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Avatar f tn I recently pulled a muscle in my neck/shoulder with medication and pain killers it seemed to be getting better then 3/4 weeks ago i noticed a lump sticking out near my clavical i was xrayed and showed nothing broken it has got worse and is now quite painful could this be a tear or something else im stumped and in a lot of pain .
Avatar n tn I have been to an internal medicine and ENT doctor, and I have had an MRI and CT scan of my neck, and I was told that everything appears normal. The ENT doctor said my lymph nodes are swollen, but the MRI was normal. My thyroid is not swollen and TSH and free T4 levels are fine. The last few days my neck has been hurting even more. I couldn't even work today it hurt so much. I have trouble swallowing, and when I lay on my back, it feels like my throat is closing up.
Avatar n tn the pain you get in shoulder area is from nerve irritation from disk prolapse.consult a doctor and do the MRI scan of cervical spine if the symptoms are severe .
Avatar f tn I am suffering from cervical neck pain. The pain increases as i work more at home and office. There is very little in the mroning and as i begin my households and return from office, the pain increases. I was asked to go through MRI scan. The results say that there is dehydration on all the six discs from c2 to c7. My doctor said there was no problem and i have to go through phesiotherepy. I would like to know what exactly is dehydration in the discs and how can i strengthen my neck.
Avatar m tn Since last week I have had the headache and neck pain is much worse radiating from the back of my head (where the two bones at the back of the head are) to my shoulders. The headache seems to be worse in the morning when I wake up and is not a constant headache. It comes and goes during the day but is at worse in the mornings and at night. I also feel nauseous a lot of times not sure if it could be related to the headache or not. The neck pain is also more like a burning type of pain.
Avatar f tn For the past 7 months I have been suffering from severe neck and shoulder pain, thought to be from mild DDD, fatique and swelling over clavicles near neck. What could this be? I have seen many doctors who upon examing the swelling say there is no mass there and not to worry about it. I worry about it very much, and suffer constantly in discomfort.
Avatar m tn s a good approach as he is trying to give your neck muscles , a good rest. Also he is thinking of eliminating the probability of Whiplash injury. Hence please cooperate with him and follow his advice. The pre-existing osteoarthritis of the neck has got nothing much to do with the present condition, except the fact that it's slowing the pace of recovery. A good physiotherapy would augment the healing process. All the best. Feel free to discuss further.
Avatar m tn I also have severe pain in my neck when I turn it to the side or up and down.I was assured that by now I would be pretty much pain free but here I am asking why I'm not!! I had an appointment in May and June,and in the doctors notes he stated if I didn't improve then he wanted to do an MRI and CT scan with contrast and a nerve velocity test.I would really appreciate another opinion of what is going on with me.I was injured on the job and haven't received the best medical treatment.
Avatar f tn I have severe neck pain as well on my left side. After an MRI of the cervical spine, it showed severe arthritis between my C3-C5. I have an injection done about a month ago and it didn’t do anything. Next step will be a procedure (not sure of the name) to where they burn the nerves.
Avatar m tn I do have a copy of my MRI. I also had a CT scan done, both of which I have copies of (the CT scan was because the drs thought I had a blocked sinus cavity). I have yet to have any type of scan of my spine though, just brain.
Avatar n tn Hi , I have been out of work now since the end of Aug. with severe neck and top right muscle/shoulder pain. Doc. said it was Brachial Nueralgia. Had x-ray done by Chiro.-3 IVR encroachments ( pinched nerves?). MRI showed nothing. I will be seeing an ORTHO this Fri. I am in a cervical brace, and sling as needed and on 3 meds. Has anyone ever has this same problem. Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated.
Avatar f tn I have a terrible cold, and my neck and back of head are absolutely killing me. I can litterally feel the back of my head pulsating..feel like my eyes are going to bug out of my head. Still haven't heard a word from my dr, but it has been confirmed by two other drs that I have this..not sure why he is in denial about it all :( Is there anything I should worry about? Is there anything I can do to stop this pain? I have tried tylenol and advil..nothing is helping!
Avatar m tn It will depend on the results of your cervical spine MRI what type of treatment would be effective to relieve your symptoms. I believe the physical therapist is correct in thinking that your neck vertebrae are the pain generators. Please post the results of your MRI and we might be able to assist you better. While it is possible to have a concurrent shoulder injury/bursitis, the shoulder pain could have also been related to your neck problems.
Avatar n tn On an aside, I was told by a neurologist that morphine is a bad choice for migraine pain, doesn't work well. Your doctor rsaid they ruled out menigitis, but did he/she do an MRI of your neck? I'm wondering if you have a pinched nerve in your neck? Those top two cervicle discs are so important for the headache situation, so I would ask for a scan. I had a migraine where they did a spinal tap to check for meningitis once in my life... I didn't have it and it's not a fun test.
1960024 tn?1355014582 I have had pretty severe Pain in the back of my neck that radiates into the back of my head for about 5 months now. I've seen my Dr. and at first he said a pulled muscle then when it did not go away he tried PT, still no relief so he tried these shots that numbed the area for a couple hours, but that was it. There's also lumps now, at my hairline and in the mid neck close to the spine, I decided to see another Dr.
Avatar f tn I am a LimboLander with an uncomfortable new symptom--or maybe not a symptom?? I have a stiff neck--and not the kind that you get after you sleep weird--and not like something is "out." It's just this line of pain from my neck dowm my right arm--and up to my jaw--I feel stupid asking because maybe it's just a stiff neck--but I've never had pain like this before and was just wondering if this sounds like something to add to my log of sx or if it seems unrelated.
Avatar m tn left foramina stenosis. At 3-4 diameter of 11-12 mm small amount of CSF around cord. mild narrowing of foramina At 4-5 mild canal narrowing w/AP diameter of 9mm and mild flattening of cord bilateral foramina narrowing here too. At 5-6 canal diameter is 10mm with only a trace of CSF anterior to the cord and none posterior. At 6-7 mild canal narrowing again. Impression only mentions Lordosis and narrowing of the canal from C2-C7.
Avatar m tn Here is another 2 MRI view of the Brain and upper neck taken http://postimg.
Avatar m tn You need to go for an X-ray and Scan and if required MRI to diagnose your neck problem. The pain might also be due to some other problem, Eg infection, Tuberculosis etc. A visit to an orthopaedician will help in diagnosing if you have any problem with the neck muscles. We advise you to follow up with a Physician for proper diagnosis. Take care!
Avatar m tn Not likely. A CAT scan, or MRI would be more effective.
Avatar n tn I understand these should be avoided while pregnant, but what if they are medically necessary? Has anyone gotten an MRI or Cat Scan while pregnant? What was the outcome, did it have an affect on your baby? Was it worth it? I have been experiencing agonizing pain in my left shoulder, neck, and arm, that sometimes radiates to my chest, making it hard to breathe. I am having a really hard time sleeping, and even functioning, and my quality of life has gone down because of it.
Avatar f tn I get pain right in the center of the lower part of the neck which spreads to the shoulder, it also gives me a headache, have had some funny sensation in both hands, not really numb or pins and needles. Any idea's Thank you.
Avatar m tn To confirm that this is the case, you need to get an MRI scan of your cervical (neck) spine. X-rays or CAT scans do not have the resolution to typically see the herniation(s). I recommend either getting your PCP to refer you to a spine orthopedic specialist or physiatrist and they will order the MRI scan. Physical therapy, epidural injections, and medications have shown efficacy at treating cervical radiculopathy.
592323 tn?1220549358 Hi dovey520 normal necks have a curve in them that is convex to the front, a straight neck lacks this curve it means your neck will not function normally and could result in all sorts of symptoms such as head aches or tightness in your neck it could also mean that the curveture of the rest of your spine is abnormal