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Avatar m tn I pretty much thought it had something to do with the morphine. Any advice? He needs it for his back. My view is morphine is probably better than any other of the narcotic analgesics because it is the most natural and has been around for centuries. I certainly would not want him on oxycontin or fentanyl. Is Opana ER any better? Need advice from doctor preferably or someone who has an idea what they are talking about regarding this matter.
Avatar m tn Hi! Yes, the beta glucoronide injection of morphine can increase pain sensitivity and perceived pain, especially after an acute injection. Chronic infusions can also increase pain. Please discuss with your doctor. Take care! The medical advice given should not be considered a substitute for medical care provided by a doctor who can examine you. The advice may not be completely correct for you as the doctor cannot examine you and does not know your complete medical history.
262294 tn?1236180470 ) I can't even express how I struggled back and forth with hoping they would give me morphine and hoping that they wouldn't. I can tell there is some relief, but it hasn't fully kicked-in yet. I was told it could take a week for the steriods to bathe all my nerves and spine. That sounds really scary. BTW, I am almost completely tapered off of Zoloft. I go down to 25mg tonight and then stay there for two weeks and then I guess I will cut that in half and do that for two weeks.
Avatar f tn It wouldn't be a good idea to use methadone for someone who takes only one injection of morphine a day, That would be trading a smaller problem for a much bigger one. But as I said, I'm very suspicious of your sons morphine addiction being only a once a week one, or even a once a day one. Unless he's using it with something else that is longer acting.
Avatar f tn When I did the injection trial for the morphine I knew within hours that it would work for me. I don't know who is telling you the pump needs to be filled every 3 months but I had to have the pediatric pump- due to my size and even that only gets filled every 5 months or so, so I would get more information. I wish you good luck in your quest for pain management but I wanted you to hear a success story.
Avatar m tn For this invasive a procedure I want a hospital, not some office building. I am comfortable on my 15 mgs of morphine. Not invasive. Predictable. I can find no pt advocates. It's do as I say or get out. Nice.
Avatar f tn Hi, I've just had no 1 injection, (yesterday afternoon), & I am in a great deal of pain still. I am unable to bear any weight on the joint. I still have another 2 to go! Are they going to get any easier. I take 50mg of MR Morphine twice a day for my pain anyway, but this pain is breaking through this & Paracetamol. Please help me by advising me as this procedure seems to be quite new still in the UK.
Avatar n tn It should be just morphine. Unless they put in a bit of numbing medication to help with the injection.... Are you doing these yourself? I would certainly have thought your Dr. would have explained all of this to you. Please call him to get any answers...
Avatar f tn degree) After MRI there is no sign of a medial meniscus tear. I am allergic to all NSAIDS and Morphine. My doctor thinks I am a good candidate for the platelet injection. Can you tell me about the possible effects following the injection? Increased soreness etc. Currently there is pain while walking and any flexon, extension too. I am an active and healthy person who loves to hunt and be in the outdoors.I am still lifting upper body weights and have discontinued all cardio.
Avatar n tn i am now out of the pills and i am using the leftover particles of the pills to try and ween my self from the withdrawl...i only take an injection when i can't sleep...the amount of morphine in the injections now can't be very much at all...probably not even 2 or 3 milligrams wich i doubt they are even that much....but it knocks off the crawling skin effect and i can sleep....i have had about 7 or 8 hours of cold turkey withdrawls...but the craving i don't have....
Avatar m tn As Dmoonchild said Kadian IS Morphine. There are several brand names for MS (Morphine Sulfate)..... but in the end they are all basically the same or similar chemical structure. Your previous reaction may have been related to other factors, such as the type of Morphine, any other medications you were being prescribed or simply your systems reaction at the specific time. "Crazy Dreams" can occur with many opiates or even medications, not just Morphine.
Avatar f tn HI! I've been taking morphine sulphate for the past 10yrs for chronic pain from 4 botched back surgeries within 5 years. The last surgery was in 1997. The pain specialist said I'd be on these pills the rest of my life. Not being on to like to take ANY pill, let alone a powerful drug as morph. I NEVER EVERN felt the sense of 'well-being', or any 'high' that most talk about. It did NOT even help the pain; I just existed in a dull, depressing world--watching life pass me by.
Avatar f tn Did a physician tell you that what happened to you was a direct result of the Morphine injection? This is important for you to know and should be listed as an allergy. You did not experience a normal allergic reaction to a drug therefore you need to clarify this with your physician. Again I am sorry that this happened but don't be so quick to blame the nurse, the blame lies with the physician and/or the lack of communication on his part. I hope you will soon be feeling much better.
Avatar m tn Is liquid Morphine somehow differenty to tablet-form Morphine? I am very reluctant to take the Morphine. Even so, he is the doctor I'm only a musician : ) My second question I would be grateful fro help with is that a lady I know who sufferes severe pain from degenerative bone disease is prescribed Morphine IR and Oxycodone. She tells me this combination works well for her. Does anyone have any experience of this particular combination of Morphine IR and Oxycodone?
Avatar m tn I was scheduled for a bone marrow biospy and was given morphine for pain and sedation. I was given an injection into the iv and it had no effect what so ever. My blood pressure shot up to 188/90. The doctor sent me home without doing the biopsy. What just happened and why did the morphine not work?
424839 tn?1268189846 IT morphine 1 mg per day is equivalent to oral morphine 75 mg per day. Most patients require between 1 mg and 4 mg per 24 hours intrathecally to achieve reasonable comfort. This is equivalent to between 75 - 300 mg oral morphine per day. Even with this "Rolls Royce" technique, 100% pain relief is not attainable nor expected. Co-medication with paracetamol, NSAIDs, amitriptyline and gabapentin may still be necessary.
Avatar f tn Information is the greatest equalizer in the doctor/patient relationship, so listen up. Morphine, when given as injection, is a much stronger medication than hydrocodone. However, when taken by mouth, morphine's strength is greatly reduced, and 20mg of oral morphine has the same pain relieving power as 20mg of hydrocodone -- they're equivalent in strength. But, oral morphine comes only in pills of 15mg or 30mg -- there is no 5mg dose -- so I wonder how he plans to accomplish this?
Avatar f tn For the past 4 years I have gotten a morphine with toradol injection that works 95% of the time. I treat only 2 of them in a period of 3-6 weeks. I have tried everything else suggested under the sun (migraines since teen years). With the injection I can be rid of migraine within 1 day without injection they may last up to 4 days. Suddenly my doctor has said that the consensus is that narcotics don't work for migraines and that she doesn't feel it is o.k.
186737 tn?1269888260 It's not an every day thing to take morphine. then again, morphine isn't nearly as strong as the fentanyl patch. There's nothing wrong with my liver and I don't drink alcohol, but I take so many medications, its best not to overtax my liver too much. I take a lot of pain medication, but it's not as much as I used to take. when Iwas still able to work, I took more pain medication because working was so painful.
648944 tn?1241473294 Or know what's in it? I was on a couple of versions of extended release morphine, first Avinza, and then Kadian, with moderate impact. My PM doctor suggested that because the system gets used to a drug, its effectiveness can decline over time, thus requiring more of the med to accomplish the same result. He suggested that a change of meds might help, and started me on Opana, which he described as "more potent" than morphine.
Avatar n tn ) The Roxycodone work well for quick pain relief but do not have a long term effect, like the morphine. The Morphine worked ok with the pain, but changes my demeanor, and made me moody. So I have discontinued using the Morphine. From some research, I found that not all narcotic based meds work the same one everyone. In all honesty the lower dose of Roxycodone had a better effect then the morphine, which suprised me.
Avatar n tn Now a doctor suggested me to take Fortwin injection @ .25ml/day for four days. I am a non-smoker, does not take liquor or any other drug. If I take this injection as prescribed by a doctor, shall it be helpful and what side effects will it have if I take it only for 4 days @ .25ml/day? Looking for your early response.
Avatar m tn I had a hip injection on the 14th nov 2014, and was given a local first to numb the aria before the big needle went in, after about 2 min she started to insert the big needle into my hip, and I told her this is hurting and I was feeling it going through something, she then let is go for about 30 sec and then continued, again it was hurting with a lot of pain, and I was crying with the pain, she then said that she is nearly there and just one more push, anyway she pushed the needle in to the end
Avatar m tn I had a hip injection on the 14th nov 2014, and was given a local first to numb the aria before the big needle went in, after about 2 min she started to insert the big needle into my hip, and I told her this is hurting and I was feeling it going through something, she then let is go for about 30 sec and then continued, again it was hurting with a lot of pain, and I was crying with the pain, she then said that she is nearly there and just one more push, anyway she pushed the needle in to the end
Avatar m tn We have to take her to the ER every few months it gets go bad and they often give her morphine to help ease the pain. However, lately we are noticing a pattern that her pain seems to get WORSE for a while right after they give her another injection of morphine. They still have no idea what is causing her pain. Has anyone else notice that their pain gets worse when given morphine? If so, could this be a clue as to the source of her pain?
1560663 tn?1298050127 My first injection is this Friday..... I'm terribly afraid of the side effects. I also suffer from so much joint pain any words of incouragement would greatly appreciated. I would like to have one glass of wine this evening to take the edge off, any problem with that.
Avatar n tn The doctor ordered Morphine and Phenergan injections. The nurse injected the morphine into my left hip and the phenergan into my right hip. As soon as she pushed the needle into my right hip, I got a really intense pain in my hip that radiated down to my right knee and my kneecap felt like it was going to explode. Now, I still have pain in my right hip when I move my leg and I'm worried that she did something wrong. Should I be worried? Is it possible that she damaged a nerve? Thanks!
Avatar f tn Listen, everyone here r either working to get in recovery or in recovery, u posting this can trigger sume1 to have a relapse. I was addicted to pain pills ( never injected only snorted pills) and seeing ur post triggered those old feelings. I can't imagine what ur post makes a recovering heroin addict feel like. I hope u don't get upset about my postting this. I just needed to let u know.
1273576 tn?1270757926 Hello Karen, I am glad that you found posted on our forum and welcome you. I am very sorry to hear about your SIJ pain. I can relate. I have severe and disabling SIJ Dysfunction. I also have had SIJ injections. I am assuming the reason for the SIJ injection with just a numbing agent was only for diagnostic purposes. Otherwise it makes no sense. Usually they also inject a steroid in an attempt to reduce some of the inflammation.