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Avatar f tn Hi---I am a registered nurse and have recently been experiencing very sharp pain in my left foot....the top left side. I went to an orthopedist that specializes in feet and an mri was done and it showed nothing abnormal. This is the most painful condition that I have ever had. I am on my feet for twelve hour shifts and sometimes the pain keeps me awake at night. The next morning I wake up and my foot feels swollen and I have trouble walking.
Avatar m tn I can lie on my left side as long as I have a pillow between my legs, and even then I need to move my legs every few seconds/minutes (depending on the severity of the pain). I have had CT scan of back, MRI of back, xrays of hip, knee, foot, ultrasound of groin.. all came back normal. This started when I was masturbating and felt a dull pain in my right groin.
Avatar f tn Six months later I was diagnosed with fractures in both heels and have been in two casts, crutches and another walking boot. I am still in pain! I just had an MRI that shows Marrow Edema in four bones of my foot. What does this mean? I do not see the Dr. again for two weeks! I can't be on my feet for any length of time with suffering excruciating pain!
Avatar f tn After 7 months of casts, crutches and Cam walker boots, the pain does not seem to be any better. New MRI shows Marrow Edema in four different bones in my left foot! I have not gotten any info from my doctor yet, but I was wondering if anyone had any thoughts. I can't be on my feet for more than a couple of hours with out having really bad pain and limping. I am very frustrated to say the least!
Avatar f tn This knot does not hurt. Could this be the source of my pain? My foot actually hurts more toward the outside and where the heel starts. The heel itself is not really painful. Also, my foot feels like it is going to get a cramp in more now. Is the knot any cause for concern? Thanks for your advice.
Avatar n tn In may 2010 I started getting pain in my second toe on the same left foot, so they sent me 4 a bone scan. then mri, and passed me off to a podiatrist. The pod seems perplexed, he thinks that I have a tear or hole in my plantar plate and that the tenden to the knuckle joint is torn. So the toe is kinked at the joint and is swollen 24/7. I had a boot on 4 a few weeks then he told me I should try n walk on it.
Avatar m tn ve had X-rays before, and while they do show a lot, I was so surprised when years after I had tore up my foot somehow and X-ray said I was fine, I had a scan done of that same area as part of a body scan, and do you know they found fractures in my feet!!! No wonder it hurt so much!!!
Avatar f tn Get a MRI and CT scan to rule out any pathology. Do not bear weight on the foot. Change the footwear as desired as per the comfort. Take some anti-inflammatory like ibuprofen and take rest.
Avatar m tn I have constant numbness, tingling, shooting pain in my toes, pain at the base of my foot in the heal of my foot, the arches and the ball of my foot. At times, it feels like a rug or sock is crumpled up under the ball of my foot. Believe it or not, my toenails hurt as well. The pain is always present and ranges from about 7-10 on a 10 scale with 10 being the absolute worst. There are times when I cannot feel my feet for several days at a time.
Avatar m tn my right foot is very sore and my little toe .can any one help me .
Avatar f tn im still really struggling with facial pain n.tightning in cheek bones . also right sided pain and burning sensations in foot and arm . this is ruining my life iv had a ct scan of brain and am scared to death of going to my mri scan next month ..can anybody help me ?
470872 tn?1207414069 Can Osteoporosis cause severe foot pain? I am finding that both my feet are very painful to walk on and have swelling in the mid foot area. I also have pain in the ankles. I have had an MRI scan a few weeks ago but have to wait until the end of August for my results appointment with the Orthopaedic Consultant. An untrasound did not show any sign of damage to the plantar fascia.
Avatar n tn I've been using the treadmill daily and have been getting pain on the right side of my foot. It's an aching pain that gets worse with the use of the treadmill; this has been going on for about 2 weeks now. What could be causing this? I also have reduced bone density and Osteoporosis.
Avatar f tn I have had the pain for 8 to 9 years and when the pain first started it was primarily in the thigh I had a bone scan and MRI and found nothing. The pain in the foot is most aggrevating and has caused me to alter my exercising. I went to an othro 2 weeks ago who specializes in foot/ankle he sent me for an EMG to look for tarsel tunnel, the neurologist did the EMG from hip to foot and found nothing. He suggested I next have an MRI on lower back to look for a pinched nerve.
Avatar m tn if you have any numbness or tingling or your legs fall asleep and you have trouble waking them up go immediately and have a mri or ct scan done. You could have a more serious issue such as a nerve compression.
Avatar m tn I am 34 year old female with chronic bilateral ankle pain. The pain in my right foot is ankle aches all the time, my left foot is bearable. I can't wear shoes other than sneakers, and even wearing sneakers my foot aches. I was diagnosed with sinus tarsi syndrome. Originally in May 2015, I had grade 2 ankle sprain of ATFL ligament and bone edema in calcaneus...this was after completing exercise program T25 and running.
Avatar m tn Hi, I had a MRI scan a couple of days ago but no one has really explained to me what has happened, I will be reviewed by the spinal team as an outpatient. I have posted the results below and I would really appreciate if someone could explain in non medical terms what is happening. Here's some background info. I have had a recurring bad back for the past 10 years, but at the side of my back. Usually every six months for a couple of weeks at a time then back to normal.
Avatar f tn Its possible, are you seeing a Doctor, have you had an x-ray or an MRI scan?
Avatar f tn I would need to go back to my primary care doctor. I have throbbing pain in my lower back and my foot feels like it is swollen. especially at the ball of my foot. I would like to know what questions to ask any doctors to find out what it wrong and what to do about it. Can anyone please help me with this? I am at loss to know. I can't really find anything that has been helpful on the internet.
Avatar m tn You should go for an MRI scan and get yourself examined appropriately by an orthopedician to rule out ligament, muscle or tendon tears or injuries. You should wear appropriate foot wear and consider wearing an ankle brace for healing of your soft tissue and follow it by physiotherapy. Go to an orthopedician for the best course of action. Take care!
Avatar f tn It could also be stress fractures of the bones of the foot. You will need MRI of the whole foot, X-rays of the foot, EMG and nerve conduction studies for a confirmed diagnosis. Take care! The medical advice given should not be considered a substitute for medical care provided by a doctor who can examine you. The advice may not be completely correct for you as the doctor cannot examine you and does not know your complete medical history.
506621 tn?1214350225 Then you go to another place and another CT scan suggests spinal cord compression, and they follow with an MRI that comes up clear. Something is very wrong with that MRI report. Either they only did an MRI of your head, or they did one of your spine and head. I'm going to assume they did indeed include your spine. And I say if you had two separate CTs prior to the MRI that showed a problem with your spine, there is NO WAY the MRI of your spine came up clear.