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Avatar f tn Most likely just pain from m/c. Signs to look for with infection are things like fever or foul smelling discharge.(tmi) just keep a close eye on things. If you are still having pain in a few days I would see ur dr. I am sorry for your loss.
Avatar f tn When I was first pregnant I have a lot of back pain and abdominal pain. My doctor said it can be normal because my body knew what it was doing with the uterus stretching and stuff like that.
Avatar f tn My husband and I just found out we are pregnant!! Extremely excited!! After visiting to doctor they expressed the possibility of miscarriage and ectopic pregnancy. I'm only 4 weeks and I'm having intermittent lower pelvic pain..getting kind of worried..should I be? Or is this just normal pregnancy symptoms.
Avatar f tn hi..I'm 6 weeks 2 days pregnant,but the only symptoms I have is fatigue,and sore swollen breasts. should I be worried? I have had a chemical pregnancy 4 years ago, and.I'm terrified to go through it again.
Avatar f tn So before I found out I was pregnant two weeks ago, I craved dumplings, but i don't know, and I haven't really felt any symptoms yet, no pain or bleeding, are there any small symptoms people over looked besides the usual by the book symptoms? I had a miscarriage before so I'm just nervous it'll happen again. Last time symptoms hit me like a brick, now I just feel normal.
Avatar n tn The other day she went to the ER because she has been having symptoms of miscarriage. Chronic cramps in the pelvic area, stress on her back, white/pink discharge, and just last night she has been vomiting and having nausea. Although, the doc at the hospital did an ultrasound and determined that implantation was normal as well as her hormone levels. She told me that she regretted to tell the doc about her other symptoms...I suppose she only mentioned the cramping.
2028062 tn?1333627044 I had a missed miscarriage and I didn't bleed or cramp ever....
Avatar n tn Some women still have pregnancy symptoms through a miscarriage, you'll be fine mama (: take advantage of not having any symptoms! I loved those days!
Avatar f tn It wasn't a lot before but now its enough to fill the tissue.
Avatar f tn t sleep, migraine, side cramping 6dpo- peeing a lot, vivid dreams, sore throat, feel like getting flu 7dpo- bags under eyes, sore throat, cry on commercial, irritable 8dpo-breast sore/heavy, bleeding gums, nipples darker, feel hot but no fever, woke up stomach growling 9dp- cramping above pubic bone, super tired, Nipples sore, headache, bottom gums swollen, Light headed 10dpo- right side cramping, weird smell, cereal taste like beef jerky, sore throat, spacey, 11dpo- vivid dreams, peed a lot, r
Avatar f tn This does sound very scary for you but the symptoms going is just one of the symptoms of a posible miscarriage! Try to be hopeful and not to worry to much.
Avatar f tn Look @ the bright side & consider yourself 1 of the lucky ones w no symptoms...I went 5 mths till I found out I was prego w no symptoms till I hit 3rd trimester & all came down...no cramping/bleeding or any pain...u should b okay...
Avatar f tn I had a miscarriage in april n I didnt bleed for over a week after n had pain in stomach back n legs.
Avatar f tn Im sorry your going thru this. Yes the cramping back pain and heavy bleeding are all symptoms of a mc. With my mc in May it was really bad for a couple days and then I had heavy bleeding for quite sometime. A heating pad may help back pain and cramping. Please take good care of yourself. I hope you have a speedy recovery both physically and emotionally.
Avatar f tn I didnt have symptoms till about 3rd tri and that was like back pain, swelling, and heartburn. Dont stress too much on symptoms not everyone gets them.
Avatar n tn Im 15 weeks i dont feel pregnant anymore im also able to STILL sleep however i want i keep getting yeast infections and a pain in the middle of my abdomen am i having a miscarriage i dont see a doc till November 10
Avatar f tn I had lower back pain with my first it's probably the hormones loosening your joints and your uterus growing. The strong nausea is a good thing that means your hormones are rising like they should. It all sounds normal to me but if you're concerned call your Dr.
2087711 tn?1354908175 Just yesterday i had sore boobs, headaches, bloating, nauesa, cramps and back pain but today the only symptoms that seem to be staying around are back pain and cramps. Is it normal for symptoms to come and go. Its happened before im just nervous i might have a miscarriage or sumthng. This happened 2 days ago and my symptoms came back with a big smack in the face. I have no bleeding or spotting at all. Any answer will be appreciated.
Avatar f tn I woke up in the middle of the night with serious pain in the lower part of my belly. Has anybody else experienced this?
Avatar f tn Not to worry any mamas. As this is pretty rare. But I was told on Sunday 10-26 that I was miscarrying my little one. I am of course completely devastated. However is is worsened by the fact that other than the spotting I've had my entire pregnancy (literally) I have no symptoms. No pain, clots, period - like bleeding, cramps etc.
Avatar f tn How many of you have had a miscarriage, how far along were you? What symptoms did you have?
Avatar f tn So this is my third pregnancy. I have a 20 month old daughter and I had a miscarriage in Sept. I am 6 weeks pregnant again and was just wondering if anyone else's pregnancy symptoms come and go? So days my boobs really hurt... Others not so much. Also sometimes I have back pain and other times not much. The nausea comes and goes too. I don't remember my 1st pregnancy very well so I'm not sure if this is how it was then or not.
971074 tn?1362759766 I was just wondering what other women have experienced with early miscarriages. I was 6 weeks pregnant and started bleeding Sunday late afternoon and the bleeding stopped yesterday afternoon...so only about 2 days of bleeding. It was about the same as a period but not like the heavy days. I'm confused about it. I didn't have cramping but I did have back pain. I don't "feel" pregnant anymore. What were your experiences?
Avatar f tn i miscarried in july and am now 6w6d and am scred to death to miscarry again so idk if im just scaring myself or if somethings really happening, ive been having a back ache for 2days not really painful just like i slept on it wrong but i read back pain can mean miscarriage, any advice? im so scared what do you think is going on?