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Avatar f tn Woken up this morning and my boobs that were VERY sore previously are now not at all. I wasn't as tired yesterday either. I'm 4w6days.... I had a miscarriage last year and think this may be the start of another? Has any body experienced this?
Avatar f tn I think its a very natural thought because you care so much about the little life inside you. Im 30 weeks and havent had any other symptoms expect tired and was nauseated in my fiest trimester. Sometimes you just get kucky not everyone has it bad!
Avatar f tn t know what to expect. Like whats the chance of a miscarriage and how can I avoid it. When should I see a doctor. What should I eat. What should I stop doing, etc?
Avatar f tn m not sure what to expect. I dont feel any symptoms of miscarriage. No cramping or bleeding. Is it going to be just like another period or will it be longer? I had my last period on April 3rd (which lasted for about 3days,which is normal) and met the Dr on April 14th, which is when I tested positive for pregnancy.On April 19 my miscarriage was confirmed. My period cycle is 30 days long, I had done a home pregnancy test on March 30 and it came back negative.
711326 tn?1297868510 BUT, there are a lot of people who get pregnant that cycle following a miscarriage, the miscarriage acts as a period of sorts- I would wait until next week- continue to take your vitamins and take care of yourself, and test in one week- although I know you will go invest in a bunch and breakdown in about 2 days! we all do!
Avatar f tn Me an my fiance got bad news at the doctors they said i was going to miscarriage. It was our first baby so we are both taking it pretty hard. We had an ultrasound last Thursday an i was suppose to be 11 weeks along but the baby only measured at 7 weeks an had no heartbeat; so they drew my blood that day an had me come back Friday to have it drawn again. On Monday we went back for another ultrasound an to get our results back from the hcg level test.
Avatar f tn Symptoms come and go all the time, I wouldn't worry about miscarriage just because of that. Still plenty of time for other symptoms to pop up.
Avatar f tn t sleep, migraine, side cramping 6dpo- peeing a lot, vivid dreams, sore throat, feel like getting flu 7dpo- bags under eyes, sore throat, cry on commercial, irritable 8dpo-breast sore/heavy, bleeding gums, nipples darker, feel hot but no fever, woke up stomach growling 9dp- cramping above pubic bone, super tired, Nipples sore, headache, bottom gums swollen, Light headed 10dpo- right side cramping, weird smell, cereal taste like beef jerky, sore throat, spacey, 11dpo- vivid dreams, peed a lot, r
1128483 tn?1277340286 Hi, I had a miscarriage on Nov. 27th, natural, no D&C. I was almost 19 weeks. I have had ovulation symptoms as well over the past day or so. I did bleed up until recently, mostly spotting. I hope that it is ovulation, I am desperate for my cycle to get back on track. Good luck!!
384150 tn?1399904816 I had a miscarriage on Thanksgiving . My period began again 35 days later. Does anybody know if I should expect my next period to be on it's regular 28 day cycle? Today is 28 days and no period.
1453325 tn?1308386996 Hi I misscarried at 11 weeks baby 8 weeks on 6/12/12 and this Thursday be 5 weeks since all symptoms had gone got negative pregnancy test so had gone back to zero since then last Wednesday which was about 4 weeks post miscarriage I got streaky light pink and bit of light brown when I wiped for one day nothing since and now six days later I have started to get very sore boobs I even notice when I go up and down stairs mood swings spots light back ache and my wrist been playing me up which I gener
1935851 tn?1332348173 t find out for a long time, does happen but is much less likely than a complete miscarriage. With a full miscarriage, you would expect fever, strong headache, severe pain/cramps in the front of your lower abs, sudden heavy bleeding, nausea and tissue/clot passing. A very sharp pain on one side of your back accompanied by bleeding should be reported to your doctor immediately in case of ectopic pregnancy.
Avatar f tn I recently had a miscarriage, The bleeding started on November 6th, Found out I was miscarrying on November 13th & the bleeding stopped November 16th. I was about 5-6 weeks pregnant... We've had sex once while I was pregnant on November 5th (Day before I started bleeding, The first time), Had sex after my miscarriage on November 18th & 23rd. My levels the first time I went to the doctor was at 486, 2 days later my levels were at 200.
Avatar f tn You may be able to conceive on the very next cycle. You should expect your period within 4-6 weeks after the miscarriage. (If your periods were regular before the miscarriage). I sometimes consider an early miscarriage to be a good sign that everything is in place for conception to occur. In my experience, many couples conceive again soon afterwards. Good luck!
Avatar f tn ve never experience a miscarriage before, so dont know what is going on and how long it will last...please give me some advice...
Avatar f tn I'm almost 6 weeks and I'm really not feeling anything. Even the small amount of symptoms I was feeling a few weeks ago have seemed to disappear...my 1st appt isn't for several more weeks. This is my 1st pregnancy so I'm really nervous.
1448936 tn?1363206346 About half of first-trimester pregnancies involving spotting go on to be just fine. You can expect symptoms to come and go day to day and week to week. Cramping at 5 weeks is to be expected, usually round ligament pain. This is the time when your body is shuffling things around in there to make room for baby. It can be rather painful, actually. However, if the cramps are in the front of your lower abs and so bad they make you double over or make you dizzy, that isn't normal.
Avatar n tn Symptoms are different for every woman and for every pregnancy. Don't worry about that at all. At your first appointment you can definately expect blood work and seeings how you are 9 weeks, an ultrasound I am sure. Congrats on your pregnancy and best of luck to you.
Avatar n tn Hi everyone. I'm super new to this... I just found out yesterday and confirmed with my doctor that I'm pregnant estimated about 5 weeks... however I had no clue I was pregnant I was rescently treated with an antibiotic which is why I thought my period was late... I have been super tired lately and kinda bloated but most of my "symptoms" are close to pms symptoms... I could really use some advice... I'm so scared of a miscarriage... sorry if this sounds stupid...
Avatar f tn I am hoping that someone here may help me know what to expect with a miscarriage. I was confirmed to have had a miscarriage 2 days ago just before 6 weeks. Today at 2 different times I passed large liver like blobs. Would this have been twins or is this the normal amount of tissue for 1 baby? Should I expect more tissue to pass? TIA.
325658 tn?1208896013 I have had one missed miscarriage before. (In retrospect, I had some signs, but being the first time I was pregnant, I had no idea what to look for.) I am pregnant again (8.5 weeks) and I have been very constipated the whole time, up until yesterday morning, and now I have the opposite problem. Has anyone had this happen and had thing turn out all right? I have a doc appt tomorrow, but I feel like I need to prep myself for what to expect.
Avatar f tn I just had a miscarriage on nov.1st 2014, and i just became pregnant again in the middle of December 2014, what are my chances of having another miscarriage?
Avatar f tn I am going through a miscarriage and feel like it's going to take forever. I literally only go through 1 pad, no heavy, heavy bleeding. Has this happened to anyone, what occurred, and how long does it take to stop bleeding. Also after everything is over when should I expect a period?
Avatar f tn I'm pretty positive that 3 weeks pregnant but I haven't had the confirmed pregnancy test yet. I've been getting all kinds of symptoms including fatigue, mood swings, bloating, stomach pains (especially after sex), milky white discharge, leg cramps, nausea, loss of appetite, increased appetite, weird cravings, tingling and burning in the vagina after sex and peeing. I've found that these all are because of pregnancy but my period isn't suppose to start until June 7th.