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Avatar m tn about 5 months ago i fell on my back ive had back pain since it bothers me when i twist and bend. i had x rays taken and they didnt find any broken bones or serious problems. what could be causing this pain and what should i do about it?
Avatar n tn I am getting back pain since last 1 year , My Doctor suggested to go for MRI scan MRI Scan details Evidence of small hyperintense of oval lesion is seen in L3 vertebral body Cyst/ Haemangioma Evidence of mild posterior annulus IV disk bulges of L3/L4 and L4/L5 are see causing mild thecal indentation anteriorly and lateral recess narrowing , causing neural compromise
Avatar m tn In September I was sent for another MRI scan due to continued pain and weakness/numbness in both feet and toes. This MRI showed a bulging disc at L5-S1 and L3 to L4, and protruding disc at L4-L5 compromising both nerve exits. Throughout the months between the MRI's I was immobile due to the crippling pain and my activity level was non existent.
Avatar m tn Having to wait two weeks before I could get in to see specialist.The leg pain is getting worse.What could be causing this since the MRI came back normal.
Avatar f tn For nearly a year I have suffered severe pain in my lower back and right buttock. I had physio which only made the pain worst. I have recently had an MRI scan and the report has indicated that I have a L5/S1 circumferential disc bulge whih displaces the exiting L5 nerve roots bilaterally.. On the left this effaces the perineural fate and contacts the L5 nerve root.
925522 tn?1243968666 Had 2 ops on my back, i am now getting alot of pain in my right side to the point i can't lay on that side could this be another prolapsed disc as all the syptoms are the same as my left side
763362 tn?1236624790 I have been referred to Physio and had an initial assesment where the consultant said that it looks like Degenerative Disc Disease, he said the only way to determine this better is by having an MRI scan, on going back to my G.P.
Avatar f tn I had a X-ray today and the doctor says my back is fine and suggested me to go for a MRI scan. Due to the cost of MRI scan, i am abit reluctant to go for it unless there is a problem with my back. I read the symptoms for Herniated Disc online. It says i will feel numbness on my back. But i don't feel any numbness at all. Pain there is, numbness nope. So Dr what do you think could be the reason for my back?
Avatar n tn I have now had upper back pain for 5 months. Been to a Chiroprator for 3 and no better now seeing a back specialist GP who xrayed me and found nothing now on hydrochortizone injections which help for about 10 days then my pain gets worse again. My right thumb tip is now feeling very strange almost numb and tingly. I get constant back spasms in my upper back and up to my neck. I am soooo completely fed up and starting to think i will be like this forever.
Avatar f tn Thanks for the reply. I'm waiting for the results of a bone density scan. Also my doctor wants me to have an MRI scan too. I'm taking pain killers at night so I can get some sleep and an anti inflammatory . Ankylising spondylitis is a possibility too as it is in my family.
Avatar m tn The best way to determine if your pain spawns from problems with the discs between the vertebrae is through an MRI scan. These types of scans generate images of your spinal cord, vertebrae, and discs in 3D, and hence, problems are more easily seen this way than via X-ray. When you jumped from 12 feet you could have inflicted damage to your spine which could be at the root of your problems. However, you will need to get the proper tests to determine what is really causing your pain.
Avatar f tn But believe me even a mild arthritis can cause a lot of pain in your back. But the mumbness and pain in the leg is related to some neuro problem, I guess. Why don't you take a second opinion? Does your pain increase at rest? Please don't make your daughter walk on your back again for god's sake. It will only hurt you more. Take care.
Avatar n tn had a mri that showed abnormality on t9 had bone scan and blood test show no cancer what could the abnormality be
Avatar f tn i have had pain in my lower back for 5 weeks and when i walk the pain goes down my hips and my groin and legs and painkillers do not work neither does physiotherapy doctor wont send me for x ray or scan i suffer from sciatica but this pain is so different does anyone think it could be a slipped disc
1256021 tn?1269377814 i started having hip pain and popping back in 2005. since then it has gotten worse. i have had multiple xrays, a nuclear bone scan, i have tried physical therapy (which made it worse) and with no avail i have no diagnosis!! the pain use to be every once in a while (due to exercise or over exertion).now its like i have pain all the time with out any breaks and now the pain has radiated up into the lower back. it hurts to do everything, walk stand, sit, and lay.
Avatar f tn d gladly take my pain in the back over the pain of losing it all to a pill addiction. Think long and hard before you ever let a doctor script you an opiate. Opiates are not the answer for long term pain because of the tolerance factor. You'll only ever need more and more even someone who's just physically dependent as opposed to addicted has to put up with the tolerance issues. Just my opinion... hope you find a combo that works for you. Have you had a CT scan or MRI done?
Avatar m tn I have noticed pain in the mid to upper part of my back when I exhale. Any idea what it could be?
1415174 tn?1453243103 I have low back pain. My MRI, and bone scan were normal and I have either SI joint dysfunction or muscloskeltal injury or both. I was going to a physical therapist but I kept pulling muscles then finally tore something. I am trying to do therapy on my own since two physical therapists didn't work. Since I am weak from sitting too much since the tear I don't want to reinjure myself again if possilble. At this point I can walk 30 minutes (slowly) and 10 minutes in the afternoon.
1037653 tn?1253014868 t bend or twist and if i walk i feel tired and just i want to rest and i feel my midle of my back look like cutting in half and i feel a doul pain in my midle of my back i feel my pain in my lower back either and i feel my back empty nothing in other then my born so iam in so much pain i can't fold my arm bacward and buy the way when i donne the ct scan before the MRI it show I have a bulged disc at the L4/5 level but i don't know why it didn't show on the Mri.