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Avatar f tn I have just recently had an MRI scan, results showing L5/S1 loss of disc height and hydration with degenerative endplate changes, can anyone help with an explanation. I also suffer with a dead left leg and cramp in my left foot, but the MRI did not show anything sitting on a nerve ??????
Avatar f tn Hi---I am a registered nurse and have recently been experiencing very sharp pain in my left foot....the top left side. I went to an orthopedist that specializes in feet and an mri was done and it showed nothing abnormal. This is the most painful condition that I have ever had. I am on my feet for twelve hour shifts and sometimes the pain keeps me awake at night. The next morning I wake up and my foot feels swollen and I have trouble walking.
Avatar n tn Hello, There is a possibility that the foot pain that you are having can be related to the herniated disc between L3 and L4.But other possibilities also need evaluation.These possibilities are straining of the muscle or bursae due to overstretching and overuse,Achilles tendonitis,plantar fasciitis, tarsal tunnel syndrome, posterior tibial tendon dysfunction (PTTD) or flat feet in adults and abnormally high arches. Without examination confirmation of a diagnosis is tough.
Avatar f tn Six months later I was diagnosed with fractures in both heels and have been in two casts, crutches and another walking boot. I am still in pain! I just had an MRI that shows Marrow Edema in four bones of my foot. What does this mean? I do not see the Dr. again for two weeks! I can't be on my feet for any length of time with suffering excruciating pain!
Avatar f tn This knot does not hurt. Could this be the source of my pain? My foot actually hurts more toward the outside and where the heel starts. The heel itself is not really painful. Also, my foot feels like it is going to get a cramp in more now. Is the knot any cause for concern? Thanks for your advice.
470872 tn?1207417669 Can Osteoporosis cause severe foot pain? I am finding that both my feet are very painful to walk on and have swelling in the mid foot area. I also have pain in the ankles. I have had an MRI scan a few weeks ago but have to wait until the end of August for my results appointment with the Orthopaedic Consultant. An untrasound did not show any sign of damage to the plantar fascia.
Avatar m tn Hi, I had a MRI scan a couple of days ago but no one has really explained to me what has happened, I will be reviewed by the spinal team as an outpatient. I have posted the results below and I would really appreciate if someone could explain in non medical terms what is happening. Here's some background info. I have had a recurring bad back for the past 10 years, but at the side of my back. Usually every six months for a couple of weeks at a time then back to normal.
Avatar f tn Admit to hospital, Neurologist sure it was MS. LP test - clear, MRI scan showed a small insignificant cyst. Improved after 8 weeks. Painful pins and needles on RHS face, numbness & pain down LHS of body, lack of power and easily tired have remained in the last 4 years. Last 3 yrs taken Amitriptyline to aid sleep; day time made more manageable, as rested. Symptoms return severely if not taken.
470162 tn?1285755313 As to the foot pain , if you can find it, OTC Capzasin-p. There a couple of strengths . Its worth a try before getting into the heavier meds. Don't let the shrink bother you , and it looks like You have a good attitude about her .. what a load of cra* . A lot of us have been there .. Glad you found us , Your story wasn't too long .. I have mine scattered in bits and pieces . At least we have the gist of what's going on for you in one post .. Oh yeah .. I'm not dx.
Avatar n tn Most common cause of cuboid syndrome is due to excessive inversion of the ankle or excessive plantar flexion of the foot. I would suggest you to have an X-ray scan and MRI scan of the region and get it evaluated by an expert radiologist and follow up with a podiatrist. Do not exert yourself, take intermittent NSAIDs and try ice packs and limit physical activity to control the pain till properly diagnosed and treated. Take care!
Avatar f tn After 7 months of casts, crutches and Cam walker boots, the pain does not seem to be any better. New MRI shows Marrow Edema in four different bones in my left foot! I have not gotten any info from my doctor yet, but I was wondering if anyone had any thoughts. I can't be on my feet for more than a couple of hours with out having really bad pain and limping. I am very frustrated to say the least!
Avatar n tn I've been using the treadmill daily and have been getting pain on the right side of my foot. It's an aching pain that gets worse with the use of the treadmill; this has been going on for about 2 weeks now. What could be causing this? I also have reduced bone density and Osteoporosis.
Avatar n tn hai doctor , i hav a question.we took mri scan and the results show that posterior bulge of cervical intervertibral disc at multiple level causing thecal sac compression .is this any way related to foot pain with severe burning sensation.
Avatar n tn Hello! I played in a soccer game about 4 weeks ago and have had foot pain since then. The first night after the game, I could barely walk. My foot felt better with icing and rest, but within a week or two I had swelling a little in front of my ankle bone on the medial side. The bone there also hurt to touch. The swelling went away, but 4 weeks later, I still have pain when I touch the bone in front of the ankle bone.
Avatar m tn Good day, I had been for a operation where the MRI scan stated " Clinically significant lesion is the large right paracentral L5/S1 disc herniation with a sequestrated disc fragment in the right lateral recess and compression of the right S1 nerve root. Possible right L5 root compression in the lateral recess at the L4/L5 level due to right paracentral disc herniation as well". Now I would like to know after this kind of operation, how long it will take to recover.
Avatar m tn I have constant numbness, tingling, shooting pain in my toes, pain at the base of my foot in the heal of my foot, the arches and the ball of my foot. At times, it feels like a rug or sock is crumpled up under the ball of my foot. Believe it or not, my toenails hurt as well. The pain is always present and ranges from about 7-10 on a 10 scale with 10 being the absolute worst. There are times when I cannot feel my feet for several days at a time.
Avatar f tn i have pain and numbness in my left arm ,hand and left foot, unable to find out why, please help
Avatar f tn The leg and side pain might just be a muscle cramp that I injured somehow, and just coincidental to my foot....but I am really getting to worry about this foot pain. Is there anything someone can suggest?
Avatar m tn I injured my left foot and have similar pain. After seeing a foot dr and being given a walking boot and ibuprofen and ice regimen, I am also having an MRI due to probable tendon damage. I fell down the stairs and injured my foot. But, I am having trouble moving my toes.
Avatar f tn Hi I injured my self 7 months ago doing exercise at home repetitive movement off the leg, pain appeared 2 days later and got worse through out the months.
Avatar m tn my right foot is very sore and my little toe .can any one help me .
1468681 tn?1286515175 Diabetic neuropathy can be of 4 types, peripheral, autonomic, proximal and focal. Peripheral neuropathy of foot can cause pain, burning sensation, tingling and numbness. Proper foot care must be taken like wearing proper fitting shoes, apply moisturizer if dry, examine your feet regularly and take care of your nails.
Avatar n tn However, the symptoms you have experienced might be due a nerve impingement or compression at the spine and it would be hard to determine its presence and where it is located without any diagnostic imaging such as an MRI or CT scan done. The nerve impingement/compression might be secondary to vetebral malalignment, disc bulging, or disc herniation, which would make its immediate identification crucial. I would really have to advise you to go to a doctor as soon as possible.
Avatar n tn For mild abdominal pain that may be CFAP (chronic functional abdominal pain), and where the pain seems to respond well to medication and diet improvements, is an MRI 1) more accurate than a CT scan for checking for this condition? Is an MRI generally more accurate for looking at the liver, gall bladder, stomach, intestines, etc. than a CT scan? 2) less radiation than CT scan?
Avatar f tn It is really difficult to pin point the exact underlying cause without a clinical exam and tests like MRI scan of head and lower back. However if the possibility of this being associated with bad posture is there then I would suggest him to correct his posture while sitting. ALS on the other hand is a progressive disease and results in rapid deterioration of voluntary functions like bladder and bowel functions.
Avatar f tn he should get an MRI/CT scan to see if the flat feet are caused from a tarsal coalition. if not, a ritchie brace (if molded correctly) can help. flat foot reconstruction can help, but it involves 6 weeks of crutches and 6-8 weeks of rehab. if he has tried everything and continues to have pain, surgery sounds like a good option. go to a reputable surgeon who has experience in this type of procedure.
Avatar n tn Was off work for 8 weeks and just went back(am an RN working 12 hr shifts 3 days per week) Right now the ankle and calf pain is the worst part, and foot definitely hurts after 12 hr shift. MRI, bone scan and CT of right foot and ankle all neg. Could it be a herniated disc at S1 causing the problem? This was suggested by a colleague who had shoulder and arm pain and had herniated C6 but had no neck pain. I do occasionallly get lower back pain and did injure the L4/5 S1 in the past.
Avatar n tn I was referred to an orthopedic who then ordered a bone scan but did not find anything however he did put my foot in a cast to see if it helped with the pain and swelling. 3 weeks later my foot was still the same and the cast was taken off. He scheduled an mri and the mri showed that my 5th metatarsal was too long. He said that was probably something I was born with. He said he did not know what was wrong with my foot and sent me to see a foot and ankle specialist.