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Avatar m tn Hi I've got a foot drop from an L3/ L4 herniation happened beginning of July,,,, hospital delayed an mri even though they said I need it,,, cut along story short got results 6 weeks later,,, spinal surgeon said to me it had been left to long and is paralysed and won't recover,,, had a microdisectomy 7 weeks ago mostly for pain in leg,,, was hoping he was wrong, but still no improvement I get an orthotic in few weeks,,,, he hasn't done any test on my foot,,,, was just wondering what e
Avatar f tn 5 weeks ago I was diagnosed with peronealneuropathy causing foot drop I have tingling in my top of my foot my big toe is completely numb I have a lot of pain down the side of my calf I just want to know I've started physical therapy therapy I've had a MRI that shows slight stenosis on both sides and a moderate bulge on the right side which is where my foot drop is but the neurologist said he didn't think it was causing foot drop I've had a nerve conduction test and an EMG that co
Avatar f tn t had any injuries/surgery to cause what I think is drop foot but I have all the symptoms, numb/pins and needles cant lift foot up struggling to walk etc. I have been to the doctor who wasn't sure what it was so he sent me for a blood test which came back fine, so now i'm waiting for a scan. I am honestly so so scared. I can cope with the non cardio at the gym.
Avatar f tn Also L5-S1 has severe degeneration as a result of everything. My left foot now has very little feeling and I have developed foot drop. The orthopedic surgeon I see has ordered MRI, CT scan, and X-ray. He stated he clearly sees why I have back pain (well, duh), but does not see any spinal related reason to have foot drop. He ordered an EMG and found that there's very little issues with my sciatic, so he doesn't understand the foot drop.
Avatar f tn i'd be very worried about the foot drop. This is outright nerve compression. A disc herniation and the slight stenosis could be unremarkable if alone, but together they can drastically compress the nerves, and if you've got significant muscle weakness (foot drop), this is usually a surgical case that shouldn't be delayed (could progress to permanent nerve damage).
Avatar m tn I fell 3xs before I realized there was anything wrong with my foot gait. I was diagnosed with foot drop in June. After x-rays, MRI, and EMG it was determined I only had degenerative disc disease with no bulges or herniations. I have very little ankle dorsiflexion and cannot walk heel-to-toe on my left foot. I've seen several orthopedists who want to do spinal fusion surgery with a long and difficult recovery and no guarantee of success.
Avatar f tn when I read your post, I thought I was talking about myself as for the past 8 years no one seems to know the underlying cause of my signs and symptoms which are compatible to your friend's signs. I've seen Neurologists, Neuro Surgeons, Orthopedics, Orthopedic Surgeons, and Foot and Ankle Surgeon.
506621 tn?1214350225 In 1993 I had a laminectomy L4/L5, L5/S1, due to total foot drop. 6 weeks ago I started feeling really strange mind and body wise. My left arm started to go numb in waves particularly my little and ring finger a couple of days later I developed chest pain on the left side I thought I was having a heart attack so I went to the hospital.
11126315 tn?1415524732 Hello, This is my first time posting here. I have suspected that I might have MS for around three years based on numerous symptoms. I had a normal MRI in 2012. It was not, however an MRI with contrast. Don't know if that matters. Anyhow, I have read about "foot drop", and that it is a symptom of MS, but don't really know what it means. I have been having some really awful muscle weakness in my legs especially. I call it jello legs.
Avatar m tn I have not had any issues before now. All of a sudden I have a baby May 12, 2011, I had to have a C-Section and they removed my left ovary during C-Section, said I had a cyst to cover my left ovary and a partial on my right. A few months after I had my baby by Jan. of 2012, I had foot drop. I went to a ankle specialist because I didn't know what was going on. I had a MRI of back and brain, back showed small bulding disc, and brain showed I have 3 fluid-filled cyst on my brain.
Avatar n tn result normal. MRI of the head: result normal. No trace of stroke or TIA. EMG: result normal. MRI of spine: result normal. No pinched nerve either. My right foot, right buttock, right hand all feel all right. Other than high blood pressure, I'm basically healthy. What could have caused this condition? Is there any test that can tell what's causing this? Is there any medication or treatment that can relieve this condition?
999794 tn?1427344863 I learned when I was in my teens that I had the Chiari in the back of my head from Children's Hospital and they told me it was nothing to worry about til I gotten really bad headaches or numbness in part of my face,at the time I was having some nerve problems witch they didn't think I guess that it could have been the Chiari from everything I keep reading about that in bad cases it can cause nerve problems..
378497 tn?1232143585 I ask because I developed foot drop w/abnormal EMG. Lower motor neuron nerve degeneration can come from from the LS plexus. I can only say that as I developed sudden foot drop and that's what my neuro thought the problem was. I've had every scan and the spinal, autoimmune, lymes, the whole bit and all were neg. (see my post "Neuro can't figure out".) What kind of cognitive symptoms are you having. I find I forget how to spell words, loose thought what I was doing.
Avatar f tn We are also lacking posts from people that have had nerve transfer surgery done for foot drop. There IS a surgery for foot drop, but many doctors and physical therapists don't even know about it. I will keep everyone here with foot drop in my prayers. Please feel free to message me so we can support one another. PLEASE POST HERE IF YOU HAVE RECOVERED, OR HAD ANY IMPROVEMENT, IN YOUR FOOT DROP.
Avatar n tn He goes into surgery with no foot drop and comes out with left foot drop! What does that really say? The surgeon says that this an accepatbale risk of the back surgery and nothing went wrong and that my friend assumed the risk. My friend is cripled from doing things he use to love and I cannot believe that something like this can just happen...What is the real story? Can you walk into a back surgery and walk out with foot drop and have it not be essentially anyone's fault?
Avatar f tn so, i've been a little under 2 months now and it was my good leg. my right leg's knee is giving me fits even before the foot drop. so far, i've had the eeg test which determined there's a problem in my leg. just don't know why and hoping the mri will show something. in another couple weeks, i'll get my brace. ortho doesn't seem to have a lot of hope because they ordered the high-dollar pivoting brace.
Avatar f tn About six months ago, I started having difficulty walking. I was admitted to the hospital with left foot drop and left leg weakness/parasthesis. I was discharged then readmitted 2 days later with left sided paralysis. The left side of my face drooped, my left arm and leg were very weak and numb. After many blood tests, MRI, CT scan, and lumbar puncture, I was again discharged with no explanation.
Avatar m tn I can lie on my left side as long as I have a pillow between my legs, and even then I need to move my legs every few seconds/minutes (depending on the severity of the pain). I have had CT scan of back, MRI of back, xrays of hip, knee, foot, ultrasound of groin.. all came back normal. This started when I was masturbating and felt a dull pain in my right groin.
1225331 tn?1333365769 I also suffer from foot drop on my right foot, I was falling a lot. My foot would drag and catch and down I would go, it was rather embarrassing and painful, as it was always on the gravel parking lot, never on anything soft like a bed. That was before I was diagnosed with MS or even had any idea what was going on. Once I was diagnosed and had received 5 days of IVSM, my drop foot improved some, but I still suffer with it if.
1831849 tn?1383228392 Hi Kyle, I haven't been dx, but that is one of my main symptoms. I can't usually move the toes on my left foot, but when I've been really busy (or walk too long), that weakness seems to 'travel' up my leg. I know mine involves both my knee and ankle - I tend to end up stepping higher on that side as I don't seem to be lifting my ankle properly. If I sit, I can still flex my foot up and down (although not as much as the normal side) and same with the knee.
Avatar f tn After the disk herniation as well as post surgery, I now have foot drop where when my leg is extended, I cannot raise my foot. What can or should I do now to prevent this from becoming permanent? Also, the foot now feels like it is asleep all the time.