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Avatar f tn Hi, welcome to the forum, your history is suggestive of that you are having drug allergy to morphine. Some patients have reported to have itching (in more than 10%), rash and development of hives. The possibilities for allergy are due to presence of Phenanthrene in opioids. You can even develop hypersensitivity reactions to other phenanthrene derivative opioid agonists (codeine, hydrocodone, hydromorphone, levorphanol, oxycodone, oxymorphone).
Avatar n tn I'm also in my fifties and am trying desperately to ween myself of T3's. What I understand is that the atasol has a very limited amount of codeine in it. You're probably suffering more from mental and emotional withdrawel than physical but that doesn't lessen the problem, does it? I'm searching myself for a detox centre in my area but we have very limited resourses. Have you tried cutting the amount you use down on a daily basis and keeping a record? This is the route I'm taking.
Avatar m tn if you have been on it for a long time then your body will sometimes get used to it and will need it more often. it is withdrawl symptems from the morphine. if you are in chronic pain and your meds are wearing off then you need to talk to your dr... you should keep a constant dose in your system so that you are constantly going thru withdrawls and feeling those symptoms along with your pain. it is no fun to constantly be going thru that...
Avatar f tn Its been so long now that I can't even remember why I started taking codeine in the first place I just know that for the last many years, I needed to take it to actually get to sleep. I hardly ever took them during the day, except for the odd occassion that I had a headache or a toothache and then I would only take 3. It was night time that I would wait until everyone went to bed and then sit there and down up to 30.
Avatar f tn What are the morphine side-effects that you experience? Do you have an allergy to it? Or do you experience some of the more extreme and/or rare side-effects from it? Just curious. Might have some suggestions depending on your answers.
Avatar m tn The pain lasted about an hour and then disappeared completely. I put it down to the Codeine. I have never had any issues with Codeine based drugs in the past but will be vigilant in avoiding them in the past.
Avatar n tn Oxycodone is a derivative of morphine as is codeine. Hydrocodone is not. Chemical structures are completely different, hydrocodone is much different than the close morphine derivatives. xoxo-D.
541234 tn?1266678697 to keep my eyes closed the sides effects said all of this and more yet the ER dr did not beleive my symptoms were related to this treatment since i am allergic to LOTS of stuff no morphine no codeine no loritab and now no Iontophoresis Dexamethasone would love to know what you think my arm felt great for 4 days but i dont dare do this again..
Avatar n tn Drug allergy to hydrocodone can also be a possibility. The possibilities for allergy are due to presence of Phenanthrene in opioids. You can even develop hypersensitivity reactions to other phenanthrene derivative opioid agonists (codeine, hydrocodone, hydromorphone, levorphanol, oxycodone, oxymorphone). Another precipitating factor is morphine is known to release histamine which can further precipitate the allergy. Subsequent exposure can be life threatening.
579258 tn?1250652943 Migraine - evening - Was one step lower in intensity and used tylenol with codeine Migraine - continued evening - One step lower yet in intensity and chose Advil. Hoping that going to sleep with Advil will help it go away .. hate to use prescription meds unless I have to .. it's always a gamble at this point.
Avatar f tn Speckled The reason for the testing is because I get numerous infections and have extreme difficulty getting over them. In a recent allergy testing, I tested positive for 74 out of 77 allergens. I react negatively to many drugs, such as PNC, Codeine, Morphine, Sulfa drugs, etc. I just had a recent bout with a cold that left me with a cough for 2.5 months, after three rounds of antibiotics, and other numerous medicines.
Avatar n tn It is a narcotic but a different schedule than morphine or hydrocodone b/c it is not nearly as potent, it has a very different chemical structure than most other opiates. It's also a partial agonist to your opiate receptors. Morphine and codeine are full agonists. Hydrocodone is a partial agonist also but is more potent than codeine. And yeah Ultram binds to some of your serotonin receptors also. An increase in serotonin has been known to aid in pain for many people. xoxo- D.
Avatar n tn I have been having a sharp burning pain in my upper back mostly on the left side by the shoulder blade. At times my neck and left arm are effected too. The pain is present upon rising and lasts throughout the day. I am concous of my posture and do not believe it to be the cause. The pain worsens if i am carring anything at arms lengths or even if i am carring a light bag over either of my shoulders.
Avatar n tn Have you actually tried every single type of pain medication? Morphine, Codeine, Oxycodone, Hydrocodone, Fentanyl, Hydromorphone, Buprenorphine, Tapentadol? And you had actual emergent allergic reactions that were life threatening to every single one of these? Many people mistakenly think that itching and even a slight rash means they are allergic when a lot of those are just side effects to many of the opiates that go away within a few weeks/month...
1191546 tn?1264704152 I don't want to end up in the ER ever again for a drug allergy.
196896 tn?1189759421 well crude! I never thought about it being more of a problem with the cipro then the vicodin. I have ONLY 3 antibiotics I can take, cipro, bactrum and clyndamycian. I am allerigic to everything else!!! I also can NOT take morphine, demerol, darvaset, percaset, and codine so I would really hate to lose the vicodin too. ugh!
Avatar n tn He could and would do anything he could get his hands on, as much as he could. He could NOT tolerate morphine though - it made him literally psychotic in the hospital, trying to pull out his catheter to run away (he believed he was being held at work and they wouldn't let him go home). Something about morphine....maybe it's like that with you. Some allergy.
535089 tn?1400677119 Not only is it difficult to distinguish heroin or morphine abuse from codeine, but dietary poppy seeds can give a strong positive result for urinary opiate of several days duration that is confirmed by GC/MS analysis". Nyquil Nighttime Cold Medicine will test positive for Methadone up to two days. Antibiotics. Certain newly developed antibiotics have cause positive samples urine tests. Ampicillin is suspect. Amoxicillin has caused positives for cocaine.
Avatar f tn If you have taken codeine within 1-2 days before your UDT sample was taken, hydrocodone, and its metabolites, (including morphine) could appear in your urine. This is a complex subject -- opioid metabolism is not easy to understand. Consult with your pharmacist, explain the problem, and ask if he/she can explain why a recent codeine dose would show up as a false positive for hydrocodone in your urine.
634733 tn?1316629592 I thought I might see if anyone else has had similar experiences to me with drugs / medication (not MS related type) or am I just sensitive :-) In 1989 when I had my first ON and other sx I started reacted adversely to several types of medication including several antbiotics and NSAIDS. That started me on the road of alternative therapies and avoidance of any tablets or chemicals for many years.
620048 tn?1358021835 DD was having surgery, listed her allergies to drugs (long list) and whilst she's being prepped, the anastesiologist and surgeon both questioned her allergy to morphine so she explained what happens when she's given it, neither of them saying anything besides it probably wasn't the morphine. A few minutes later she's being asked if she's alright, if she's anxious etc and she's all "no i feel great (grinning lol) why?
Avatar f tn Jenny that is what they think I have I just got back from the store I am layging down because the pain and neasuea is so bad I was gone a whole 45 min so I do understand .I had to push for care I got very lucky one of the best hospials for odi disfuction is 2 hours away .but I had to push and push to get a referal in and I had to go threw a whole protcol of tests before they would see me .thank god I go for two days next week ..
Avatar f tn I had a severe disabling back injury which saw me taking 300 mg MS Contin 2 times per day for over 6 years. In February I had surgery on my back and now I am COMPLETELY PAIN FREE! I went off the MS Contin cold turkey- horrible 7 days. But now I am so happy, so human, my brain is functioning. But I have a problem. I suffer from migraine headaches and even one day of tramadol seems to throw me into FULL BLOWN WITHDRAWAL. Is this normal? I don't understand.
Avatar f tn I would just add that based on pharmacology, hydrocodone (contained in vicodin, lortab, norco) is about 0.6 times the strength of morphine (i.e., 10 mg of morphine equals 16 mg of hydrocodone). Oxycodone (contained in percocet, roxicodone, oxycontin) is about 2 times the strength of morphine (i.e., 10 mg of morphine equals 5 mg of oxycodone). Therefore, 5 mg of oxycodone is about 16 mg of hydrocodone so oxycodone is about 3 times stronger than hydrocodone.
599170 tn?1300977493 Now surgeon has upped my vicodin to vicodinHP 1 tab every 6 hrs,,I had asked if oxycotin or percocet would be a better choice he said no, they are bothe too addictive,,like vidodin is not I know it is,,,Im just curious.
Avatar n tn You say you are allergic to codeine or morphine. Is that because you have to swallow it? In other words, does it cause problems when you ingest it? Maybe there are other ways you could take it that didn't go thru your GI system. Gee, that ENT did you no favor. I'm not an MD--far from it--but have you had your eyes examined by an opthalmologist? Is your optic nerve okay? Please don't give up hope. Glad you're seeing someone about your panic attacks, etc. Keep writing. You are not alone. P.
1471017 tn?1300574560 Doctor felt it would be a good thing to do, not that I see it as an issue in an emergency. The pethidine allergy, now that is something I wouldn't wish on anyone!
Avatar f tn Hello Babygoat and welcome to MH. I am sorry to hear of the pain you have had for so long. Has the Doctor ever mentioned the possibility of food allergies? I know it sounds far fetched for leg pain but leg pain can be a symptom of a "masked" food allergy. A food allergy is the body's response through the immune system, to a food when it reacts to it as a foriegn or toxic like corn, wheat, dairy ( a real culprit) and even sugary foods.
Avatar n tn My gallbladder was removed in Oct of 2007, after a prior gallstone removal in Sept of 2007. I had a stone in my bile duct, according to the GI.I was in the hospital for three days after passing out during a Cat-scan (from pain, and they popped three veins trying to insert an IV). I was getting the Cat-scan to help diagnose my problem. I have had recurring problems as well since my gallbladder removal, which I was tols would solve everything.
Avatar f tn Morphine makes me itch to on my arms well codeine as well. The itchies!!!!! Thats an allergic reaction I think to the meds....