck in the head and have a short period of initial unconsciousness, wake up and seem better then seem to deteriorate.
Avatar f tn The headaches and nausea are pretty bad daily, have gotten worse since the concussion. I'm now scheduled for an MRI scan, should I do it with or without contrast. Have read so many negative things about getting it with the contrast.
Avatar n tn I'm sorry to learn about the accident. The MRI is indeed more accurate that CT scan in depicting brain tissue lesions and I believe that even with the CT scan plates around, the radiologist may still have concluded the same way. Also, lesions in the cerebellum can present with symptoms such as gait abnormalities, finger tremors, loss of coordination, etc. If you don't have these, then there may really be nothing wrong with the cerebellum.
Avatar n tn If the headache is persisting, get another scan preferably a MRI. Also headache can be due to anxiety and stress. High BP could also be a cause. It can also be pinched cervical spinal nerve and hence get the MRI to include cervical spine too. Please consult your PCP for primary examination followed by proper referral to a neurologist. Take care!
Avatar n tn i had a fall late aug and hit the top of a table and the bottom part also i felt dizzy and numb also nause went to the hospital the doctor there said i had a concussion that i bruise the back of my brain, so i had to see my doctor she had me take lots of test ECC, EGG.
Avatar n tn I took him to the emergency room the next day and they did a CT scan, but did not find any brain injuries or blood in his brain. The doctor who saw him was in a extreme rush and didn't really talked to us. When my husband was discharged from the ER they gave him a paper explaining about head concussion. So we assumed he had a head concussion. He did o.k. for two days and then started being confused and disoriented again.
Avatar n tn I suggest you have yourself checked by your doctor just to make sure. He may request for imaging studies such as MRI or CT scan if he deemed them necessary. Regards and God bless.
Avatar m tn For treatment approach, first it is essential to get (MRI) done to detect the brain or spinal abnormalities after that injury. Treatment commonly may be suggested for symptoms such as pain-killers, some antidepressants, physical therapy and regular exercises. If you suffer continuous headache, please arrange an appointment with a neurologist right away who will evaluate the possibilities here and can provide you an appropriate treatment.
Avatar n tn Yes, as far as concussion is concerned, it has heeled but return of normal functioning of brain takes so time.
Avatar n tn Recently , my head got hit by a baseball, after 2 day i still got pain in there, my GP suggests me for ct scan for brain? i would like to ask a couple of question 1) with contrast or without contrast is better? why do they need contrast? 2)I feel that this kind of check would be harmful to my health especially when it comes to brain, am i right?
Avatar n tn I listened and went to the emergency room and had a cat scan since I have a pacemakee they could not do an MRI. No brain bleed thank goodness.
Avatar f tn So, I had my MRI last night. I have had them before, 2 or 3 of the brain, one of the wrist, and a CT of my brain. The CT is the most recent headscan which followed a concussion. Nothing in the CT scan or my previous MRI's showed anything. My MRI last night was clear except for one spot. I didn't get a description of what it looked like or where it was, but I think my neuro will go into further detail. Okay, I just forgot how to spell "further", so if that's not correct, sorry...
Avatar m tn All the symptoms you are having can be due to concussion or a mild brain bleed. The neurologist will examine you for any neurological sign, may ask for a MRI or CT scan. Try and see your neurologist as soon as possible. Meanwhile get your blood pressure checked and if the symptoms are worsening get a MRI/CT scan as soon as possible. Take care!
Avatar f tn The injury can be in form of contusion or hemorrhage or damage to the nerves. You are right, a CT scan or MRI (preferably) of the brain should be done. Please consult a neurologist. Hope this helps. Please let me know if there is any thing else and do keep me posted. Take care!
Avatar n tn What caused your daughter's concussion? Has your daughter been subjected to an MRI or CT scan? There are other causes of pain after an injury that should be looked out for and brain imaging would be helpful in ruling these out. Since the pain is severe, I would advise you to bring your daughter back to her physician to reassess her condition. Good luck.
Avatar n tn Hello I am having a terrible migraine today Most the pain is on the top of my head but I can feel some of it on the sides down the back to my neck They put me on topamax sometime ago but I had more migraines so the only maintennce for the migraines I'm on is Lyrica I did some things yesterday that needed to be done and that is why I'm like this today If I want to stay at a pain level 6 I can't do much other than sit around a little Walk some but no picking up anything bend twisting kneeling, p
Avatar f tn It can be diagnosed now also. Usually a MRI or CT scan of the brain is done. However, before that a complete neurological examination will be performed by a neurologist. Please consult a specialist. Nothing much can be done if it is concussion except psychological support, memory games etc, exercising, eating healthy, and remaining cheerful. Normally, concussion heals on its own. Take care!
Avatar f tn no single test can prove the syndrome and the doctor may ask for a MRI scan to detect brain abnormalities, ear pathologies need to be ruled out since a lot of dizziness is there and psychiatrist to rule out anxiety and depression. Hope this helps. Take care.
Avatar n tn We went to the ER where we were told she had a concussion. CT Scan came back negative so we went home only to wake up the next day with memory loss and a stiff neck. Got an MRI and a EKG done in the following days and evrything came back negative here brain was perfectly fine. She gave birth to our 3rd son on April 1st and one Neurologist I talked to on a hotline told me that her hormones could have something to do with it.
1829660 tn?1318018755 I have very bad pressure behind my eyes and back of head and my ears crackle and really hurt and this has been consistent for 5 months. I was put through an MRI in July and nothing showed except a small cyst on my brain in which my doctor felt is not a problem. I have been on 10 mgs of Cipralex for about 60 days. There are days when I still have bad anxiety but not to the extreme that I had before the drug. When i phone my doctor I don't think he knows what to do with me.
Avatar n tn I've been having post concussion syndrome symptoms for the past year and half from a concussion received from a biking accident. These symtpoms include brain fog, poor reading ability, difficulty concentrating, slowness in mental processing, and dull headaches. CT scan, MRI, and EEG were all normal. I've tried anti-oxidants, Straterra, cranio-sacral therapy, triptans, yoga and more with occassional short term relief, but the symptoms keep coming back.
Avatar f tn i would try consulting with a doctor or having a MRI or a CT scan done on your brain just to be sure of whats going on. i wish you the best of luck :) and hang in there. your not alone and there are many people out there just like you.
Avatar f tn For treatment approach, first it is essential to get (MRI) done to detect the brain abnormalities after that injury. If any abnormality was being found then treatment will be symptomatic such as pain killers, some antidepressants, physical therapy and regular exercises. If you suffer continuous symptoms like that, please arrange an appointment with a neurologist right away who will evaluate the possibilities here and can provide you an appropriate treatment.