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5629188 tn?1371434569 nothing more, nothing less. I haven't really had any pregnancy symptoms that I can think of. so I started my period, or so I thought, on May 17th. and it was a week early but I didn't think anything of it. it went the normal 5 days except I noticed on day 5 my flow was at a light/medium. then day 6 it was the same. around day 8 it went to heavy, I'm at day 11 I think, extremely heavy, large clotting.
2172810 tn?1337383747 I started My last period sat 28th April,ended on the 5th of may + I ovulated on the 12th of may + had sex twice that day. if rough sex can cause one,.I'll refrain from it for a bit.
Avatar n tn I had one myself, and it felt like I was dying. I did feel that same rush of blood when I had my miscarriage. Do talk to your doctor though, especially if it continues to bleed, and you have clots that are the size of a plumb or larger.
Avatar f tn i agree, that sounds like UTI from me, get it looked into because that CAN cause a miscarriage, cramping can be very normal in early pregnancy, and you also don't have to bleed to have a miscarriage, bad cramps can be the only symptom of miscarriage you get, but get checked to make sure it's not a UTI soon! I had terrible cramps with my son, I thought for sure I was miscarrying and didn't, so it can be normal!
Avatar f tn Although the length of time it takes for this to occur depends predominantly on the value of hCG present before the miscarriage, hCG suppression of the pituitary gland usually subsides within two weeks. If you had a spontaneous miscarriage without any prolonged bleeding, you will ovulate within two to four weeks after the miscarriage.
Avatar m tn cramping on left side, and right, more on the left, feels like someone is sqweezing my overies,.....is this sign of me going to have a miscarriage, this is my 2cnd pregnancy....?
Avatar n tn Did your doctor confirm lack of heartbeat? I had a missed miscarriage at 16-17 weeks and chose the cytotec option. Took about 1 1/2 weeks to complete the process . . . we started at a low dose first then increased. Everything went fine. We had two healthy pregnancies and babies after. Best wishes to you.
Avatar n tn Hello, I'd recommend you see your ob/gyn and have him or her evaluate you for a possible yeast infection or another cause of vaginitis. Alternatively, if you are convinced it is a yeast infection (from past experience) you could try an over-the-counter monistat cream and see if your symptoms improve. Best regards, Dr.
1495106 tn?1323351813 Serena112-- also if you experience fever and flu like symptoms to go back to the hospital as it could be a sign of infection from left behind fetal tissue. mummycrush -- I am sorry for your loss.
Avatar f tn fever, discharge that smells, chills, felling 3 pads with blood in an hour or a little over an hour. You should rest and drink plenty of fluids so you don't get dehydrated. I was feeling like you, dizzy and I began to get confused; the OB said I was dehydrated from fluid I was losing. If you bleed, get your H&H checked to make sure your not anemic. I work 12hr shifts also in a hospital, and it's too rough on your body. TAKE A BREAK! you deserve it!
489808 tn?1209053008 Hello.....I hope someone can relate with all of this.....cause I am tired of being sick & tired! First off I guess I'd like to give a little background. Starting in October 2007 my family has been hit with some pretty hard blows. 2 deaths, aunt's cancer came back, my grandma (who practically raised me) was diagnosed with breast cancer (she had a mastectomy & is recovering quite well). I had a miscarriage on 3/9 & had a DNC on 3/11.
Avatar f tn I had a miscarriage on 9/24 that consisted of very heavy bleeding. I went to the ER initlally to confirm but managed it on my own after that as i have no insurance. Today 10/21 and for the past several days I've had brown discharge and swolen stomach and breasts. Is it normal to have pregnancy symptoms like this almost a month after miscarriage? Can I wait a month for my new insruance to kick in before I go to the dr?
Avatar n tn I had a normal menstraul cycle around the 10th or so of July. In early August, I had a lot of clear discarge and then started menstrual bleeding around the 23rd of August and have been bleeding ever since....26 days now. I went to a Dr. earlier this week who did an ultrasound showing no signs of abnormalities in the utereus and a normal CBC. The HCG test that she ran is not yet back, but a urine preg test is negative. What could be causing the bleeding?
Avatar m tn Many women get pregnant right away after a miscarriage and go on to have perfectly normal healthy pregnancies. Some of the symptoms you are experiencing could be left over from your miscarriage (the pregnancy symptoms) and many doctors will tell you that is perfect normal to try again right after a miscarriage unless there was something wrong with the pregnancy ending. I really hope that it all works out for you!
Avatar f tn I'm bleeding and baby is ok, I'm bleeding because of a yeast infection, call your doctor...
Avatar m tn Hello, I had a natural miscarriage 4 weeks ago, I was 6 weeks pregnant my hormone levels have come down from 4842 to 146. had a scan check after my miscarriage and doctors said it was under 11% of product left and that my body was going to get rid of it so no need of D&C. I'm still bleeding today (like a heavy period with some small clots) is this normal? I also have stabbing pain (not often) on my lower abdomen and lower back.
361454 tn?1312058456 I also have NO pregnancy symptoms like I did before in my past 2 pregnancies... Is this more than likely the beginning of a miscarriage??? I have an apt. Tuesday to see the heartbeat but am afraid that things aren't looking good!!!
Avatar f tn I'm 5weeks and I think I may possibly be having a miscarriage. I have a thryoid condition thats not treated. Also i was taking 30 mg of adderall which i hear both can cause miscarriage. I have no pregnancy symptoms the only one.I have is sore breast My nipples were burning for weeks and thats disappearing. Ive had cramping for about a week..some so severe they wake me up at night. I'm pour sweat and im constantly dizzy when I stand up.
Avatar f tn I have an appointment at the end of this month, when I had first gone to the er on te 18th they saw my baby and the baby's heart beat but when I went back to my ob on the 23rd she said they're was no baby in the sac I did bleed for a couple more days afterwards but I feel normal now I'm not getting any pains but I'm getting myself checked out for sure Thanks for your replies, they helped me out
Avatar n tn I read from a recent issue of the Science Magazine that having excessive stress does increase your chance of miscarriage especially if you're carrying a boy because male fetus are more vulnerable. I don't know how much truth there is since it's base on a research. Base on my experience of my only miscarriage so far, I did remember have a LOT of stress during those first two much when I finally miscarried.
Avatar n tn However, majority of women who have a chemical pregnancy never know they are pregnant before they miscarry and begin what they think is their normal menstrual cycle. Signs and Symptoms of a Chemical Pregnancy Due to the fact that in a chemical pregnancy a fertilized egg does not implant into the uterus most women do not experience signs and symptoms of pregnancy (ie. tender breast, nausea, and / or fatigue).
Avatar f tn It is not unusual to have a gap of time between the finding of no heartbeat and the passing of tissue in a miscarriage -- it can take a while for the placenta to give up. But if it is also possible there was something screwy in your estimate of the length of the pregnancy, you might still have the chance of better news at your next ultrasound. In any case, I would not go for a D&C without another ultrasound so you are certain.
Avatar f tn Abdominal cramps with or without vaginal bleeding Vaginal bleeding during the first 20 weeks of pregnancy (last menstrual period was less than 20 weeks ago) Note: During an actual miscarriage, low back pain or abdominal pain (dull to sharp, constant to intermittent) can occur. Tissue or clot-like material may pass from the vagina. Exams and Tests Abdominal or vaginal ultrasound may be done to check the baby's development, heart beat, and amount of bleeding.
Avatar n tn We haven't had intercourse since 1st June as we were waiting for the miscarriage /period to take place so I didn't get an infection etc. Have any of you got any idea what this could be and why its happening?
870652 tn?1260323036 HCG was 109 000 :4 days later still no heartbeat and no growth :I waited about a week to c if I would abort naturally , but my ob wanted to do a d&c with sucction because he questioned a partial molar pregnancy . The placenta was still producing HCG !!! :So I had my d&c .......
Avatar m tn i had the same feeling awful cramping and horrible back pain..all my symptoms of pregnancy went away really fast too. i just found out in jan that im preg again and im going to be 6 weeks. im pretty nervouse but staying positive. just dont give up hope. if you need us we are all here to support you and listened to you!
Avatar f tn Not to be rude but I can't get on birth control because of the side effects. Second we used a condom . So clearly we wasn't trying to get pregnant. This was my first time ever in my life getting pregnant. I wanted my child.