Miscarriage symptoms during period

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Avatar f tn I am only about 4 weeks pregnant. Two days I noticed spotting which I was told was normal. However yesterday I went to bathroom and was bleeding more like a period. I called Dr. I had lab work done and ultrasound. Since im So early ultrasound won't show anything. So now I'm waiting on another blood test tomorrow. I heard some women have period like symptoms but I'm afraid this might be a miscarriage. Has this happened with any of you?
Avatar f tn Im 14 going on 15 and me and my boyfriend had unprotected sex on december 1, about 2 weeks after my period. Its now December 6th and Ive had some symptoms of being pregnant and i was pretty sure i was since it was during my ovalution but today morning I had a bloody discharge that kinda seemed like my period. I dont know what it means. Could it of been a miscarriage or is it possible that I MIGHTstill be pregnant. ?
971577 tn?1304711266 Hello everyone! I am new to the pregnancy forum. I had a miscarriage & D&C done in June this year. A week later my fiance & I started TTC again. July I got my period but it was mainly spotting with a few normal cycle days. Then in August I got my period again but it was mainly spotting again with a few normal cycle days just like in July. I started getting a lot of pregnancy symptoms so this past Sunday the 6th of Sept. I took a pregnancy test that morning & it was positive!!!
Avatar f tn Hi ladies. I am almost 7 weeks. The baby is still there & intacted.. But I have random times & days I will just have a gush of blood come out of me & then stop.. Its very worriful. The doc says it could b a cyst but is not really sure. Any ideas on what it could b or has it happened to anyone else? Ive had one miscarriage already & praying I wont have another.
Avatar f tn Can you get you period during your first month of pregnancy? I think I did but it was lighter than normal and it didn't last as long as normal..
Avatar f tn I'm not really sure I'm pretty sure it is
Avatar f tn OK this is weird but here goes. My period came today n i had this gigantic clot, it hurt like crazy i felt like i was is labor or something. My period came late this month n i think i might have had been pregnant because my bf ejaculated inside while we were having sex but that was during my save period, so now I'm worried that i might av had a miscarriage.
2172810 tn?1337380147 Can rough sex cause miscarriage. I bleed sometimes during or after sex and its not my period. I've been to the doctor and there's no infection, swelling or thrush. Its just I've thought a few times I was pregnant cos I was late + had symptoms, but before I had tests we've had rough sex + I've bled then got my period a few days later. I had a test today + it was inconclusive.
Avatar f tn Thanks for your reply, I am now 18 days late. My period is usually on time.
Avatar f tn well now Ive been bleeding all day Im at 8 1/2 weeks and now would be the time of month id normally start my period...could i be having a miscarriage or could of multiple test showed a false positive? Ive been sick, tired and have breast pain but this all started within the past two week. When could i take another test to see if Im still pregnant if this bleeding continues like a normal period?
Avatar f tn I just wondered.. is it still possible to have light bleeding during pregnancy.. If I remember rightly when i was pregnant with my son 21 years ago; I didnt even realise i was pregnant for three months cos.. I still had light periods during that time. they did stop after then, and i took a test and was told I was three months pregnant.. Just wondered if that is likely to happen again, or if any other ladies have experienced this?
970430 tn?1254321197 Ok I'm in the middle of going through a miscarriage and my pregnancy symptoms started to deminish, the past few days I have had very tender boobs, and really bad heartburn (I only get heartburn when I'm preg.) I'm just curious if this is normal and how long does it last after the miscarriage is over??
Avatar f tn Just want some feedback. My HCG levels were in the 500's and I was told that I was anywhere from 4 - 5 weeks pregnant. I followed doctors orders and went back in 48 hours for another blood work. My results came back yesterday and my levels are now in the 200's. I was told on the phone, by the nurse, that my body had miscarried. I had my last blood drawn on Friday and here we are on Tuesday and still no symptoms of a miscarriage. Can my HCG levels rise?
Avatar f tn You can have decidual bleeding during pregnancy that occurs around the time you would expect a period. However, this isn't a period. During menstruation the uterine lining is completely shed, meaning any embryo that was implanted would also be shed causing a miscarriage.
564024 tn?1224111636 This may result in early miscarriage symptoms and miscarriage or the pregnancy hormones can increase and the pregnancy may develop normally. If it’s found that a baby has died in the womb, say by means of ultrasound, than a miscarriage is inevitable. This kind of miscarriage is also known as a spontaneous abortion.
Avatar n tn I have a really abnormal period its really heavy and have clots and got really bad stomach pains what should i do?
1703028 tn?1307393184 I think i had a miscarriage sometime last year i dont know for sure but i was experiecing some very unusual symptoms. Before the bleeding and cramping started i hadn't had my period in about 3months i wasn't very worried at first doe to the fact that my periods were irregular that year sometimes i would have it and somethimes didn't get at all. During that time i did fanily take a home preganacy test and it came out negative...
Avatar f tn I've been having all of these symptoms like I'm pregnant.. my last period was during the last week of feb and I had sex on march 13- 15. But yesterday night I started bleeding this brownish, dark red blood. I usually get cramps during my period, but I have none right now. I'm still bleeding today (it's not a whole lot of blood but id say that it is a little more than just spotting) what do you think it could mean? Am I pregnant, miscarrying, or is this my period??
Avatar n tn My period was late by 8 days, during that time i had a few pregnancy symptoms like very tired, dizzy, and feeling sick in the mornings, but not actually getting sick. I took a pregnancy test twice one when i was 4 days late and the other when i was 6 days late, both negative.
Avatar n tn what colour are the clots? chances are that its a miscarriage with clotting that early... i know my cousin had some heavy bleeding a bit further a long than you but it was due to her placenta you will have to wait for the results are you still bleeding now just try and take it easy are you having any pain?