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237039 tn?1264261657 I have been given Morphine in the hospitals during my heart attacks, and most recently was given Morphine quite frequently. I was told last April, the reason they were giving me Morphine at short intervals is because it "oxygenates" the heart. As long as I had the chest pains they were administering the Morphine at 30 minute intervals. I protested the frequent use, but was told it was for that reason I was being given that much.
Avatar m tn They took him to ICU, he was on breathing ventilated and a heart pump, inserted to pump, to allow his heart to recover, also was given all the anti coagulants, medication to rise up his BP. Since his BP and heart bit wasn’t stable. He was sedated for 6 days to ensure he rested, as well to control the medication, etc On 7 day that they turned off the sedation.
Avatar f tn Depending on what she put in her living will such as can they remove heart medication IV's. Sounds like her quality of life was not so good before and with this recent heart attack and stroke, there would be very little quality of life left if she were to survive at all. It is sad when this happens. My uncle had cirrhosis of the liver and had suffered with it for a long time along with heart disease. He had to take a pill for every body function and to sleep and to wake up etc.
Avatar n tn Now that you have been diagnosed with CAD you should do everything you can to prevent progression of the disease and possible heart attack. Stop smoking if you smoke, eat raight and exercise as directed by your doctor. It is hard to predict who will go on to have a heart attack but I would consider you at higher risk than others due to the underlying condiiton of your heart. Lastly, if you are having pain that is due to a coronary artery spasm it should show up on the ECG.
Avatar m tn Or at the very least the meds are working for you and you and able to enjoy some of your time and day's. I was on morphine then the patch and morphine now just morphine and 4-6 times a day but even that's not enough as I could take one pill then another within an hour. I definitely understand with you about the not being able to sleep and needing meds.
Avatar f tn My father is 49 he had a huge heart attack last Monday it is now Sunday just under one week later, he had a clot blocking his main artery to the heart 100%, the managed to remove the clot my father went into cardiac arrest 7 times and is now on a life support machine, on painkillers such as morphine, and is now on a small amount of sedation. He is moving his neck and opening his eyes time to time. Should there be more improvements by now?
Avatar n tn My mother in-law suffered a stroke and heart attack four weeks ago. She was not found for over 30 hours after it happened. She is 79 yrs old and was in good health before this. The stroke has left her unable to talk and she has lost the use of her right leg and right arm. She is also having trouble with afibrilation.
Avatar f tn Hi, I have read some info about Fentanyl Patches and need an opinion about my husband being on them. He is 83 and was on hospice using liquid morphine for about 8 months (he has heart and lung issues). He stabilized so he was taken off hospice but he was still on the liquid morphine. A few weeks ago he fell and ended up in ICU with neck pain and an increased heart rate that resulted in a minor heart attack. He is now in Rehab and they have him on a fentanyl patch (I don't know the dosage).
Avatar f tn dont wait till uterus gets bigger..then its harder and gallbladder can erupt and thats toxic to u and baby!!!
Avatar n tn My husband is starting to detox after almost 7 hardcore weeks of morphine use by needle. I am trying to be supportive but I am scared for him. He is just 24 hours into it and is having serve leg fatigue. I know the worst is yet to come but is there any tricks to ease any of the symtoms that he is going through and that he is going to be going through in the next few days? I do have "some" medical training but when it comes to addictions I am sort of clueless.
Avatar f tn I had terrible pain and shortness of breath after that, Soon after entering the er they gave me a shot of morphine and left to attend others. I noticed an aching in my jaw that radiated to shoulder and quickly went into my entire chest. I pressed the nurse button and said my chest hurt and i felt like i was going to throw up. Five min later a lady brought me a puke bag and ran out. By that time it was excrutiating.
Avatar m tn and I seriously doubt if your telling him about your addiction caused his heart calm down and take some breaths and focus need to be as together as you can and using is NOT going to help you accomplish that....stay strong and I will send prayers up and peace and calm for you ....peace and prayers.....
Avatar m tn Ive had a few ambulances been told my hearts ok and its anxiety but im still tyhe same scared im gonna have heart attack the slightest pain i get. its horrible i simpathise withj anyone who has to go through them.
469720 tn?1388149949 As we look to give people simpler ways of self-assessing their heart attack and stroke risk, waist circumference is one simple way to do this. Read on to learn why abdominal fat is a bad thing. As it turns out, those love handles may be cute...but they may also be deadly According to several recent studies, both waist size and the waist to hip ratio may be better indicators of heart disease risk than the traditional Body Mass Index (BMI).
897990 tn?1248272556 I am becoming very worried about him having a heart attack or something considering the blood pressure. Can you please give me some info on what might happen if he continues this way and also on anything I could do to try to help him. He does not really want to listen to anything we have to say but I can't just give up on him.
787406 tn?1339206783 All I know is its scary and still am not sure how we are to tell if its that or our heart. I have has it so often I just ride it out and hope that's all it is and I never miss my nexium.
Avatar n tn I went to the hospital because I was dizzy, short of breath and chest discomfort. At the ER they told me I was having a heart attack, and treated me with baby aspirins, tryglicerides, morphine and plavix. I stayed about 30 minutes in that ER and was transported to another ER were I had an arterial cath done, nothing was found, no blockage, no blood clots or narrowing. Blood tests and EKG showed I had a moderate heart attack, and the cardiologist that I saw said I had a moderate heart attack.
Avatar n tn Once there it was a quick procedure to draw blood to verify I was having a heart attack. I was given Nitro pills for under the tongue and one or two shots of morphine while I waited for an ambulance to take me to another hospital that was more equipped to handle heart problems. (1/2 hour drive). The "I was told" was a general feeling of being told, do this -or- that and do it now! So... Feeling of a fluttering heart/ muscle in the chest.
Avatar f tn She (Alli) started me off at 4mg of morphine at 12pm, and then it was almost 4pm when she came back in with another 4mg and started grilling me about not taking so many shots. I totally don't understand why she even had the right to talk to me about it. I'm under the impression that it's the dr. decision to write how often and how much they should administer and as long as I wasn't asking for it before 2 hours she really shouldn't have said anything to me.
Avatar m tn I have a bad heart that's partly why I am on the Percocet to destress my heart because I've had 13 heart attacks, i'm afraid this will bring on a major heart attack because I know that they suppress the heart muscle that's what my cardiologist told me. But I'm scared of withdrawal I've never gone through it today I started with bile coming out of both ends. Sorry I don't mean to be so graphic is that the beginning?
266195 tn?1215314011 I know the exercise helps my anxiety and if I happen to have a heart attack and die well then I won't have to worry about my anxiety anymore. However, leave it to a doctor to tell you whether you have a heart rate problem or an anxiety issue or both. If you aren't satisified with the first doctor, you do have a right to a 2nd opinion.
Avatar n tn It was the heart attack that damaged her heart and led to the weakness of the muscle, thus the reduced function. With CHF everyone is different. Some people can hang in there with low function for a while, and others last mere days. I am very sorry for your loss. I hope this helps put your mind at ease a little bit about what happened.
Avatar f tn He's probably uncomfortable because he also developed pneumonia while at the hospital. And he has fluid around his lungs from the heart attack/congestive heart failure. They sedated him so much after the incident that his blood pressure dropped to 74/45. And now they brought it back up to 90/60.
1331804 tn?1336870958 I also told him that part of the reason is due to the fact that the Morphine ER doesn't last 12 hours, but instead starts fizzling out after 6 hours and it is completely gone after 8 hours. I also said that, despite this, I am still getting pretty good pain control as the Percocet almost always covers the pain that the Morphine ER leaves behind. Here is what he told me: He said that since I am switching insurances in a month, he doesn't want to make any changes to my meds.
Avatar n tn Were you on any other meds? Also have they determined why you have congestive heart failure? Did you have a heart attack, is your heart or part of it enlarged? What does the echo show? Do you have pulmonary hypertension? Did you have pulmonary edema? Yes, the dilaudid is a kissin cousin to morphine and frequently causes urinary retention. I can't answer whether or not the Dilauded is the culprit. Usually the dose used intrthecally is so much lower than is needed systemically.
Avatar m tn Needless to say head dr's, administrators and people I didn't even know who they were just started flooding in to my room. I was given 10mg of morphine through an injection and after 30 min my heart rate and blood pressure were back to normal. I receive numerous apologies and my prescriptions until I could get into pain mgt. The head dr said that he could tell after only spending 15 minutes with my file that I had been mistreated and failed by my PCM.
Avatar m tn I've had more than one heart attack and perhaps it might help you if I explain how it feels. First off you feel a sudden gripping pain in the middle of the chest, which sometimes radiates out to the back or arms. It feels like a knife is in your chest, twisting. You start to sweat and feel nauseous and tingling all over your body. The pain just won't stop, it goes on and on, and there's nothing you can do to stop it.
Avatar n tn Because my symptoms eased a few hours later, and the blood tests showed negative for heart attack they let me come home and tomorrow I must set appt for more treadmill tests and follow-up. I have a small hope again. All I can say is that in one night I had 2 "right" doctors that weren't stuck in there narrow thinking. They both told me there is so much about the heart that they still dont' understand. I don't blame your friend for avoiding doctors.
Avatar f tn Its a horrible sharp dull pain that goes through my back,up my neck,around my shoulder,and down my arm to my lower back and sometimes leg..As we speak in getting tested on my heart for coronary artery disease..and I'm only 32.Let me tell you people I've had a stressful and hard life..i was adopted so I don't know everything that runs in my family,except the mental health part.on a daily I am in pain with muscle spasms..constant achiness,numbness,and depression which I try to keep my mind focus.
Avatar m tn I lost my legs, trouble breathing, nearly passed out, knew I was having a heart attack, and told my wife to get me to the house immediately. While riding in the golf cart back to the house, I just knew I was going to die. It was absolutely horrific! Got inside, blood pressure was 190/110, heart rate was 110. Lasted about 20 minutes. Saw my SUB Dr. next day, he increased (AGAIN!) my SUB, gave me Xanax, and Trazadone for sleep. Here is the twist...I am a retired Air Traffic Controller.